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UN.i1-PHI: &that was implied tr ;)

and also explained that he does not want this, but they do that out of blashpermy to mock enki, just as the fooled satanist people mocking humanities creator and praising him in the complete wrong/opposite image of what he really is/stands for
but there are negative entities taking that place and participating in those rituals impostering him as the demons and satan/lucifer as their badassbigcheif/ 'devil' master while he can be played by either pindar or enlil or someone else with high rankings...
enki is awesome he did what was right between the wrong and always tried to maintain peace an honor, he keeps his dignity and morals no matter who/how many try to destroy his reputation, he created adamu in the way wich was against the orders and he really struck a nerve in there, yet he did try to help out the dilemma they were in needing a worker race wich was ordered to be an drone slave race, no more, the 'wrath'/vengance of EnKi/the crEAtor resides in humanities own destiny, accomplished by our free will with passion...

change the system from within, not just give and tell but be the example by respecting life/harmony and act/live with personal responsibility and responsibility for others and the enviorment is the lesson

yes 7 is enki's number, because he also created the BAEL ADES/ PLEADES, his residence with people before he got murdered (for the life he gave EArth)...,yet he lives on! his own father ANU brother ENLIL, demonized him the 'DIABOLO', the DEVIL, who, LIVED, enki lived life and passed it on!, Tribute to Lord 'AYA', DE EA BA EL :) MASTER GENETICIST/GENIUS, CARING/LOVING FATHER OF MANKIND

create trough your vision,
but understand your lessons
life is not a competition,
but the experience of all expressions ...

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