bluesbaby5050: Who is Zeus?

To 11ORION11, This will help you. This was in the topics section at the TOP of the page on every post on the forum. You will find alot of your questions you ask in the TOPICS- at the Top of this site.Just click onto the word -Topic. The Falcon.

Tarheel: Zeus was (past tense) ruler of Bod Star System BEFORE...

...the BIG fight betwixt Orion/Sirius and Bod Star Systems. Zeus lost and was banished from here . It was an EPIC struggle. Orion n Sirius ganged up and took him OUT is how I understand it.

Tarheel: OUR star system, 11O11.

Mercury/Venus/Earth, etc is in The Bod Star System.

Our Sun's system is what Bod Star System is 11O11. The Earth had a different name then.

Planet's have had different names thru the years....Eridanus, Terra, Tierra etc.

Tarheel: I want to HELP you, but I want you to get the whole story.

Lord De Aya Ba El is a great man who is also knows as Lord Enki, my Rainbow Warrior friend. I will help you all I can ,and I will refer you back to Annunaki77 and Edisonik's teachings.

BluesBaby 5050 is a great fountain of knowledge as well. I have spoken to her about you My Friend and we agree that you should seek knowledge from the Masters teachings.

WE are all apprentices here, and anyone will help you when they can, and I will help you any way I can, but we want you to study and learn.

I am NOT blowing you off on your questions. I will help you whenever I can, but the answers you seek are all addressed IN DETAIL by The Masters-Annunaki77 (anu77) and Edi (Edisonik).

BY THE WAY-I got the knowledge from The Masters, Anu77 and Edi. Earth's and our Solar System's names were given to US by them. I was very confused in the beginning by the different names (and I still am SOME), but I am learning.

I have studied and I am still studying so I can help others and learn myself. I am a mere babe in contrast with the Masters.

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