by Annunaki77 on February 28th, 2012

O.K. I will reiterate what I have said before. First things first, there was a Cosmic War

between Lord Zeus of Olympus and the Gods of Sirius and Orion.
This Battle between Extraterrestrials was Real.
Second , these Extraterrestrials were Giants, much larger than your average Human


Third, the Whole Star System of Bod was Destroyed, all Advanced Peoples were sent

back to the Stone Age, so that is what is left the Ancient Stones of very Advanced

Civilizations. There is a high probability that the Earth was the Home of Mount

Olympus and the Olympians. The Dinosaurs were Terminated 2 Million Years ago,

the Carbon Dating of the Fossil Bones is inaccurate.

Fourth, Earth was Re-Terra Formed by the Annunaki and a Worker Race was created

by Lord Enki. Later Lord Enki gets tricked into thinking he is creating a Worker Race

but the reality was that he created a Slave Species. To his Horror he see's the Adamu

Race whipped and forced into Slave Labour. He freaks and fights with Brother Enlil.

Fifth, Lord Enki is stripped of all titles and is declared an Evil Renegade and is cast

out of Mesopotamia. Enki goes to Africa and continues his Genetic Creations, creates

more Adamu's. Enki creates King Solomons Mines and mines the Gold for King Anu.

Six, Lord Enki cannot stand the outward ruthlessness Yahweh treats his people. So

Lord Enki goes to the Mesopotamia Eden One Facilities where the New Species is

being kept and he gives the Beasts the knowledge of knowing themselves and the

knowledge of Pleasure. The Beasts are very thankful to Lord Enki and the Beasts

begin to enjoy for once in their Miserable Lives, a moments pleasure.

Seventh, Lord Enlil see's what is going on an kicks out the Beasts from the Eden

Facilities to be attacked and eaten by the Beasts in the Wilderness of Earth.
Many Beasts return begging Enlil to return to Eden. Lord Enlil takes some of them

back and works them harder for their Heresy.

The Beasts that remained in the Wilderness were getting attacked and eaten by the

Beasts Lord Enki created. Enki saw this and took the Survivng Beasts (Humans) and

taught them the Secrets of Fire, Enki taught the beasts Hunting and Gathering.
The Beasts in the Wilderness had it tough but the were FREE!!!!!!!!.

These Beasts became the Adamu, the Beasts that served Enlil were called the

Adama. Over the Centuries there was conflict between the two Brothers Enlil and


So what are you being fed now?, the System many Serve is a System to keep the

Beasts Dumb without knowing any once of truth. There is a Cover up of Archeological

Evidence of Humanities true History and there is a Dumbing down of Human

Societies through the Manipulation of the School Systems and the Churches.

Many folks go to Church thinking they will be saved, the only one who will save you,

is you. You must take personal responsibility for your lives and the lives of your

families. If you expect Mercy from the System, you will recieve none.
If you expect Mercy from Criminals you will recieve none. Learn to Defend yourselves.
Many Christians do not understand any Interpretations of Scripture, that's because the

Scriptures have been twisted to Serve the System.

So Christians you think you will be saved!, Yes you will but by your own Hand.
Yes by your own hands , God gave you a Body, Yes your True Creator.
If the Shit hits the Fan, the last thing you should ever do is remain Compliant to a

Tyrannical System. Ascension, everybody is waiting for Asenscion?, just think here

for a moment, Ascension?. Not yet boys and girls. You all must learn to carry your

weight because this project is not about being saved.

It is about Personal Self Responsibility. Just what does that mean?.
It's Simple if someone invades your Home and attacks your kids, you destroy the


If your family is Hungry, you Grow your own food or find organic farmers.

If your Water is Contaminated find clean water to drink.

If your Politicians and Pastors lie to you get up and voice your Opinion, don't just sit

there like a log and go along to get along.

If your noticing something fishy , get to the bottom of it and defend your Communities

and your Families. TAKE ACTION.
Don't just sit on you Ass and think you will be saved by your Kod. Your Kod could be

the greatest Slave Driver of all Time.

so the Bottom Line is everything you have been taught is a Lie and if you want

FREEDOM, you are going to have to defend your freedoms and liberties from your

own Governments Period Good Luck.

Bigfoot is the Appa Beast, Bigfoot is your Ancestor. There is a Monumental Cover up of Ancient Primates walking in North America and Asia.
Dinosaurs are still alive in remote parts of the World , like the Congo Africa and in the Oceans of Earth and the Mountains of the Americas, there is a Cover up.

There is a Cover up of Star Ships (UFO's), there is a Cover Up of Archeological Research. You all believe what the Television Media Anchors , Politicians ,Priests, Scientists and Researchers tell you.

For God Sake folks learn to Question your Fabricated Reality. Stop being Drones.
Stop being fooled over and over folks.



I also know that they are very intelligent, and are also very physic too! YUP! They sure are, this is why they never get caught! They always watch out for the men with the guns,that hunt them so they can make a bucket of money,and to make big trophies to hang on their walls to feel like big men with their buddies,and have a few laughs,and tell their jokes while they drink,and toast their beers! What a joke! This is your families you go and hunt down! They have your blood too! They are gentle giants,and peace full people,and have love,and tenderness for their kind. You should show them respect! The native Americans do not hunt them,and live side by side with them. BB5050.

bluesbaby5050: And the Native Americans also--------

Plant food for them, and leave it out side for them, and in return they leave beautiful Quartz rocks of all kinds,and these rocks have alot of pure energy coming from them! And some have even learned to read and write too! In it's simplest form, like a second grader! This is also true! They want to live in peace,but SOME HUMANS ARE NOT READY FOR THIS,AS THEY CAN NOT EVEN LIVE NEXT TO THEIR OWN NEIGHBORS AT TIMES! What a shame! BB5050.

losness_monstar: so by saying theyre our

so by saying theyre our ancestors are you saying theory of evolution is where we derive from?

Tarheel: Tell us how to STOP IT ! This is for Wise Anu77 only!

The Lies, The Facades, The Fronts. We believe what you are telling us, Wise Anu-BUT tell us how to STOP the Lies, how to gain back that which has been taken from us.
Take WHAT action? I believe YOU, but I want to know-EXACTLY what can we do? Standup for ourselves-SURE. Thats not gonna change the world just us defending ourselves.

I AM YOURS-hook,line and sinker. I understand and will do my best to be SELF SUFFICIENT-that is exactly what you are saying, but thats about ME/MINE/Family. How do I HELP change The World and break us out of this SICK sack of lies we are being fed. WHERE'S The Head of The Snake, and how do we chop it off?

Im not DUMB any more. I see the sad sack of shit we are fed DAILY. How do WE change IT?

I understand our past now that you have told us. What can we do about The Present and The Future?
Defend our Freedoms and Liberties, how exactly do you want us to do that or EXACTLY what do you want us to do?

I am NOT fooled by anyone, at least not all the time. Everybody plays the fool sometimes. Believe NONE of what you hear and half od what you see! I get that.


I love you,

Tarheel: Yes, Wise Anu77, you are right ! We r not SECURE HERE,too!

Even our site Truth is NOT SECURE even though we thought it was. I dont remember signing up for BLATANT VIOLATION of PRIVACY.

It seems that The Reptiles have gotten to more than just our "System" and now has been SOLD OUT it appears.

Ecbra de Oaoj: if can handle that...

I dont can answer for anyone, just for me and...

Im turning sure that... the sistem runs... like you say... Sir.

we will be saved for ours souls not for anymore. Messiah; is very welcome to... enlight us with wise not to; slave our mind, not to... put us under control of interest part.

yes yes yes... stay sleping... and wait redemption... dont help; no one luck.

stay here, please...

no one are alone; and
all one... are alone too. its always depends who; are ... I think...


eiii Anu...

thank you; in true

Dat Boi Biz: agreed


Ecbra de Oaoj: agreed too

real... its.
are time to sleep; and time to wake up.

that only God; know. what and where. and when. cames.

the time. of all; created


smayer: And the government and the

And the government and the people who are in a better seat of power are absolutely doing just about anything to plant into people's mind that there is no such thing as extra terrestrial life when in fact, all the things point to their very existence.

I would not mind knowing if they have been in contact with us or whatnot as that would be totally better when compared to how they hide things that are occurring on the get go.

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