Porn and mind control

by Djworland on March 19th, 2018

I’m just looking for feedback on if I’m normal or going insane sexually.

I’m a married white man. I have always had a high sex drive and my wife not so much. Some years ago while looking for some masturbation material I can across some porn where an extreamly hung black man was fucking a petite pale white girl. I remember that clip vividly because that’s when my addiction to interracial porn was born. Since then it’s grown to once in a while I would look at IR porn to everyday masturbating to it, sometimes several times a day. In order for me to have sex with my wife, I have to have images of white women being taken by hung black men to get an erection. It’s a catch 22 because when I fill my head with those images I cum all too fast.

Recently I found images of men in chastity cages while they watch their wives having sex with black men. It’s my new go to jerkoff material. Every time I look over at my wife I can see her sandwiched between two hung black men and enjoying herself very much while I sit there looking at the key around her neck that would unlock me.

These fantasies consume me every day. It’s all I think about. It’s destracts me at work, home and even playing golf. I need those fantasies to get an erection but it also makes me cum all too fast.

I have tried to substain from porn and masturbation. I went several weeks and I started to be haunted with created images of my wife screwing very hung black men in front of me. I even cam in my pants once without touching myself. It was in a business meeting and very embarrassing. I don’t think anyone noticed as much as I felt they did but I’m just glad I was in a dark suit that day. So I’ve returned to masturbate to those thoughts 1 to 4 times a day depending on how much time and privacy I have.

How can I return to a normal person? Any ideas? I love to have orgasms and I love masturbating but I found myself likening it more then real sex with my wife. Is this going to be a chronic condition the rest of my life?

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bluesbaby5050: Porn and Mind Control

I think your greatest weakness is being used against you to provide sexual energy to feed enities that you attract to you. This also distracts you from living in reality while playing on mental images downloaded into your mind. A vicious cycle for you, and time consuming as a result. Take back your freedom and stop being a pawn.

Djworland: Thank you. I hear what your

Thank you. I hear what your saying but I just don’t know how to get out of this cycle you know.

bluesbaby5050: Porn and Mind Control

You do understand your in a cycle of HABIT. YOU have to ' break out ' of your habit. Your too occupied with the feeling of reaching an orgasm. That should not be your goal.You need to learn to CONTROL your own mind by controling what you think before you reACT to any ideas that appear in your minds eye. Think before any action. Then YOU decide what it is that you will do. You are keeping yourself locked in this circle- cycle with out a break. STOP THE ORGASM through masturbation. YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN MASTER ! And NOT FALL FOR THE BAIT. This is easy once your in control of your own mind. Your just using racial game playing as an excuse to blow your load. Every time you do this, you lose a part of yourself and this leaves you weak after. You may call this relaxed. Your just running a program you helped create to reach a false goal that you set up and now enties are influencing you to maintain this game. Your not relating to your wife and you keep her at a distance. She is now just an object to be used just like your being used. Your both being divided by this false attraction of thinking all black men are hung like donkeys, and that all women want this kind of sex. You need to communicate with your wife, and be honest with her, and to ask her for her loving support in helping you with the strength to see only the both of you united in bonding love for each other, and for your marriage. It takes the both of you to block out those invasive enities, and then once they see the strong bond of love you have for each other they will become bored, and move on. Don't feed them, and they won't have any reason to feed from you mentally, physically, and, spiritually, and etherically. Love is the KEY to success.

Djworland: Wow! Some really good words

Wow! Some really good words my friend. Thank you.

freedmftr88: Perhaps it's in the matter of preference

There's people who are of different sexual orientations and different sexual preferences such as non-monogamy or even semi-monogamy such as light forms of swinging .
I say whatever fits each individual .
Also sometimes those who watch adult content and are attracted to something , it could be mirroring something internally and unconsciously what turns them on. Sometimes people are attracted to other people than their partner and perhaps there's some sort of pattern to all of them that reminds them of their partner or even themselves. This is something I've learned from The Twin Flames 11:11 Blog . .
Also when it comes to sexuality , it all depends on mood. Sometimes it's romantic , other times your hungry for something a little more kinky.
In general , sexuality is normal just as long as it's consent and no one is getting brutally abused or anything.
And perhaps any fears is just specific structures of society.
Just look at how today's modern times totally differ from say the 1960s sexual revolution and even Roman / Greek times .
Speaking of society , it reminds me of this chapter of The Anarchist FAQ which points out that authoritarian ideology as well as other things can be rooted to pro prudeness .

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