Is Planet Earth Moving Into A Higher Density/Dimension?

by Quinton on September 6th, 2018

This seems to be discussed a bit recently on this site and I thought it was worth exploring.

Contactees like Alex Collier have talked in the past about how this universe has 11 densities and Earth sits at the 3rd density. I believe the A's that he is in contact with are in 5th density. Many of the entities behind the NWO are said to operate outside of 3D in the lower 4D realm. So we have these different densities.

Alex Collier also mentions how a 12th density is being created that is going to pull Earth up with it. And in doing so it will create many changes in the consciousness of humans on planet Earth. This also doesn't mean that everyone on Earth will enter this higher density, it's more or less the people that are ready for it. Earth could be split into 2 densities and continue evolving in both frequencies.

Many people have talked about similar stuff to this. We hear about ascension and moving into a higher consciousness and light bodies and all that stuff. And while I don't in anyway discount any of it, once again I think it is taking a lower level view of all this.

Let's start with what we are pretty sure we know, from near death experiences, research and individual meditation: we chose to be here. So 3D reality is not a mistake, it's not bad and it's not some unfortunate thing. We already exist as light bodies at a higher density. We already are gods. We already are one with god. We are already god at the highest level. So we're already there. We don't need to ascend or do any of that. We are already there. Our consciousness doesn't stem from 3D, or 4D or 5D or whatever else. Our consciousness stems from the highest levels of reality. If we truly believe in the oneness that we always talk about then we are already there.

So this reality here isn't some bad thing that we need to evolve everyone out of. People chose to come down to here to experience this frequency. This frequency is a choice that we wanted for reasons specific to each entity that forms as it develops an ego as it descends from source.

So are we supposed to save the planet and move into a higher density? What does that even mean? Why would we want to move Earth into 5D if at another "time" in frequency we would just choose to enter another 3D Earth environment while this current Earth has long ascended? It doesn't make sense to me. We're not trying to evolve or save or ascend anything.

Sure, we're trying to grow in consciousness and understanding and what many would call enlightenment. But once we reach that Nirvana where we have a cursory understanding of what is really going on here then what? Once we have reached peace within and have connected to our highest self then what? Once we take power over our own lives and love all that is then where do we really want to go and what do we really want to create?

At that point does it matter if you are in 5D or 3D or 2D or 8D? At the point when we reign over our current situation does it really matter where we are or what is happening to us? Energy and reality is infinite. This stuff has been iterating over many iterations infinitely. We've seen a lot. We've experienced a lot. We will experience a lot more. Will not we ever want to face challenges again? Will we not ever want to walk in ignorance again? Will we not ever want to step back into duality and other frequencies which pull us in ways not possible the closer we get to God? We chose it at least once. Why would we not choose it again? Infinity is a long time.

So what am I saying? I'm saying it doesn't matter where the Earth was, where the Earth is and where the Earth is going. What matters is where you are, your own expansion and your own energy. Are you at peace? Do you look forward to each new day? Are you living out the contract that you created with this body? Are you fulfilling the desires that you had for this 3D journey? Because once it ends another will begin. And you will never stop seeking new rockets of desire as you experience all that the universe has to offer. Are we truly able to live in the moment of now?

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freedmftr88: Law of Attraction and sometimes actions mean something else

One of the things I keep reading about the mission of lightworkers , starseeds , indigo / crystal , heyoka : sacred clown , old souls, twin flames , all empaths and everyone is life is meant to be enjoyed which is totally agreeable as well as awareness in which the soul becomes stronger if it's knowledge or even experience itself. If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on is that they want their lives to be happy. But happiness is different to each and everyone of us. Some may like the beauty of nature , others might find it boring or indifferent. Everyone’s different but we are all one. Perhaps that’s consciousness expressing itself. It’s like if someone smiles and another person smiles back , it’s mirroring the same energy in a way right ?
The word mission tends to be tossed around a lot . It's like mission means to be a romantic , a social reformer , a moralist , an idealist. Which isn't a bad thing to want the world to become a better place and to influence , the trouble really is what direction and energy is being used expressing that. Is it an expression of unconditional love , the expression of wanting to gain love and acceptance of others or an expression of the lack of life. There's two choices one can make which is love ( positive energy ) or fear/hate ( negative energy ) . I think that's what is usually said about a 5D Earth.
Which brings up a point. Is individual happiness and universal " Heaven on Earth " utopia all in the same or is just individual happiness the route to 5D Earth. Is the outer vision of peace and everyone at the same time nothing more but an idealist vision and dream which many have fought their whole entire lives away , blood sweat and tears to only come to the conclusion of dissatisfaction ? Or perhaps it’s to gain social acceptance.
It kind of reminds me of The Self-Determination Theory .
People want control over their own lives and at the same time they want to connect with like minded people.
So in terms of politics and people fighting with one another. The main question is can life be enjoyed no matter what ? Of course.
Even in George Orwell’s 1984 the main character falls in love regardless of the current situation. Nelson Mandela tapped into positive thinking while he was in prison. Which is the very point. We have control of your mind. And our minds are more powerful then we think because of universal laws like Law of Attraction. Therefore manifest one’s reality.
So if the perfect world may never happen , would it really matter if someone has manifested the perfect life surrounded with like minded people , health , prosperity , happiness the works ? Furthermore when the individual is in a 5D vibration ( aka Law of Attraction ) , they will be encountering people who are of “ like vibration “ since “ like attracts like “ . Same goes with a situation when someone is somewhere having a good time. They aren’t focused on that homeless person who is shouting and throwing that trash can and shaking their fist at the world.
Like what was said in The Secret , “ We are attracting our own lives , in fact we already have. Manifestation is automatic with no off button. “
As Abraham Hicks pointed out regrind the chain linking / domino effect of like energy attracting like energy “ That’s why better it gets the better it gets , and that’s why the worse it gets , the worse it gets. “
The key is pulling one self out of low vibrational quicksand if we manifest such low vibrational energy on autopilot.
And if someone has a non-happy life , it’s not because they are good or bad , friendly or not. It’s whatever is on their mind , they attract.
Even someone who succeeds in the richest scam ever and never gets caught has no duality , they are happy , they got what they want.
Abraham Hicks also mentioned something regarding how a tragic event could happen relevant to energy. How a criminal can hurt an innocent person , both have attracted the same exact energy. The criminal wants to take advantage of someone and the victim fears of being taken advantage of. Energy hears the vibration of “ the action of someone being taken advantage of “ and since both mindsets are “ Live Broadcast mode “ on that very frequency , so by the Law of Attraction , it has manifested because it is so high.
Though I think the biggest misconception regarding manifestation is negativity and positivity is black and white. For example a doctor who wants to help treat their patient doesn’t have the emotional thought of “Sick , nobody likes to be sick , They must feel so horrible. Why if I was that person…” And if they keep dwelling on worrying about getting sick or even just daydreaming it , they are attracting it. HOWEVER they can have sympathy because they care about their patient and being friendly but their thought is more about “ I’m going to cure my patient and they will be happy.”
However , if the patient is worried about their illness , they will attract bad health and there’s nothing that doctor can do about it.
So manifestation is emotions and the thought that’s emotional based is manifested. Someone can research a negative subject or even bring intelligent awareness of it’s existence doesn’t mean they are attracting a bad luck curse unto them.

Tarheel: To answer the question posed ...

YES, I absolutely believe it is. But< I dont believe it happens all of a sudden and I dont believe everyone flips at once. I think different people are already there and they are helping others come along. There is no 5D switch that will flip and everyone all of a sudden is "IN IT".
There are times when I feel a higher better state and there are times when I dont. When I am alone, which is 95% of the time, I feel it. When I get around others, especially crowds, I feel like Im on a different plane,back in 3d landt. Instead of them pulling me down I try to pull them up.

I hope we all get there soon!

freedmftr88: Balencing of energy

There's many factors which explain the complexities. One is the individuals' life experience, and just how much baggage they are carrying in terms of paradigm blockages which need to be cleared by the repetition of staying in that 5D energy which is technically ( Feel Good and Happy no matter what ) . And yes it is challenging. This goes with shielding energy and finding healthy boundaries for one self in life.

There's this video about lightworkers which I can most certainly relate to.
Especially the " Hate People but love humanity ".
Relating , it's kind of like John Lennon singing social justice and peace activist songs hoping they will change the world and when it doesn't goes off in a rant on how much he hates people . Perhaps it's an INFP thing or at least NF personality types. I'm INFP myself so I can totally relate to all this for better or worse. lol

freedmftr88: Healing the World inwardly

I just wanted to give an update on my findings. According to my recent research as of now , the lightworker / empath mission ( or any spiritual being with 5D energy ) when it is sad to heal the planet , it's more on the lines of using unconditional love and light , not specifically any forceful action but just living life happily with the Law of Attraction and good light energy will do the work . Kind of like if energy was seen like water in a river ( I probably got that analogy from watching Teal Swan ) . So perhaps it's not so much so the duality of Good vs Evil , however it is most certainly Love vs Fear which pretty much means the same exact thing but probably makes more sense in depth with more meaning. Love being the highest frequency ever and therefore 5D vibrational energy , it feels light inside and in expression. From the same feeling a baby or couple feels when they are being cuddled to friends having a good time somewhere , if relaxed or energetic it's from the same kind of happy energy. Where fear is more heavy and ridged and can manifest externally from sad and depressed or raging and violent. Fear turns into Anger or Depression ( fear turning inward ).
Another thing I read recently is how logical thinking isn't as powerful as logical thinking in such terms.
I was reading these on in5D and Twin Flames 11:11 mostly.
And if this is 100% true if the idea of feelers being smarter than thinkers , and If Quinton is reading this , then maybe INFP and INFJ can get the raise of being #1 on the list then . lol ( I couldn't resist lol :P )

freedmftr88: Manifesting the nature of the thought ( emotion )

Anyway I hope no offense was taken , I was just teasing in the last bit. I think what I was finding regarding emotions being stronger than emotion was referring to taping into 5D energy.
However being aware of what's really going on is super important. Like this site , like what Gregg says on in5D.
I might have already said this before but I think law of attraction refers to focused thought relating to what emotions are present inward. I think it's mostly the emotions that are manifested , not so much the subject matter. That's why people say we attract our thoughts meaning the emotional nature of that thought , not so much so the topic or subject. It's all about the nature of the thought.

Anyway 5D energy is like as blissful as you fan feel. And when people feel that way , they won't act the way they would if they were in fear / hate . Therefore 5D Earth .. if achieved, if not , its already achieved inwardly. That's my take on it.

freedmftr88: Some New Thought people calling the logical mind the ego mind ?
I think it's really talking more about ego mind then logical mind. It's like believe in the unseen and not worry about it. And calls the conscious something else. But technically the right definitions is the conscious mind is the thinking mind and the subconscious mind being the feeling mind.

What do you all think about the way some of these New Thought / New Age teachers say it ?
I used to study the Bob Proctor Stick Figure method

Where it tyes in with The Secret. Your concious mind thinks the idea , your subconcious mind emotionalizes the idea and therefore manifestation.

But the way how some of these teachers are rejecting logical minds / conscious , I don't know. It really sounds confusing. I think it's talking more about Ego than the logical mind the more I take a look at this but they are calling it the logical mind .

What do you all think ?

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