Aliens and the effect of people's lives

by freedmftr88 on September 7th, 2018

What are signs if an alien has effected an individual's life ?
Could it be early obsessions with aliens in childhood and even their parents ( all separately ) ?
Able to spot something alien related in a store even if it's fictional like something as a carnival prize or ride ?
How about many dreams in childhood of alien abduction ?

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Logical Chaos: PTSD

I would say that some form of PTSD or phobia would be present. Some kind of feeling toward drawings/pictures of aliens that dont feel right.

Also, instants of missing time and really odd dreams could be a sign.

Tarheel: if ..

If that's the barometer LC, I'm an ibductee into the abduction club.

freedmftr88: Does it depend on the situation ?

On one hand I could agree what your saying if it was something like invasion for probing or some form of experimentation. But what about extraterrestrials in a positive situation ? For example spiritual gifts and abilities ? I've written a thread a week ago bringing up a theory of what if spiritual detentions and extraterrestrials are inner connected some how , if so then that would explain the existence of New Age UFO religions / cults .

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