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In short: the devil, not Christ, was the true scapegoat who assumed the burden of men's sins.

Barbara G. Walker / <cite>The Woman&#039;s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets</cite>

The devil was essential to the dualistic theology that Christianity copied from Persia. If the world was divided between the forces of good and evil, an evil deity was necessary, otherwise evil would have to be blamed on God. Logically, a god couldn't be both all-good and all-powerful. If God could make a world without evil, and would not, he couldn't be all-good. If God wanted to make a world without evil, and could not, he couldn't be all-powerful. The only solution—not a good one, but the only possible one—was to supply God with an evenly matched adversary, to be responsible for evil. Thus theologians thought it the worst heresy, "contrary to the true faith," to suggest that devils existed only in the ignorant imagination. The devil was so real to Martin Luther that he accosted him one evening and threw an inkpot at him.

Barbara G. Walker / <cite>The Woman&#039;s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets</cite>

Divine and devilish were relative terms, as the primary sense of Hebrew words for "good" and "evil" really meant "beneficial" and "hurtful." Gods did "evil" things if angered; devils could do "good" things if they were pleased. One man's god was his enemy's devil.

Barbara G. Walker / <cite>The Woman&#039;s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets</cite>

The words "devil" and "divinity" grew from the same root, Indo-European devi (Goddess) or deva (God), which became daeva (devil) in Persian. Old English divell (devil) can be traced to the Roman derivative divus, divi: gods. Thus it seems that, from the beginning, gods and devils were often confused with one another.

Barbara G. Walker / <cite>The Woman&#039;s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets</cite>

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freedmftr88: Very interesting subject

It's definitely two different splits. Though separating Satan vs Lucifer I never thought of it that way and a very good observation. Though I have seen a similar split separation on the topic. Anton Lavey and Satanism for example is not Devil Worship but a philosophy of individualism , ego? and defiantly without a doubt the worship of human nature . Kind of like half parody religion such as The Church of the SubGenius and The Flying Spaghetti Monster but at the same time a philosophy taken seriously , and I think they did take it seriously as a religion. What do I mean ? Well as a parody religion they satirize fundamentalism and the "Normal" sensor ( in MBTI terms ) society and belief systems but in Satanism's case it's a direct reverse of Fundamentalist Christianity. Even rock musicians questioned this . It's kind of like from their prospective responding to religion like " Your villain is a rebel who wants to be free , and your calling nonconformist free people sinners and are going to Hell ? Well Hell must be a nice place then. I want in !" And then there was the 1980s Satanic scare. This is where I would say there is a difference between " DEVIL WORSHIP " and Satanism. And no matter how many times Satanists including Anton's daughter was interviewed at the time , they were ignored and booed. And of course who's going to take Bob Larson seriously , a guy who turned his religion into a money making scam and having actors playing sinners in his badly acted exorcisms ( which are hilarious and how can anyone take his staged garbage seriously ? Nonsense ! )
Anyway... There's history of Anton's daughter quitting Satanism and later became a Buddhist and got into more light spirituality and things were getting ugly between her , the Lavey's and The Church of Satan. Rumors said that Anton was being attacked by dark entities and crying out to God which were his final words.

Which brings me to the very point. Do I believe that there is a Hell ? I do not believe in the biblical versions of Heaven and Hell because I believe those can be achieved on Earth right now , and perhaps we have both now. However perceptive you want to look at it. If it is what it is or if it's a spiritual fight of good over evil and that's why we are here... Everyone has an opinion on that.
But I do believe where there is spirit guides , universe , angel numbers .... there's dark entities. I EXPERIENCED THIS PERSONALLY when me and my Twin Flame started having problems ! I got wrong advice from false Twin Flame guru scam artists online for one. Then I read the books "Dark Side of Cupid" and "Alien Love Bite" and all of this energy was hurting my Twin Flame. Also I had a neighbor who I think was practicing Black Magick and had a dark spirit try to choke me with a necklace that shattered in my hands... It was scary ! But my spirit guides helped me around Christmas eve a few years ago.
Perhaps as a lightworker / Twin Flame it's common.

In conclusion the original Holy books need to be translated for modern times as literature , philosophy , history and perhaps whatever could be found like spirituality. But of course there was bad people that hacked into the book. I believe that Jesus Christ was a spiritual teacher , philosopher but not this magical humanoid that church talks about. lol It's almost like that a Monty Python and The Life of Brain situation , tell people philosophy at that time and they would think your God or related to God. But maybe as a lightworker ... but the so called founders of religion ( which didn't come until after his murder on the cross right ? Christianity ? ) That's the thing . However there are cult leaders who want world domination , perhaps they feel that evil is the easy way. Perhaps these kind of psychopaths / sociopaths are the very leaders of the secret societies related to The New World Order. That I would call a human version of Satan / Lucifer.
Though that's the two human versions of that.
I say it's low energy and high energy of love is stronger than hate and fear. :)

freedmftr88: Satan / Lucifer theory

Similar to a comment I've made awhile back

Satan / Lucifer ( Probably one in the same or not ) has two theories from what I've observed .
There's the intuitive rebel which I've mentioned , likewise relating to the origins of Anton LaVey and his take on Satanism which is more of an anti-religion and almost to the point of anarchism like on the lines of just " Be human " . More philosophical than political .This idea itself is interesting. I'm not a Satanist myself but I always find something interesting about an intuitive based idea that thinks outside the box which that's pretty much what The Church of Satan represents . There is Devil Worshiping and the whole Satanic scare in the 1980s but I would say that is more on the lines of Black Magick / Dark side of the occult. They have called themselves Satanists but The Church of Satan begs to differ.

I'm not sure if the idea of Satan / Lucifer was an invention of hierarchical authority which might as well have been not only the authors of the bible but also the murderers of Jesus Christ which gives them freedom to discredit him and use him as a tool for the majority to obey. Today we have proof easily about pretty much anything , more so thanks to the internet. But back then , authority would try to destroy as much evidence against them as possible. But of course there's leaks.

But I definitely think there is a dark universe as well as a universe of light . It's interesting how someone can connect to spirit guides the same exact way with human friendly demons but of course demons are double crossers .

How is there one big evil God aka Satan / Lucifer ? Same goes with a one entity of good " God , Allah , whatever ". Though what I do know being an empath of all sorts relating to New Age / New Thought Spirituality , perhaps both energies are abstract and fluid like a collective of past souls. Good souls are angels and they are a mix of ex-humans or non-earth born souls. Perhaps the same could be said about the firely underword .

I personally don't think there's a specific utopia / dystopia of Heaven & Hell afterlife but perhaps several abstract aspects that are pretty much the same thing including life on Earth which is both that Ying and Yang perhaps battling each other as well as afterlife.

Perhaps with the goal of the crash of the Illuminati and The New World Order which will develop into a 5D Earth which is like a free society but pure unconditional love.

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