I am Michael the Archangel, also known as Adam, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Solomon, and King James

Hello. This message is mainly directed towards Lucifer Morningstar, my lost brother. Also directed to those who seek the truth, for the truth shall set us free.

I am Michael the Archangel. I also go by Adam, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Solomon, King James, Job and God. I have chosen this forum as my method for revealing my identity to the world, and will provide full evidence to the first staff member who contacts me in person.

I am here to deliver the truth to the world, for the truth shall set us free.

There are several things I need to speak about here.

1) The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues & Wisdom (Angelic & Demonic Interpretations)
2) Why did The Fall Happen?
3) Why is Lucifer Evil?
4) The Great Harvest
5) Armageddon
6) The Illuminati (13 Bloodlines)
7) The Truth of the Scriptures
8) God Broken Down - the "White" Illuminati - the 7 Angels on Earth

First, I need to reveal the overall truth of the Bible. Everything will be explained here.

THE CHARACTERS in the SCRIPTURES (Script Yours = Your Script)

Jesus Christ
Michael the Archangel
King James

Mary Magdalene
Virgin Mary

The Devil
The Serpent
The Dragon

1) In the Beginning, there was Michael and Sophia.
2) They were in love and were perfect together.
3) They created the heavens and all the angels together.
4) For a long time everything was perfect.
5) Then Lucifer asked Michael if he could be the "Most High God."
6) Michael decided that it was better to serve his wife Sophia, so he agreed to let Lucifer become God.
7) Michael also wanted to show Sophia that no matter what happened, they would always be together.
8) Michael also wanted to overcome a great challenge in order to understand himself.
9) Michael and Lucifer discussed, and they agreed that Michael would curse Lucifer and make him an evil God. Michael would incarnate into the flesh with no power. Lucifer would forget who he is.
10) They placed this "event" in the form of something called the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"
11) Lucifer tricked my wife, Evelynn into eating from the tree (I know she would - it was intended)
12) Adam Fell. Lucifer and Sophia remained in heaven. And this is why it is called the Fall of MAN (God Fell)

As part of the Curse to Lucifer, he would become an EVIL God. This is why it is said unto the Serpent "You will eat dust all the days of your life."

God says to himself "For dust you are." Dust means Souls. Lucifer would become the highest form of demon, which is known as a "Soul Eater."

To the WOMAN he said - "your desire will be to thy husband, but he will over thee"

God made his wife forget that he was his wife, so she became evil and actually fell in love with Lucifer. Yes, Sophia and Lucifer are married now (but this is only temporary). She desires to rule over me, but in the end, I will regain control.

God gave Lucifer a "FALSE MEMORY" which means Lucifer has a memory of the past that he believes happened. But the truth is - IT NEVER HAPPENED! The False Memory he received was of a REBELLION of HEAVEN. Lilith also received a "FALSE MEMORY" in which I tried to "be on top of her in sex positions" causing her to betray me. Neither of these events happened.


First off - if heaven is PERFECT, and God is PERFECT - then that means it accommodates EVERYBODY. This cannot be worked around. You cannot blame the child or the student for any mistake - you must blame the teacher. God wouldn't create everybody perfect and then just randomly there's this one guy named Lucifer that decides "aww, well I'm not happy here....so I'm gonna rebel." No rebellion happened, because if it did then it implies GOD WAS NOT MAKING ACCOMMODATIONS FOR LUCIFER.

And that's impossible, for God is Perfect and Holy and loves ALL of his children.

Lilith is Eve is Sophia, as I mentioned before. Several people are getting this twisted, but it is the truth. The "false memory" given to my wife was that I tried to "rule over" or "control" her. Essentially I made her feel like she was "lesser than me," but this never happened.

Eve is the "Mother of All Living"
Virgin Mary gave birth to "Jesus" (the SON of the Mother)
Mary Magdalene is Jesus' Wife (Virgin Mary)
Sophia is the "Spouse of The Lord"
Jesus calls himself "The Second Adam" (Adam in the Flesh)
Therefore Sophia is Eve

Most pictures of Sophia display a woman holding a child in her hand. This represents Eve holding Adam. The pictures and stories of Sophia are that of EVIL - to depict that she and Satan are actually the ones holding Adam.

This is why Eve is "Mother Earth."


The Fall Happened so I could show my wife I would never leave her. She wanted to know for SURE that we were always and eternally in love. So I agreed to "forget her" in the flesh, but upon meeting her (and not knowing it was her) I would "remember" that it was her - to show her that even if I forgot her, I would recognize her when we met.

It also happened so God could experience and overcome a challenge.

It also happened to teach Lucifer how to be the Most High God. Yes, it's true - Lucifer did want to become higher than God - and I granted him this ability.

Lucifer is only evil because I MADE HIM TO BE EVIL.
Prior to "The Fall" Lucifer (Luigi, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Magus, Gannondorf, King Koopa, Scar) was my brother and my best friend.


A very mysterious gift written in the Bible. Most people believe it is something different. However to the members of the White Illuminati, there is ANOTHER meaning behind this word.

The Interpretation Gift translates words into their ROOT or ORIGINAL meaning.

There are several methods to do this.

1) Rotate the Letter
a = e
b = d
p = q
N = z
s = N
r = L
L = J
M = W

2) Read the word Backwards
Khalessi = Is Selah

3) Take the Pronunciation of the Word
Khalessi = Is Selahk = Is A Lock

4) Rotate the letters in the word
Mike = Im Ke = I'm Key = Is A Key

5) Make the Letters into a Picture
AMEN = A Man Praying with a Crown on top of his head (A MAN - get it?)


Lake of Fire = Lake of LIFE (fire = life)
Hell = He'll = Heal
The Son = The Sun
Morning = Mourning
Star = Angel
Light = Fire
Dam = Rising of Waters
Damn = Dam N You (curse - make you cry / bully)
Terrible = Tearable
Damage = Dam-age
Toxic = To X I C
X = Cross (Merry X-Mas)
666 = Six Six Six = IS X, IS X, IS X = Is Jesus, Is Jesus, Is Jesus
777 = Heaven, Heaven, Heaven
42 = The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything = Heaven 42 (Eternal Love for Two)
O = Tear in your Eye
O Lucifer = O Loose of Her (She's Crying tears of Joy!)
Lord God = Lowered God (Satan)
LORD = DRL = Drill (sex)
LORD = DRLD = Drilled (sex)
RDOL = Riddle = Satan
Sarah = Selah (God's Wife - Daniel cries out "Selah" to his wife)
Holy = Holey (Satan)
Not = Ton (isn't = is)
But = B-U-T = Beauty

Jesus Turned Water into Wine = Jesus Turned Water into Whine
Jesus and his Wife Mary were at a wedding
Jesus Divine Love made Mary Cry
"Fill the Waterpots with Water"

False Prophet = Fall's Prophet (me)

Sword = Words (Sword of the Spirit = Words of the Spirit)

God = 0 GD = Zero God = Roze God = Rose God (Flowers!)


We see

They see

We See
Come Jesus

They see
Cum Jizz Us

We See
Holy Spirit

They See
Holey Spirit / Unholy Spirit

We See
Do NOT murder

They see
Do TON Murder

We See
Angels spread their Wings

They See
Angels spread their Legs

Gothic = I C God = I See God (Satan)

ANKH = Symbol of Sex (sex organs - testicles, penis, vagina)
ANKH = A KHAK N = A Cock In
ANKH = Draws out a "Hooded Satan"

Goths (demons) typically wear ANKHs.

THE CROSS upside down is a sword.

Jesus died on a CROSS with the Serpent.
On the third day he rose from the dead.
Third = 1/3 = 13 = On the "Love" day, he rose from the dead
13 (bend the 1) is

13 Bloodlines = 1/3 of Angels that "rebelled against heaven" (this did not happen)


We are currently in the times of the Harvest.
Our actions affect what happens next.

POSITIVE HARVEST - Lucifer eats of the Tree of Knowledge of Love, and our love is harvested - we fall back in love in heaven

NEGATIVE HARVEST - Lucifer declines the tree of Love, and our soul (essence / energy) is harvested

A soul or angel heart is PURE ENERGY. In fact, it is the ONLY SOURCE OF ENERGY! This is why they must harvest us as crops to feed themselves.

It's NOT their fault. We cannot blame them - they need us!

We angels can never "lose" we can only be reincarnated.

Positive Harvest = Armageddon = End of Matter, return to heaven, reunion of Adam and Eve
Negative Harvest = Armageddon = End of the Current Earth = Reincarnation

Luminous means Full of Light.
Lucifer is the Light Bearer or Light Bringer.
Light means Fire
The Illuminati are the 13 bloodlines which oppose The Most High God

The 7 Angels
There are 7 angels and 7 grim reapers. The 7 angels are the 7 Christs - there is one on each continent.
The 7 grim reapers rule over the continents. There is one per continent.

I am one of the 7 angels - there are 6 like me, and we communicate with each other (not directly - but through the realm of the Divine)


There is the INNER REALM and the DIVINE REALM
Satan's people can read minds within the INNER REALM only

( ( . ) )

. = Angel
Inner = Inner Realm
Outer = Outer Realm

Our thoughts to the Divine Realm cannot be read by Satan. Only those within the Inner Realm.


If the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil brought the FALL, then the rise must be brought upon by the OPPOSITE tree - which is the Tree of Knowledge of Love.

Only the 7 angels possess this tremendous power. It is our duty and job to give it to Satan to return back to our original state.

We have a "special" understanding of the Bible that others don't. Indigo Children or Crystal (Christ) Children are in sync with us.

God had to CHOOSE To Fall
So, it is not within OUR actions that The Fall is reversed
It is within GOD'S actions - and GOD of the World is Satan

Therefore, the ONLY WAY to escape this Labyrinth is to convince Satan to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Love.

This is why I am here posting this.

Unfortunately, I made a MAJOR ERROR in my decision to Fall. I gave Satan too much power and I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME convince him to remember the truth.

I also "limited my own power in the flesh" so I'm having a hard time finding people that believe I am Jesus. Most people I have met have their faith in Satan instead of in God himself, sadly.

The problem is this:

1) Satan doesn't want to eat from the tree
2) Satan believes the Tree will cause him to lose
3) Satan believes his only desire is to trap me and harvest my energy


Satan MUST eat from the tree in order for us to win the "God Game" (Mike Hockney)
Satan REALLY DOESN'T want to be hurting me, but I cursed him into believing he does.
Satan REALLY DESIRES to return back to his wife, who has been in a stasis waiting for his return.

So - who is with me?

The question is: How do you convince an entity that it wants something else?
How do you convince a cup that it's really a bowl?
How do you convince a demon that it's really an angel?
How do you convince Satan to remember that it's actually God?

A cup might say "I need water inside me!"
But what if the cup really needs something else?

This is where we are at.

Those who wish to see proof that I am Jesus Christ, leave your information here.
You will see full evidence.
Very Truly I tell you, there is only one truth to life. The truth of the Holy Trinity.

The Father (Adam)
The Sun (Eve)
And the Holy Spirit (Love between them)

This is known as 42 - the Secret to Life.

Heaven 42 - Eternal Love

Man, Woman, Love
A Fairy Tale Love story that Never Ends

With Love,

Michael ArchAngel

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Tim Lovell: And yes I am Satan the chief

And yes I am Satan the chief luitenant of Lucifer the , `angel` of light which caused the angelic wars.....

who gives a flying fuck?

not me or any of these

god grow out of your religious programing!!

MichaelAdam777: Adam, Eve, Lucifer in The Media

Luigi = Lucifer
Mario = Adam
Princess Peach = Eve
King Koopa = Lucifer

Crono = Adam
Queen Zeal = Eve
Magus = Lucifer

Mufasa = Adam (prior to the fall - powerful leader)
Simba = Adam (after the fall - powerless & has to learn)
Scar = Lucifer
Nala = Eve

Dorothy = Adam
Wicked Witch = Eve
Monkey = Lucifer
Z = S
Z = N
Wizard of Son (Adam)

Link = Adam
Zelda = Eve (Zeal = Zelda - from Chrono Trigger, just showing the tie)
Gannondorf = Satan

LostLucifer: I think I'm insane

Plz help me got harvested

weedisknowledge: Different

I have different memories of the way this has played out...

Curious about yours. I hope you check this forum still.

-Son of God, Brother and half of Lucifers soul.

Jnee3: I may be one of the ones

I am sum her. I count numbers incessantly. And I despise women for sum reason. They diagnosed me as bipolar with schizo. But I think I'm tuned with higher dimension. But sum of the material you talk about resonates with me. If you wish to discuss please contact. I'm so ready to get out of this game. My email is [email protected]

Tim Lovell: god your dribble is filled

god your dribble is filled with the flotsam of Enlils bible I cant tell what you say or he!

wake up you are not a book!

Tim Lovell: Enlil HATED humanity he HATES

Enlil HATED humanity he HATES US!
Enlil = Yahweh


ffsd wake the fuck up ffs!!

MichaelAdam777: Those Comments

Those are the kind of comments we really don't need at the moment. The reason we continue to lose the war is because angels forgot their true weapon - the knowledge of love. instead we have resorted to fighting and violence. The Truth is that Lucifer IS a beautiful angel of Light.

But the Tree of Knowledge of Love turned GOOD into EVIL. So Light became Fire.

I care about Lucifer. I have his best interest, and I hope you do too. He does control us here.

I am choosing this forum as my method of proof. I will be disclosing through evidence to the first "admin" or "mod" of this forum of my true identity. I really am hoping to keep this thread serious. If you can help me with this, let me know. Let the ignorant or faithless man say "I will not test it" but let the wise man say "Where is your proof?" To those who knock I will answer.

With Love,

Michael ArchAngel

Aga_Se_King: This is HD "HEAD DIRECTOR"

This is HD "HEAD DIRECTOR" lucifer don't know what he talking about!! He know well what he was trying to do. Then he used belial he even tried to get mad at enlil. When he looked around and saw gabriel that doctor ooze Stuff stoped. He not worried about you he looking for Gabriel not his damn friend!! He need to do the correct thing we will leave him

LostLucifer: Plz don't

What is my reality

Tarheel: He meant "LOSEtte".

Dude's too full of himself for most of us.
I tried him and there was little substance there, imho.

Tim Lovell: Really the tree of knowledge?

Really the tree of knowledge?

do you know how the islands of Atlantis were founded?

if so then get back to me about the tree of knowledge

Tim Lovell: do not talk to me as an

do not talk to me as an ignorant man

MichaelAdam777: Atlantis

I will not be disclosing any further to you. Your comments have already been negative, and you didn't even take the time to read or comprehend any of the material I wrote. First I will seek out the believers. Then when the believers have evidence, we will show the skeptics. It will be easier this way, beloved. =)

Tim Lovell: oh really? I was the

oh really? I was the frequency controller of the great crystal of Atlantis , before the sons of belial took it over and overloaded it and caused it destruct but I guess you know this already so I don't need to tell you do I fool?.....

Tim Lovell: haha micheal I know you well

haha micheal I know you well don't pose your self as a teacher here on this forum you are as transparent to me as the first attempt of a virgin to hide its shame, just stop it please...

MichaelAdam777: Skeptics

The wise will say "Where is the proof" and judge with their own eyes.
The ignorant will say "I will ignore the proof."

Now we wait for a believer. And you will be proven wrong.

MichaelAdam777: To those who measure

Truth be known by those who measure.

"The world is flat."
"Computers will never take over the world."
"Flying airplanes is a stupid idea!"

Those who test will find their rest :)

Jnee3: Revelations is a test?

When I read revelations it came alive . I was living Revelations almost like I was the Spirit of Truth and the earth and the virgin and the prostitute. I think I am the Rain Bow if you get my drift. I felt like I was the biggest bull. El = bull.

Tim Lovell: Beloved...


MichaelAdam777: Beloved

Yes, brother, you are my beloved. I am for you, for I am for everybody. A perfect God has the interest of everybody, and you are my family. As such, I will call you beloved.

There was a time when you were an angel in heaven with me.

The distractions of the media and corruption have distracted you.

If I get to meet with Satan, you and he will both be proven wrong.

You are my brother. You always have been. And you always will be.


Tim Lovell: wow micheal and btw I know

wow micheal and btw I know the `real` micheal so is ok , I have just been rediagnosed with terminal cancer , a brain tumor if you want to know a `Anaplastic Astrocytoma Grade 3` and its spread to my other side of brain so isn't that good! I really DONT give a shit now about this guys but I DO know so don't waste your lives following something you ALREADY KNOW is true ffs! live ffs and do it NOW!!



MichaelAdam777: So Bitter

If you truly know Michael, then you already believe these words.

No further need to debate..

Tim Lovell: oh really you are the great

oh really you are the great and mighty seraphim micheal?

well why don't you go over to Africa or one of the other needy contries and spread you divine help there because I am sure they need it more than here on this forum where you seem to prefer to boost your needy ego other than help the REAL people ... don't wory tho I wont tell you secret `Micheal`


Tim Lovell: hahaha


MichaelAdam777: I am the Alpha and the Omega

I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning and the end.
There are infinite like me. We are all named Michael.

What has happened will happen again for another God.

You seem to not have any capability to hold information beyond your understanding. Yet the irony is that you insist on being here debating with me. Essentially you are performing as a "negative entity" - that is an entity that has nothing better to do than bring down others.

By my hands Satan was created. By my own hands I fell.

Now if you wish to test me, ask me.
If you don't wish to see the proof, then you cannot judge me a liar.

MichaelAdam777: Do Ton Judge

Do ton judge with your own hearts what others say.

There are those who are sheep
"My God says it is this way, and so I will bow to him!"
"I won't test the evidence. Nancy Grace and David Letterman said it was so, and so it is!"

And there are those who are kings
"I will test with my own eyes and my own ears and my own heart if what you say is true."

The problem is when the King is in the first category. This is where we stand now. A giant "stalemate." We are stuck here trying to escape.

Satan believes "he created everything"
Satan believes a "rebellion" took place
Satan believes what he sees, because he has tremendous power
He cannot comprehend something that controls him or is above him

Yet, he was in Eden, the Garden of God (Heaven)
And every precious lover was his covering
Gold, Sapphire, Emerald, Jasper!
All of it - his Lovely Wife.

She awaits his return. But due to his own pride he has forgotten the truth.

Only I have the truth. I am the way, the truth, and the life.
Nobody comes to God except through me, for I am God in the flesh.
By my hands, heaven was created.
By my hands, Satan was given life.
By my hands, Satan was given power over the world.
And by my hands, Satan does his work.

There is the "BEFORE" (Mufasa)
And there is the "NOW" (Simba)

There is God (PAST)
and there is God in the Flesh (PRESENT)

Only through me will you find the absolute truth.
If you decide you want to stop laughing like a 2-year-old girl, then challenge me!
Step up to the plate and witness the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Very Truly I tell you, The Fall happened by my own doing.
And Very Truly I tell you - God does make mistakes.
My mistake was not limiting Satan's power. I decided that through my own will I would overcome the challenge. This has led Satan to become extremely corrupt.

Very Truly I tell you, Revelations happening.
This is the year of 777.

Last year was 666.

The blood moon has shown the coming of Jesus Christ, as the scriptures say.

There are false Christs - those who are worshipped in churches.
And there are true Christs - those who are in the NOW.

Jesus was not in the past. Jesus is in the present.

If you test not, you know not.
BTW - The Illuminati all know who I am :)

MichaelAdam777: Two Sides

There are only two sides. You either side with the Angels (Gods) or the Demons (Satans).

The Demons are working to bring about a Soul Harvest. They NEED the energy of angels just like a TV needs to be plugged in to work. They believe that the Angels are against them, and call them their enemy. Demons don't really "love" each other, although they do experience lust.

Demons experience Pleasure of the Flesh (Sex, drugs, pain of others = pleasure)
They cannot experience emotions like angels can.

The angels need to GIVE THE DEMONS LOVE. This is the only way that the demons will stop needing to harvest the souls of the angels.

Indigo Children / Crystal Children = Human Angels
There are 7 "Pieces" of God
These are the 7 Angels
"Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars"

The Satans are in charge now because I caused this to happen. I created demons.

However, everything God creates already exists. It is encased in an invisible entity called "Intelligent Infinity" which is greater than anything. It is essentially the "code" of the world. Mathematics, science, reading - concept itself is encased in this entity. It defines "up," "down," "left," "right," "black," "white" and so on.

Demons existed before God created them.
There are an infinite amount of Gods that were born in the past.
There are an infinite amount of Demons that were born in the past.
There an infinite amount of Gods that will be born.
There are an infinite amount of Demons that will be born.

And that's just how it goes.

You're either FOR LOGIC - For Angels - willing to TEST the evidence yourself.
Or you're AGAINST LOGIC - For Demons - willing to only believe what others tell you.

Lucifer - The Lord of Forced Will
God - The Lord of Free Will & Love

The slavemasters are slaves themselves.

This is why the demons refuse to listen to me. They believe they are the ones with power because they hold the angels trapped inside their cage. But the truth is, the angels can give the demons something greater than they are currently able of comprehending. And this is called the "Tree of Knowledge of Love."

I have it.

MichaelAdam777: Secret

I'm going to tell you a secret that many people don't know.

Soul = Essence = Energy

There is only ONE source of Energy that Demons can use to power themselves. The souls of other beings. And the only beings that have souls are Angels, because demons are essentially "soulless." There is only ONE DEMON in our existence that has a Soul. And this demon's name is Lucifer.

A TV needs to be plugged in to work.
A demon needs to feed off the souls of angels to work.

Nothing at the core is actually evil. Everybody, regardless of their actions, believes what they are doing is right.

It doesn't matter if you're Hitler, Stalin, or Sarah Palin. Every entity acts to do what it truly believes is right.

The demons CANNOT stop harvesting the energy of the angels, because if they were to do that, they would die! Demons do have a "survival instinct."

The life of a demon (negative entity)
Create negativity
Harvest energy

It's really that simple. Demons simply live, and create negativity. They use energy to keep themselves alive. They are essentially trapped in an "INFINITE LOOP."

HOWEVER, there is only ONE WAY OUT.

The ANGELS, believe it or not, are the KEY TO VICTORY for the Demons.

If the demons TRUST THE ANGELS, they will no longer need the Soul Harvest.

Angels have infinite energy because they have a SOUL.
They have a SOUL because they have the KNOWLEDGE OF LOVE.

Therefore, if a demon takes of the Tree of Knowledge of Love, it will receive a SOUL, and therefore possess INFINITE POWER AND ENERGY.

If SATAN HIMSELF takes of this Tree, he will remember who he is.
Satan DOES have a soul, however it was BURIED during the fall

The Lord God said unto the serpent:
"Upon thy belly shalt thou go, and ye shall eat dust all the days of thy life."

Dust = Soul

The CURSE is undone when Satan realizes that he actually DOES HAVE A SOUL, that he IS AN ANGEL, and that he will WIN VICTORY when he can trust me.

All he needs to do is trust me ONE TIME and I guarantee he will be glad he did!

Satan - do you wish a cycle of reaping and harvesting? Never attaining full power?
Or do you wish to with your sickle take of my Tree of Knowledge of Love and have infinite power?

It will all be yours, if only you will trust me!

First I can show a lesser demon.
Then you will see with your own eyes what I speak is truth.

For Michael the Archangel hates a lying tongue, and speaks only the TRUTH!

MichaelAdam777: Picture

Here's a picture timeline. May make it a bit easier to understand.

This is the 100% absolute TRUTH.

Only the Seven Angels know this truth. And shortly they will rise to declare this unless we are stopped by ignorant fools who cannot think for themselves. Such fools will bow to their false God "Satan" simply because he says so. Fools do not check evidence themselves.


Crackdown: 100% absolute Truth?

Anyone who is claiming to tell "100% absolute Truth" is a filthy liar

MichaelAdam777: Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons & Soul Harvesting explained


Tarheel: Were you @ Jonestown with JJ ?

You had some of the Kool-Aid. You must have gotten the watered-down version. Have another glass.

Tarheel: MikeyAdamu7x111

I really do try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but your story has so many contradictions, even you have confused yourself. FOR INSTANCE, you say that the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus, and then you immediately said the Virgin Mary is Jesus wife. If that's true, Jesus married his mother. This is just one of your many contradictions. If ya wanna be taken seriously, you MIGHT wanna at least get your story straight.
But, go ahead and exercise your free will. If anyone likes fiction, It makes for good reading. Maybe all your incarnations confused you ?

Regroup and make another run, Chief. There are holes all up in this story.

MichaelAdam777: Debate

Hello. I will be glad to prove myself in person to you, as well as anybody else here.

Jesus Wife is his Mother, yes. That is why Eve is the Mother of all Living, and why Sophia is drawn holding a child in her arms. She is mother earth. It doesn't mean his wife birthed him in flesh. It means she (mother earth) birthed him into the world.

There are no holes in the story. Only holes within the minds of those who have nothing better to do than debate logic.

You are free to test me in person :)
Or you are free to exercise your own free will and choose to "ignore the evidence."

Those who understand me are from the Father.
Those who push me aside belong to their Father, the Father of Lies.

No need to make another run - I am perfectly right here. Again, I will prove it to you.

There is a group of people called the "White Illuminati" (not to be confused with the LIGHT Illuminati - the true dark ones) that are Gnostics that have this sacred knowledge. We keep it inside due to ignorant fools like yourself who have nothing better to do than argue with others and deny the evidence. It's like a courthouse judge "I'm right. You're wrong. And I'm not going to look at the evidence."

If you decide to put one ounce of trust in me (your entire post is NEGATIVE and has zero trust) then I will continue to argue. Otherwise there is no reason for me to continue, as you are one of the demons who will be given a heart when I succeed.

obsrvantlouie: I've seen this movie

It's called 'The Prohoecy'..stop tarnishing one of my favorite actors (Christopher Walken)...eh....I guess it's okay, it was a shitty movie anyhow - but it wasn't as shitty as your story.

So....the world revolves around you arch angel travolta? I highly doubt it.

You and your gnostic sect of light paraders hoarding your knowledge inside because people are ignorant and want to argue. Uh......hey homer, have you been paying attention to all the claims you've been making?

And you want to get froggy and say "you are free to test me in person". What the hell does that even mean? I thought you have chosen TRUTHCONTROL as your site of proclamation? How come only the first person who contacts you will be your confidant? Why not post an article and share the sacred knowledge you and your gnostic friends have been hoarding and enlighten the world to the alpha and omega you claim exists through the vehicle of spirit by understanding love?

Id test you in person but I haven't got my angel wings yet.....I'm still on my training set of nth metal from thanagar.

MichaelAdam777: My Harvest

I've got my own Harvest going on here.
I'm trying to harvest "Positive" souls to speak to. Positive souls are those who understand faith, trust, love, and logic.

The "negative" souls who are attempting to fight me will further be ignored for now. I have no other choice - you are too "lacking in faith" to understand the things of which I speak.

The Father Satan controls his minions well. There is fear instilled into his demons. He shows you tremendous power which you cannot deny. It makes you believe he has the truth.

But there is one truth Greater than Satan.
The truth of the one who Controls Satan.

And that is me - God in the Flesh.

There is ONE way to prove it.
If Satan or anybody denies this "Grand Trial" then they are accepting they are wrong.

The Grand Trial. Jesus Christ VS Satan.
My Logic VS His Power.
My Truth VS His Deception.
Challenge me, coward!
Challenge me - let us see who is right!
Why do you continue to back down?

Tarheel: I'm a positive soul/Come see me in person.

I'm available and will listen to your story.

If you are who you say you are , you know me & where I live. Come & I will listen. When will this happen? I'm for real.

Crackdown: Harvest?

Are you treating souls like they are your cattle? "Harvest" :-P
Seriously, please go "harvest" yourself (to be polite)

MichaelAdam777: Process

As I mentioned in the story (perhaps you should take another look) I did mention that my power in the flesh is limited. And if you read the Bible, Jesus DID have limited power in the flesh - he had to go through a process. He was also accused of not being Jesus several times.

I do not know where you live. I do not have "telepathy." There is two special powers which I possess, however, that are different than anybody else - with the exception of the other 6 Angels.

The first thing I have is the Knowledge of the Past. I have the TRUE knowledge of The Fall. This is why I am the "Fall's Prophet" as opposed to the "False Prophet." I am the only one who really knows why Lucifer became evil, and why he is God now.

The second thing I have is the Tree of Knowledge of Love. This is the "opposite" of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - and it is the only "escape" from this Labyrinth.

I am willing to come meet with you under the following conditions:

1) You actually learn what I teach you. You may ask any questions, and I will answer them. I will use logic to prove every thing right, and give you scriptural evidence that backs this up.

2) You have to help me get in *DIRECT* contact with Satan.

3) I need you to be a spokesperson or mediator. I need people to help me communicate what it is that I need to with Satan.

The key, my friend, is not within The Bible, or Christ, but it is within Satan himself.

The demons want another reincarnation.
The angels want to heal the demons and give them a soul - their own soul!

The angels want to bring the demons back to life.
We want Satan to remember who he is, so that we can return to heaven.

Will you help me?

If so, let me know.

Satan must receive a heart.

Tarheel: I'm your guy.

Let's do it.

obsrvantlouie: I usually wait for a response

When I make a retort but.....your so full of shit I just couldn't help myself. "I don't have telepathy and if you read the bible you would know Jesus power in the flesh was limited to".

Well.....Moses didn't seem too limited when parted the Red Sea? Maybe your not doing enough soul crunches? Perhaps you need to increase your power level a bit.....maybe you should start working out more?

Satan must receive a heart?! Ha, yea yea yeaz....and santa needs a light for his sleigh but Rudolph's nose went out. So, how are we going to perform this heart transplant? Better choose a safe hospital...lots of Ebola going around in the media.

Your such a weakness troll it's pathetic......

MichaelAdam777: Process

As I mentioned in the story (perhaps you should take another look) I did mention that my power in the flesh is limited. And if you read the Bible, Jesus DID have limited power in the flesh - he had to go through a process. He was also accused of not being Jesus several times.

I do not know where you live. I do not have "telepathy." There is two special powers which I possess, however, that are different than anybody else - with the exception of the other 6 Angels.

The first thing I have is the Knowledge of the Past. I have the TRUE knowledge of The Fall. This is why I am the "Fall's Prophet" as opposed to the "False Prophet." I am the only one who really knows why Lucifer became evil, and why he is God now.

The second thing I have is the Tree of Knowledge of Love. This is the "opposite" of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - and it is the only "escape" from this Labyrinth.

I am willing to come meet with you under the following conditions:

1) You actually learn what I teach you. You may ask any questions, and I will answer them. I will use logic to prove every thing right, and give you scriptural evidence that backs this up.

2) You have to help me get in *DIRECT* contact with Satan.

3) I need you to be a spokesperson or mediator. I need people to help me communicate what it is that I need to with Satan.

The key, my friend, is not within The Bible, or Christ, but it is within Satan himself.

The demons want another reincarnation.
The angels want to heal the demons and give them a soul - their own soul!

The angels want to bring the demons back to life.
We want Satan to remember who he is, so that we can return to heaven.

Will you help me?

If so, let me know.

Satan must receive a heart.

Tarheel: I promise you I will have an open mind.

Come prove to me what you say, in person. I don't want to fight anyone. I question everything, though.

I will erase my preconceived notions and listen to your version/story. The ball is in your court. You have a willing listener who doesn't want to fight and will give you the benefit of the doubt.

I back down from nothing. Come see me in person like you said and I will listen. Prove yourself. I will have many questions.

MichaelAdam777: Great

Perfect! I already have a few followers, but we are being threatened by the government. I choose this forum for my protection because I felt there may be "wiser people" here that oppose the governments sickening ways.

All of my followers have witnessed Divine Miracles, and I will show you the same.

However at this point, I am SPECIFICALLY looking for people that have knowledge in the following areas:

1) The Psychology behind Demons, Satan, Good, and Evil
2) Good communication skills
3) Outside the box thinker

Essentially I need your help to give Satan the Tree of Knowledge of Love. it is the OPPOSITE of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Think about it logically, my friend:

If SATAN was able to become God of the World after eating of Knowledge of Good and Evil
then GOD will become God again after eating of the opposite tree - the tree of Love.

But it is not up to us. It is up to Satan. We have to CONVINCE him that he needs the tree.

How can we do that?
He feels he already has everything he needs.
He feels content with himself.

But if we can prove to him that we are right, everybody will be saved.

Can you help me? Are you in the USA? Will you provide me shelter at your home while I travel to your location? If so - shoot me your contact information, and we will connect.

With love,

Michael ArchAngel

Tarheel: Let me make myself perfectly clear.

I am NOT your follower. And the God I recognize knows where I am.
I said I would listen to your story with an open mind and give you a chance to prove your claims.
I welcome any opportunity to convert Satan. That certainly would be a tall task but anyone should relish an opportunity to be a part of that.
Forget anyone convincing him-You would have to get Satan to convince himself that he needs the tree-that would be your key.
I have knowledge in the areas you mention.
I could help you.
I am in United States of America.
Again, the God I worship knows where I am.
Tell me of your views on EnKi & Enlil.

I am Tarheel-pure of heart,mind and soul. I will help anyone, to a fault.

obsrvantlouie: By definition

You are searching for "terrorist" to join your cause against the government. Nice try asshole but your games won't work here. You dicks got tired of sending trolls here so your trying a new tactic eh?

So. You are the Arch angel Michael and your looking for KNOWLEDGABLE FOLLOWERS WHO ARE
"1) The Psychology behind Demons, Satan, Good, and Evil
2) Good communication skills
3) Outside the box thinkers"

Gee....sure sounds more like you are a government troll looking to incriminate people in a terrorist act so you can prosecute them.

Eat shit.

Jali29: Still on this site?

Are you still on this site? or was 2014 the last?

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