Fixing the Problems

Hello Everyone, my name is Harley and the purpose of this thread is to finally fix the problems in the world today.

The reason I am certain we can do this is because I know all the causes, most of the solutions, and can provide all of you with all of the answers to all of the questions in the universe (really, test me). From the Origin of Energy, God, Matter, Life, Humanity, the Truth about Free Energy, Sacred Geometry, and now for the most important one right now, the point of this thread....

Constitutional Political Action

The Supreme Law of this land, the United States of America, states;
-that its very purpose is to "Promote the General Welfare" of "We The People" of theses United States,
-that all laws of this land must derive their authority directly from the Constitution, and
-that any law which contradict the constitution in notwithstanding,
-that all officers of all branches of government and military must swear an oath to support the constitution in order to obtains authority, and
-that those officers can only hold that authority under good behavior, and they lose all authority upon violation of the constitution, or commission of even a misdemeanor crime.

This is the spirit and the letter of the Law in our United States and We The People are not going to accept the illegitimate ownership of ourselves (via birth-certificates) and everything we have (via debts), by the wealthy groups of such names as Illuminate, Federal Reserve, central banks, Luciferians, etc.

As has always been known that only the ignorance of the public is the only thing that allows such severe corruption to develop, and the mere awareness of a sufficient number of people is enough to stop corruption once and for all, because only the ignorant people endow the corrupt people with power.

STOP ELECTING CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the names of some of them, the enemies of all Humanity (because they actually worship Lucifer):
Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, Lehman, Sachs, Kuhn, Loeb, Lazard, DuPont, Carnagie, and others.

To get you started on your research, look for these sentences:
1) doctor strike mortality rate
2) federal reserve audit
3) supreme court define "income"
4) federal reserve notes not legal tender
5) New World Order quotes
6) Where individual income taxes actually go
7) how i clobbered every bureaucrat
8) "UCC-connection"
9) "science of nutrition"
10) missing 13th amendment image

on youtube:
11) "what in the world are they spraying"
12) "the change your founders believed in"
13) "the cancer report"
14) "Decolonization Referendum Petition"

And for everything else you can possibly wonder, connect to my

"It's not about left and right, it's about Right and Wrong" (Arianna Huffington, Colbert Report)

Together we can finally end this age-old war against good and evil, by educating enough of Humanity on how greed corrupts society, how secrecy allows corruption to breed, and how the freedom of information on the internet is the solution to prevent it forever into the future.


harleyborgais: Titles of Nobility

Even without the TONA there is still the part in the constitution that prohibits Titles of Nobility.

That alone gives us cause to eliminate any candidates for office (of any kind) from eligibility based on their violation of that supreme law, if they are part of any Secret Society like the Freemasons, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, etc., as well as lawyers and judges that accept "esquire" upon acceptance to the BAR association.

Have you tried this yet: type in Illuminati backwards:
And it takes you here:

That is an obvious clue that the Illuminati who were started by the Rothschild Family in the 1770s have infiltrated and taken control of our national security agency.

Our Supreme law prohibits any officer of the Govt. or military from committing even a misdemeanor, because that costs them their authority automatically.

Therefore, the Constitution already allows us to eliminate all Officers who are members of any secret society such as the Free masons, and any others who have titles like lawyers and judges.

Here is why:

Members of secret societies pledge to keep the secrets of their members upon penalty of death (like the Free masons do), and they have to keep allegiance to the secret society first and foremost, and that makes any such person a traitor to the American people if they gain any office of power.

That is a conflict of interest.
Treason is defined as:
"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

The enemies of all the nations are the secret societies, who are the ones responsible for all of the wars and disease on the Earth.
(I can prove that in a court when needed)

We need to officially declare this, and then we can begin to clean out our government.
Officially declare the owners of the Federal Reserve enemies of the United States because they are clearly violating our laws for their own personal gain, and to our great personal harm.

harleyborgais: Petition to End War and Disease

As a matter of fact, the Secret Societies on the Earth such as the Ruling Illuminati (started by Mayer Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt in 1770s) are the cause of all the wars, and most of the disease and suffering on the Earth today.

Some Humans have known for centuries that the cure for all disease is a balanced diet containing ONLY foods that have existed in nature for millions of years.
This is because the cause of all aging and disease is atoms or molecules in the body that have a negative or positive electrical charge. These are called ions or free radicals. They bind to other molecules in your cells causing harm, and all aging and disease is caused by that.

The way to cure all disease is to eat ONLY natural foods, to balance your Ph to just over 7.1, to eat a balance of the 42 "Essential Nutrients", and to detoxify your body with fruit and berry juices and Distilled water. Drink only distilled water, and bath with normal water, not distilled.
Fluoride in tap water calcifies your pineal gland which is the unique part in your brain that puts thoughts together. This clouds your judgement and makes you less intelligent.
Again, fruit and berry juices with distilled water will fix that.

All drugs cause harm because our cells have not evolved/learned to use those unusual molecules. That is why no drug can ever make you healthy, and all drugs cause harm.

The reason our medical communities use drugs instead of food to heal is because of the Rockefeller and Rothschild foundations which have been manipulating our institutions since 1913 by requiring policy changes, in return for large money contributions. This has even included book burnings of ancient natural cures. That is a horrible crime against humanity that was perpetrated by the Rothschild foundation.

That is how you can cure all disease, and here is how we can end war on Earth forever:

We The People of the Earth, need to expose the Secret Societies that are controlling the Nations of the Earth for their own benefit, much to the harm of the majority of the Human Population.

All members of these secret groups swear loyalty and secrecy under penalty of death or worse, and that is why none of them should ever be given any offices of power in any government at all. That also is the reason for the Titles of Nobility Clause and Amendment in our US Constitution.

We currently have the technology to visit other stars (The nearest is 4 light years away), but it would take an act of God they say to bring it to public knowledge. This info is from a top engineer in Lockheed Martin.

The solution to over population is free healthcare and birth control.
Ask nations like Norway or Finland, this is totally doable.

All the fluoridated tap water, mercury preserved vaccinations, aluminum powder chemtrails, genetically modified foods, processed and preserved foods, mercury amalgam tooth fillings, and all drugs, are all meant to reduce the population of the Earth. But as you may realize, that is not needed. We only need to end the secret societies so we can free Humanity, and then we can begin to colonize other planets (which we do currently have the technology to do, mostly thanks to Nikola Teslas Inventions, which could also divert asteroids that may impact earth in 2015 and later).

By exposing these Secret Societies we can save the Human Race from its own destruction.
Studies show that most animals and human babies know, and choose right instead of wrong, right from birth. That is why I have faith in Humanity. It is only these corrupted bloodlines that lack empathy and choose to cause war and disease on purpose.
The natural mind chooses good because it is constructive, and anything which is destructive is recognized as bad naturally.

Here is a map of the Hierarchy of the Secret Societies:

Here are the secrets of the Freemasons:

Here are the secrets of the Illuminati:

Owners of the Federal Reserve:

The 25 point plan for the New World Order:

Proof of the New World Order (Quotes):

How to take control of the law, stop being a victim:

And finally, the secret society of the Rosicrucians, these are the good guys, and I believe the original source of all this great knowledge was Jesus Christ, and that the Rosicrucians are his followers.
Here is there website with all the great knowledge:
Heres the chapter on how to eat healthy:

This information is enough to end all wars and disease on the Earth forever.
Please learn it, share it, and help to stop the Genocide of Humanity.

Thank you.

Harley Davidson Borgais
[email protected]

If you wish to contribute to "The Constitutional Political Action Committee" who has brought this to you,
please visit and click the contribute button.


I will be trying to spread this petition through these sites and more:


Any other options?
Will you help?

harleyborgais: Here is a good one...

The ELITE blew it , REVEALED their plans to start WORLD WAR 3

harleyborgais: What else can we do to spread this petition?

Petition to End War and Disease

harleyborgais: Common ingredient in soft drinks causes damage to brain function

Common ingredient in soft drinks causes damage to brain function

This explains why I have passed out seven times in the last few months.
I have been drinking too much A&W root beer, which has the HCFS in it.

I also know that HFCS has more than 50% chance of containing Mercury, which bonds to selenium, which is an antioxidant in the brain.

harleyborgais: The first thing we need to do...

The first thing we need to do is start growing food in every ones yards.

This is specifically something "THEY" dont want us to do, but it is your right....
and any officer that tries to take that from you is committing a crime, which YOU can punish THEM for, by bringing Grand Jury Charges Against them for Treason and Crimes against Humanity for attempting to prevent us from sustaining our health and lives.

As of 1933 or so, before 1938, the Federal Reserve (Private Bank) had taken the last of the United States Gold, and we were completely bankrupt ever since. In 1938 is when most of our judges and lawyers were brought to a meeting and instructed to stop obeying the constitution, and start obeying admiralty/maritime/international/commercial codes/laws (call them what you will, they go by many names).

Harm is defined as: Injury, Loss, or Endangerment.

Common Law deals with harm, and redress for grievances.
Equity Law deals with mutual agreements/contracts and fairness, justice, equality, etc..
Admiralty or Maritime law deals with international contracts and crimes.

Those are the ONLY three jurisdictions given to our Courts and Judges by our United States Constitution.

The preamble of the Constitution states that:

"We the People of the United States, in Order to...promote the general ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

The other points left out are valid, but this one sums them all up:
"To Promote The General Welfare of We The People of These United States of America."

Any law that contradicts the constitution is notwithstanding, and any officer that commits even a misdemeanor loses their authority.

"No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State."

That is because doing so causes them to commit an offense against the spirit of our Supreme Law as quoted above. That is a traitorous offense against We The People.

Check this thread to see that all members of Freemasonry and other secret societies do accept such titles, and so are not eligible for any government of military authority or power.

There was a 13th amendment to remove citizenship from any person who accepts such a title or privilege. At least the existing clause prohibits any such person from holding any office of profit or trust.

We need to exercise this and remove any such persons from our government.

Since our gold has been stolen, and our money is not legal, America needs to create a new form of money.

To start we need to produce something of value.

The one thing that we all need first, is food.
Food is the first thing we all need to start producing so that we can rebuild the wealth of America.

Each person grows one or more things, and trades them to others for everything else they need, and everyone profits from their efforts.

The jobs in America have been outsourced to other nations and that is the cause of our poverty.

That is why we need to start growing foods and then start building new manufacturing facilities in America, which will be the source of jobs, and the one possible solution to the economic hardships in America today.

So start putting seeds in your yard, and when "THEY" try to stop you, prosecute them before a Grand Jury for crimes against Humanity in attempting to prohibit you from sustaining your health and life.

And let me know if that happens, so I can help.

harleyborgais: Not Again!

Once again it is not letting me post, it says: Page not found.

harleyborgais: Yet it let me do that?

Is my post too big?
If so it needs to say so.

harleyborgais: Why does this keep happening?

This is a big post about how to become enlightened, and then I want to explain the four horsemen and where we are in the apocalypse right now....

But it just wont let me post this one.

WHY? Is it too big?

Is it because I am 'using' "quotations"?
Is it the (parenthesis)?
Is it this ....... Or-this Or; that


harleyborgais: Figured it out!!

It was this link that shows DNA along the axis. Maybe if I break it up...

Tarheel: It will help you to simply e-mail Quinton.

You dont need to post every issue you have, especially 4 over the same problem.

E-mail Quinton, . If he doesnt reply, then do 1 Forum post and he will get with you when he can.

Take care!

harleyborgais: Enlightenment


"con" means with
"contra" means against

This was important for this reason...


"de" means away, off, generally indicates reversal or removal in English

"ive" means "tending to, having the nature of"
The meaning of "struct" is to build (a verb, an action).

Constructive means having the nature of building things together.
Destructive means having the nature of building things apart.
This is the fifth dimension. This is the source of creative thought and freewill.

This is the fifth dimension to form, this is good and evil, creation and destruction, resonance/harmonic/consonance and dissonance, together or apart, etc..

When you have cognitive dissonance you don't understand something.

When all of your thoughts are constructive/harmonic/resonant/etc....

Then you are enlightened.

Then you are a creator.

Then you can understand and do anything.

When you are controlled by your subconscious, you are easily manipulated.

The living brain is evolving (since 3.5 billion years ago) to a point where it can finally fulfill the need of the conscious mind, putting us in complete control of everything in our physical lives....

As we already do have complete control over everything in our minds (emotions, thoughts, feelings, reactions, interpretations, perspectives, opinions, beliefs, etc...).

The difference between "Believing" Something and "Knowing" something is that when you truly know something, you know WHY that something is, HOW it works, and how to PROVE it to any person determined to understand.

I cannot prove that God exists with anything physical, because God created everything physical and thus existed before and without physicality...just as coherent systems of energy existed before order to produce the first matter.

But I can "prove" God exists using logic, reason, and geometry (which is math).

That first coherent system was the Consciousness of God, which was first aware, then creative with the formation of the fifth dimension, which gave the ability to change the progressions and changes that were occurring according to what was most Con-Structive.

That was the fifth dimension, the source of creative thought, and free will, and why we are essentially five dimensional, why the physical incarnation of any soul is represented by the Pentagon, why the DNA strand has ten points when looking down its axis (seeing the circular pattern, like a ten point star tetrahedron, with a skull image in the center:

That is why we have five fingers. Our souls had the points where our energies meet in five dimensions, with a negative and positive side, making ten points, or ten fingers which which to grasp the energies in those dimensions. That is how our conscious souls could perceive the garden of Eden, which actually had more dimensions, so it existed in our dimensions as well as some of those in heaven (but not the first three I think, which make the throne of God, or the 3D real where only God exists, the next three are the heavens where the angels and demons exist, but their awareness must also reach into two of our dimensions, giving them the ability to interact with electrical and magnetic forces, but not physical matter).

Our bodies have the ten fingers because the energy pattern of our souls, which have been impressed into this reality since 3.5 billion years ago, have been trying the whole time to form bodies that can handle our conscious minds.

Humanity is now awakening in the sense that we are using our conscious minds more and more to make decisions. That is how we gain free will, that is how we control and change our fate or destiny.

John Hutchison has used Nikola Tesla and VanDeGraffs inventions to produce levitation and other paranormal effects.

There is a game/computer controller you can buy for about $300 that uses your brain waves to control the computer or game system.

Combine these and you get the technological ability of Telekinesis. This is one of my goals.

Then combine that with a brain wave monitor, and an understanding of how the interference of EM waves produces all of the physical effects that produce our universe....

And then you can manifest your thoughts in physical reality, and be as a God.

However, as long as your thoughts are not harmonic, as long as you still have destructive thoughts, you will never gain this ability.

Those of you who are in these secret societies, and are causing the wars, disease and suffering in the world....those of you who are trying to reduce the population.....

Your souls will be damned to suffer forever, for eternity, in a trap of your own creation perhaps.
You will stand as testaments, to prevent any souls from EVER intentionally causing harm to their species again.

Until that last breath of life, you have a chance to change everything in your mind, and save your soul. So good luck.

harleyborgais: If they kill me

If they do kill me, I have already spread all of this information so well, as long as more than one person takes over to complete my task of spreading this information, we should still have a chance to end Wars and Disease in the Future.

Now I am trying to spread this to as many famous people as possible. Wanna help?

Yesterday I called Representative David Schweikart and asked him to send this thread to all of congress.

Once obtains money, I will first hire a web designer and solicitors who will call or walk to get contributions, then a sign maker to create flyers and road signs (like the political signs out now)....
I will start a Freedom Festival and an annual Constitution day celebration which encourages all officers of govt. and military to recite their oaths, and they are honored in return by the civilians.

I will start bringing Grand Jury charges for Crimes Against Humanity and Nature against a large number of influential people, from government and otherwise.

I will start building CoPAC centers where people can come with nothing, and leave healthy and highly educated with valuable skills.

I will do much more than that too, once I get resources.

Since I have primarily only studied since late 1999, I have always been 'poor'.
So even making flyers requires me to ask someone to print them for me and I use scissors to cut them.

Wont you help the Constitutional Political Action Committee by visiting and clicking the "Contribute" button?

Every bit you contribute decreases the chance that I will be killed before America is free again.
Thank you.

Tarheel: "THEY" wont kill you, Harley.

"They" are too busy running from..well...themselves but they are running out of places to hide. Their cover is blown. They dont want to face the repercussions they would have to face if they mess with any of us.

Never live in fear, My Brother.

harleyborgais: They have been killing people though

Michael Jackson, Maybe George Carlin, Whitney Houston, and I dont know who else, but these people died shortly after speaking out about the Illuminati.

Carlin may have died of a heart attack, and looked ill during his last show, but that still does not eliminate the possibility that he was intentionally killed.

If his diet was healthy, and he was taking prescription drugs in his last months, then I am sure that he was killed by the drugs. However, he does seem like the type to have a bad diet.

My mother thinks he was the type to have a good diet because he was always fit and trim, and seemed to care for himself.

Houston fell asleep in a bath tub, where her daughter did too, the day before. I think they laced her tub with some transparent chemical that knocked her out.

Michael Jackson was obviously overdosed on pain medicines by his doctor.

JFK was killed by these people too, 6 months after making silver certificates.

My next objective is to start contacting famous people too.

I wanted to ask Richard Branson, but Political action committees cannot accept funds from foreign or govt. funded sources. It would require me to ask him for a contribution to myself, under a business proposal, instead of contributing to the CoPAC.

I need to start figuring out which famous and rich people live in the USA, and actually care about helping in this kind of effort effort.

2pac also was killed after talking about the Illuminati, but there is a theory that he is not really dead, and will come back.

Who else have they killed recently I wonder?

harleyborgais: Now I am reaching out to these famous people...

Quick List of Activist Actors, Directors and Producers

I emailed peta too, giving them links to this thread, and my petition to end war and disease on

bluesbaby5050: John Lennon was too----

John Lennon spoke out about the Illuminati ,on the Dick Cavate Television Show. He was a regular guest on his show. It's been happening for a long time.They even tried Banning John Lennon from the United States. It was always in the news. Elvis also died under the influence of drugs too. And he also visited the White House more then once. When you get too close to the White House things can,and do happen.The Falcon.

harleyborgais: NM Rothschild also owns the IMF and caused ENRON...

"The former chief economist of the World Bank, Joe Stiglitz, was fired recently. He pointed out to top executives that every country the IMF/World Bank got involved in ended up with a crashed economy, a destroyed government, and sometimes in flames with riots."

harleyborgais: Any important questions not answered on this site?

If there are any important questions on this site that need answers, email me a link to the post and I will answer it if I can.

[email protected]com (Boy, I have not checked this in a long time, its a petition for an energy renaissance).

Ecbra de Oaoj: to harleyborgais

greed's agenda; and politicals actors and; pupets. of this, have been, it seems, crimes and damage. carefull is necessary.

but blame; iluminatii or masons or govern, for all evil things that happen... sounds deny responsability of people and proofs are necessary to be sure of autorship. JFK left evidences to apoint who wanted he died, he was a political and lived among these sistem, he needed votes and money to ascend president...
ok, artists have influency under mass and they lived on midia sistem too... its possible. top powers was non happy with position or opinion from Jon Lenon, or Michel Jacson ... and send to kill them. but they was living it. they was, in certain way, elite too.

well; if you join and after say: i will out. they will charge what you carry. but; if you dont have no one debt; dont worry about; Love side have allies and is stongest.

so... be carefull with words... not for fear but... for True. and good Job guy... someday our terrestrial body will die... if serving Justice... glory! we will survive after; there are soul... and spirit. but lets spend all time here... we dont need waste it.

Wise and Heath , Brother


harleyborgais: The Ten Commandments.

Apparently there is a different version of the ten commandments for each religion.

That explains why I keep finding different versions whenever I look.

It seems wrong to me, the version that says God is jealous, and punishes the descendants of those that sin to the fourth generation.

That does not sound like God, but like Lucifer to me. I think it is a perversion of the true word of God.

I know that the original words of the first part of Genesis actually goes like this:

"Beginning, God Created Heavens, Earth."

They are not in complete sentences, so all English translations are inaccurate.
I have gen 1-10, the first days of creation interpreted for me in this correct way by a Hebrew fluent bible instructor I know from Fort Knox Kentucky, when I was training in the ARMY in 2003.

Now I need to get the parts of the Story of Noah where it mentions the water rising up to the mountain tops, and the death of animals all across the world. I think these are incorrectly translated, creating false impressions of the flood, which do not agree with scientific findings.
Water levels never covered all the mountains in the world but one, and there was never such a flood that killed all the animals in the world except those on the ark.

Also I need to get the ten commandments in this proper translation, because I can tell that not all translations are correct.

The format I was given shows the Hebrew words written with English letters so I can pronounce them, with the words that were added to make sentences being crossed out (but so you can still read them, and know they were added). Then there are references or a dictionary of sorts, more like a thesaurus, that explains the meanings of the words, using a list of English words that have similar meanings.

This allowed me to make my theory of everything agree with the Bible, and how I was able to start understanding the rest of the bible in agreement with modern knowledge.

Is there anybody out there fluent in Hebrew and English (written and spoken) who wants to help with this?

harleyborgais: How to Not Pay Taxes on Labor or Traffic Tickets.

How to Not Pay Taxes on Labor or Traffic Tickets.

Sue the crap out of the Judges, Police, and Lawyers who are violating the Constitution and their oaths by trying to enforce Unconstitutional Laws against you. You dont need a lawyer, you just need to learn the spirit and letter of the Supreme Law of our Constitution, as well as Equity, Common, and International/Admiralty/Maritime Law.

The Constitution of our United States of America allows the Courts jurisdiction over only three forms of law:
1)Equity Law deals with fairness, equality, mutual agreements, contracts, etc..
2)Common Law deals with Harm caused, and redress for grievance. (Harm=Injury, Loss, Detriment).
3)Admiralty/Maritime law deals with international contracts and crimes.

Generally Equity law does not involve punishments from the Courts, but only holding the contracting parties to their agreements in the most fair manner possible.

Common law involves punishments for those that harm others. The Harmed Party raises a Grievance and a redress is determined by the court.

International/Admiralty/Maritime law is a combination of Equity and Common Law to deal with all international contracts and crimes.

Then there is the Supreme Court, which has jurisdiction to Appeal or reconsider a court case, and the duty to interpret the Constitution. Such as defining "Income" as "Profit" or "Gain", not all money "received" from all sources.

Taxes on Salaries and Wages (Labor) are illegal because that is a fair exchange of goods for
services rendered. The value of your time and energy is set by your free will, and what others
are willing to pay for it. That is NOT taxable, and it is NOT "Income".

Income is the difference between the price you buy something, and the higher price you sell it for.That is profit or gain.

The "Individual Income Taxes" (Over 1 Trillion in 2011) go to the Federal Reserve which is a Private Bank owned primarily by N.M. Rothschild and Sons. Your taxes go to them, not us.

The states may use ONLY gold and silver coin as legal tender to pay all debts, and the Congress must be in control of the Treasury, and must regularly print complete financial reports publicly.

When you are cited for a traffic violation, and they are trying to Cause Harm to you in the form
of a fine or other penalty, then ask for the Harmed Party who is raising the Grievance against you.

If there is no harm, then there must a contract or mutual agreement being violated, otherwise the United States Police, Courts, and Judges have no reasonable cause to take or search any of your personal effects at all.

Since 1938 the courts have been enforcing International laws like the Commercial Codes and
"Statutory" Laws, all in violation of the Constitution (which does not contain the word Statutory).

Any case in Equity or Admiralty Law requires a valid contract, which requires both (or all) parties to have been fully aware of and in agreement with all of the terms and conditions of the contract. Otherwise there is no crime, and you may NOT "be deprived of Life Liberty or Property".

Every one who supports and defends the Federal Reserve is therefore committing Treason,
and a crime against Humanity as it harms all of Humanity. That is a capitol offense, which
requires a Grand Jury (selected by a judge), and that means the penalty can be DEATH!

We hung Saddam, just like we need to hang the traitors in govt. we have now.

Those corporation owners that are polluting and causing humans to suffer are responsible for
crimes against Humanity AND Nature, which is a doubly Capitol Crime for which we must
hang them. The top of the List is the House of Rothschild, the Red Shield, and Red Horse
of the Predicted Biblical Apocalypse.

Get a copy of the Constitution for your pocket from:

Then exercise your Constitutional Rights and Prosecute the Traitors for their Crimes.
You can do it.

harleyborgais: Here are some really good links, videos, speeches...

This speech from Ron Paul explores how WE would react to what WE are doing to other countries right NOW...
Ron Paul, "What if the Chinese had military bases in America?"

This speech explains how we are creating terrorists by invading other countries, and 'occupying' them.
Ron Paul This Speech Gave Me Chills

This video shows that all the major media networks are owned by the same people, so they are all on the same side, no matter what you think...

This is a great idea, show just how wrong the police actions are, protest in clown costumes:
I'd rather be protesting with the clowns

Here is one example of how the Media is LYING to you:
Ron Paul Suspends Campaign, Romney Wins? Nope

They are trying to convince people that Ron Paul has stopped his campaign, but really, RON PAUL IS WINNING BY A LONG SHOT!!!!

In this last 'delegation' or whatever in phoenix, they LIED, they said Romney won, but that is a LIE, Ron Paul had OVERWHELMING support this time.

They cancelled the event because Ron Paul supporters where protesting their cheating, giving Romney voters multiple ballots, and not giving proper and fair credit to Ron Paul.

THEY ARE LYING AND CHEATING!!!! We need to prosecute them ourselves.


Chris Hoenack:

Update: May 15, 2012, 4:30 PM EDT Paul has 11 of 18 delegates in Arizona, Romney has 7, waiting for the final 11

Update: May 16, 2012, 4:00 PM EDT Arizona releases its 29 delegate names. Remember it took them three days after locking those names up. 26 for Romney and 3 for Paul. What is most stunning about this announcement is that on Saturday, Paul supporters had confirmed 11 of 18 delegates were Paul's. What happened over the past 3 days?

Chris Hoenack:

What the republican establishment is doing is exactly what I said. Even though Ron Paul wins they just say he didnt.

harleyborgais: How to fix education

I thank God that my friend just told me about this. I think Ron Paul is where he learned this idea.

Make all schools private, and require the Government to provide payment vouchers for all American Children to attend the School of their choice.

This will cause schools to compete for better quality education, because We The People will then be empowered to choose which school is best.

When a student does not have much money, they will simply do less expensive projects in the classes, and perhaps not be able to attend sports or other costly activities, as the parents may be required to pay for materials equipment that must be purchased for each student.

However, the grading and knowledge gained must always be equal and fair.

Whenever there is a town or city that decides the current schools are not sufficient, they simply advertise to the nation that they desire a better school.

That creates an opportunity that some private school will take advantage of because it generates a profit for them.

Those schools that are too greedy, or do not provide enough quality in their education, will lose students, and those schools that provide the best education for the lowest cost will obtain the majority of students.

This is the best idea that I have ever heard of, because this one thing is the MOST important goal for the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE!!!!

That is because knowledge is power, and education is the key to fixing all of the worlds problems.

If I have to elaborate more on that point for you to understand, then you should really read more of this thread.

May God save our souls.

harleyborgais: Prosecuting the Police and Judges:

I will still have to call the courts or a lawyer or attorney to figure out the very first thing you do, who you call, and which form you fill out, and where.

I am pretty sure you start by going to the courthouse and telling them you want to prosecute someone, then fill out the papers they will give you with the charges, and evidence to support your accusations.

In order to win these cases, you must understand how the law of our Constitution works: (Here it is)...

The Supreme Law of the Land in our United States of America is the Constitution, all laws must get their authority from it, all officers of govt and military must swear to support it, any law to the contrary is notwithstanding, and any officer who commits even a misdemeanor loses their authority automatically.
Judges only hold their authority "During good behavior".

The Constitution only give courts jurisdiction over four areas:
1)Admiralty/Maritime, 2)Equity, 3)Common Law, and 4)Constitutional Law.

Admiralty/Maritime law deals with international contracts and crimes on international waters only.
There must be a valid International contract (which requires both parties to be fully aware and in agreement with the terms), for the court to have Admiralty or Maritime Jurisdiction.

(That does not apply, BUT, since 1938, the courts have been enforcing Admiralty law illegally to enforce Commercial codes and statutory laws, all in violation of our Supreme Law)

Then there is "Equity", which deals with equality, fairness, and Mutual Agreements or contracts. The Courts have no right to punish or penalize people in Equity cases, only to decide what will make the situation fair between the involved parties. If the court orders you to do something, and you dont, THEN the court CAN punish you, because then you have caused harm, and that makes a Common law case....

Common Law deals with Harm. There must be a harmed party to raise a grievance against you for there to be a common law case.
The courts can punish or penalize people for causing harm.

The last jurisdiction is constitutional law, and that only applies to the government and officers, when they violate the Constitution, like violating your rights or freedoms.

No person may be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process, which requires a warrant, supported by oath or affirmation, issued by a judge, who must have reasonable cause, and they may ONLY search or take what is specified in the warrant.
(4th and 5th amendments)

I think that covers it.
That is how the Supreme Law of our United States really works.
That is why traffic tickets and pretty much all "Statutory Laws" are not legal "laws" in the United States. "Statutory" is not in the Constitution, so the police and judges are committing a crime by enforcing those laws.

It also says no state shall make or enforce any laws which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States.
(amendment 14)

That makes it a crime for Police or Judges to violate the Constitution.

Also there is the "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishments inflicted."
If they punish you more severely than a crime that is clearly less harmful, then they have violated this one too.

For any capitol crime (with a death sentence) or infamous crime must be tried by a Grand Jury, which is selected by a judge.
Crimes against Humanity and Nature fit that.
I plan to prosecute many officers for such crimes, and have them hung, just like Saddam was.

Harley Davidson Borgais
[email protected]

harleyborgais: The American Dream Movie
(This website is REALLY good to direct people to who dont know yet)

This is the best expose on how the central bankers have been corrupting nations for centuries, that I have found yet.

It was the first one I saw, it got me started, and at first I could not believe everything in it, but since then I have checked to see that every single bit is correct for sure.

Especially the part where our taxes on labor go to the IRS, then the Federal Reserve, which is owned primarily by NM Rothschild and Sons corporation.

The Rothschild foundation gets your income taxes because they own you.

The reason the Federal Reserve owns you is because they Paid about 600,000 to a million Dollars to the UNITED STATES Corporation (Which is NOT the Actual "United States of America, it is a company, a corporation), to purchase your original birth certificate.

I am pretty sure that your Social Security number is the same as the account number, or connected to the account number, where they have that money that was paid for you.
Supposedly, you can "Discharge Debts" against this account, since the Money in America has no actual value. I have not yet learned how to do this, but it does not quite seem right....but then none of this is.

In exchange, the Federal Reserve gets all the taxes from all your labor for your entire life.
And the Corporate UNITED STATES gets the money from our own National Treasury, but the Private Federal Reserve Bank owns that money, so it is the Fed giving money printed in our treasury, to the Corporate UNITED STATES, in exchange for ownership of your birth certificate, and all the taxes you will ever pay.

In the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting at a JP Morgan estate, they devised how to kill over 600 competing wealthy people on the Titanic, and they planned the theft of Americas Money via the Private Federal Reserve Bank.

The one person in the movie that is not named, is the one who ran this meeting.

That person is whoever was the patriarch of the Rothschild family in 1910.
I am thinking that was Baron Guy Rothschild.
The character has a red shield for a head in the animation. Rothschild means Red Shield in old German.
That also is how I came to conclude that they are the Red Horse of the Apocalypse.

harleyborgais: "The Game"

How many times have you heard rich people say that the way to become rich is:

"You got to learn how to play the game"?

That game is the dishonor process.
Jesus taught us how to deal with this situation.

Whenever someone demands something of you (IRS, banks, Govt., etc.), you NEVER refuse, or ignore, and dont argue, because that is done at the end, in the court.


You make your conditions reasonable, but impossible for them to comply with, and you win.
You make them ignore or refuse your conditions FIRST, then YOU take THEM to the court.

The IRS, Banks, Corporations, and many other Govt. agents/agencies are doing Sooooo much illegal, that this should usually be very easy for you to win.

In most cases, they are violating their own rules, like Admiralty law, which the courts have been imposing on us since 1938, which does not apply if there is not an international contract that was agreed to by both parties, and both parties must be FULLY aware of ALL the terms and conditions of the contract for it to be valid.

Since the courts dont tell you they are enforcing International/Maritime/Admiralty laws when you are being prosecuted, they are violating their own Admiralty laws, voiding any contract.

But in most cases like traffic tickets, any violation of Statutory Law, or Commercial code (UCC), they are enforcing International Admiralty law, not just in violation of our Supreme Law (The US Constitution), but they are also violating their own Admiralty law.

If you are paying any taxes on labor now, stop, because that money goes to the NM Rothschild Corporation, not the American public. You are unknowingly committing treason by paying taxes on labor. Those that support the Federal Reserve who is doing this to us, knowing that it is violating the Constitution, are traitors (i.e. Mitt Romney, and Obama).

When the IRS tries to audit you or make you do anything, send them a 'freedom of information request' to prove they have the right to charge you tax on labor, or even to make you file for that. They cannot. The IRS tax code even says that is voluntary. There is NO law requiring you to pay tax on labor, and the Supreme Court has defined "Income" as profit or gains, and told the IRS to STOP Taxing our labor, more than 20 times that I have found.

The other option when you are being challenged, is to send a letter via Notary stating the facts, the law, and in this, you Accept their requests only upon your own conditions, which again, demand that they prove they have the legal right to do that to you.

With a bank, you make them prove:
that all the fees were legal
that the title was really free and clear
that everyone who owned that title since the original owner had it legally
what they risked
what they gained
what they will do with your promissory note
and have them prove that they gave you anything of any value, because they didnt.
none of the fed notes or credit they gave you had any actual value.

The bank will ignore, or refuse you, then you take them to court, and dismiss the contract.

That is how you defeat the IRS, and the govt. or companies in general, using the Dishonor process, and the courts, and the law (as it should be used).

harleyborgais: Titles of Nobility Amendment (Hidden 13th)

Boy, I am having a hard time figuring out if this is real.
The proofs of ratification that I can find come on ONLY ONE LEGISLATURE SHORT!!
That was before 1812 when the Illuminate first tried to Pass the Federal Reserve Act, on Dec. 23, so that the Predicted day in 2012 would be the 100 year anniversary.
They did in next year so it will only be 99 years.

But now read this:
"Article 13, the Titles of Nobility and Honour Amendment (13th Amendment) is found in all the copies of the Constitution for The United States of America printed between 1819 and 1867."

Now I am trying to find a photo copy from my local library.

harleyborgais: Can someone please help find this?

Could anyone please contact their local library, and if they have a copy of any book printed between 1819 and 1867 with the full text of the US Constitution, COULD YOU PLEASE POST A COPY OF THE 13TH AMENDMENT HERE, THE COVER, AND THE TABLE OF CONTENTS, please?

Thank You.

My library seems to not have books that old.

harleyborgais: Searching for list of BAR Association members

I am trying to get a list of the members of the BAR Association now that I have found multiple copies of the 13th amendment (TONA), proving it is truly our Supreme Law since 1819.

Once we have this list, we can start removing those criminals from office.
Anyone wanna help?

harleyborgais: To all Americans:

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harleyborgais: This is the clearest, most succinct explaination...

"I have been reading about the Neil Keenan court suit from various people
for a while--Wilcock, Fulford, and others. This is the clearest, most
succinct explaination that I have come across. It is the "End the Lie
with Madison Ruppert Radio Show". It is one hour 46 minutes. Keith
Scott and Winston Shrout, two experts in this area, explain. Well worth
your time if you want to unwind all this for yourself." (Unknown Author)

harleyborgais: Human Evolution

I have explained from the beginning before the first cell formed, up to the future; when and how we will end War and Disease on Earth, here:

harleyborgais: Check this post out:


Re: Work of Harley Borgais
#1318 Postby harleyborgais » May 25, 2012 7:25 am

hackenslash wrote: "Oh dear, it's the Zeitgeist horseshit. I wonder what Tim O'Neill's up to?"

I have not even watched "Zeitgeist", though I hear it is interesting,
because the links I focus on present actual facts which are the most important for us to know.

If you dont think my statements in the post above are correct, then you should check the facts.
If you choose to dis-believe them without checking the facts...

That makes you foolish, and actually a Traitor to We The People of these United States, without knowing it, because you dont know it...because you dont know who is causing Americas problems, or why, that makes you a Pawn in the game, a slave or cattle to the system...that actually makes you RESPONSIBLE for our problems.

The reason why that is factually true, is also the only reason why "THEY" (The rich, elite, ruling class, the members of the Secret Societies), have so much wealth and control, because people who dont know the truth (such as that of the Central Bank Owners and the "New World Order" they have designed), are the ONLY ones giving Money and Power in the form of votes, to these Criminals.

Please stop betraying America, and learn some facts.

harleyborgais: Cure for all allergies and autoimmune disease

"It has been discovered that the, ten times the, beneficial
bacteria we have, than human cells, helps us. One species in
particular, Bacteroides Fragilis provides its polysaccharide A to
trigger the manufacture of more regulatory T cells to stop inflamitory
T cells from causing problems.
People with allergy problems, and/or other autoimmune diseases
have all been found to lack this Bacteroides Fragilis. By simply
ingesting this bacteria all allergies and autoimmune diseases are
cured. How long will it take the FDA to approve it?
Until then, victims of any of these diseases will just have to eat
the **** of someone who has never had allergic or autoimmune problems,
and in that way get the Bacteroides Fragilis in themselves. There is a
way, FDA."
(I have not checked this source yet, but someone needs to post the original source here)

harleyborgais: Craigslist ad, to "get the ball rolling"...

Looking for investor to publish Unifying Theory of Everything (Tempe, AZ)
Date: 2012-05-24, 12:16PM MST
"Looking for investor to publish Unifying Theory of Everything"... and to Fix the Worlds Major Problems...

My name is Harley Davidson Borgais
The name of the Book I plan to publish is: "How We Exist".

There are sub-components which will be the chapters, such as the first chapter: "The Genesis of Relativity" or, "The First Event".

This is the only theory to ever exist (As far as I can find) which explains the origin and nature of God as well as everything else we can observe in existence.
(That does mean it proposes a scientific explanation for God, and it also unites all the Holy Religions by illustrating their common thread, which is: The way to heaven is to do good works, and believe in a creator of the physical universe! Holy=Concerned Primarily about the General Welfare of all Life. Only God can really know what is best, so He is the most Holy.)

This theory uses common language and can be understood by elementary school children.
It unites all religions and sciences by explaining all of their common threads and their fundamental meanings, and it unites General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics primarily by centering on the fact that a spinning charge, (- or +), generates the magnetic dipole, which is the basic building block of all things physical and nonphysical, and that - or + charge is the curvature of space (The most important revelation ever, thanks to Einstein!), which is the most basic of all properties, because it was the first dimension to form.....and so on....(Newtons laws of motion also are fundamental)

After learning "How We Exist", a person is empowered in many ways to improve the quality of their life on this Earth, such as curing all diseases, and creating everything desired (within reason).
Knowledge is Power, and the Greatest Freedom you have on this Earth is understanding of the United States Constitution, for that is the Supreme Law of this land and the source of American rights.
By learning how energy and matter work, as well as the mind, Human Society, Law, and everything else, one is fully empowered to gain complete control over their comprehend the true causes and solutions to all of their woes....and to free the rest of Humanity from the suffering of Disease and War.

All of this and more will be fully, and concisely explained by the Book: "How We Exist", as soon as an adequate financial investor is found...or... soon as the "Constitutional Political Action Committee" receives its first significant Contribution, and we at CoPAC begin rebuilding America (and then the World) by first producing healthy foods and building materials (initially bricks, directly from the Earth, via $4,000 custom made hydraulic press), and then by building CoPAC centers where people can arrive ill and with nothing, and leave healthy with valuable knowledge and skills. Even as little as $5,000 could be enough to get this ball rolling, as we would generate profits with that press.
Together we can rebuild America, and Promote the General Welfare of Life on Earth:

If you would like to contribute to the CoPAC, there is a 'PayPal' button on this webpage:
If you would like to consider investing in the publishing of "How We Exist" in return for a fair profit, please send an email to "investor" at:

If you would like to discuss any other opportunity that could further the goal of "Promoting the General Welfare of We The People of these United States of America", and/or Life on Earth, or any building project or repairs that you may need for your own home or business in Tempe (which I am skilled at doing), then please contact me by responding through this ad, as I do often accept 'side-work', as long as it benefits the community somehow.

If you wish to know answers to such questions as; the cause and cure of all disease, wars on the earth, or secrets that you know are out there but cannot find, there is an extremely good chance that we will be able to respond with the answer, so send your question(s) via email to: "Questions" at:
(Answers will be sent as soon as possible)

Here is a Petition to End War and Disease now:

More information is available at these sites:
(Be aware that these articles and websites are rough drafts, because figuring these things out requires the majority of my time, hence the need for investors and/or contributors to hire helpers)

"I Harley Davidson Borgais do hereby swear or affirm, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies foreign and domestic...and that I will do everything possible to promote the general welfare of life on Earth, so help me God."
(That is the mission statement for CoPAC as well)

Location: Tempe, AZ

Ecbra de Oaoj: about Cure for all allergies and autoimmune disease

good Job, Harley... our body is a comom world of micro ornanisms... very interesting point, util to health and long life.
I think need check tests and study to aplication; but you search is very beatifull.

Good Vibes, dear Friend


harleyborgais: How to use the allergy cure information...

This is a joke, but it would actually work:

In order to obtain the microbes that your digestive tract needs but lacks, you can eat S#!? and live!

You can also contract diseases by eating feces though, so that is not a great idea.

In order to add the Bacteroides Fragilis which provides polysaccharide A to
trigger the manufacture of more regulatory T cells to stop inflammatory
T cells from causing problems....

You could culture the bacteria from feces, and once you have a culture of only that one bacteria, you could add it to a food such as yogurt, then eat that.

That would be safe, clean, and healthy, and that would apparently cure allergies and auto-immune disorders.

Ecbra de Oaoj: joke or not...

be carefull with your work guy....

these yourgut that you are eating by test subjet... maybe cause disease instead... cure.


Heath and... Good Taste

harleyborgais: About the eat poo and live joke above:

I did actually hear about a case where the poo or feces from one persons intestines were added to the intestines of another person in a surgery, and that allowed the person receiving the feces to gain the microbes needed to digest food better.

But I think if you searched for a food source from some health food provider, you may find a source for this bacteria.

Otherwise, I think one would have to learn how to safely and correctly culture that bacteria like I described after the joke, and then add it to food themselves.
Since this is new info for me, it is too soon for me to know this answer.

harleyborgais: Possibility of actual apocalypse on Dec 23...

Another piece of new info, there may be a massive wave of plasma coming from the center of our galaxy, which is claimed to be the major even that will happen in 2012, on dec. 23.

Here is where I got this from:Expected Cosmic Events in 2012 by Pane Andov

Of course I dont want to believe that the earths atmosphere will be cooked off, and our sun will start its red giant phase early, but that is what is being claimed here.

I must say however that I knew such a wave of energy must exist because of the 26,000 year precession cycle, and the major meteor impacts that happen every cycle. Also the start of the last ice age was five cycles ago, and it ended one cycle ago, and the neanderthals started and ended at those same times. Furthermore, Yellowstone super volcano erupts every three cycles, it is due for its fourth eruption this year, and it was originally created by one of these meteor impacts. Now we have had comet elenin, comet neat, and others pass us, and more are coming in 2015, 2020, and 2032, and they are big ones.

And lastly, we are 26,000 light years from the center, and from the edge of the galaxy.
That is not coincidence, that means life only forms 1/2 of the way in from center, where solar systems are in the middle of their life spans. Everything is in the middle when life forms. The size of Humans is also exactly in the center of the scale from microscopic to macroscopic reality.

-One more cycle, it takes 250 million years for the solar system to circle the galaxy, and the greatest extinction event ever happened that long ago-

That is how I knew there must be an energy going out from the center of the galaxy, and reflecting, causing all of these cycles (from the 26,000 year precession, to the yellow stone eruptions every third cycle, where the reflection hits us at the same time as the newer wave).

The true causes of the ice and warm ages are milankovitch cycles, and all of these things are all caused primarily by this energy wave from the center of the galaxy. That one thing is what originally determined all of the cycles in our galaxy and solar system.

I predicted its existence before it was spotted, and discovered its cause, and effect.
NASA has apparently found it only recently, and they do not know its cause or effect.

If this claim is right, then the one thing that makes this time different from all those before, is that ALL of the earths and suns cycles are happening at ONCE this time. That might actually cause the things talked about in this video.

Also I think that the magnetic field reversal of earth, is actually only the crust shifting, because the magnetic field is generated by the spin of our core, and that cannot just reverse, because by the first law of motion, it will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside it does not change...only the crust does, and it is shifting now, at 40miles per year, north pole towards russia.

This crust shifting which allows the magnetic field to weaken, I think is the cause of the periodic mass extinctions on the earth, which happen every 35-28 million years apart, and I think we are due for one now. You can look up the chart for mass extinctions to see for yourself.

I prey these are not true, but if they are, we need to go underground for a long time until the earth recovers from this, if it does, if the sun does not go red giant.

Otherwise, our only hope is to leave the earth in spaceships, which I dont think we have, or can build in the next few months.

However, the technology of Nikola Tesla, with the math used for holography, can use the interference of electromagnetic waves to alter the very forces of nature themselves, and we can actually change all of these things, and save ourselves. We cannot alter what the sun would do, but we can dramatically alter how it affects the earth, and us, with this technology.

That already exists too (HAARP), so we may have this option.

If this "Nexus" or wave of "Energetic Neutral Particles" (which is super hot plasma) is real, and it actually is coming, then we are supposed to be able to see it starting December 13.
It will be coming from Sagittarius A (The center of the Galaxy).

(Note: There was an episode of star trek with Capt. Picard and Kahn which involved such a nexus as this, perhaps that is not a coincidence either?)

Ecbra de Oaoj: lol

so... please pardon. your post sounds to me as a joke over what i comented before and i just; aswered. with a joke too.


harleyborgais: The source of the super wave theory:
"in 1983 Paul LaViolette presented evidence to the scientific community indicating that:

1. Galactic core explosions actually occur about every 13,000 - 26,000 years for major outbursts and more frequently for lesser events.

2. The emitted cosmic rays escape from the core virtually unimpeded. As they travel radially outward through the Galaxy, they form a spherical shell that advances at a velocity approaching the speed of light."

Based on my knowledge of wave interference and reflection, this is probably the case for our galaxy, because it is 100,000 light years across, which is because the central black hole is so large (perhaps 2.6 million suns)...which means that it takes 50,000 years for a wave to reach the edge, where it partially reflects back...then that reflection takes another 50,000 years to reach the center again -where it has concentrated-, and 25,000 years prior to that, it intersected another outburst at 25,000 light years out from the galactic center, -where we are, and not by coincidence-.

It is the interaction of these waves and the size of our galaxy, which is determined by the size of our black hole core, which determines all of these cycles and periods.

That is my theory. But I still cannot accept that our sun will go red giant this December, because that is the only one thing that will really end life on Earth based on my knowledge.

We are supposed to be only half way through our suns life, giving us about 3-4 billion years more. I dont think this super-wave will cause carbon to start fusing in the sun or change its fuel use, but that is what Pane Andov claims that aliens are trying to tell us with certain crop messages:

Crigitine: You don't take your bodies

You don't take your bodies with you to the next deminsion. So in order to get to the next deminsion by volunteraly or otherwise, your soul goes. Not your body. I hope I'm wrong but it is what I have been led to believe. So right now we are waiting for ways for the earth to send us there. Be it though the possibility of this false war, by the wolfs continuing to be sheep and letting this false figure pit the world and it's citizens against each other. Be it aliens coming and interviening again. Or a quick flashy death from the cosmos. We will be brought into the 4th deminsion this "death" or recycled on another 3rd dimension some where else. Your higher self is waiting at the last dimension we have a long way to go. The "end" will be not be as tragic as people make it out to be. The biggest thing people fear is death, because they believe thats all the life you get.

This dimension ends. Like all the others. Any aliens that come here on earth they will "bleed" and die like us. Our government "bleeds" and dies like us. Some people want to watch how it happens and spend their life figuring out what it will be. By all means find out what the end game will be. But breaking it to keep a body of flesh alive, will keep people from moving on.

Again, what I am led to believe.

harleyborgais: Meanings of sacred geometry and crop circles

Posting these here:
13 Masonic Secrets 4 of 13:


(Share these, more is at truthcontrol forum "Fixing-problems" and freeornottobe dat org.)

The Flower of life pattern matches the first actual photo of atoms at: freeornottobe dat org/freeornottobe/images/Nemes­cope- 1st Photo of Atoms.jpg

Crop circle messages keep using the flower/seed/egg/fruit/tree of life patterns to tell us about how all physical reality is formed from those patterns, because those are formed from the interference of energy waves, which forms all existence


The All seeing eye allows you to see what your physical Eyes cannot.

The bad guys in control now use the great symbol for harmful purposes, but according to the geometry of how energy forms physical matter, life and consciousness, it means this:

The all seeing eye (Your pineal gland, focus, conscious mind) figures out and reveals understanding of the 3D world, represented by the pyramid it is in, where the light extends outside the 3Ds once we learn all of this...


Your mind has one focal point, the conscious mind uses that, the pineal gland is the physical manifestation of it, allowing the physical human body to have the capacities of the emotional and creative human mind or soul. Some animals have emotions, but only humans have creative thought. That's why neanderthals had larger brains to store memories but were unable to create new things like sharpened bone tipped spears.


Negative curvatures like electrons are compressions of 3D space itself, Protons are expansions.

(Technically we have these named backwards because compression is positive pressure)

The flower of life, star of david, and other sacred geometric forms represent how energy forms material fields (curved lines/circles) and forces (push/pull, only exist between 3D-spherical particles).

The "All seeing eye" is the Pineal gland which is the physical manifestation of your focus...

harleyborgais: The Seven Stages of Development

This is one of those things, where when I see it, I know it is important, and I am pretty sure the reason why my subconscious (intuition) realizes this is because it somehow provides an association for things that were not previously associated, making my mind; more efficient, able to combine those thoughts, and therefore able to store more information with less matter, and to understand and be able to use that information better.

Here is the quote:
"The Seven stages are: Innocence, Initiatory, Selection, Crucifixtion, Transmutation, Purification, and Perfection" (9:11)

This has importance to me because all things seem to go through seven stages, and now I can tell why that is....

1) First there is the simplest form (first there were Hydrogen Atoms, now Intelligent life forms),
2) Second there begins to be variety, or different versions of that form as it multiplies,
3) Third there is a comparison of the many varieties as some or many are harmful to the whole,
4) Fourth, there is the need to destroy or eliminate the harmful versions of that first form,
5) Fifth, after the bad is destroyed, the good begin to transform into the full variety still possible
6) Sixth, the many good variations now begin to blend together or connect as much as possible
7) Then finally the many become one self sustaining whole.

Human Society is currently at the verge of finishing step four. If we just root out the secret societies and expose their wrong doings to enough people, then we can enter step or phase five of the Evolution of Human Society, and there would be no more war or disease (except for those that do not live healthy).

I think that this is the reason why seven stars or churches are so significant through history.

The meaning of 13 I am still working on...I know the moon has 13 cycles while the sun circles the sun once (one year), but how is it we found a 12,000 year old ceramic/stone artifact that matches the 13 level brick pyramid with the all seeing eye at the separated top, which is on our "Great Seal" today?

Whether the maker of that symbol knew the answer I cannot say either, but I am sure we will have the answer here soon enough. It really does seem like God helps me, because the number and degree of coincidences in my life are too many to count or remember, or sometimes even to believe.

This 4th secret (of 13) secrets of the Masons video mentions passing through the Veil of Isis, and it uses a white and black pillar on either side, so passing the veil must mean learning how energy works, and how the geometry of energy determines the physical form and function.
It includes understanding how atoms look like the flower of life because the circles represent fields of energy, and the lines in metatrons cube and the star of david represent physical forces that push and pull, which only exist between the spherical particles which we call electrons and protons. Those are the yin and yang, the light and dark, the two opposite energies.

Here is a treat for you now:
In the end of time all matter will turn into black holes, which are made of neutrons, which form from fusion. Neutrons did not exist in the beginning when there was only Hydrogen, which was electrons and protons only. You combine them to make neutrons, and you combine neutrons to make dark matter, which makes black holes (They do NOT consume normal matter like atoms, electrons, protons, they destroy that and send it out as x or gamma rays).

In the beginning, before time, before there was even God, there was just black holes, just dark matter.

Electrons are a compression of 3D space itself, and protons are an expansion.
What is compressed or expanded? Just black holes, just one type of consistent matter.

When you get to one type of consistent matter, all forms cease to exist, and you get back to the void again.

When two equal and opposite forces react at 90-degrees, and form spin, then you get another chain-reaction, which forms the flower of life pattern again, and then existence restarts all over again. Those forces are compression and expansion of the space filled with the dark matter. The compression is again the electrons, which are on the outside, because they are compressed to small points, allowing them to be the one that moves around the outside in an orbit, while the Proton stays in the middle because it is expanded to a larger size and not so easy to move.

harleyborgais: Oops, double post

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harleyborgais: MYSTERY SCHOOL


(Where you learn the cause and effect of all great and mysterious observations)

I have thought about this for a while, creating a school that teaches the answers to all the great mysteries. Now that I have found pretty much all those answers (God how I love the internet, the only reason this was possible), it is time to start sharing that knowledge, as the lack of it is the actual reason for most human suffering throughout all of History.

Just knowing what I know about energy, matter, chemistry and health, history, and Law, makes your life so much better. I dont have any money, but I dont really care, because I have the understanding of how to do anything given the resources needed, and I get by ok with almost nothing.

What really matters is the welfare of my soul, and that has improved dramatically from this knowledge. Also what matter is the welfare of all life on earth, the quality of life on earth, even if only for my own selfish desires to have a good next life. That is why belief in reincarnation causes one to be concerned for the welfare of all, because you cannot know where you will be reborn next time until after you die, and you choose based on the circumstances in the world at that moment. Since God can see everything however, God can predict these things, hence the revelations in the Bible.

Again I say, the meaning of the Sacred Geometry Is:
Circles represent fields of energy like magnetism or electric fields, which are causes, and the lines represent forces that push or pull, which are effects, and which only exist between the spherical 3D shapes of particles we call electrons and protons (and neutrons, which are made from one of each).

Armed with that to start, one can now learn the cause and effect of all great and mysterious observations.

alinabezerra: If people arent told they

If people arent told they cannot know,because most dont seek the answers to lifes infinate mysteries.i think its a great idea for you to do something that will open peoples minds to the real world.

harleyborgais: By the way, we are conducting the "Mystery School" right now

By the way, we are conducting the "Mystery School" right determining the causes and effects of the mysteries in Human life and society. That is the purpose of the Mystery School.

On we are discussing birth certificates and who owns what land (Pope claims ownership over everything, but Constitution denies him our land)

Also, on:
We are discussing the true causes and cures for disease, and the fact that all drugs cause harm, and only a balanced diet of only natural foods can truly cure you.

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