Draco reptilians good?

by Chris on December 9th, 2020

Hey I have been hearing some people say the dracos tha alpha draconians are benevolent I don't believe the draco reptilians are benevolent based on what annu and edisonik said about them and others who had exsperices with the draco reptilian race I remember simon parkes said the draco races and there allies are not here to help humans there interested in maintaining control here. And you alpha draco winged dragon reptilian line who the royals of the draco leader's according to simon are not looking for anyone's interest but there own.

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Chris: I don't think the draco orion star empire

Ruled by reptilian queens want us to be free.

bluesbaby5050: Are reptilians good?

They are only to each other at times. They think alike, as in a group like mind. They are service to self, and they hate humans in general. They want to control humans with many methods, and they use humans for slave labor, and for food. You never want to meet up with one. They are highly intelligent and very psychic and can read your mind. The answer is No.

Chris: yeah the Draconians aka ciakars

from what alex collier and even simon parkes said and keryy casiidy the dracos are not going to and are force to be reckoned with even kerry cassidy said her secret space program through mark richards there are many wars by different et races over earth and that the human ssp has been fighting various service to self et races from useing humans as resources slaves sex pets. also the pleadians are heavily involved along with the andromed council i remember alex collier said the andromedans have stopped the offworld slave tradeing and kicking ass out of the negative beings.

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