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freedmftr88: Very interesting .

I definitely know what you mean about men who might not be the stereotypical macho man. According to MBTI , they would be F types. I have a friend who's an ISFP guy and he does get bullied from time to time , but he chooses to focus on what he loves out of life.

Plus also there's F type guys who have accomplished great things. Writers , poets , etc.

As a trans woman myself I'm familiar with some of the stuff you are saying. Although I never seen myself as a man because I always felt that I can relate to women and as life went on , it all made sense to me and my life path. I have trans men friends and I'm sure they go through a difficult situation there too.

Also just gender nonconformists , people who don't identify in the gender binary ( Genderqueer , Androgyne ) , or perhaps like you said men who want to wear dresses. There's women who activate toplessness in public because if men do it , why not them.

It's interesting because the big question is who are the people who created the so called norms of conformity ?
I think it's people who live in fear and are ignorant of where good and evil ( high vibrational energies and low vibrational energies ) come from so minorities seem to wind up on some sort of enemies list. That's a big reason why I'm an Anarchist because there's no government or hierarchical person who control people through fear. Here's a theory. Say if you lived in a small family and you didn't have many friends and neither did your parents , and say for many years you never seen someone that wasn't a cisgender white heterosexual. You ask your parents and your parents say something about them being evil because they are different. This sort of prejudice can be seen through out history. Me and my friend are huge animation fans and when we see the "Censored 11" ( aka racist cartoons from the Golden Age of Animation ) we are so surprised on what people used to think about darker skinned people. They would think they are cannibals , they are demons that work for the devil , they all eat watermelon and fried chicken , etc. And it all looks surreal to us today but sadly there's a whole larger darker story . There's even people who still believe that white people are more superior which of course is absolute racist fascist nonsense. But of course it's not as extreme as it was bad then but racism still exists. Same goes with LGBTQ+ people. Plus there's a whole thing with fundamentalist religions being against them. Westboro Baptist Church being one of many anti-LGBTQ+ protesters.
It's all fear. From time to time I like to take a perception of people acting like children when it comes to this.
Children could be afraid of monsters and the unknown , and there's adults who fear not so much the monster under the bed but definitely the unknown and what isn't normal in their perception.
I kind of laugh at the idea that there's people who say they are so religious , just imagining them in afterlife just screaming and panicking because they are so used to Earth world. lol So much for believing. lol
Fear leads to anger and hate , simple. I have no idea if these a pattern regarding personality type or what ? But it reminds me of something I heard somewhere where hate and fear is taught not a natural thing. At the same time I hear things regarding human nature vs altruism.
I think the solution to it all is ... people just want to be happy and free in life. Because that's the thing about politics too. When social justice warriors protest , there's going to be people who feel like they are being forced to care about people that has nothing to do with them. Worse there's people who think that they are a bunch of whiny special snowflakes whining about nothing.
I see it's in the matter of three things.

(1. Personality type science : Not only can people learn more about themselves , their strengths , their weaknesses but also to learn about the people around them. That was the goal of Isabell Briggs Myers.

(2. Law of Attraction : People don't need to keep being a victim of life. They can create their own life instead of fighting against this and that.

(3. Anarchy : No Gods / No Masters people will be free to do whatever they want. For the leftists who want to learn about people that differ from them , that's their choice. For those who just want to be left alone to do whatever they want to do without anyone telling them what to think or do because they ain't bothering anyone , they have their choice too.

People already have the freedom to create their own lives with Law of Attraction. They don't need to learn about personality science or even Anarchy. There's people who are rich and happy , many became philosophical speakers that inspire people positively.

And it reminds me of this part of The Secret about a guy named Robert who was gay and he was talking to his spiritual teacher about all the homophobic bullies that keeps abusing him in his life. But what he learned was if he used Law of Attraction and focused on what he does want instead of what he doesn't want , the problems will go away and they did. Plus he found strength in comedy to express himself. :)

So I'm really sure why prejudice exists. Perhaps if those people had a purpose in their life and their life was happier , then they would just do about their own business and enjoy their own life and be happy.

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