ufo days !

Elmwood Wisconsin UFO Days end of July 29, 30, 31I just wanted to know if any of you were going to
go it would be nice to meet in person ! thanks take care ever one have a good night or day when ever you read this !

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bluesbaby5050: Are any of us going to this event?

Hi againπŸ˜„πŸ˜€ I hope your doing fine. It's been awhile since I've been on TC. I've missed all of you greatly. So much has been happening since I was on here last. I hope your all safe, and doing well inspite of all the many changes taking place on our planet 🌏 We must ride the tides of change with Knowledge of the Truth with Courage, and with Love from our Hearts knowing that we all are United as Brothers and Sisters, for we All Are One! Where one goes we go all! We all have our missions to complete while we are on this planet. We answered the call that was sent out from our mother Gaia to assist her with the great changes. You answered her requests as volunteers, and the best of the best were chosen to be here and now in the present. Some of you remember, while some of you do not. That is not important. What is important is to do your best each day in what ever ways possible. Hold Love inside your hearts for your fellow men, and women, and for all the beautiful children that could be you in your future selves. Help by loving your mother that is this planet that provides everything that is needed for all her people's and for all her animals that give us so much, and they asks for nothing in return. Please show them love and kindness, and respect, forall life, as you would want this for your selves. Help each other by doing the same no matter what obstacles get in your path. They are there for you to overcome, because you can! You have already proven this many times in your past lives. Give thanks for what you have each day, and not for what you don't have. Remember that your thoughts are what your manifesting in your own futures. All of you are your own forgotten God's and Goddesses birthed from Source, This is the Holy Spirit that resides in all of you. This is the Real Truth that was hidden from you long ago up to this present time. We are here to hold this Light from Source to expose the Darkness by those that chose to live in the Darkness imposed by their teachers at our disadvantage down though the ages. What they put out is what they shall experience for themselves., this is called Karma. Their going to crumble, and crash hard until the winds of change blows their dust into nothingness. You are wittnessing this now. Their time is up. So be it.

M3RT0M: Hi bluesbaby5050

HI bluesbaby5050 nice to see you back after a long time, something wrong with your avatar picture? anyways Love and Light.

bluesbaby5050: My Avatar picture?

It's still the same as before. Just go to my profile page and have a look at it. It's a great one. πŸ‘ πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚

M3RT0M: Not your profile avatar

Not your profile avatar but the one on every posts and comments, the eagle you used to have is gone.

bluesbaby5050: I know....

It wasn't an Eagle, it was a Peregrine Falcon. It's a very large preditor bird of prey. I removed it, because I decided it wasn't needed. It's still on my profile page if people want to check it out.

M3RT0M: I see

That was a cool bird.

bluesbaby5050: Yes it is!

It's a Peregrine Falcon,. It's a bird of prey. It has prefect eye sight, and It can catch its prey in seconds as it zooms in on it food source. A handsome bird that's why I chose it. I admire it's abilities. Eagle's are in this same category. It was a hard choice.

M3RT0M: I hope

I hope you like this video

Abba - Eagle

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