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The kings of the Merovingian dynasty wore their hair long in to emulate a lion's mane, and were believed to possess birth marks between their shoulder blades in the shape of a red cross. One of the main symbols of the Merovingians was the fish, that Christians used to signify Jesus. The Latin wordf or fish is luce, that connotes Lucifer, that is, Aton. King Dagobert of the Merovingian dynasty may have been named after Dagon, an ancient pagan god of the sea.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

Philistine sea god, one of Yahweh's leading enemies (Judges 16:23). He appeared as a merman, fish-man, or serpent-man. He was mated to Atargatis, the Philistine form of Astarte. Since she was a Mistress of Earth and Sea like her Mycenaean twin Demeter, her consort also patronized both farming and fishing. In Canaan, he was the "grain god" Dagan. father of Baal, mated to Anath, the Canaanite version of the same Great Mother. On account of the bad publicity given him in the Bible, he naturally became a leading demon of the Christian hell.

Barbara G. Walker / <cite>The Woman&#039;s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets</cite>

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