Can Sea Salt and Water Cure Aids?

by TillToTheWhen on November 17th, 2014

I believe it can. I believe aids is not a virus, but an immune problem, mostly caused from taking drugs.

I thought of this because lately I've been doing the simple water and unrefined sea salt flush and it's really cleaning me out. All kinds of parasites and other crap coming out of me quickly. It also detoxes the liver and kidneys as well as the colon..and this is very cheap and simple to do. Contrary to popular belief, this actually hydrated the body, not deydrates it. Just drink plenty of water too.

Here's some scientific info I found to back this up. (The below information was Taken from the website-


Does using sea salt and water cure aids sounds a bit far fetched? Yet it is one of the most often asked questions the hydration coaches get asked.

We hypothesize that, yes, water cures can help AIDS patients. When combined with other treatments, it can exponentially increase the positive outcomes. There are some who have used water cures and are saying they are AIDS free. We have not met them so cannot verify the truthfulness of their statement. We hold to the theory first shared by Dr. B and for some, it is a viable option to HAART, especially for those who cannot tolerate HAART.

HAART or Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy is an aggressive treatment used to suppress the HIV virus. Its purpose is to slow down the progression of the disease. This does work for some, even to the point that active virus is undetectable.

HIV / AIDS Commonalities

Those with HIV / AIDS experience common problems. Lets look at the commonalities and differences.

People with HIV / AIDS often have...

Immune deficiency
Weigh Loss and Wasting (called cachexia)
Inability to Tolerate HAART (due to intolerable gastrointestinal side effects)
Low Glutathione (GSH) Levels (due to a loss of sulfur)
Low Energy Levels
Low Sulfur Levels
Commonalities Found Only With Exhaustive Research

Chronic Unintentional Dehydration
Sodium and Electrolyte Imbalance
Decreased Levels of Sulfur
There are other commonalities, but for the purpose of this hypothesis, these are the ones we want to focus on. Within these we find the clues as to whether salt and water cure aids.

What Do We Think, What Do We Know
In the exploration of this disease, what do we think, what do we know and what can we prove. We have to use this with the question of whether salt and water cure AIDS / HIV.

HIV / AIDS is considered a viral disease. What if what we think is wrong?

What if, as Dr B suggested, AIDS / HIV is really a metabolic condition?

Ask yourself why humanity has not died from Polio, Smallpox, measles and numerous other viral diseases. Why have some people been pronounced aids free? Why did some people survive the Spanish Influenza while others, exposed at the same time in the same family died. Our bodies have the ability to defend against viruses yet HIV / AIDS persists.

We know that HIV / AIDS results in low glutathione levels and Low CG Syndrome, a condition name coined by Dr. Droge.

Dr. Droge received a Nobel Peace Prize for his AIDS /HIV research. He found that as the disease progressed, glutathione decreased. His findings provided the ability to tell how far the disease has progressed based on the glutathione levels.

For the purpose of this theory also note, Dr Droge also found a lack of sulfur in people with AIDS.

What Is Sulfur to Our Body?

Sulfur, a sticky, odiferous molecule, when combined with cysteine, it creates glutathione. Glutathione (GSH) is like a marine that who throws his body on live grenade to save the lives of his friends. Instead of a grenade, GSH throws itself on a free radical to prevent any further damage.This story has a happy ending. The broken down glutathione is recycled and made into more glutathione.

Until now, the research has focused on simply adding bioactive cysteine rich supplements or foods to the diet in order to increase glutathione.

We start with the idea (we think) that simply adding the sulfur to the diet using sulfur rich salt and the water cures protocol could produce the same results of increased glutathione. As always, we are looking for funding to research this project. Do not try this or any treatment with out consulting with your doctor or health care professional.

Research has found that boosting glutathione helps over 76 different diseases or conditions, including HIV / AIDS. The challenge is the cost of the nutricutical not covered by insurance. Supplement treatment could cost out of pocket as much as $600 a month.

In one study of 15 pediatric patients, in 10 cases, the nutricutical actually eliminated the HIV / AIDS totally as was found in a 5 and 10 year follow up. Yes, a cure but, since it happened at McGill Hospital in Canada, most did not hear about it in the US.

We know that sulfur amino acids help maintain the integrity of our cells. Sulfur influences the creation of glutathione in our bodies. Glutathione helps neutralize free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). GSH also detoxifies poisons and heavy metal toxins in the body. People who overdose on acetaminophen are given a treatment that helps the body to increase the glutathione levels.

The two amino acids in our bodies, cysteine and methionine cannot be stored by our body, We have to constantly supply our bodies with these. The best way is through our diet. It should be noted that they both have a sulfur component.

Research suggests that cysteine levels are the factor that limit how much GSH we make. It would seem that the only way to boost glutathione levels would be to increase the intake of bioactive cysteine. We would also have to take the cofactors that help our bodies make glutathione.

Cysteine intake is often spoken of as the main factor determining the amount of glutathione we produce. This information is often provided by the companies that sell glutathione boosting products.

There is no question that glutathione is essential to our health and well being. It is the bodies master antioxidant, master detoxifier and master immunity booster. When our levels of GSH are low, we experience degenerative diseases, toxic chemical build-up and are unable to eliminate heavy metals we take in both from food and breathing.

GSH is synthesized (made inside our body) from glutamate, cysteine, and glycine as it is catalyzed (activated) by enzymes. Studies show that eating enough protein is essential to maintain GSH levels in our body. In addition to getting cysteine in our diet or getting intravenous cysteine, we can get it from other sources.

We know that GSH is water dependent. Thus, another clue in the salt and water cure aids theory. The water and salt help rehydrate thus increasing GSH production.

Cysteine can be converted from methionine that is in us or that we get from foods we eat.

N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and L-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylate are effective precursors of cysteine for tissue GSH synthesis.

When methionine in our bodies is converted to cysteine, it cannot be reversed. This is why cysteine is not considered an essential amino acid so long as adequate methionine is available. Methionine, however, is an essential amino acid, even if there is or is not enough cysteine available.

What if there was a less expensive way to boost our glutathione? If we already have a lot of methionine in our bodies from foods we eat, what would it take to convert it to the cysteine we need?

Remember, both methionine and cysteine have sulfur as part of their makeup. Remember, HIV / AIDS is a condition of chronic fluid and electrolyte imbalance. HIV / AIDS patients have low CG syndrome and less than optimal sulfur levels in their bodies.

This provides yet another clue to answering the question, does unprocessed sea salt and water cure aids when following the water cure protocol?

Black (Sulfur Rich) Salt to the Rescue

There is a particular salt that is rich is sulfur. It is called black salt but is often not black. But it is rich in sulfur.

Note: This is not for regular consumption for those using the water cure protocol. This provides an interesting taste sensation for foods. Long term use for health should only be done under the direction of a health professional.

Sulfur is important for our joints, cartilage, skin and blood vessels. These are managed by compounds that are dependent on sulfur like glucosamine, heparin sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. When sulfur is depleted, the body in unable to make needed repairs, resulting in degeneration and the cells suffer.

Another sulfur related process in the body is sulfation. It is part of the detoxification in the liver. This is especially important when it comes to detoxifying pharmaceutical drugs from the liver.

The sulfation process of detoxification results in sulfur containing amino acids being depleted. Individuals taking pharmaceutical medications often need additional dietary sulfur for this very reason.

This is what we know. But, what can we prove as to the question, can sea salt and water cure aids?

At least one study supports this theory. There is evidence that consuming sulfur can increase the amount of cysteine in our body. Think of this, simply consuming about $10 dollars worth of salt a moth could have the same health benefits of $600 dollars worth of nutricuticals.

Of course, we do not know for sure, but the science and logic seem to point to this as being a viable option to answer the question, can sea salt and water cure aids?

Salt and Water Cure Aids Warnings
Increasing your sulfur intake without balancing other needs could cause severe health problems. By increasing your sulfur you could be depleting your selenium, iron and other important nutrients that may not be easily absorbed.

This is our theory as to whether sea salt and water can cure aids? It is an extreme use of salt compared to the normal water cures protocol.

The Salt and Water Cure Aids Conclusions

Based on the limited data and the common sense of it all, the prospect is that the Water Cures is a viable option to stop aids. Those that have tried and succeeded will say yes, the salt and water cure aids theory is viable. We are waiting till we get more testimonials where we can personally look at the data and validate the statements.

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TillToTheWhen: Look into that natural "drug"

Look into that natural "drug" Sam-e which is a good "source" of Glutathione
and is available OTC in America.

It's expensive, but worth it. Online you can get it much cheaper.

Tim Lovell: dude HIV was created by the

dude HIV was created by the reptillians, in their deep underground bases for the cabal who wanted to reduce the world population this is true and it is a virus , they created it like all the viruses, viruses are just weapons, not naturally occurring they did not `evolve` they were created not for just destructive means , some were created to cause random mutations in the genetic stock of the planet etc its complex..

pasqualie: Water wont cure Aids or Cancer

Aids is caused by a virus, it goes into your cells and replicates, causing your t cells to decrease in number weakening your immune system, and you end up dying from something else because of this.

If you get Aids, you are done basically unless you can afford 100 thousand dollars in drugs a year like Magic Johnson.

Cancer is basically the uncontrolled growth of cells in your body. They think its because the onco or cancer genes get turned on and you get an uncontrolled growth of mutated cells in the body which eventually kills you. They found in the energy metabolism or electron transport system, there are extra pathways. What this does is because there is an uncontrolled growth of certain mutated cells, these cells require energy, so they divert this energy through extra pathways found in the electron transport cycle for energy metabolism in your body. That is why you see cancer patients wasting away, because the rest of the body is being denied the energy they need to have normal function and health.

Modern medicine is not perfect, but if you in a situation where you have either of diseases in advanced stage, its not a good thing. Baring some kind of miracle, you are pretty much done. Its why you dont have many examples of these things happening on a large scale. Some people heal unexpectedly but for the majority its not the case.

Modern medicine uses the treatements for cancer and aids but especially in cancer because there is a high chance you dont make it. So depending on the cancer cuz it varies, but if its a bad one you have a 5 percent chance if you do the chemo and radiation. The theory being in chemo and radiation, you kill the cancer cells hopefully before you kill off the rest of the bodys cells.

My thoughts is if these natural cures had a significantly better success rate it would have gotten out and they would not been able to keep it hidden.

Healthy lifestyle in a healthy body is one thing, but once you get into the realm of where you are looking at options, i dont think alternative medicine has any better success than with conventional medicine. Even in a small number of people, you have smokers living long lives into their 90's. So there is no set rule.

People trust modern medicine because the advent of antibiotics and other medicines have prolonged health and life in people. This cannot be denied. It does get sketchy in the ones that have no cure but at the end of the day everyone has to basically do their own research and go with what they feel gives them the best chance.

You have to look at it this way, yes in america big pharma and medicine is big business, so expensive treatments is the way to go in corporate america. But there are other countries around the world where health care is run by the governments and its costs them money so having an unhealthy population is not beneficial to them.

Its why obama passed to a certain degree a national health care bill. Because 500 thousand americans were going bankrupt each year because they got sick, as well as companies like General Motors was complaining about rising health care costs. They were spending more on employee health care plans than they were spending on steel. It was making american companies less competitive and at a great disadvantage if things were not fixed. So although obama care may not be perfect, it is an attempt to fix a problem in the united states. The problem of rising health care costs every year. Most people dont realize it but full coverage for a family of 3 is like 20k a year, and it was rising. And the ones that had cheap policies from work, well the insurance companies were playing bean counter games depending on if you can afford expensive lawyers to fight them when they cut your plan off when you got sick.

TillToTheWhen: Pasqualie,


The treatments DID get out. They are not hidden. They are just forbidden to be used by doctors.

You saw the apricot kernels and I told you I personally got rid of cancer using them. They work 100% i know it for a fact. So unless you're calling me a liar, there is no argument here.

And Tim, were you there in the laboratory when they created this so called virus? If not, then you don't know. Don't believe everything you read or hear. Lots and lots of lies out there from people with an agenda. However, normal people claiming they cured their aids with salt water have absolutely no reason to lie.

Use your commen sense here guys. I dont want to waste energy arguing over this. Anyone with Aids should definitely try the salt water cure, because they have nothing to lose. I posted a link which backs it up with scientific evidence.

pasqualie: Look at Steve Jobs

He did a herbal treatment and where did he end up.

TillToTheWhen: Herbal treatments aren't

Herbal treatments aren't enough. Many of them will just cause more problems. you need to approach it in the sense of strengthening your immune system. Salt water cure is a great place to start to get all the toxins out of your body.
Also mind, mediation is also important. Nobody should forget that.

And salt is not an herb, sea salt contains all the micro nutrients that we are dificient on

TillToTheWhen: Sorry guys, I don't buy it. I

Sorry guys, I don't buy it. I believe Aids is not even a real diseae. It's simply a weakened immune system which results in the collection of all sorts of different diseases. I've heard the conspiracies about how they created it in a laboratory....but I think it's actually caused from drugs and nothing else. I do not believe it is sexually transmitted either.

Your body can cure anything, including this so called "Aids" and I don't believe you need to be rich either. It won't hurt to try the salt water cure at least. Why would people lie and make up stories about curing their aids with the salt water? IT costs nothing, so no money to be made there. Makes no sense. The drugs they give you for HIV like AZT is actually what kills you. They weaken your immune system to the point of "Aids"

Tim Lovell: I am sorry TT you are wrong

I am sorry TT you are wrong but you can belive whatever :)

Tim Lovell: look TT I know what you mean

look TT I know what you mean about the natural remedies etc I know trust me , also thoughts create reality so a lot of disease is from our thoughts , but trust me when I tell you HIV WAS created by the reps , it is not from drugs but belive as you wish

TillToTheWhen: It's not that I dont trust

It's not that I dont trust you. I just think you're mistaken. You have no way of knowing if it was created, unless you were in the laboratory with them. You're just going by what you heard right?

TillToTheWhen: Even if I am wrong, it doesn

Even if I am wrong, it doesn't matter because the salt water flush can only help. It can't hurt anyone. So I didn't provide any bad advice either way.

TillToTheWhen: The site gave the

The site gave the precautionary info such as supplementing with Selenium and other nutrients, and doing it only under a doctor's supervision.

Tim Lovell: erm actually I do but don't

erm actually I do but don't worry , also TT injecting salt water into sugar cubes wont cure Ebola , ask the relief wokers in sierra leon...(cant spell)

Tim Lovell: look TT listen to this song

look TT listen to this song and tune out for a bit its awesome :D

We do what we like! And we like what we do!!


TillToTheWhen: thanks Tim

thanks Tim

TillToTheWhen: Well I dont worry about Ebola

Well I dont worry about Ebola. Not sure about that. I heard massive doses of Vitamin C injected would cure Ebola. But Hardly anyone has ebola so nothing to worry about. Aids is more to worry about since tons of people on drugs.

pasqualie: People Lie for many reasons

its human nature. usually its for some benefit, and there is some monetary value attached.

in the new age movement is very prevalent, they pushing a natural agenda of love and light which is fine. but you get some that start giving health advice. in the case of the healthy people its of little consequence, if the stuff just ends up being hogwash, they just lose some money buying health food supplements.

but in the case of real health issues, it has real consequences. in health treatments there is a reason why there needs to be proof something works on a wide scale. thats why in some cases they give placebos to people and some people get cured taking sugar pills in a few cases.

you have to be very careful with what you read, and use discernment. because in the new age movement as well, you will find people who do not give a shit about other people as well, other than selling them stuff and making money.

you will see alot of fantastic stories. some of these new age guys they take on a complex and start telling fantastic stories, so they become like these evangelists that bring people on stage and slap them on the forehead to cure them of something.

you always have to use discernment.

one famous guy in the new age moment well people think him as very spirtual. but he was making prophecies and they didnt come to pass in 2012. as well he was telling fantastic stories about technology he was making with friends and the cia would not them produce it because it would bring down the economy. and he even went as far to say there is some super oxygenated water the turks are making which heals all disease, and even cleans up the environment if you sprinkle it because its conscious. he said in 2000 the governments agreed for them to release it into the oceans to clean it up and it will take 2 years and everything will be fine. look at the oceans and see if it worked.

we live on a planet what is comprised of pathogens and microbes and viruses. its why there is disease. some of it is because of weakened immune system, but once they get in, they cause disease processes.

what you are saying is you dont believe there are viruses, bacteria and fungi which cause disease and this simply is not true. get a sexually transmitted disease and take salt water and see if it gets cured as an experiment. it wont kill you, and if it doesnt work, then you can just take some antibiotics to cure it. its like saying i dont believe in sexually transmitted diseases, its just a weakened immune system.

TillToTheWhen: No I was not sayng I dont

No I was not sayng I dont believe in bacteria or fungus. I am saying with a strong immune system, you wont have a fungus or bacteria (or virus....if you want to call it problem.

TillToTheWhen: What you are implying is that

What you are implying is that a healthy immune system cannot fight off bacteris and viruses...and I believe you are incorrect about that.

The reason people die from "Aids" is BECAUSE of a weakened immune system, which results from metabolism imbalances, which iss a result from drugs. Believe me, I've done lots of research on this.

TillToTheWhen: There's TONS of reports of

There's TONS of reports of people who cured their "aids" by simply avoiding drugs and strenthging (rebuilding) their immune system.

All disease is curable. Because it's not really "disease" it's actually an imbalance in the body. This is the secret, but with enough research you'll see that this is the truth.

Tim Lovell: TT I have to ask aghave HIV

TT I have to ask aghave HIV ?ain how old are you?
Also do you or have you ever had cancer of any type?

also do you have HIV?

and also what gives you the right to preach tbh utter bullshit about how
seawater can cure the illusionary symptom of AIDS , tbh how dare you?
who are you to preach this bullshit untruth , that spits on the graves of
every person that has died of this horrible disease , TT please stop this ok


TillToTheWhen: I never said seawater cures

I never said seawater cures anything. Seawater is deadly infact.

I said Sea Salt flush might help aids patients. I never said it cures it. I am not shitting on anyone's grave. Just tryin to help those who are unfortunate enough to have aids.

I posted a link to scientific evidence...did you read it?

I am getting old myself. But no I don't have HIV (Well I've never been tested) and yes I had cancer, remember I got rid of it using Apricot Kernels.

I know you think that there is no cure, but then why are there TONS of reports of people curing it?

Use your brain Tim. Stop trusting the medical establishment.

Have a good night. I will not argue about this any longer. You can beleive what you want but i am not disrespcting anyone who died. Actually the people who died from aids would know the truth now, and they would be proud of me for trying to help the people who have it now.

It's so obvious that aids is from weakened immune system. What proof do you have that it was created in some laboratory? I posted evidence, now why don't you post some to back up your points?

Tim Lovell: ill be sure to pass on your

ill be sure to pass on your thanks to them for their respect and awareness of you and your awareness of their death....sigh

TillToTheWhen: dude, tim, you do know that I

dude, tim, you do know that I DIDNT WRITE this article? So why are you blaming me or bitching me out for something I didn't even write. I just copied and pasted it from a site online where I found the info. I did absolutely nothing wrong by doing that. Bluesbaby does the same thing all the time. They post links to articles that they DID not why don't you bitch her out for everything that she posts, that you dont agree with?

I never said anything personally except that I believe that aids is from a weakened immune system. Are you saying I don't have a right to my own beliefs or own opinions? If so, then you are supporting the robot.

You need to realize all I did was post a link to a site with scientific info. And I said "I believe it's true" ....I never made any claimns that it WAS true. I am entitled to believe what I want. How is me beleiving that aids is from weak immune system shitting on anyone's grave??

Either way I won't talk about it anymore. I don't want to upset you. Just wanted to make it clear that I DID NOT write that article. Just posted a link for it, like bluesbaby always does. She admitted she doesn't nessecarily believe everything she posts a link to is true, and the same here. I take everything with a grain of salt (No pun intended)

Tim Lovell: What you post you are

What you post you are commiting to, don't , come back at me crying about my responses , are you too weak to stand up to what you say?
come on MAN>?


Tim Lovell: don't cry

don't cry

Tim Lovell: Boo Hoo don't expect me to

Boo Hoo don't expect me to give a shit , I wont be crying , I see what you post so stand up now and be a man for what YOU post , don't stand behind an excuse of it wasn't MY post ... pussy

Tim Lovell: TT this is the second time I

TT this is the second time I have done this to you...

mabey learn?

TillToTheWhen: I did stand up for it. I said

I did stand up for it. I said my beliefs (which I am entitled to)

you made false claims about me saying that I said salt water cured aids. I never said anything like that. I posted a link to a site. I didn't know you'd get all butthurt.

Sorry, I promise I dont do it again. But nothing you can do to change my beleifs. I'm not blind like you.

TillToTheWhen: and Im also not a robot like

and Im also not a robot like you, who beleives everything he's been told by the mainstream.

You're an obvious shill, so I wont waste time posting here anymore.

Have fun with your propaganda campaign

Tim Lovell: iam sorry TT , dammit , ffs

iam sorry TT , dammit , ffs im sorry I do speak my mind too much pls forgive me , don't leave the site man I am sorry ok :(

Tim Lovell: well ebola is a filovirus, it

well ebola is a filovirus, it is only spread by human body fluid contact like blood from infected etc , or sweat (people handling dead to bury them etc...) now these deadly pathogens are so far not airborn thank god, if it went airborn it would be like the virus from the movie `Outbreak` very bad...

pasqualie: Always use discernment

Know this guy who takes colloidal silver and white gold ormus, he says it keeps him healthy and from disease free and it will cure all things.

and yet he posts on a bit ago he is in pain and recovering from his latest bout of shingles.

TillToTheWhen: The thing about Collidal

The thing about Collidal Silver is that it costs so much at the store. I heard you can make your own though. But it would cost about $300 per month at least if you supplemented with it.

I take it every now and then. It's ok, I didnt notice anything substantial from it though.

Tim Lovell: haha , I just got told to

haha , I just got told to make sure I do not go near people with shingles or chicken pox due to my white blood cell count being down cause of the temozolomide, hmm my oncologist also said the chicken pox virus stays dormant in everyone who has had it as a child, but he has seen about 4 people in his career (Adults on temozolomide treatment) who had recurance of chicken pox , so it can happen , yes these drugs do fuk up your system ..

Tim Lovell: also the colloidal silver or

also the colloidal silver or etherium gold is just a scam trick to take advantage of the new age movement, the orion queens and others (nibiruan et races etc) made gold into mono atomic gold to ingest to enhance their neural systems and chackra bases but in the end it destroyes their systems because it pushes to the top in deference of the lower systems resulting in a `crash` , do NOT take gold...

TillToTheWhen: Some silver supplements are

Some silver supplements are dangerous too. But there is a safe one on the market....I can't remmeber what it's called though. It uses a 10 ppm very NANOscopic particle size. So it's safe to use, but I never got much out of silver supplements. I'm sure they work to a degree though. I took them for my abscessed teeth. Garlic worked better to instantly cure my pain. But I recently had a NASTY NASTy abscesse which nothing would help. Even garlic stopped working after a while. So I hit it with everything and the kitchen sink and finally once I gargled with lime juice, (pure lime juice) the pain was gone the next day. I never go to doctors or the dentist. So Im forced to treat everything on my own.

pasqualie: i think the white gold ormus

was not meant to be taken indefinitely.

the problem was they took it chronically every day. and its where the problems happened, they went insane. because their body built up a tolerance, they were taking more and more to get the same effect until it stopped working.

but if you take it as it is meant like in 3 month cycle and take alot of time off, i dont think you get the negative effects. but its just my view on it.

Tim Lovell: TT ffs stop listening to the

TT ffs stop listening to the new age bulshit and grow up , my god are you that naïve that you belive all that shit? please stop insulting all people suffering from and dying from cancer, please stop insulting and spitting on all the people dying from HIV and ALL the other viruses.. , the new age was a pile of BULLSHIT and stop promoting its fucking lies okay?


TillToTheWhen: Obviouly I am not entitled to

Obviouly I am not entitled to my own beliefs here at truth control.

In order for me to not shit on the aids victims graves, I must beleive in the medical establishment, which I know lies and scams people.

Makes a lot of sense!

I am leaving this site for good this time. Sick of being ridiculed by obvious shills.

Tim Lovell: TT I didn't say salt water

TT I didn't say salt water CURED AIDS, I said salt water injected into a sugar cube cured AIDS, make sure next time...


Tim Lovell: try telling truth next time

try telling truth next time

Tim Lovell: Mabey if you contracted an

Mabey if you contracted an incurable disease and your perspective changed as a result ? It is easy to preach that rose water cures all ills from the safety behind your keyboard , but mabey it changes when its your liver or pancreas that is infected with blastomas , or when you have a malignant melanoma on your left boob , then mabey your world view would sober up from the rose water view... ..

Tim Lovell: Hey TT before you watch this

Hey TT before you watch this vid it explains a lot!

Tim Lovell: before you `go` sorry ....

before you `go` sorry ....

crystaljoseph6449: Hiv cure

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