What do you think about Russia and Ukraine war

by M3RT0M on October 9th, 2022

Russian president Putin says hes going to use Nuclear Weapons on Ukraine. Is Russia on the light side or the dark?

What are your thoughts.

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bluesbaby5050: Light or Dark?

Putin is very much on the Light side. The White Hats side. Don't be fooled by the propaganda spewing machine....the Media Whores that are working for the Dark Side of Evil, the Draco Overlords, and their Reptilian minions, and the possessed humans that sold their souls for profits, and fame,, etc.. The Ukrainian region has many underground tunnels holding humans both off and off world, for the slave labor, and for sexual slave trade, and for food sources. And it's one ofthe biggest regions that does the money laundering for the Jesuit mafia. In it's
tunnel systems it has places of genetic experiments of all kinds. its very disturbing to wittness. The blood of humans (mostly our children) is the prize which is accelerated though scaring them to get the most out of the pineal gland secretions as they get a high off it while the children are alive then eaten alive as well. It's believed to keep the rich and famous looking younthful though their comsuming it (drinking ) and though the different methods of marketing it. They use our children, and adults for this, as well as the many uses of the body parts by selling the organs of dead soldier's bodies on both sides in all wars. It's a huge market for profits. The tunnels around the world are being cleaned out by our Good Military Forces from our Earth Alliances, and with the assistance of The Galactic Federation of World's. Don't believe what you hear and see on your internet, and on your Tel -A - Vision it will only confuse you. Guard your children at all costs, even if they aren't your own for they are our future.

M3RT0M: Yes its very disturbing

I hope that the Dark Team leaves and Light shines all over the world.

bluesbaby5050: Dark Side leaves.....

Yes! Believe this. It's happening right now! This is just the cleanup crews that are moving into the last hiding places that's left now. The Vatican is under total lock down with the popes, and priests inside and they will be dealt with soon, and they are in great fearof their fates. The catacombs have been cleaned out along with all the gold. Its being held in safety off world.Their leader is dead now. The Queen. The reptilian overlords are lieing to the UK, and the world saying that their leader (the Queen) had just died recently, but in truth she had abdicated her throne, and power to President Trump when he had visited England about 2017. Her husband Prince Philip had already been removed, and executed off world during that same time frame. Most of the world did wittness the Queen's abdication of her throne, and power in the present of her own military guards, which in turn did the same, and this major event was televised on world news, I know, because I watched this event.
The Queen and her guards were standing outside with President Trump when the Queen surrended her power, and later she was taken off world and executed. This was shown as it happened. And that's why more lies were told to the UK public, because they had noticed that the Coat of Arms Shield were removed from the front gates. Many people had commented on this and took pictures and posted them for all to see. The Overlords of the UK was not telling people the truth. They were saying the palace was under renovation, but that didn't explain why the shield with the coat of arms was gone for months. I guess they forgot to mention why it was removed,, and her personal guards were gone too. This is the truth your not hearing about. But soon everyone in all countries will be told in their own languages in great detail globally.

M3RT0M: Good News

That's a good news.

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