Simon Parkes: Connecting Consciousness

by bluesbaby5050 on January 14th, 2017

All new with Simon Parkes, "Connecting Consciousness". January 1, 2017 - questions and answers on " Wolf Spirit Radio". http.// On January 11, 2017- Simon Parkes: "Changing the World". Part 1 and Part 2 with Kerry Cassidy. http.//

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western_yogi: he's done , Jp cancel the show connecting consciousness

I use to listen to him for a year, but realized his message changed and he flew out in left field, he started mixing in alot of peculiar things. for one making predictions that never happened and he kept pushing 3 months down the line indefinitely.

either way I guess JP had enough of him also and cancelled the show.

bluesbaby5050: Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness

Yes, Simon Parkes is now being sued for complaints of sexual harassment by some of his past female clients along with being a fraud. Well, he still is illuminati for life, and he is going through a divorce, and he had to relocate last October 2017. What is hidden in darkness shall be revealed by the light. These are times of great changes on many levels.

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