Jesus - Where Do I Even Begin?

Jesus is probably one of the things that confuses me the greatest. There are really so many different layers to peel and take it that it can be quite a challenge to really dig down and reach the core of what is really going on with him.

by Quinton on August 31st, 2008

My current view on Jesus is that he was a great person that taught people the concept of love and helped them evolve to a higher consciousness. I know it is becoming increasingly popular for people to relate him to the "sun of God" and dismiss him entirely and say that he wasn't a physical being. I don't think this is accurate. I think it is possible for both Jesus to be a real person and for the Sun worship twist to still apply. In fact, in understanding how the Roman Church and elite leaders like to twist the truth this seems like the most logical answer to me.

Jesus was in fact a great person, he quite possibly may have done miracles (via the help of ETs and higher scientific understanding) and he knew what he was talking about. I don't however, believe that he is God or the son of God. I don't believe you need Jesus to enter heaven for a few reasons that are somewhat connected.

  1. I don't believe in heaven or hell. We create our own reality as we progress on from this life. If we are at a consciousness of "hell" we will continue experiencing hell. In fact, many people are experiencing hell right here on earth.
  2. It doesn't make sense to me how a belief in a person can be your ticket into a higher realm. It seems like the ticket to a higher realm should be a consciousness that is compatible with that realm, which would come through education and understanding (heaven) or lack of understanding and lower forms of consciousness (hell).
  3. How does a blood sacrifice do anything for God? This makes no sense at all. Especially since Christians refer to God as a spiritual / non-physical deity. Seems like blood would have no use whatsoever, unless of course this blood was for an actual physical entity. Dieing on the cross makes no sense to me at all. How does this change things so now when I "believe in him" I am saved. I don't understand.

So anyhow, I think that Jesus had advanced DNA - probably that of the Elohim as the bible says he was born of a virgin, which in my understanding means he was not born of a regular union between a man and women. He was possibly implanted into Mary via some form of advanced cloning/science.

Because of his DNA he had a higher spiritual nature and was a much more evolved and conscious individual than others. He was able to teach them things and appear as a God to them, just as many ETs throughout history have appeared as Gods to people.

Since Jesus made such a stir I could see the real rulers of the planet wanting to capitalize off this and use it against people. So what they did was tweak a few things and make Jesus appear to be a God. They tweaked some of the scriptures, removed some things and added things like the concept of Hell to get people into submission via fear. The tricky thing about Jesus and the Bible is that so much of it is truthful that it becomes quite difficult to sift through the real meat and the fabricated BS.

All the Sun worship and Egyptian God elements that are talked about of Jesus are most likely placed onto Jesus as a result of the Church trying to make Jesus out to be a God and have the salvation thing where people have to be good little sheep that don't question. There is just the right balance of truth and lies where the truth keeps people too nice to actually do anything about researching it.

So those are my thoughts on Jesus as of now. They will most likely change as I study more as they have already changed a lot over the past few years.

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Scottar: Did Jesus Really Exist

My research questions the existence of Jesus. Jesus looks to be created from a couple of older deities. This website that has excerpts from a book pretty much exposes it.

Of course trying to prove it validity is like trying to disprove man made global warming, there some people who are just not of the in depth intelligence to correctly interpret results. It's an emotional as well as a political and social can of worms. But for those who take the time to explore and analyze I thing they will perceive the truth.

The author just does not go into Christianity, but Islam, Judaism and touches on Buddhism as they are related to the Christ phenomenon. It's an eye opening revelation for all 4 religions. Things are not as what they have been preached to be. After all where dealing with over 10,000 years of history, some of it stilled concealed and more of it lost in the dust of time. And much of it mixed up in conspiracy and myth.

Scottar: Update on Jesus Existance

The one thing that plagues my mind about Jesus is Edgar Cayce. Cayce was no charlatan. he was given a gift of extra perception so that he could bring to light the true nature of Jesus which got hijacked by power rulers of that time. They mixed myth with real events to confuse and control the masses for their own purposes.

Just recently I was pointed to this site by a show on Coast to Coast.

Jesus' Early Years & Mystery Teachings

to this site:

If you want to find out about what probably is the truth concerning Jesus then read her articles.
It fills in the missing years that got cut out by the Churches for control of the masses. It makes sense.

I'm a Deist and seeker of truth. I can't tell you the truth, I can only point out possible explanation that looks valid to me. Make up your own mind.

Quinton: I recently heard this

I recently heard this interview on C2C and loved it. I am currently reading her book :) She definitely seems to know what she's talking about.

alinabezerra: If indeed a simple man how

If indeed a simple man how did the existence and story of jesus explode into him being God?

Quinton: Marketing. It's the same way


It's the same way news works. What the news reporters tell us is happening around the world we believe. It may not be the full story or what is really happening, but that doesn't matter to most people. Whatever is marketed to us becomes real.

Tarheel: I think that's PAST TENSE now, Q. The media part-that is.

We USED to believe them,Q. Now, The entire World is waking up to the LIES !

It's part of the "TRANSFORMATION". Like the whole middle east revolting AND Europe thru Africa calling for peoples heads for all the lies ....and it's coming soon to a country near YOU.

We are just not buying The Happy HorseScheitt any more. I watched CNN the other day, and I started laughing out loud. The Media has become a comedy act.

Watch the news and read between the lines. Im serious-it is phrickin humorous what they are trying to PUSH over on us.

MSM is a joke. Seriously-a JOKE. See Edisonik's post from earlier. They will be lambasted for feeding LIES just becuz that's there job...that is no excuse...a lie is a lie, and YOU told it Mr./Mrs Newscaster-or as Edi said, The Barbie's and The Ken;'s.

BTW-Barbie's HOT, aint she?

alinabezerra: That is a good point

That is a good point considering the marketing industry makes up random holidays to stay in business ,so the church is like a big business weather people want to admitt it or not .That is why I dislike churches because they are just big businesses and have almost lost sight of what they represent to begin with. So basically the church takes advantage of peoples hope and turnes in ito money?

Tarheel: Our Master Teachers tell us Religions were created..... DIVIDE The People, so they would fight.

Then, they put in Churches to rob the members. Do you know which are the most wealthy institutions on this planet? Right.

So-they divide us and take our money. Division of church and state-I bet it is.

Im gonna start a televangelist TV station and Wmarkley will be Jim Baker and Bluesbaby will be Tammy Faye Baker and Im gonna sit back and count the cash while they cry on TV nightly-asking for your money.

Im gonna have a second network for Ecbra to be like Jimmy Swaggart (remember he got busted with prostitutes?) Hahahahaha!

alinabezerra: What has the world come to

What has the world come to haha...
The one of the people who get to me the most is Joel Osteen.I can not even explain how agitated he makes me.He pretends to talk about God in his come to Jesus show but in reality he just makes money off of giving bad self help advice and dropping Gods name in there to make an emotional appeal to people and their wallets.

And I would totally watch that show and enjoy it and laugh at all the suckers who are most eager to throw their money away .:)

Tarheel: On topic, I know he's not the son of The One.

He's someone's son. And he walked this planet. And he did wonderful things by virtue of his being a Human. Im not really qualified to say anythg more, but Anu or Edi could answer this for you.

Blood sacrifices...uh...NO! That's a WTF for me. Kukulkhan (sp?) sure thought BSs were grand-the order of his day. That whole gig trips me out. Lets kill somethg, and God will bless us? Huh? Now kill again...and again..,.and again..let the blood drip down the steps and we'll drink it??? Do what? You SICK mutha.

But that wasnt jesus. I would like to have known him, and Ive often said---if I had a time machine-I would go back to his time so I could see for myself what Jesus was about.

I dont dare CLAIM to have much more than a clue, except for what MY Masters have told me.

I would say if I saw him-BEWARE...proceed with caution. Becuz I too believe he is mind-controlled...and THAT is SAD.

alinabezerra: We dont really know Jesus

We dont really know Jesus because most of his life was left out of tthe Bible. We only see what the People hand selected to be in there that is why people so blindly believe everything word by word from the Bible ,if the other books were in there maybe there would be more room for doubt his character his divinity and room to question who was he really?We dont understand God if we think killing things will ever get us anywhere,and we really dont understand jesus because most of his life is a mystery and the part that isnt is mostly consisted of stories that are mostly metaphorical.

bluesbaby5050: THE Masters know the real truth ---

This same exact thing about the Jesus that we think we know.He could be mind controlled,why not? The repitilians will stop at nothing to get what they want! If say for instance,,, he came down to this planet Earth,,,and walked off a spaceship,,,I for one WOULD NOT believe this was Him,, He could be a copy. NOR would I even think to go into that same ship he just came off from! High technology does exist out in space on other worlds,and they could clone a being ,and program one also,to act,and say whatever they wanted him to say.Just to say,,, Take over our planet for their own agendas? I think this is a possibility.This is quite possible.Why not? The Dark forces like to play alot of mind games,and this would be one of the greatest! I believe this could be possible. She Falcon.

Tarheel: I agree BB...what better "CLOAK" for Cabal than Jesus?

Who better to lure The Masses with than Jesus?

For instance, in a group of thousands/millions/BILLIONS ,

One could say, "Okay, whoever's going with Jesus-to the right.

Whoever's goin with Tarheel-to the left."

My guess is People aint followin Old Tarheel to the left!! Ha-ha! You better laugh. Most would go the other way, of course.

MY POINT- WHAT A GRAND PLAN that could be! Dont fall for Grand Plans ! Im not saying "Follow Me" but use your brains PEOPLE ! Use your INTUITION, which is what our ESTEEMED Master Teachers Annunaki77 and Edisonik have told ya'll since The Beginning.

bluesbaby5050: That's right Tarheel---

The Masters Have been saying/warning all of us in this forum since day one. DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD! THE SHEEPLE, BECOME INDERPENDENT PEOPLE.

wmarkley: drum

I would choose myown path, to the left, to the right, i always move forward to the beat of my own drum, if you come with, great, if not, fine, but i go where my heart tells me to go. I do enjoy following a woman with a world class butt, lol

Tarheel: You choose wisely, Grasshoppa !

Yes, the perfect one that you can rest a 12-pack on.

bluesbaby5050: I GOT THAT!!!

Hahahahaha!! Some can set a case on theirs too! LOL! Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: Hey Tar??

Didn't it say somewhere that there might be a senireo somewhat like this coming down the pike somewhere in the future? Where was that,do you remember ?? Falcon.

Tarheel: I had a dream about Jesus. He was beautiful.

In my dream, everybody followed Jesus, who had returned after 2000+ years. Jesus thought he was The Man-leading the many into The Promised Land. And then the people got THERE to that Promised Land, and they continued to flow into The Land...and they walked right off of a cliff to their DEATHS!!!! It was a horrible dream.. Jesus wept, for he knew then that he had been unwise, and had actually faulted while leading people astray. Jesus became agry...very angry...and he turned on The Man responsible for mis-leading him, and he killed that man. Then I awoke.

THAT was the end of my dream ! It was very sad.

bluesbaby5050: This sounds like this Asthar, THE Rogue Pleaidian group,and Co.

From Pleaidians Star system.He did NOT share the planets views,and rounded up his followers,and took off ,and found his hiding place right here on this planet some where in the middle east.He is still scooting around stirring up trouble,here,and there out in the galaxy.He still does not have his stuff together. I for one will NOT follow him,and his blind followers.Let him come here and find this out for himself.Falcon.

Ecbra de Oaoj: All beings are Sons and Daughters of God

because The Creator of All Things just Is/Are it.

but some ones are most advanced. have bodies and sciencities superiors when compares others. May include into species. and races. Dna is one piece this too.

Jesus and Julius Caesar (and so many importants persons) are yet two: mitical and historical biografies. in true, who are they? well...

do you know very well your ... self? what will say about you in 10. 20 generactions? and you have ways to perpetrat you to future now; books. art. web.

I think about it; figure of Crist; while inner developing; disblok; HEART Chacra; blowing Love.
submission wasnt on concept, emerged after; when romans imperatores dont could more control servs and; apropriated of dogma of sheep people to change name of king (of taxs) from Caesar to Papa. simple like it.

and so; it have been caming to untill now and here. and i guess; where you are too. Pastors and priests continuing using the name of this; Lord. to indulge theyselves. and rpresentative States; taxing. justifiyng vots to their electors on churches.

yes; all beings are sons and Daughters of God; and has been seen for Universe.


Tarheel: Yes Ecbra-we are all OF The One !

We are all part of the same universal stream.

We swim together.

Ecbra de Oaoj: wmarkley and Tarheel

hahaha,,, good choose wmarkley...

temptation almost... but True Love... get... be bigger than ... beatifull woman butt... hahaha... i know you know it... you are responsable... funny but not a joke; a great and inteligent guy.

and Tarheel... where you saw Marlon Brando on Morou's film? ahhhh... you are caugth! i see this movie... is cool man... men in a small boat lost on ocean... and... two vain to stop in the island... and ...
i not will tel youl... its a long story... i think you will enjoy when have time... to entertain and medicte about ... to prepare pop corn...

i would like very much to drink a cold beer with you brothers; who knows someday...

Harmony and Strenghth

Truth and Freedom

wmarkley: Beer

Yes my friend i would be happy to drink a beer with you, i saw that the missle N. Korea launched was destroyed, maybe there is something to the rumors that we are surrounded by the ET family, not that i ever doubted it, but it is nice to get conformation about things that i am not familliar with, sometimes i just want to see the proof, i have my faith, but faith can make you a fool, this missle being destroyed was good for me. I told people that it wouldnt get off the ground, and that we have visitors here to help humanity, maybe now people will listen instead of looking at me funny.

bluesbaby5050: They are also here to release pressure from deep inside

The earth to make it less destructtive for the people.They are shooting lasers down into the mouth of some active big volcanos,so it will release alot more pressure near less populated areas.We should be thankful for this.They are the best scientists in their field of work. Work is also being done deep in the oceans from the oil spills,as this has a huge effect on the ocean life,and our atmosphere (air,and weather)too. The scientists for their field of expertise are here to help clean up this planet,and have done this for the last 6 months. Japan has been one of these ares as well.The dark forces are playing this up as far as the extent of the radio active mess is spreading.They want to generate alot more fear into the populations of the world to create panic,to feed off from all of us.DO NOT GIVE INTO THIS! SPREAD LOVE TO ALL PARTS OF THIS PLANET,AND TO IT'S PEOPLE. Also,Huge earthquakes have taken place this past Wedsday,at 9am eastern time, in the area of the Sea of Bengal,and this is the same place as back in 2004 they had a huge quake back then.This new quake registered as 8.9 on the US Ricter scale. The Falcon.

wmarkley: quake

I have heard the reports of these quakes, and was amazed that there was no tsunami, i have a friend in indonesia who told me that there was no tidal wave at all.

bluesbaby5050: Last night I watched ---

The beaches around the shoes of the Bay of Bengal,around there,and the water only reseaded away from shore,and then came back in like a regular big wave. Nothing huge,for a change.Those poor people are living in a grave area in the first place. They are all around the fire ring.Falcon.

wmarkley: quake

any time you move the sea floor, you stir the sea, that creates tidal waves period, the fact that there was no tsunami is a miracle, i believe that our star family is here, and helping to calm down what was written about the caticlisms we are supposed to be going through, i can only immagine the countless lives saved already by their intervention. my thumbs are up to our star brothers and sisters.

Tarheel: AGREED ! And I think The Star Folk shot down No Korean....

.....missile,too. I mean come ON ! Ya think No Korea didnt make damn sure it would work?They are the laughingstock of This World right now. Look at fox's headline.

"Down and OUT !"

Their "Oh Dear Great Leader" just turned over in his grave.

Tarheel: AGREED ! And I think The Star Folk shot down No Korean....

.....missile,too. I mean come ON ! Ya think No Korea didnt make damn sure it would work?They are the laughingstock of This World right now. Look at fox's headline.

"Down and OUT !"

Their "Oh Dear Great Leader" just turned over in his grave.

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