Fixing the Problems

Hello Everyone, my name is Harley and the purpose of this thread is to finally fix the problems in the world today.

The reason I am certain we can do this is because I know all the causes, most of the solutions, and can provide all of you with all of the answers to all of the questions in the universe (really, test me). From the Origin of Energy, God, Matter, Life, Humanity, the Truth about Free Energy, Sacred Geometry, and now for the most important one right now, the point of this thread....

Constitutional Political Action

The Supreme Law of this land, the United States of America, states;
-that its very purpose is to "Promote the General Welfare" of "We The People" of theses United States,
-that all laws of this land must derive their authority directly from the Constitution, and
-that any law which contradict the constitution in notwithstanding,
-that all officers of all branches of government and military must swear an oath to support the constitution in order to obtains authority, and
-that those officers can only hold that authority under good behavior, and they lose all authority upon violation of the constitution, or commission of even a misdemeanor crime.

This is the spirit and the letter of the Law in our United States and We The People are not going to accept the illegitimate ownership of ourselves (via birth-certificates) and everything we have (via debts), by the wealthy groups of such names as Illuminate, Federal Reserve, central banks, Luciferians, etc.

As has always been known that only the ignorance of the public is the only thing that allows such severe corruption to develop, and the mere awareness of a sufficient number of people is enough to stop corruption once and for all, because only the ignorant people endow the corrupt people with power.

STOP ELECTING CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the names of some of them, the enemies of all Humanity (because they actually worship Lucifer):
Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Warburg, Schiff, Lehman, Sachs, Kuhn, Loeb, Lazard, DuPont, Carnagie, and others.

To get you started on your research, look for these sentences:
1) doctor strike mortality rate
2) federal reserve audit
3) supreme court define "income"
4) federal reserve notes not legal tender
5) New World Order quotes
6) Where individual income taxes actually go
7) how i clobbered every bureaucrat
8) "UCC-connection"
9) "science of nutrition"
10) missing 13th amendment image

on youtube:
11) "what in the world are they spraying"
12) "the change your founders believed in"
13) "the cancer report"
14) "Decolonization Referendum Petition"

And for everything else you can possibly wonder, connect to my

"It's not about left and right, it's about Right and Wrong" (Arianna Huffington, Colbert Report)

Together we can finally end this age-old war against good and evil, by educating enough of Humanity on how greed corrupts society, how secrecy allows corruption to breed, and how the freedom of information on the internet is the solution to prevent it forever into the future.


bluesbaby5050: This is all---

This is all I do drink,I have been doing this for years.I drink my vegetables too.I even mix the fruit,and vegies together.I like it this way.I feel better,and also lighter. I don't feel heavy. I have plenty of energy too.Falcon.

harleyborgais: Living Forever, the Invincible Human

If your diet includes adequate detoxification (from fruits, vegies, certain spices, herbs, algae, essential oils, and other things), then you may be able to live forever.

When the body uses molecules for fuel or to build itself, it either uses something it is used to, which comes from the foods our ancestors have been eating for the past several million years, or it uses something that leaves left over parts that are not balanced. These left over parts are called free radicals, they are ions, which means they have a negative or positive charge, not neutral like the left over parts of molecules the cells have evolved to use completely.

These free radicals bond to other molecules that in ways that harm the cells. This is the mechanism that causes all aging and disease.

That is also why all drugs cause harm, and only natural foods can make you healthy, or in other words, cure all disease.

The cells of the body always and only cure or heal themselves, it is never the drug or anything other than the cells themselves, which fixes or cures them.

The toxic chemistry in the body causes all disease, and the cure for all disease is: cleaning that up the body chemistry by detox, and by balancing the Ph to just over 7.1, and the 42 "Essential Nutrients" to their healthy levels by observation of symptoms.

Whenever a cell in the body becomes infected or in any way starts to malfunction, and no longer communicates via chemicals with its neighbors in the same way as they are, then it is purged from the system, and replaced.

This is what happens in healthy body chemistry, but without the right chemistry, the cell may not be purged, because there is not enough consistency in how the many cells are functioning (No Homeostasis). When there is Homeostasis, the chemistry is pure, the Ph is just above 7.1, all the 42 Essential Nutrients are in balance, and there are no toxins...then the body is immune to everything except an outnumbering of infectious agents.

The only thing that can take down a healthy Human is being overwhelmed by a large number of infecting agents (viruses, bacterias, etc.) at one time, or being physically injured by some physical incident like impact, twisting, or crushing of the body. These are the only two things that we need doctors for. The only place drugs have is relieving pain, and one time use, or temporary use of chemicals to bring the body chemistry into balance...and then it should only be the essential nutrient that are used in chemical form.

The definition of Drug is: a chemical compound used for the prevention, treatment, or diagnosis of an unwanted disease or condition. The law wrongfully changes chemical compound to substance, so they can include anything. A chemical like citric acid, or omega 3 fatty acid, or another vitamin would be a drug, but one of the few that actually balances your chemistry....only if the molecules are in the EXACT state they are in Healthy plants. Even changing the angle of one bond makes a fat into a useless trans-fat that clogs the arteries.

Too much acid means low Ph, 7 is neutral, and higher is alkaline or base. Acid means less electrons, and the acid takes electrons from other molecules, breaking them apart, because the electrons are what bond atoms, because the electrons will spin in figure eights around the two atoms, or conduct along paths, like flour leaf clovers for example -which generates a magnetic field-.

With Ph above 7 (80% are 5-6 or so), then the heart can grow its own bypass if one artery is clogged, teeth grow back, scars start to go away, all diseases can start to go away if toxins are out and nutrients are also balanced, and much more.

Most atoms are below four electrons on the outside, and that makes most things acid, except about 15 of the 90-92 atoms (elements) on the earth.

I will load a table of elements for chemistry from Russell Walter, improved by me, in the near future to elaborate on this, and explain how chemistry works.

Son of Leod: There is more....

Fluoride does much more than simply bond with both calcium AND aluminum, in your Pineal Gland. It causes dental fluorosis which is the first sign of acute fluoride poisoning. It also bonds with calcium in your bones, which leads to osteoporosis and skeletal fluorosis. It disrupts the activity of the thyroid gland, which regulates your triiodothyronine(T3) and tetraiodothyronine(T4) hormones. These both play a part in the body's metabolism and how fast it uses energy. Their poisons have for more extent of damage than most can even fathom.

Tarheel: I wonder, is there a way to "de-calcify" your Pineal Gland?

Does anyone know?

Because, we have had "fluoride toothpaste is critical" shoved in our mouths for so long that Im sure MOST of us could use de-calcifying.

bluesbaby5050: It's been posted in this forum many times---

I even put it here.No one pays any attention to it when it is here.It's always overlooked.It is here again today! Harley posted this earlier,and then you ask for it again! See what I mean? Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: People can start by changing their--

Changing their habits.Start with your toothpaste.Then your water,then your foods,what you drink,and what you eat,and how you cook your foods.Take shorter showers,and baths.Your body will absorb the water though your skin pores.This will change your brain,and your bodies.Look for idems WITHOUT FLOURIDE in them.Don't cook with water containing flouride in the water. Drink berry juices,and vegetables,as this cleans your body over time. Drinks lots of water to change your cells in your body.This will take time.The longer you do this, the better you will be. Give your pets the same clean water you will drink too. Your pets will live longer,as this affects them also.How you say? They have bones,and glands too. Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: There is a brand of --

All Natural tooth paste,with all listed natural ingredients in it,and it is quite cheap too. And it has all natural flavors from natural oils in it.The name is Tom's of Maine. It works very well.It costs less than 2 dollars for a large tube. I use it. It is non-toxic,and as I stated it is all made from natural ingredients. Falcon.

Son of Leod: Tips for Decalcification

You may mix 1/4th teaspoon of 20 Mule Team Borax with 1 Liter of Distilled Water to be sipped on throughout the day. It is derived from the mineral Boron. This is NOT the same as Boric acid. You may also try Skatefish Liver Oil. The liver of the Skatefish is abundant in Vitamin K2 levels. Vitamin K2 is known to draw calcium out of your arteries, organs, and tissues and stores them in the bones and teeth. Meditation will help as will certain isochronic beats.

Tarheel: It is very kind of you to share this.

It's refreshing to see someone post something that's positive in response to a "call for help". Whether it had been posted before or not, not everyone reads every post. Seeing the bad attitude from the self-appointed site patroller so often is so unbecoming,

Again, Thanks !

bluesbaby5050: Quinton was on yesterday and had NICE things to say!

Ya ,This is Quinton's site ,but he has a right to view it, and patrol it if he wants well as speak on it when ever he wants to. We no NOT object here. In fact, alot of people here contribute all kinds of nice things to say.And we post it too. It is NOT all negative .You should read the posts from last night for instance. Don't be quick to always judge. This is not a nice thing to say about anyone here. Thank you .Falcon.

harleyborgais: After looking into it...

Apparently the US and England I think have made it illegal to use Borax in food.
They also made stevia illegal for food additive, so it is sold as supplement (though it is only good as a sweetener, it has proven to have no negative effects).
Also B-17 which is an amazing cancer killer vitamin is illegal, and who knows how many other things that are really cures, have been made illegal, mostly because of the Rockefeller and Rothschild Foundations, started with the Fed in 1913, and the American Cancer Society started by J.D. Rockefeller. They are corrupting our education and medical industries on purpose. This and the processing, preserving, and genetically modifying of our foods are intentional genocide.

Well we are mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

So what do you say about the laws against Borax Son of Loed?

Son of Leod: Borax is intentionally banned

Borax is intentionally banned as a food additive in the united states by the FDA. It is known to flush heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, etc. Many do not know that Borax is about the same toxicity as Sodium Chloride, which is table salt. Iodine will also help to flush fluoride from the body, but one must be careful. Bromide, Chloride, and Fluoride all have atomic weights higher than Iodine so they displace it from your bloodstream. So if you are supplementing Iodine you must supplement more than the absurd 150 micrograms a day. This does absolutely nothing except for prevent goiter. It does nothing for your metabolism or to prevent hypothyroidism. You need one drop a day of lugol's 6% iodine. Also consuming these three chemicals will wreck the supplementation based on the atomic weights so stay away from them. Israel has the lowest rheumatoid arthritis rates in the entire world, BECAUSE of the high boron content in their water.

harleyborgais: Thank you

Thank you for bringing such valuable details here. These are important things I did not know.

Son of Leod: Welcome

You are most welcone my brother. I know much of the topics on this forum, but the practice of medicine and healing are my best assets. If you have any questions regarding poisons and etc, simply ask.

harleyborgais: De-Calcifying..

The "Science of Nutrition" by Max Heindel tells how you can dissolve mineral deposits in the body using:
distilled water, berry and fruit juices
(only fresh from natural plants, nothing processed, preserved, concentrated, or Genetically Modified [GM]).

The fluoride does actually strengthen the teeth, but too much causes fluorosis which is harmful.

The Science of nutrition explains how we need minerals, (The atoms that are in ash are the minerals we are talking about in this case), but we need to get as little as possible, because the natural fruits and vegies, etc., have plenty.

All compounds of fluoride are toxic, and I have found associations between Fluoride and bone cancer (Leukiemia), which is the hardest one to cure. Fresh Lemonade is great for that, and citrus is a great antiseptic too (good for toothaches, using only pure cane sugar, it will NOT decay your teeth).

Yesterday I made some for my mother who's teeth were hurting a great deal, and in one hour she was fine. She did also take Tylenol, but I think the lemonade had more to do with it.

The science of Nutrition says to always and only drink distilled water (reverse osmosis is as good), but to bathe with natural water with all its minerals. Distilled water takes minerals out of your body, so do not fast [go without eating] while drinking only distilled water.

harleyborgais: Thank you

Thank you Son of Loed for this additional information.

Son of Leod: Most Welcome

You are most welcome brother. Also note that K2 can be used as an alternative to Fluoride for tooth defense. You can make many home tooth powders worth much more. Vitamin K2 has no known toxicity and reverses tooth decay by over 90%.

harleyborgais: Better Toothpaste

I tried using baking soda + Peroxide + Peppermint Oil, but that did not work as well as the toothpaste I have always used (Arm and Hammer mostly).

Do you know of a way that the average person can make a good toothpaste from things they can grow or create from nature?

Son of Leod: Tooth powder

I use 1/3 borax, 1/3 arm and hammer, 1/3 sea or regular salt. Rinse with peroxide.

Quinton: I completely agree with this.

I completely agree with this. Very good point.

SpiritualWarrior92: Awesome!!!

I agree as well.
Thank you very much!

harleyborgais: I uploaded the table of elements for chemistry.

It is the most useful version for normal people.
Here is a new (but long and boring), and important radio show...
End the Lie Radio with Madison Ruppert - Episode 13

harleyborgais: Just sent this to

... because they are petitioning for an end to global warming....well...learn up....

I hope you are reading this because there are some very important things you need to know here.
This action is that of one who has fallen for their lies, and is deceived into ignoring the real issues causing our problems.

First of all, global temperature changes from iceage to warm age (like now, which will be the warmest on dec 21 of 2012), are caused by the Milankovitch cycles: 1)the circle/oval nature of the earths orbit=100,000yrs 2)the precession of earths axis makes a circle=about 26,000yrs 3)the tilt of earths axis also changes in a cycle of 41,000 years. All of these effect the temperature. Also, antarctica used to be near or at the equator, and the predicted shifting of the earths axis is happening right now, at 40miles per year last time I checked. We here in Arizona are therefore slowly moving towards the equator while the north pole moves towards russia.

In the last 150 years it is true that we have increased the natural warming slightly, but only a small percentage (well under 10%) of the natural fluctuation between now, and the middle of the last ice age (which was 130,000 years long, and note, the neanderthals started and ended during that same period).

Further note that there is major meteor activity every 26,000 years, and that it is more severe ever third cycle, and this is the third cycle. There are major meteors headed our way in 2012 and 2020. Last time they ended the ice age and killed the neanderthals. The time before that was minor, it only created the huge Arizona Meteor crater, which is a small global event compared to the other ones as seen in the Ice Core chart on Wikipedia.

The time before that was the third and last time that the super-volcano in Yellow Stone erupted, it has erupted every 75,000 years or so, and each time because of a meteor. Also, a meteor created it the first time, about 225,000 years ago.

You must understand that these are natural events, and it is only those of us that understand them that can survive the coming changes.


Intentional genocide of the Human Race by The richest international financers including (but not limited to):
Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Schiff, Warburg, Lehman, Lazard, Goldman Sachs, Kuhn and Loeb, etc..

Here is how they are doing it...
(Note, all of the sources for this are available on

The international and central banks control the nations governments by controlling their money. This is the plan devised by Mayor Rothschild and 12 others in the 1770s because they could see that the Constitution could ruin their centuries old plans for complete Global Domination (the New World Order, if you dont believe in it, search for: "New World Order Quotes" and see the proof).

The methods used for killing us are:
Genetically Modified Foods which are shown to alter your organs and cause deaths,
Chemtrails contain tons of aluminum which is an accumulating toxin,
Mercury in the Thimerosal in all vaccines, or aluminum in their replacements, cause diseases,
All Processed and preserved foods cause disease.

The cure for all disease is to eat only those foods that made our ancestors healthy for the last million years, balance your Ph to just over 7.1, and get the right amount of the 42 "Essential Nutrients", and you will cure all disease.

Now at my market (Frys) the only NOT G.M. Produce is one type of heritage tomatoe. That is the only food in the store that does not cause harm.

Here is how healthy and disease and aging work:

Our cells have learned to use certain molecules, and anything new leaves left over parts that are ionized and called free radicals. These bond to other molecules causing harm, aging, and all diseases.

That is why all drugs have negative effects, and only natural foods can truly cure all disease.
The first doctor to find this in the modern record was Dr. Gerson. Also Dr. Reams and many others.

These rich individuals are the ones who call themselves the Illuminati, Mayor Rothschild started them in the 1770s for this reason. They infiltrated the free masons and make up their ranks above 33. They actually worship Lucifer, which explains why they want money and power more than love, peace, and harmony like any good christian.

You see, this is the foretold battle or revelation, and the internet is the current front line.
That is why they are trying so hard to censor it, because this is they key to informing the people of this horrible truth on the Earth today.

"THEY" have always known that if too many people learn about this, they will fail, and that is why we need to protect and use the internet to make that happen, preferably before another one of "THEM" gets elected (i.e. Mitt Romney).

If you do not know about the following things,
than you are partly responsible for most of the
War and Disease in Human Civilization today...

1) doctor strike mortality rate
2) federal reserve audit
3) supreme court define "income"
4) federal reserve notes not legal tender
5) New World Order quotes
6) Where individual income taxes actually go
7) how i clobbered every bureaucrat
8) "UCC-connection"
9) "science of nutrition by Max Heindel
10) missing 13th amendment image
11) truth control fixing the worlds problems

on youtube:
12) "what in the world are they spraying"
13) "the change your founders believed in"
14) "the cancer report"
15) "Decolonization Referendum Petition"
16) "Obama Deception"

Print these and spread them out if you want the
world to get better.
Brought to you by

harleyborgais: Just started a petition

Is anyone else helping this effort?
Do you see that the Human race really will suffer less, once enough people stop voting for and paying money to these bad people and companies (and false govt. agencies like the Fed and IRS)?

Do you even know that the Federal Reserve Act has always been illegal, that they have been stealing trillions from us, that their lawyers removed the (still valid, ratified) 13th amendment of our Constitution from print in the 1860s because it cancels the citizenship of anyone who accepts a title of nobility like Esquire, Knight, prince, etc.. All members of the Bar are titled Esquire I believe.

Well here is the link to the petition to fix the world:

And here is the brief explanation from the petition page:
"The one cause to the worlds problems is; the people who are paying money to, and voting for, criminals who are subverting governments world wide for their so called "New World Order".

The one solution is for enough people to learn how the International and Central Bankers or Financiers are corrupting nations governments by controlling their money supplies, causing economic disasters, and then mutilating their laws while everyone else is busy surviving.

The path begins by looking up the 16 phrases at the bottom of the petition. "

(NOTE: The petition is the above post, with the 16 search phrases).

harleyborgais: Do you think I will get killed?

Do you think it is too much to actually name people in a petition meant to be spread world-wide?

Or do you think they are already in hot water, and too busy to worry about poor little me?

bluesbaby5050: There is always risks ----

When you posts your real name out to the public. Then you are under the EYE of many. I myself would not post my real name to the public. Make up a fake name. Mark Twain did! LoL! The Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: Actually this was a joke---

The author of many great books was,, Samule Clements. His pen name was Mark Twain. The Falcon.

harleyborgais: Well, I figure...

The only way to be safe from the secret and powerful, and corrupt, is by being watched by a great number of the good people out there. They need to keep those people in the dark, so they will avoid doing things that would cause too many to figure out their crimes.

That is why you can read the UCC Connection, and learn about equity, common, and maritime law, as well as the dishonor process, and the "Beat the Law" link in this thread, and especially read the U.S. Constitution more than once, and then you can beat the IRS, the Banks, and many other financial companies, like debt collectors, because they have all done so much wrong, they too will avoid fighting someone who knows their secrets...especially when that person is being watched by many, many people.

Crigitine: Right now a martyr would be

Right now a martyr would be their worst enemy. There are a lot of them, but in the public eye there hardly any going this far. Once you get your petition going people will know why you suddenly went missing, should such a thing happen. When you hide in tunnels and behind masks that is their territory and they can play it too. A big downside however would be that they would dig things up from your past and if you had nothing they would find ways to twist the public around. Much like the CIA causing a stir in lybia and the israelites bombing American ships and pointing the finger at someone else. Even after they admitted it to America publicly we still support them.

harleyborgais: The solution to the worlds problems is...

The solution to the worlds problems is just informing enough people about the Federal Reserve, why it is illegal (read the constitution, the only legal tender is gold and silver coin, and the congress must control the treasury and money, not any private federal bank)....and...

Anyone who knows this and still supports it is criminal.
Anyone who knows this and wants to end the Federal Reserve is probably on the side of good.
Anyone who does not know or believe this needs to learn about the Federal Reserve Audit, and they should start by looking at this site.

harleyborgais: This is good evidence of the truth of the Feds thefts:

The Folly of the Federal Reserve | THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano

harleyborgais: Ancient sacred knowledge agrees with my theories...

Between 1999 and 2012 I was using only modern scientific observations from the last few centuries mostly, to figure the answers to everything I have ever looked for and far, far more....

But now that I am reading the Rosicrucian Books of Max Heindel who had much ancient knowledge shared with him, they are confirming that the ancient knowledge agrees with my theories.

I love that.
Here is the file:
(I checked it for viruses or maleware)

harleyborgais: Oops


harleyborgais: How to eat healthy to cure all disease...

This is the best page I have yet found that teaches how to eat healthy to cure all disease...

harleyborgais: More truth

I just watched a video called Illuminati, and it revealed a lot of info.
Like, Albert Pike notified 23 Scottish Rite Free masons in 1889 that they worshiped a God, that Gods name is Ja-Bal-On, and that is Lucifer, or Satan.
There are 900 skull and bones members, and they are probably the ones responsible for wars, meaning that they are probably one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Alister Crowley started the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis) in 1912, and he was a major source of black magic. He also called himself "The Beast".

This is how Lucifer/Satan really does cause most war and disease...

Whether or not Satan exists is not even the point, just the fact that these people believe it, and are carrying out wars and causing disease via bad foods, shots, drugs, and tap water, all in Satans name, is the point.

I have been thinking, that a corporation (which is an imaginary person that really exists as only ink on paper, but can be owned by one or more real people), cannot possibly be a government, or at least it shouldn't. Not according to God or our forefathers here in America.

So, all of our cities, counties, states, and the federal "UNITED STATES GOVT" (USG) are Corporations, and they are Illegally POSING as our Government.

The solution is of course to be familiar with the United States Constitution, (get a free pocket size version from, and read these:
This one first...
Top one first, it teaches the the basic difference between Equity, Common, and Admiralty/Maritime Law in one paragraph each, plus much more. Then read more at the link below...

Also see the missing 13th amendment, Titles of Nobility cost you your citizenship.

"The Change Your Founders Believed In" said that Abraham Lincoln changed the US to a corporation in the civil war to get congress to make some progress uniting the states.

So you see, once properly armed with the knowledge of the true laws mentioned in this post, you will know that these supposed officers have no authority at all, but you do. That is because they are employees of corporations, not officers of our government.

In order to have any authority over a resident of the United States of America, an officer of the government or military must have first sworn an oath to support the US Constitution, and they commit even a misdemeanor offense against that constitution they automatically lose their authority.

No state shall make or enforce any law that abridges our rights, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, all laws must derive their authority from it, and anything to the contrary is notwithstanding.

That means that anyone, any officer trying to enforce any law that contradicts the constitution not only loses their authority, they also are guilty of a crime against your rights.

You have the right to be secure in your personal effects against unreasonable search or seizure, so it takes a proper warrant, sworn under penalty of perjury, and so on, to even search any of your personal effects.

The Supreme Law of the U.S. Constitution ONLY gives jurisdiction to the courts over the following forms of law:
1) Equity
2) Common
3) Admiralty/Maritime

The Supreme Courts can interpret the Constitution, and appeal lower court decisions.

The Constitution says that for a capital or infamous crime a grand jury must be used for the trial. That is a jury chosen by the judge I believe, instead of by the plaintiff and defendant (50/50). -Did I get this paragraph right?

Well the point of all this is that once you know the law well, and have the Constitution in your pocket, (and stay calm and rational at all times, never argue, refuse, or ignore, always agree upon your own conditions -so sayeth jesus- and those who win these cases)...
Then these police and judges that are employees of corporations or have titles of nobility will have no authority over you . Those with titles of nobility include: Free masons and Illuminati, bilderbergs, etc., have titles, lawyers and judges in BAR, also FDA and congress have special privilege to "insider trade".

Actually, you, knowing the constitution and the other forms of law, as well as the crimes of the judges and police (knowing or not), under the the corrupt corporations that are masquerading as our government, have more authority than anyone in the world except royalty.

That is because you are free to do as you please under the Constitution as long as you don't harm or limit any one else's freedoms, and only royalty has the right to command other people, but that is not allowed here. Accepting such a title costs you all your citizens freedoms, and you become only a tourist, a foreigner, a visitor to this country forever.

The Rosicrucians symbol shows that Christ is the one source of illumination, the one source of true knowledge. They use love, peace, and harmony as their strategies.

The Illuminati are the followers of Lucifer, and the side of dark uses Deception as their main strategy. Secrecy is a requirement for them to survive.

Spreading the knowledge that reveals the deceptions of the corrupt is the solution to the worlds problems.

harleyborgais: Knowing who is on which side

Those on the side of good fight the Federal Reserve and the Central Banks.

Those on the side of bad support and defend the Federal Reserve and Other Central Banks.

Those People that do not know or believe the Banks are the bad...are actually problem, because they are the source of all the money and votes that gives all the power to the bad people who fool the masses through the TV and the 20+ media companies bought by Morgan Interests in the early 1900s (according to Rep. Callaway in Congressional Record 36 I think).

The "Black Magic" is just psychology, subliminal brainwashing, manipulation, or suggestion, via the TV and radio, which has most people believing the truth is the lie, and the things most people believe to be true, are the lies that are killing them (like processed foods, vaccines, skin products, tap water, chemtrails, all drugs except some temporary ones, and wars staged with lies like WMDs that dont exist). How dumb is that?

Magic is really just anything that you cannot see the cause of.
Advanced Science or Technology has always been the same thing as magic.

Annunaki77: I am so sad for they way Humanity is Polarized Harley

Humanity has been taught from Cradle to Grave to be Polarized. These People are the Enemy, those Religious Groups are the Enemy, that Nation is the Enemy Etc.
Polarity serves the Masters that want Division on this Planet because Polarity Serves a Larger Agenda of the Recycling of Human Souls so as to Dumb them down and control them, that is the Top Agenda of the Reptilians, but then there is the Power and Control Agenda of the Salesmen that Serve these Reptilians as well as the Royal Groups who have lost their way and Original Traditions of Enlightenment and Understanding as well as those who Oppress with Banking Fraud and Corruption.

Humanity must understand that the Real Enemy are those who seek to Profit from FEAR AND DISPAIR, rather that Endorsing Peace, Love and Teamwork for the Holy Mission of Colonizing other Planets, instead we have Chaos and Fear to Divide and Dumb Down the Masses.

We need Real Leadership on this Planet , not Parasite Activity to stop Human Progress.
Humans must Develope their Spirituality , when that is Developed Technology Grows with it, not the other way around.

bluesbaby5050: This is the truth---

The ways of the HEART is the true way. The ways of the spirit is the ways of the HEART,AND THIS IS THE KEY FOR HUMANITY! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

harleyborgais: This has a lot of good details on the secret societies:

The Illuminati - ALL Conspiracy, NO Theory Part (1/4)

And another:
2012 The Online Movie Full Version (2010)

Ecbra de Oaoj: problems and soluctions


water. desenvelop filter to turn sea water potable. made it, no one war will be justifify because are thirst or shortage to agriculture and etc.

im sure if scientists take it serius and nactions use their capitals to it, will be easy in short time.

solar energy. inflow and storage. this resourse is free, dont create air polution and dont need imense web of distribuition, so, each house and comunity can be energy self suported. baterys or similars devices can feed veicles, industries, etc, supling with eletrical and termical force any engening struture.

im sure if nactions wanna it and aplicate some resourses in these studies and projects, it will be possible.

recycling. to avoid consumerism of disposable plasticals that atack enviroment, prefering botles and boxes returnables. transformation of residues in fertilizers and constrution materials.

im sure if all resourses wasted for nactions will used in theses relative simple questions, if all inteligences that stay thinnking how engenering one new bomb, or how many bilions a new port planes for war, or biological weapon, or etc, inteligence and resourses and wanna, yes, i think if we use it to desenvelop these tree questions supra, im sure that all races here will can live with tranquility, bilions and bilions of humans here, centures and centures troghout future.

Peace and Harmony; always

harleyborgais: IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND: Dont be deceived...

The Governmentns are Us, voted in by us, given their powers and limits by us, BUT....

The 'People' choosing to cause all the wars and most of the disease and suffering on the Planet Earth (often called the "Reptilians", which I dont agree with based on brain evolution)...are the Richest people, the Elite, ruling Bloodlines, the families I keep listing.

Watch the two videos above, they are long, but they inform you of this.
See the actual rituals of the Bohemian Grove (Wise Owl Worship -Sees in dark, knows truth without being told it) and the Skull and Bones (order of death, in charge of the wars and disease, perhaps one horsemen of the apocalypse, Bushes are in this one).

The elite blood lines who mostly are the owners of the international and central banks are the people actually deciding the wars, and the disease (which is all caused by the processed and preserved, and Modified foods, as well as vaccines with mercury, aluminum in chemtrails and skin products, and fluoride in tap water).

They are the Illuminati and the other secret societies, there is a map of the hierarchy in the images at the top of this thread.

The reason we don't have the best technologies is because they have kept them from us.
They also have known the true history of humanity and the causes and cures for all disease for centuries, and kept them from us.
These are the best technologies we have invented, but never gotten in public, because of them...

The magnet on magnet generator of Howard Johnson to make free electricity
The water powered fuel cell of Stanley Meyer to make fire for heat and cooking
The Wireless transmitter of Nikola Tesla, and his flying cars (powered by that wireless energy)
The multi-level distiller like those used for fuel, but to be used to make pure H2O for drinking and cooking.
Green Houses and artificial lighting to grow food all year round.
The screw or auger shaped vertical wind generator
The various methods of solar power generation, especially the water-steam/mirrored trough design.
Hydroelectric power (you can do this if you have water flowing past your home).

Then knowing how to eat to cure disease, using this info:


That we keep electing these bad guys into our governments, but they are loyal to their secret societies, not us.

That is why the true solution is to inform enough people of the info in the movies above, so we stop giving money and authority to the bad guys, and then our governments will be under our control again.

It is us who needs to make these things happen. We need to control our government, not expect or allow it to control us.

bluesbaby5050: The votes were all Ridged---

This system of the planet was a set up from the Beginning, and this the people MUST understand! THE VOTES WERE ALL STOLEN,NOTHING WAS EVER HONEST! There is Enought proof around us everyday,and in our past history to remind most of us. This is another reason among many of why we are all here. Humanity is finally waking up to all of this. They are asking questions about the ways this planet is being controlled. We are making headway now. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT! The ELDERS ARE HERE WITH US ALSO,LET'S NOT FORGET THIS! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

harleyborgais: Simplest thing to spread the truth:

Anyone who reads the constitution and still supports the Federal Reserve is the enemy of all Humanity.

Anyone who fights the Federal Reserve and other central banks is a friend of Humanity.

Anyone who does not believe or know that the Federal Reserve is Illegal (read the Constitution) is the actual reason why the bad ones have any power, they are the actual problem.

The Solution is waking up the majority of people who are giving the power to the bad people in these secret societies. They are causing all the worlds problems, and it is ignorance that allows it to continue.

That is what we must change to fix the world.

bluesbaby5050: Thanks for this RE-minder----

The above thread is the Truth! We NEED to RE-instate it. Our rights have been basiclally abolished! Thanks to the present Control Systems around our world. New Changes are on the horizion! Do NOT LIVE IN FEAR,AND NEGATIVITYS, AS THIS WILL KEEP US BOUND TO THE OLD STSTEMS! CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR DESTINY! Learn to Live From Your Hearts ! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

harleyborgais: Some important news:

Today in Scottsdale Arizona at the Republican Convention there was overwhelming support for Ron Paul, and get this...
Overwhelming evidence of CHEATING BY Romney Supporters!!!

The Simple fact is that the Federal Reserve is a Violation of the Constitution and so anyone who supports it like Romney has is a Traitor to the American People. Ron Paul is the only candidate fighting it, and one of the reasons we found they have committed the largest theft in history, thanks to an audit.

harleyborgais: Question about law...

After reading the 4th and 5th amendments again, I believe that the police are violating the law everyday.

Please let me know what you think:

Amendment 4 - Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Amendment 5 - Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings. Ratified 12/15/1791.

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

So, I believe that every time an officer arrests a person without obtaining a warrant first, or searches their car or takes anything, is violating the law, committing a crime.

Of course this happens many times a day in every city.

This would mean that a person can ONLY be arrested when they have caused harm to someone, and an Accusation against the person under Common law can only be raised if there is reasonable cause to suspect the person harmed someone else, and that person can be arrested or searched ONLY after a judge has issued a warrant against that person.

So is this right, or Wrong?

harleyborgais: Wow, watch this...

CIA WhistleBlower EXPOSES Everything! "Extreme Prejudice"

harleyborgais: 9-11 clues

Apparently, Iraq was willing to give us everything they could to stop the sanctions against them before 9-11, but Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld insisted on going to war with them.
The US Military is the ONLY entity that would not have benefited from peace with Iraq, because they were offering the United States many great things that would have boosted our economy greatly.
We knew the 9-11 attacks were going to happen, but Iraq did not.
The evidence is overwhelming, Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney intentionally caused the World Trade Center attacks to happen, for the purpose of going to war with Iraq, so that the Corporations which profit from war could do so.

harleyborgais: Speach given to Representative David Schweikert (5.15.2012)

Speach given to Representative David Schweikert (5.15.2012)

The NDAA contradicts the Supreme Law of our United States and therefore is notwithstanding and invalid.
Every person who has supported it knowing this has committed a crime and may be punished in the future.

The secret societies that are manipulating our government, mostly via banks such as the Illegal Federal Reserve, must be exposed to the people, so that the People will stop voting them into power and paying money to them...

Last year that included more than a Trillion dollars in taxes on labor, which went to the bankers, not the public welfare, and are not even legal according to dozens of Supreme Court decisions. Additionally they stole over 29 trillion in the last five years according to an audit.

The Federal Reserve has always been a violation of our law, and anyone who supports or defends it is a traitor to the American People and all of Humanity.

The Richest and most powerful families that are causing most of the wars and disease on the Earth, intentionally, are the members of secret societies, and they include: Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Schiff, Warburg, Goldman, Sachs, and so many more.

The secret societies are mostly controlled by the Illuminati which was started in the 1770s by Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Adam Weishaupt. That is what is symbolized by "The Great Seal" on the back of Federal Reserve Notes, which are not legal tender because only Silver and Gold Coin are (under the Constitution).

We need to enforce our Constitution, declare these societies and people enemies of the United States, and end all of this corruption.

If you want to learn all of this for yourself, read the forum called: "Fixing the Worlds Problems" at
Thank You.

harleyborgais: Tltles of Nobility Amendment

There is still doubt weather the missing 13th was really ratified properly.
There are two points in question:

Did Virginia really ratify it?
Did Both houses of South Carolinas legislature ratify it? (One did for sure)

This site says that Virginia did ratify it, and that they were the final one needed:

The solution to this problem is to find and post here, the proof that those two states ratified the TONA.

Here is what happened to it:
"Then around 1828, a plot to circumvent the legitimacy of the amendment's adoption began to hatch. The conspirators knew it would take time to convince everyone that it had not be adopted by 13 of the original 17 states that had existed in the Union in 1810. By 1846, long after many people in the know where dead or out of power, they succeeded in the political execution of the amendment."

"If it can be established that the Virginia General Assembly did in fact ratify the
Titles of Nobility Amendment, then it would have lawfully been adopted on
December 21, 1812, when New Hampshire's vote of ratification was read on the
floor of the House of the US Congress. "

Is there anyone out there who can find this?

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