Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve is the banking system that controls all the currency of the United States. The Federal Reserve was put in place in 1913 by President Woodrow Wilson as a result of the Panic of 1907.


gbrother62568: Federal Reserve - Scam or Not?

Please look at the video clip located at:


It is titled: Zeitgeist Debunked Again

Explain why it is wrong or inaccurate. I want to know the true facts. Arguing a point that is incorrect will destroy credibility.

Quinton: Thank you for the comment

Thank you for the comment and video :). It's always nice to hear the other side.

I watched the video and would like to leave my comments on it, but first I want to do a bit more research so I can present as solid of an opinion as possible.

Quinton: Here are my thoughts on the debunker

He's a sharp guy, but I think he is missing some important concepts.

The Big Picture

I don't know all the details to the Federal Reserve and I'm sure not many do. What I do know, is that whether his points are true or not they are irrelevant.

First, it is perfectly normal and healthy for banks to collapse in a free market. That is the whole idea of capitalism. The markets will correct themselves. If a bank goes under so be it. That's part of business. They are going to have to do some hard work to get back on their feet. It's just work.

The problem is, most people think that it is not healthy for multiple banks to crash and if they do our whole system will collapse. Sure it will experience a temporary upset but there are so many reasons on why this is the free way to go, namely at least we will come out of this free. As you have now seen with the recent consolidation swipe a lot of our main banks were picked off by the government. Big government always ends in communism, socialism or anything else that enslaves the people. A once free nation just lost a huge piece of its freedom overnight.

He may be right about some of the details on the Federal Reserve, but it's irrelevant. All you have to do is look at our current economic government consolidation to know that something is not right.

The sad reality is, most people want the government to take care of them because nobody understands hard work anymore. We are like the spoiled rich kids that get everything handed to them and have no character or substance.

Some of his points


The sinking of the ship argument doesn't make sense. If they did wait 2 years that is almost the EXACT same model they used for 9/11 which led to Iraq. The invasion of Iraq was around 2 years after 9/11 and you're going to tell me those 2 events are not related? I mean it couldn't have been better timing and as anybody knows, it's all about slow changes with these boys.


He builds up the US dollar like it's the best. I'm not sure if he's aware of all the bank failures and all the banks being gobbled up by the government. I mean, all you have to do is open your eyes to see that this is exactly what is happening. The dollar is on its way out. They have been in secret long enough and now in order to go for the final stages they have to come out in the open, but fortunately if everything sucks bad enough people will be begging for the Amero to save them.

Aaron Russo not warning about 9/11

From listening to the Aaron Russo interview, it is of my understanding that they didn't tell him the details of 9/11. They told him a big event was going to happen and people were going to be searching through caves trying to find the people behind it. What was he supposed to make of this? Even if he did have all the details and told people would it matter? People are telling you that the US economy is collapsing and more government consolidation is coming in but he doesn't believe them. David Icke has been saying who's really running the show for years and nobody believes him. I don't see him on the news despite the warnings. People will believe whatever they want to believe. But as soon as it's too late it's people's fault for not warning anyone? Maybe it's the fault of the people for not listening.

And here are some people that did warn about 9/11: Bill Cooper, Alex Jones, David Icke and these people didn't even need to hear it from word of mouth. The evidence led them to it.


The technology is somewhat irrelevant. We already have the main concepts of RFID. Credit is credit, debt is debt. Nobody owns any hard assets anyway. It doesn't matter whether they use cards or RFID for the most part. And RFID is about more than just money and information on people.


I think he's right on some stuff and wrong on others. Overall, people are always going to disagree on some points and agree on others. I'm sure he didn't think everything Zeitgeist presented was incorrect.

I totally respect somebody actually doing some homework rather than just listening to what others say. Congrats to him for making the debunking video and doing some homework. If only we could get some Americans to do some homework ;).

ventana: i have a book .

i have a book here call modern money mechanics that explains how the fed and money supply works.
it was printed in 1965 and also shows in detail how the fractional bank system works to expand the money supply.
if you would like a copy quinton i'm willing to send you one .
i don't think that you can find it a you local libraries, it's a hard book to get.
so let me know if you want a copy of mine.

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