How We Exist

This will be a long post, for it is an explanation of how all of existence, came into existence, and where it is all the end of time, and beyond, all the way to the repeat of the cycle from Void, to the First Event, to the Origin and Nature of God, to Genesis, to Modern History, to the causes of present disease, wars, and other topics, all the way into the higher dimensions, explaining the forces of nature and all the mysteries in "Mainstream" Science, as well as death and the after life, reincarnation, angels, demons, aliens, crop circles, UFOs, Sacred Geometry, Chemistry, Black Holes and Dark Matter, and all the way into the future; whether we reveal the secret societies agendas and undertakings and the human race gets better, or we fail to do that before those in power now concrete that power around the entire earth...and even into the future of the earth, the sun, the galaxy, and the Entire Universe, until........there is only dark matter, only black holes, which is once again, the void, a realm of complete nothingness, no lasting form or chain reactions, only consistent darkness, but with random chaos, until....

Out of Statistically Random Probability, out of the void without form, there came, the First Event...

The First event to occur from a statistical randomness, that could lead to all that we know to exist, through a patterned chain-reaction, symbolized by the sacred geometry of the flower/seed/egg/fruit and tree of life, as well as the star of David, and other sacred geometric symbols, is:

-When two equal and opposite forces react at 90-degrees, and create spin.-

Those first two forces were compression and expansion of space, negative and positive charges. We have named them backwards, calling the compression of space the negative electrical charge, the electron, when it is the positive pressure of space really. And the opposites apply for protons, the positive charge, which is an expansion of space.

What is expanded or compressed is a consistent, unvarying, non-polarized mass of dark, non-radiating matter, which at our much larger scale, we call black holes, or the Center Nuclei of Galaxies.

The end state of matter, is the combined masses of negatives and positives (we call these Neutrons), into a larger combined mass (we call black holes), or masses that are neutral, and so compressed that waves of radiation cannot escape the pull of gravity, due to the curvature of space being so intense that it exceeds the intensity of any one charge, thus, light waves cannot escape.

(Wow, it is all just sooo much to cover, but here we go...)

The beginning point of what we call matter, is Hydrogen, which is a loose, binary orbit of one electron and one proton. But the story of How We Exist begins before this...

The Genesis of Relativity/The First Event:

When the first two forces of negative and positive pressure, moved to cross each other at 90-degrees, they reacted together, causing a chain-reaction, which produced all of existence.

That was the first and only event that can occur from complete statistical randomness, and produce all that we see and know to exist.

When those first two forces crossed, they both must have had tension pulling them back, causing an outward expanding, and spinning momentum to develop as the effect of that interaction of two opposite forces.

Once this outwardly spinning wave of momentum reached the origin points of those first two forces, there were additional reactions, causing two more expanding fields of spinning momentum to develop. This pattern continued to produce ever increasing numbers of new center points, as each newly created wave intersects with another at 90-degrees producing spin.

In addition to that, each time two waves of momentum impact at 180-degrees (direct head-on collisions), they send reaction waves out at 90-degrees to those first two angles or trajectories.

This means that every time two opposing waves collide, they spread out into a new dimension!

The first two forces were each one dimensional, and they were opposite, so they were two opposites of one dimension. When they created a spinning plane, they became a 2-dimensional force, which we call spin.

Now this reaction continues to split to this day, producing an ever-increasing number of particles in the universe, for new stars and galaxies to grow from.

The basic laws of motion, conservation of energy, are really all one law, stated or applied in different ways...

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only created in form.
Objects in motion continue until acted upon by an outside force.
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

These are the most basic, and only true, fundamental laws, and they are one law, "The Universal Law".

This means that every time the total energy from those first two forces is split into new particles (We will cover what 'particle' means later), every particle contains less energy....however, since all particles absorb and radiate energy all the time, and since they resonate and harmonize in atoms to stabilize, that means that the energy is always shared equally, so no one particle is ever less than another by relation. That is why we can never observe the decreasing in the energy level of each particle, it is irrelevant from our perspectives (But not from Gods).

Now we have covered the first event, so let us discuss dimensions now.
With the first dimension, we had only negative and positive charge.
Once they combined and spun, we had a two dimensional plane, with a new force, spin (CCW or CW), which comes from the motion of the first force, pressure (negative or positive).

This is why everything spins, and it is the outward centrifugal force of that spin, which causes the space to remain curved or pressurized, keeping each particles charge, only as long as its spin generates that centrifugal force.

Now onto the third dimension, magnetism (North and South)...



harleyborgais: First Comment

The First Comment I would like to post, is that no one else (as far as I can tell), has ever proposed a theory to explain the origin of things before Gods Creation of the Universe, nor to explain the full cycle from the void, through creation, back to the void, and over again.

If any person had ever developed this theory before now, I am pretty sure there would have been signs that I could have found in the 12 years of researching every competing theory out there, every mystery, and every explanation I could find.

The closest was "The Universal One", by Russell Walter.
But mine has a LOT more info, and a FAR more complete theory of everything.

My life usually is very fortunate when I am working on this, but lately since I have not been, it seems to have gone down hill, so here I am, writing the second draft of "How We Exist", on this forum, for all to see, hoping that my luck will improve again, as I do think that God is helping me do this, since it is so beneficial to his plan.

Maybe, God actually could not figure the first event out for himself!
Maybe, God actually needed all of Human History to lead up to the moment where one person finally has the info needed to figure it out.
Thanks to the internet, and countless peoples life's work before me, and about five unique contributions of my own (maybe more), finally, someone (me), has figured out "How We Exist"!

harleyborgais: Looking for publishers

I am looking to make this a published book, if anyone is able to help make that happen, it would be appreciated. Send a message to me if you wish to be involved.

harleyborgais: Sacred geometry

I am extremely close to completing the system of sacred geometry.

I have read that there are 13 systems, and I think i have them figured.

There are 12 personality archetypes (Carl Jung), and 12 basic emotions
12 sons or tribes
and many other occurrences of 12 (and theres 13 moon orbits per earth orbit)

There is a matrix of 2 opposite charges, times two dimensions (forming planes, all entities observe or see in 2D planes, that is how light reflection and vision works, using the law of squares...)

then there are the 3 Dimensions, x,y,z, which are: 1) electrical charge, 2) motion (spinning), 3) magnetic dipoles (North and South polarity).

Now, there are 12 notes, and that is the fundamental reason for 12.

The reason there are 12 is what I am working on.
It has to do with the interference of waves.
The 12 notes are equally spaced along the frequency table, and 440 C is 1/2 the size of 880 C.
By drawing twelve circles, with their edges all matching one point, the drawing another 12 with their edges matching on the other side, now you get 12 interfering waves, forming overlapping circles, which represent the actual sphere which is the actual shape of any expanding bubble of energy (sound or EM).

Now, that is how far I have gotten.

Somehow, there will be twelve different sacred geometric shapes formed by the interaction of the 12 notes (A+B, A+C, A+Db...) which will become visible once i connect the right points where the curves intersect...or...

I will connect those dots, then find more intersections of lines, and mark those dots.

Now, from one of these combinations of curved line intersections (representing fields of energy which are the causes)...
or straight line intersections (representing forces which are effects)..
Or a combination of both of those...

Will give me those 12 sacred geometric shapes I believe.

At that point here is what I will have figured out....

the geometry of emotions, personalities, and how sound waves and EM waves combine to harmonize and produce symmetrical 3D forms just like those geometric shapes.

This will give me the causes, causality, the math, the geometric understanding of the emotions, personalities, and for example, why Dr. Emotos ice crystals take on their shapes in response to emotions imparted on the water.

This will also allow me to figure out more of the crop circles, because sacred geometry is the one true universal language.
Currently I have been figuring out some that show electron shells and atomic bonds...chemistry

Some have been figured out that use astronomy, but I dont know enough about our cycles to figure those out yet.

I will also be able to decipher the black magic circle symbols once this is all figured out.

This is the 13 sacred systems of geometry, the knowledge of how reality works, the one true universal language, and the ultimate secret to life, the universe, and everything!

harleyborgais: enneagram ?

enneagram seems to relate geometry to personality.
That is crucial info that I did not know about.
I need this info, those shapes, and what they mean, thank you, please send them to me...
[email protected]

harleyborgais: These are helping

These are some of the keys I am looking for.

The Big picture is the Puzzle, and these clues are keys to solving it.

It will take time for this new info to process in my subconscious, and come to fruition consciously as a realization.

Also, Carl Jungs 12 personality archetypes, and a set of 16 personalities, formed from the various combinations of four or eight properties...

the 9 types are because of the five dimensions, times the two opposite (most basic) forces (-&+ charge, or curvature of space)...minus Zero.

The 12 is because of the 2x2x3 matrix of the two basic forces, two magnetic polarities, and the three axis of 3D existence.

The 16 types are a product of a 2x2x2x2 manifold which is clearly explained:

"The Myers Briggs model of personality is based on four preferences:

E or I (Extraversion or Introversion)
S or N (Sensing or iNtuition)
T or F (Thinking or Feeling)
J or P (Judgment or Perception)"

I have figured there are 12 schools of thought, 6 religious (Judgment maybe), and 6 scientific (Perception maybe). [I am working on these parts now...

These are the MOST complex aspects of the sacred geometry of existence, because these relate to the mind, which is the most complex part of existence, as we (our minds) are created in the Image of God, which is the first conscious entity, and all of the universe is God's brain tissue (He doesn't exactly have a body like us).

I started with the most basic, physics, and moved along in order, since 1999.

harleyborgais: Mission of Christ

He identified the Money-
Changers (Bankers) the Scribes, and the Pharisees as the Illuminati of his day.
-Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Schiff, Warburg, Lehman, Sachs, etc.

What so many people seem to forget, is the fact that Christ came on earth to release us from the bonds of Satan with which we were being bound tighter and tighter as the years rolled by.

Christ gave us the solution to our problem when he told us we must go forth and teach the truth, regarding this conspiracy (John 8. 31:59;), to all people of all nations.
-That is what we are doing here now

He promised that if we did this, knowledge of the truth would set us free (Matt. 28:19;). The Luciferian Conspiracy has developed until it is in its semi-final stage (Matt. 24: 15:34;), simply because we have failed to put the mandate Christ gave us into effect.

-The United States Constitution is the key to stopping the bankers, and they have known it since it was being created, which is why Amschel Rothschild started the Illuminati at that time,and came up with the 25 pt plan (from "pawns in the game") for the New World Order.

That also is why they are using us to instigate wars between us and other nations.

################# Added from another post ###############
The End of Days, what to expect of people...

I believe the Bible says that the people who know the truth will be very happy.
The only people who will be fearful when from the sky fall a ton of small and mountain size asteroids/meteors/volcano-bombs , all wrecking Earth and killing everything, turning the waters blood read, rolling back the clouds, burning sulfur from the Yellow Stone Super Volcano (started and triggered by a meteor 3 times, 75,000 years apart, and that long ago)...

But when you understand the mind and soul, heaven and Earth, the heavens in space and of experiencing physical life, reincarnation and Ascension, versus damnation, purgatory, the void, the Lake of Fire (a stars surface), the Abyss (IA black hole like galactic center, hence 1,000 years to get back here)....

Then you are happy to see the end of times come, because it is not an end for Humanity of Life on Earth, it is a new beginning for Life on the Earth, to be rid of the ownership of all life on the Earth being perpetrated by Corporation owners such as: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, and many more (Look up: "Illuminati Handbook", "QUELLENANHANG", "who owns the Federal Reserve", "Primary Owners of Federal Reserve").

So we either all die, and reincarnate into the few remaining peoples children over time...

or if we expose these Secret Societies in time to use our Knowledge and Nikola Tesla's technology to divert meteors, then we can avoid all that nasty suffering.

harleyborgais: More replies about enneagrams...

IT IS THE SYSTEM of how ENERGY TAKE PATHS, 9 is the master number, we reduce in numerology the numbers to one digit to see its original value"

"The system of how energy takes paths", that is another way of saying what I said: "how energy takes physical form, and generates the effects we see".

"The ENNEAGRAM IS A 2d platform but it is in 3d a TORUS, wich has to do with VORTEX"

The dual spiral tornado, vortex, dipole, torus, toroid, are all the same form!

All particles are formed by a spinning curvature of space itself, and every spinning charge generates a magnetic dipole, because of the waves radiated form those two, opposite, tornado shaped, radiations.
If you look in to the north pole, it will spin CCW, look at the south pole, and the electrons spin Clock Wise. Protons will have opposite polarities if spinning the same way because they are oppositely charged.

This is why all particles have magnetic moments, and neutrons are the strongest magnets...but many supposedly professional scientists dont understand this correctly.

The Illuminati have been purposely confusing our sciences for their own benefit for centuries.
Svali gave an interview on David Wilcox website saying how Illuminati members leave home at about 1am, go to secret jobs for about two hours, then come home. The bring their kids too, so if you know anyone who does this, they do it three times a week, and there will be signs you can see...they will be tired three days out of every week, and they will leave their homes quietly in the night too.

harleyborgais: Electricity

EV Greys cold electricity patent,
Peter Lindemanns book: Free energy secrets of cold electricity,
Howard Johnsons book: secret world of magnets
Thomas Beardens MEG (Motionless electromagnetic generator)

These are really useful.

The taught me how electricity really works.
If your put a wire coil (inductive load( between one low volt positive, and between a high volt, high frequency, pulsed DC positive on the other side, John Bedini called that "splitting the positive", that causes cold electricity.

It is cold because electrons are compressions of space, and positive charges are a deficiency of electrons.

When you put the load between two positives, it takes energy in the form of heat from the environment, giving you free energy input into the system, instead of losses put out of the system like with normal hot electricity.

Lindemanns book did not explain this as well as I do, but I know it thanks to that book.

Also, Nikola Tesla discovered that when you use high frequency, high volt, DC pulses, you can send energy through the air, without losses, as long as the frequencies you transmit ONLY resonate with the target object, and nothing in between.

This is a super important clue that most engineers dont understand (so is the other point I made above though).

This is why Teslas wireless power would have been far better than our wired grid, but in 1911 when he proposed to JP Morgan (an Illuminati Member, but he must not have known that then), what the world would be like with his wireless power, and flying cars, JP Morgan destroyed the project, and I think that is when Tesla started to realize the secret societies are corrupting the world, and he changed his mind on giving us the technology of flying cars, which is the same tech that the UFOs use now, and it is the very tech that will allow us to visit other stars.

If we allow our race to visit other stars, BEFORE we eliminate our secret societies, we will end up at war with another alien race, and we will lose, since we are the younger society.

harleyborgais: Discovery, wanna help?

I have been working on this hard core since 1999.

I have completed the entire cycle, but there will always be infinite details to add to a theory of everything.

If you want to help, I have just started a "Super PAC", which can accept unlimited contributions (Not tax deductible though) from people, organizations, and corporations (but none funded by govt, or foreign parties).

If you want to help get people to contribute, I have a job offer on craigslist offering $20 per hour of work getting the contributions, up to 1/2 of the contributions you bring in...with the option of negotiating for more if you do well enough.

If you could get say $1,000 in one hour, you could get a minimum $20 (That is how I plan to do it), and you could negotiate for up to 1/2 of that $1,000 depending on the reasonability of your request.
I will accept all reasonable requests.

Here is how to do this:
simply get people to go to this website and use the paypal button and credit card to contribute:
and report to me by email the name of the person, and if you want, the amount the promised to give. Send to: [email protected]
(Actually you could sent to [email protected] because there is a 'catch all' that goes to my email)

Then we discuss how you wish for me to send you your money!

Our purpose is: "To support and defend the United States Constitution, and promote the general welfare of life on Earth".

All proceeds will be 100% publicly visible (making that page now)
All money will go to create jobs, do research, spread awareness, and eventually, we will produce non-profit companies to provide all human needs.

Also, we will produce copac centers where people can go with nothing, and leave healthy, educated, and with valuable skills. (They need only to help out while there)

harleyborgais: Credit for "How We Exist"

Honestly, there are perhaps five points in "How We Exist" which are uniquely my discoveries/creations.

Such as the first event (the most important part!)
What is dark matter/black holes (Neutrons)
what happens at the end of time
the sacred geometry systems I am figuring out

and a few more smaller points.

I am still working out the flood of Noah too.

It happened I think 13,000, 26,000, or 75,000 years ago, to match the last three major global age sea level rises, the last major meteor impact events, or the last great yellowstone volcano explosion (its most likely this one, that is when our species bottle-necked, all current humans came from a handful of females living at this time)

The rest of it is a combination of all other unifying theories, and all religions, history, and all other knowledge I could gain...which exists thanks to countless peoples life's works.

Einsteins realization that all things are merely curvatures of space, was the absolute most important revelation ever possible, that is the fundamental basis for the one true theory of everything!

Newtons Laws of motion are the most fundamental laws of existence.

harleyborgais: Why ten (10)

The creative mind has five dimensions, and two opposite charges, giving ten properties.

Here are the dimensions, in the order they formed...
1. -/+ charge
2. Motion (spin, CW or CCW)
3. Magnetic dipole (N or S)
4. Harmony (consonance or dissonance, this is the start of - and + emotion)
5. Creative thought starts here, this is where self awareness, or the ability to forsee AND change the future begins. We could envision the 3D when we became 4D, so we could see history and future at 4D, but now we can change it by envisioning different futures.
6. Now we have equilibrium, stasis, perfection, and stagnance. This is when the two sets of 3D axis combine, one radiates, one recycles (Throne of God radiates, 2nd heaven, for angels and demons and our souls after death recycles or absorbs the energy). However, equilibrium or perfection is the same as stagnance, where nothing changes, and God gets bored, so that is why He created our Universe, with a corporeal reality (a timeline). This allows us to not know everything that ever has or will happen, so we can create new things for God to experience.

The Tree of life shows those six dimensions up top, which the star of david represents the forces thereof. (lines =forces, curves =fields)
The bottom Sephirot is Time, and the three above that are our 3Ds.
(I somehow knew this the instant I first saw it, a few years ago)

harleyborgais: The coming change in 2012

I am sure the weather will get worse, and this time is where there are major meteors coming at us.
Every third cycle it is different. Some evidence tells me this time will be the worst, but the Ice Core chart seems to indicate that this time will be the least harmful to Earth.

We will not change into a new dimension, for we are three dimensions physically, and our minds are the thing of interest here...

If you dont know history, or predict the future using that knowledge and understanding of the current situation, then you are only using 3 dimensions of your mind.

Once you start thinking about the past and future, you start using the 4th dimension of your mind.

(this is how we were created in Gods image by the way)

Once you start understanding history, and become able to predict AND Change the future, then you start using all five dimensions of your mind.

We are not going to switch to another dimension, we are not simply going to increase in frequency (although that is one effect of this), we are simply becoming more aware as a species.

Once a critical mass of people becomes aware of the agendas and wrongdoings of the secret societies, Humanity will be able to eliminate tyranny and corruption once and for all, and end all wars and most disease forever.

This is the revelation, this is the end, the end of the bad guys!
That is why they want us to fear this, but the good book says that those who are good will be smiling at this time, and only those who are bad will fear it.

It all depends on enough people "waking up". That is the coming change in 2012 (as far as humanity is concerned)

The weather and meteors is the other part, the part we do have to watch out for.
Teslas flying car tech can divert meteors and protect Earth by the way!

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