RichDuck: misunderstood...

Why is it that we have to make life about "them" & "us"? If it weren't the masons/freemasons that someone considers evil or trying to rule the world, it would be religion, or politics. Why can we not see the GOOD that comes from such as the freemasons? Or the Catholics, or the pagans, or the socialists, or democracies. Wee see only what we CHOOSE to see, what we CHOOSE to BELEIVE. Why waste what has been given to each of us with fear & anger & all the negativity that has come towards such as the freemasons? Where is the love, the light in ANY of that? There is purpose in everything, both seen & unseen.
And, no, I AM not a mason, or a Shriner, or of any religous or political (or philosophical even) agenda. I do have a father, as well as 2 past grandfathers that are/were masons, as well as Shriners. And for a time I had chosen to see the dark side of these organizations. There has come a time, though, where I have come to a respect of all, and especially that which I do not yet understand or perhaps even comprehend. Do I have any asperations of one day becoming a Mason? No....nor a member of any organization actually. But I respect the choices of others to do so. It is their choice, their right, and in ALL things there shall good come of it, no matter how it may appear to another.
After will never conquer nor understand "GOD". Man can only diesrie to BEcome GOD himself. And that, my friends, lies within his choices that he alone makes of his OWN life.

gipoman: It is almost uncommon that,

It is almost uncommon that, those forming part of secret organizations will ever see fault
of that particular onrganization.
I would like to give my opinion in regards to the masonic topic as far as I know.
All freemasons, lodges, temples and secret societies, fall under the Illuminati.
This is common knowledge. The Bilderberg group is the "elite group" within the iluminati who contol it all. But, then again, secrecy is what thrives in these societies. That's why an oath is pledged to remain everything said and done, a secret.
(Except for, fundraisings held by your local masonic lodge to make the public believe that they
also support community work.)
A freemason will never admit any of this because of fear of repraisal although, always denied.
I say that, any group or organization which, has nothing to hide, has no need for secrecy.
Secrecy is the curtain which hides everything deemed never to see the light of day.
This is and always will be a danger to the human society.
Fear leads to anger, anger leads to war, war leads to pain and suffering.
The masonic brotherhood is represented in all major governmental, financial and military
institutions/organizations. This is how these societies work and have done so for centuries

Tarheel: I speak from direct knowledge.

My brother was 'Grand Worshipful Master" (a local leader) and so were 2 other friends. They are great people and pillars of their communities and have no ties to any Illuminati. You're greatly generalizing. perhaps what you speak of exists at some level somewhere in some chapter, but NOT everywhere. I'd be willing to guess it exists at the top, not lower levels

gipoman: And that makes it OK ??

And that makes it Ok? So, the top levels can do whatever they want, right ?
What you fail to recoqnize is, the fact that all lower levels are sub-ordinates in an organization
which thrives on secrecy and are MASTERS making things look good while the opposite is true.
If I see that something isn't right, I have the right to know why it isn't
and what will be done to correct it. But, I will surely not join it and most likely fight it and
probably come up with a solution that will benefit everyone.
Just check your local media. I'm sure that you think that it's all credible. Well, guess what, it isn't.
You're listening to and watching programs that come from only one source. And what "THEY"
say, goes. Do your research and after that we can discuss the matter.

Quinton: In that case we shouldn't be

In that case we shouldn't be part of any religion or government either because all of these organizations operate on secrecy and hidden agendas at the top. We live in an imperfect world with individuals doing imperfect things. It is not possible to be part of an organization or group that is 100% good. What would that even mean or look like? There are hidden agendas anywhere you look. There is secrecy anywhere. All things at all levels have mixtures of good or bad. To say that there is no value in Freemasonry because the top is corrupt is to say there is no value in religion because the top is corrupt. So? There is value in it and not everyone in Freemasonry is bad. Not everyone in most organizations is bad. It just so happens that "bad" people work their way to the top of most organizations because most people are too stupid to have it any other way.

gipoman: The bible once mentioned the

The bible once mentioned the story about Adam & Eve right ? Who lied there ?
The bible talks about sinners. Who are the biggest sinners ? The politicians lie. Why ?
We were born, raised and educated within a system. A system where we weren't thaught
who we really are. But, instead we were programmed to do what the
system wanted us to do and be. And whoever was not fit or up to the systems standards,
would be outcasted, period. If you are a bright mind, the system will quickly make use of
your inventions to make money but,NOT to better life itself for all mankind. But if that bright
mind wants to use it's talents to help it's fellow man, it will be met with strong opposing
forces. Mankind has been born, raised and thaught inside of "the box".
If that bright wants to think for itself and go outside or think outside of the box, it will either be "persuaded" or prohibited to do so. If that bright mind and others will not comply with the system, they will be ridiculed or threatened and some even eliminated.
This, sadly is our situation and it is time for EVERONE to realize what has been and still
is going on with mankind and bring this to an end.

Ecbra de Oaoj: very welcome

bad or... good. top or... low.

the agenda and the secrets it has to do with people. then interesting to know.

welcome again, Gipoman

Peace and Harmony to you

TERRAN CROW: the old universe

congratulations, we introduced a soldier from another world that is against human nature of the origins of your ancestors Lyran.The civilization that existed in the known universe the ancient Empire. Empire controlled almost the entire universe and evil very in order to complete the capture of the entire universe of scientists that the entity made civilization called the dining rooms mind of thinking canteens geoplasmic is an energy entity attached to the physical brain and the aura of energy which attacksthe mentality is remove and replaced with empirical programming new.We have been there before Lucifer, guardian that had no rival in the part of what is called (the draconian Empire). royal / universe where you were born as a relief society has undergone since the accession to the development of Lyran kerajaan.lalu go after they come back to provide enlightenment about the bad war, greed, hatred, corrupt souls, and the things with love untruly We are not them, and we just said your ancestor of the UNIVERSE which also is our enemy. famous crystal technology actually comes from the one that brings MASTER RATE and imitated by the Lyran people.first place because they are not ethnic tension clergy. The Kingdom was finally allowed on one condition, that they should build and give brightening. mission is what we see in all of their brothers and their own humanoid.Kingdom of AVLINGON this so-called Community natural light is one of the universe help raise their planet and its your universe. seven other people are made with the universe. one of them is the abode of universe in contact with its Sun RA.
Some of these to succeed AVLINGON.for Kingdom ruled by the person who has lived in Southeast Asia may have heard this myth.hidden during the war between the kingdom against the rebel forces, assisted by the natives of this your universe.The old Universe say about the origin of the Lira ancestor. we many know this as an observer on the planet you.We also watched outside civilization . we is long dark forces of our struggle, and new fighty.It is only we who know about them. maybe you are coming from It is only we who know about them. coming from anciet period will provide correction for all. darkness of the soldiers who accompanied the reptilian .

Annunaki77: Interesting child of Marduke

Interesting Post child of RA, son of Enki.

Tarheel: FREEMASONRY--must read!!!

My brother is a Mason. I'm here to tell you, all this you post about Freemasonry is complete BULLSHIT (read my caveat-listen to me) ON THE LOWEST LEVEL!!!They know nothing whatsoever of that which you speak.

NOW, on the upper levels, I am sure that some if not all of that is going on but...what I am saying is dont blame the masons at the lowest levels.

Im here to tell you at the low levels, they are some of the best citizens on this planet. What my brother does is look after those who cannot look out for them selves, to the point that he/they would do without to help others. There is NOTHING WRONG with that, in fact it is quite chivalrous.

Apparently there are the people at the top that MUST BE CROOKS/VILLAINS ! Kinda sounds like government, doesnt it?

Quinton: I agree with you completely.

I agree with you completely.

highplainssister: fair

People should investigate what they are joining before they join it if they don't then what ever fingers are pointed is fair.

highplainssister: fairer

I had the book the the Golden Dawn , one time it is a real thick book, It is about the Mason and their rituals. The Masons worship deity. It is common knowledge what the real Masons are about, it is not hidden just go to the book store or library.

highplainssister: fairest

People join the Masonic Lodges because it is told to them they will have support in all their indeavers such as business and what ever else in the world that they want in any part of the world ,a guy told me he could call a Lodge to get acomadations for just anything cause he was a member and that is why he joined it. I use to ask freemasons a lot of questions because I was curious about them. One man that I met was the Grand Master of one of the local lodges, I wanted to know about eastern star , how to join ? And the first thing he asked me was if I believed in deity and then he said you got to have a family member to join it. Since then, I know that they are the illuminati , and I would never join it. It is a evil secret society , on one hand they pledge money to help cancer victims on the other hand they create the cancer victims. Just like the Government with all their dualities. I don't trust them. They are briefcase criminals If they tell you that they do no wrong, they lie, if they tell you that they are Christians, they lie. They know exactly what they are doing.

highplainssister: fair 2

A person has to take responsibility for all their thoughts, all their actions and all the reaction that that have in their life if not they will never advance in anything most especially spiritual knowledge. A person that joins the Masons are automatically guilty by association. And should Man Up.

Spartacus: I find it hard to digest the

I find it hard to digest the ongoing notions that Freemasonry has been conspiring against humanity, infact i am of the opinion that they have been struggling against the real conspirators since the Roman inquisition. Jordan Maxwell may be right as one sees a disturbing discrepancy in the intentions of the founding fathers of America until Reagan started to consort with the Vatican. Observe what the founding fathers fought for.

As for the Bavarian Illuminati, i find it impossible for an initiate of high standing as Adam Weishaupt not to live up to his name Frater Spartacus ( that champion who delivered the slaves) from the house of Batiatus/ Roman aristocrats. In this esoteric societies assuming characters and mottoes is a very serious matter and we all know that Weishaupt was also a Jesuit ( perhaps an unsuccessful Trojan Horse attempt) before he announced his Illuminati and took up the name Spartacus.

Revelation 22:16 reads:
"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star." Was Jesus referring himself to Lucifer as the morning star is in Latin Lucifer? put your etymology and astrotheology to the test, if this is the case, the Deity of Freemasonry like many say is in principle what Jesus was identifying himself with and as we know the Essenes they also fought the evil of Rome in their History.

Quinton: Great post. I am pretty much

Great post. I am pretty much of the opinion that Freemasonry is in fact esoteric Christianity similar to how Cabalism is esoteric Judaism. So Freemasonry and Christianity aren't in as much conflict as most people think, it's just that most Christians don't study their own doctrine enough to understand how closely related to Freemasonry it really is.

Lucifer means lots of different things to different people. Lucifer has represented the planet Venus and it has also represented the planet Mars. Astrologically speaking Lucifer represents the animal, passionate part of man that we are trying to align with wisdom. It is totally possible Jesus was referring to himself as Lucifer because Lucifer is just a word and an energy. Nothing is either good or bad, it depends on the application at hand.

So to call Freemasonry or Lucifer or any of these things bad as a whole is elementary. What we are to do is research and synthesize individual events and people and see how they are in conflict with our free will and our destiny. There is a lot to this whole thing and nothing is black and white. I don't think it is any one organization doing the manipulation. It is groups of people who use different organizations for their own ends. The question isn't so much about pointing the finger at who's bad, as much as it is about figuring out what we're going to do to evolve and protect ourselves.

Welcome to the site and thanks for the great post!

soul soulja: INTENTIONS OF A MAN

I believe the most important thing on our worldly journey here is the intentions of a man before the application at hand.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Along; there trutly several

Along; there trutly several orders and kinds; of seach misteries knowledges.
ancients rules and papirus.
there are goups often like; polictical members. acting on... academics graduacting. governants carreers.

some ones; sincerely runn to winsdom.
others; however. want food; to ego storie.

so... some these; schools... have a intend to control. comunities. areas. contries. world.

well; easy call all; ilusion. untill you have a... grave. teeth pain.
mind; cast matter. of course but... and. matter are energy... indeed.

when these; sistem create matrix where; law. is slavery free people... its dont ring; right. data venia...

yes, there are; beasts. that wanna be directed. that need; a book. a guru, master, there are persons that; pray. to someone apper, something guide their, there are people that wait from state all things to make life theirself. ok.

there are, so, others peoples that use it to manipulated these that wanna be; pupped. what we can make?

yes, we can make up truth; and its will liberty them.

and its are realy a batle. because there are orders and clubs, and scools, and governants secretaries and etc that dont wanna that true will be posted because atent against their interests, because they know that knowlegde is power and they dont share it with others.

well, seems a good reason. if the key of some secret get out in enemy hand?

well, but... who. are our enemy? other country? ets? terrorists? who are them? who are... we?

if came a andromeda' navy; a poodle and a human will see same thing. and they... andromedans, on exemple... will see what human king make; with cows. and bulls. all buthers. for exemple too. well...

there are satelites and stations mirs; iss. gravity can be winded. life extended.

but the masses stay here; living your simple lifes. wanting a new car, more one travel throught a place warm. while top of orders; these orders, plain with them minds; get their arms; and impose rules to mantain under them eyes all resources.

someones; build weapons to kill. or ameace you.
someones preach; dogma to alocat mind subvenience. in religion. in sciency concils. in midia reports.
someones print money and claim like taxs and changes be must efective.

all... are orders, finaly, are twisted. stablisment in this planet; you wanna or not, evolved to this.

well, there are too persons that dont acept; kiss the boot of this sistem. like me; sorry; please.
otherwise there are people that dont; care. if will be rich and give; all hours of agenda to work in capitalism award.

that study souls propabilities. and because it ... learn. realy! and/or... perhaps... this life its a quicly inside to evolve. yes, it is a singular experiency that we are passing and there are... more. in just time, maybe where one of infinite door's God place; paradase or; hell. conisering what; we... you and me... did. with our gift.

Annunaki77: Humanity is a Jewel not a Resource for Greedy Bankers or NWO

So Humanity must be Free not Enslaved.

Ecbra de Oaoj: yes Lord Anu77

no one are alone; and you are to us that; search; a real Free Will, and Destiny, and then; Justice. like a Kod, Sir. because you talk about it and you defend humankind and Earth integrity.

yes Sir, my... pray. to God... true God Creator of all us and things; trought Jesus, we most perfect exemple on human form is; that Love wins. always.

respects my Lord;

very att.

Annunaki77: I Pray for Earth and it's Peoples not for just Myself.

Humanity will Evolve and that is the bottomline. No Military Industrial Toys or any Manipulation will get in the way.
Remember our Toys are Bigger then theirs (NWO).



Tarheel: I believe we know the Theme Song now !

Wise Annunaki77 has his theme song, and it is "The Final Countdown".

Is there any doubt what the horns Edisonik told us of, will be Blaring when they arrive ?

And , there is Strength in numbers and much more highly advanced technology.

What I have seen-it is BEYOND BELIEF !

bluesbaby5050: The theme song------

I know this is his favorite.He has emailed it to me before! It is a darn good one too. I like the words in it.The message is good. Loud,and clear! This is the theme song for TRUTH CONTROL! BB5050.

Dat Boi Biz: INFO




wmarkley: ok

then i choose death, but i will take one of you with me, maybe two if i can pull the trigger again.

Ecbra de Oaoj: buuuh! ... !!!

well... die. all of ... ours. will some day... but...

what you... wait? after this... are you... waiting welcome because take things that justify it or...
think; that will escape... that you... make.

well well...

die... all people some day; will but
consider that can. to have. survive. then...

enjoy while; have time and; join. this side. sincerely; try.,

trust in God because...

it will be better to you...



and Love ... all right?

wmarkley: i meant

i meant that i would take one of dat boi biz people with me, lol not one of us good guys, lol ECBRA you are one of the good guys. dat boi biz is a returning negative energy that spreads nothing good.

Ecbra de Oaoj: ok wmarkley

yes i... feel my friend.

avoid. arrest this energy to your soul. God; is The Creator of all things and; take care. all planes. because it better dont try;
I dont tell direct to Dat Boi Biz; i dont know this person but; i hear what all one say. When we atempt critics it could be us better if we recongnace ours wrongs and acept correction. but he or she may take if because went to all that ready. and read it.

light; apear and who have eyes see. dont let this below your bed.

what i wanna say was; to everyone that read: came to Love. liberty your soul. this is better than; slave you to ... something ilude you.

and; i have one word to you, brother. please dont take me; bad.

shoot guns dont will save us. uz. or ak 47. it include; atract. forces that search; death.

take goods thinkings like your most powerfull defense. trust in God; The Creator is/are perfect. Care your vibration. you are a warrior but our fight is in favour to Peace.

Strenght and Honour
Valour and Hapiness

Emmanuel: Money

Pls hw can i get the money in the illuminati.

Ecbra de Oaoj: Emmanuel...

in the... you would need join with... to get their money...

if you get it... please... DONT let this money be used to destroy Humanity and/or Earth. Its a good begin, i think.


Terran resistance: Freemasons are closet polytheists

Freemasons of the satanic kind are causing all the worlds woes, just like benjamin fulford talks about. As long as a freemason lives the world will never know peace.

Lower level freemasons are to blame, because they make all the cogs work and follow blindly. Their secrecy is an abomination against western society.

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