by Annunaki77 on December 8th, 2011

Governments are all in a hurry to CENSOR your FREE SPEECH.
Just remember everything here on this Forum regarding LORD ENKI and the REPTILIAN OPPRESSION.
Many Brave Men died defending their NATION from TYRANNY.
So FREEDOM is only given to the BRAVE, this is the Bottomline folks.

Always defend your Liberties because the BANKERS (REPTILIANS) are coming for it!.

Tribute to the Fallen Heroes of Old.

Viewer Discretion Advised


Chris: pleades

hey kanesh what is happening in the terran colonies in the pleades you said they felt severed by the family they leeft on earth why did they leave in the first place they know that they were leaving behind there family and you said some pleadians will not allow them to leave. why do these terran colonists want to be here now they left earth for a better life why return here you abandonded the earth and they wanted to create a new cultures better than what we have on earth withou

Annunaki77: Correct.

You are right about that they did abandon Earth, that was Wrong, but we must learn to forgive the errors of the Past.

Chris: et ships carrying terran colonists

when will all the terran colonists arrive on earth enmass when will they all return what will they do when they get back to earth are they bringing there families.

Annunaki77: Soon, but first it gets ugly with the NWO

No they are coming here to Evolve with Humanity.

Chris: when

when will i see them will they land in public view in ships and star living here on earth and help us create a better society.

Annunaki77: Yes once Society regains it's sanity from the Illuminati Pirates

Once the Illuminati are all Arrested by our Heroes, we will see Contact finnally Contact.
But first it gets Real Ugly because of the Illuminati Bankers who are holding Humanity Hostage with Banker Occupation and Possible Staged Terrorist Attacks and Marshal Law.

It will get ugly before it gets to the Contact stage. Watch as it Rolls out Chris.
We are all fighting the good fight Son.

Just hang in there.

bluesbaby5050: star ships

Starships surround the earth in large masses ,its called an Armada. A huge convoy of starfleets are up there. Mother ships for miles long and smaller crafts that go in and out from the mother ships. We can't see them cause they are up so high above our atmosphere. Well over 300 and more. There is a video on Youtube that shows them. It's a great thing to see. It's really awesome.I've seen the video.Nasa is well aware of this, as you can hear the astronaut reporting everything he is looking at. He decribes the sizes of the crafts and the amount of them up there. HE is so amazed by the sight. You can hear the excitement in his voice too.There are many more further out amoung the larger planets in our solar system as well. This is not a secret anymore.The truth is out there and so is the proof.This video was dated May 12 -2011.

Tarheel: The VIDEO you speak of...

Where is it? On youtube? Could you post the link. Annunaki77 has posted before similar links. Is it one of The Wise One's previous posts ?

bluesbaby5050: video

I don't think he posted it, but I will send you the links you asked for.

bluesbaby5050: videos

Here is the sites on Youtube that you asked me for.There are many more of the same videos from Nasa on this site as well.Enjoy viewing them. They are awesome.Feel free to share them. Just follow the videos on your right and click onto them to view them. there are many.also read the viewers comments. they discuss what is happening.

Tarheel: UFO video just posted by Fox News showing UFO

Fox News admits "our galaxy is teeming with life".

See what you think.

Revelator: Teeming with life

I didn't hear Fox News say "our galaxy is teeming with life" but I did hear a guest say he "Thinks" it is.He also said the light near Mercury was nothing but reflection from the sun.I would love to see proof of an alien life from another planet.But I believe if they're sitting out there in space ships, just observing us,they must live for eon's.If we found a new race,we could'nt wait to make contact.I think any intelligent race would feel the same.So if they're there,we'll never see them.They live so long,if they scratched their head it would take a billion years.If they move faster,we'd be able to see them,as we see each other.Or perhaps their shape is like mountains,they're already here,we just can't see them move.But they probably don't see us either,because we move too fast for them.

bluesbaby5050: Yes it is all out in the open :

Yes it is out in the open now.And more keeps coming.The people of the light, THE LIGHT WORKERS ,are getting this info out to the public as much as possible.Follow the links and they will lead you to more important info. Just A reminder ,we the people have a concious choice to make of what side we choose to be on.This is all up to each and everyone of you.Some have made the choice,and some are still sitting on the fence waiting to see what happens. This will not help you.You need to make a choice which side you are on.We need a balance.As it stands ,it has been out of balance for millions of years, leaning to the side of the dark and their agenda. It is now time to strike a balance.There is strength in numbers. You don't have to be a news person or some well known celebreb. , to do your part in this.You just need an open mind and a loving heart,and learn the truth, and care for humanity .And use the tools that is out there to help assist you.This makes a LIGHT WORKER-A LIGHT BEING.WE ARE ALL ONE.

Tarheel: BB5050-what is your take on how others can help?

Specifically what do you think people should do to help? People want to help, but dont know what to do. People need guidance.

I want to assist anyway I can. I help those I can. I offer assistance to those seeking Free Will as I seek it myself. I offer prayer and any guidance for those lost souls and I want NOTHING in return except that those help may extend the same to others.

I stopped on the interstate to offer a brokedown motorist help. When I bought him a gas can and some gas to put in it because he had no money, he told me, "I Cannot repay you." I said, "Repay me by helping someone else when you see they need it." I know this may not be a good example, but if more people would do that, Wouldn't the world be a much better place to live?

I offer love and hope to those in need of HOPE and LOVE.

I Pray for Peace. Answer me this, How/When is War EVER a good option? I understand defending yourself or that which is yours, but how could something that results in death and destruction EVER be a good idea? People/Countries need to consider all the alternatives before engaging in War. All we are saying is "Give PEACE a chance!"

bluesbaby5050: give peace a chance

I agree with you 100% that peace and love is always the answer. It is the example that we SET for people to follow.It is the MODEL we set to teach and lead from. Send love outward from your minds, hold thoughts of love and compassion for fellow mankind. Love will light the path and show the way.Do it in a peaceful manner in groups and never be the agressor,because this only invites agression in return.Do this with like minded people.THIS is the start.This is the ripple effect. You be the model, the example, you be the teacher.Show love and kindness to others in what ever ways you can, when opportunities come your way.Never preach,only show by your actions,for it speaks volumes of words without talking by voice.Use your minds to send out loving thoughts to others where ever you go ,no matter where you are. Follow this and you will always be on the right path in your life.You already did this with the man that ran out of gas.You already have the answers from inside you. Be aware of your selves, and your thoughts. Get to know your true selves by going inside youself.Pray if you want to.Ask for guidance from your spirit guides,as we all have them before we came into this life. AND WAR IS NEVER A GOOD OPTION,NEVER NO MATTER WHAT ! But there may come a time when you will need to protect yourselves, BUT PRAY BEFORE, and ask for the guidance to come from GOD or KOD whoever you want to help assist you first. Always pray first.You can do this anywhere you may be.Inside ,outside ,it don't matter where.Aways ask GOD OR KOD for peace and healings for Earth and it's people.Picture the Earth in your minds eye and a bright white light surrounding the planet as you pray, this will help heal her and the people on her and in her.Do this always for your body too, and for others also. Aways keep this shield of light surrounding you completely,and this will help to protect you,and pass this onto others that will listen.Be gentle in manner,but consistant.

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