Meaning of the symbol composition

by jr1ksv on May 27th, 2018

I saw this symbol composition on the internet , and got pretty curious about it. Just ignore the letters around the circle, those I know what they mean.

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jr1ksv: This one

This one

Tarheel: Not sure

What do you think it is?

jr1ksv: IMO

The 7 pointed star is supposed to be protection, I would say. The inner part it's the most confusing, and I really dont have a clue.

solkids: I am interested in the

I am interested in the meaning of this symbol, I also saw it once, probably in some thread about orbs

solkids: Maybe it has something to do

Maybe it has something to do with the Path of Exile?
I saw this symbol on this page, it's some site with PoE currency

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