by Annunaki77 on February 26th, 2012

The Beauty and Majesty of the Human Race, with the 22 ET Races who mingled with Earth Women, these ET Races contributed great diversity to the people of Earth.
With this Diversity came Majesty and Beauty of Culture and Beauty.
Cheers to Humanity, it is diverse and beautiful.


wmarkley: 22 ETs

WOW, not that gives new meaning to the word " SLUT ", lol

Tarheel: I did NOT see that at all, Wm.

Pretty SMOKIN" to me.

I gotta believe what Anu77 is sayin here. LOUD and CLEAR !

wmarkley: overcome

I must have been overcome by Penis-Envy, lol the thought of a woman doing 22 dudes from other star systems hit me, what if some of them are 10 feet tall? i guess once you do 10 feet tall, you dont go back, lol

Tarheel: Ha-nah GEORGE !

Big man ECUAL lil wee.
Lil man EQUAL big wee.

Be proud of the hand you were dealt.

bluesbaby5050: To Tarheel--

Check out the real big OWL! BB5050.

wmarkley: lol

I am proud of what i got, never had any complaints, atleast to my face, lol

Annunaki77: What can we say, Earth Women are Sexy

The best gals on this side of the galaxy. Lord Enki made them very well.
Earth women are beautiful , fine and Sexy.
So Sexy in fact that the Star Beings couldn't resist their Beauty and they mated with them.

Viewer Discretion Advised

Remember Lord Enki was punished when he gave the Humans the ability to mate, the ability to experience Pleasure nearly gave Lord Enlil stroke.
He was furious.
This is why Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden.
This is a beautiful gift and now this Gift is being condemmed as Evil.
Humanity is 7 Billion Strong, this is good, now they have the manpower to continue their Space Missions.

But first they must take back their Self Responsibility and face their Destiny, which is Star Colonization. Genocide is not part of the formula, Progress is Lord Enki's Dream.

So the next time your little lady wants some love, give it to her , it is your duty to keep her happy.

Also don't forget the Grandson of King Al Al was Zeus of Olympus, he was a Major Playboy and had alot of good times with the Women of his Kingdom. Nobody says anything bad about his romps.

wmarkley: lol

Very well said, YES earth women are the most desirable women in the universe, but then i dont know any other kind, lol I love women.

Annunaki77: There are other kinds

But they are more Animal Like and not to say that we are all part of the Animal Kingdom but lets just say Star Women are somewhat different.
Earth Women are the Ultimate in Sexual Passion and Beauty. Not all of them just alot of them.

wmarkley: yes

to me, its not always the exterior beauty, but what is inside the womans heart. beauti is NOT skin deep, my ex. was very desirable, but nasty evil. My wife has not aged very well, but is very beautiful because she has a pure soul. her light shines bright.

Chris: Draconian Orion Reptilian Empires

hey kanesh are the Draconian Orion Reptilian Empires are they going to invade the earth and destroy humanity they don,t want us to evolve the Grays Draconians and Orion will not let this happen are they going to luanch one last Great asault on humanity.

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