ILLUMINATI (or illuminati actors) - are they just stupid and vain, and arrogant because of that?

by Plu4 on June 8th, 2018

These beings should be investigated because of their lack of intelligence and the way they use their resources. They can appear intelligent but in reality they just might use AI or other resources to appear intelligent. Are they acting overly stupid to cover the vanity and lack of intelligence?
Every resource of the entities controlling others the NAA way should be replaced and power over others should be taken away.

Are they killing and torturing entities because they are stupid? Their influence feels not only arrogant but stupid.

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Plu4: This might also be due to use

This might also be due to use of drugs.

Negative effects does not seem so wrong to the drugged or otherwise dull being/mind

Plu4: ... wrong, strong. Strenth

... wrong, strong. Strenth and direction of the influences might also feel different than really are physiologically or mentally.

Tarheel: Masters of Deception they are

They are masters of deception and oh, what a terrible waste of energy/resources.

Plu4: Yep thats their hobby, but

Yep thats their hobby, but there is strong annoying animal characteristics for sure that are not civilised also.

Plu4: ... stupid animal like

... stupid animal like

Plu4: New situations have revealed

New situations have revealed that the drugs are possbly not not the only cause of their stupidity. This is horrible.
This could be one reason they are using mind control. To pull the attention away from their own stupid minds. In addition that they are arrigant their minds are appear evil and infuriatingly annoying because they are just stupid.
This is horrible if this is not paid attention to.

Minds so stupid should never have control over beings suseptible to their retarded animal like influences.

Tarheel: They sre the one's who....

...have not been able to control their reptilian traits.

bluesbaby5050: They are the one's who can't control those traits

Because they have no empathy or heart love feelings. You have to be able to feel to have a ♥. And the Draco's don't, because they're cold blooded Bully's on steroids.

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