I am Michael the Archangel, also known as Adam, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Solomon, and King James

Hello. This message is mainly directed towards Lucifer Morningstar, my lost brother. Also directed to those who seek the truth, for the truth shall set us free.

I am Michael the Archangel. I also go by Adam, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Solomon, King James, Job and God. I have chosen this forum as my method for revealing my identity to the world, and will provide full evidence to the first staff member who contacts me in person.

I am here to deliver the truth to the world, for the truth shall set us free.

There are several things I need to speak about here.

1) The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues & Wisdom (Angelic & Demonic Interpretations)
2) Why did The Fall Happen?
3) Why is Lucifer Evil?
4) The Great Harvest
5) Armageddon
6) The Illuminati (13 Bloodlines)
7) The Truth of the Scriptures
8) God Broken Down - the "White" Illuminati - the 7 Angels on Earth

First, I need to reveal the overall truth of the Bible. Everything will be explained here.

THE CHARACTERS in the SCRIPTURES (Script Yours = Your Script)

Jesus Christ
Michael the Archangel
King James

Mary Magdalene
Virgin Mary

The Devil
The Serpent
The Dragon

1) In the Beginning, there was Michael and Sophia.
2) They were in love and were perfect together.
3) They created the heavens and all the angels together.
4) For a long time everything was perfect.
5) Then Lucifer asked Michael if he could be the "Most High God."
6) Michael decided that it was better to serve his wife Sophia, so he agreed to let Lucifer become God.
7) Michael also wanted to show Sophia that no matter what happened, they would always be together.
8) Michael also wanted to overcome a great challenge in order to understand himself.
9) Michael and Lucifer discussed, and they agreed that Michael would curse Lucifer and make him an evil God. Michael would incarnate into the flesh with no power. Lucifer would forget who he is.
10) They placed this "event" in the form of something called the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"
11) Lucifer tricked my wife, Evelynn into eating from the tree (I know she would - it was intended)
12) Adam Fell. Lucifer and Sophia remained in heaven. And this is why it is called the Fall of MAN (God Fell)

As part of the Curse to Lucifer, he would become an EVIL God. This is why it is said unto the Serpent "You will eat dust all the days of your life."

God says to himself "For dust you are." Dust means Souls. Lucifer would become the highest form of demon, which is known as a "Soul Eater."

To the WOMAN he said - "your desire will be to thy husband, but he will over thee"

God made his wife forget that he was his wife, so she became evil and actually fell in love with Lucifer. Yes, Sophia and Lucifer are married now (but this is only temporary). She desires to rule over me, but in the end, I will regain control.

God gave Lucifer a "FALSE MEMORY" which means Lucifer has a memory of the past that he believes happened. But the truth is - IT NEVER HAPPENED! The False Memory he received was of a REBELLION of HEAVEN. Lilith also received a "FALSE MEMORY" in which I tried to "be on top of her in sex positions" causing her to betray me. Neither of these events happened.


First off - if heaven is PERFECT, and God is PERFECT - then that means it accommodates EVERYBODY. This cannot be worked around. You cannot blame the child or the student for any mistake - you must blame the teacher. God wouldn't create everybody perfect and then just randomly there's this one guy named Lucifer that decides "aww, well I'm not happy here....so I'm gonna rebel." No rebellion happened, because if it did then it implies GOD WAS NOT MAKING ACCOMMODATIONS FOR LUCIFER.

And that's impossible, for God is Perfect and Holy and loves ALL of his children.

Lilith is Eve is Sophia, as I mentioned before. Several people are getting this twisted, but it is the truth. The "false memory" given to my wife was that I tried to "rule over" or "control" her. Essentially I made her feel like she was "lesser than me," but this never happened.

Eve is the "Mother of All Living"
Virgin Mary gave birth to "Jesus" (the SON of the Mother)
Mary Magdalene is Jesus' Wife (Virgin Mary)
Sophia is the "Spouse of The Lord"
Jesus calls himself "The Second Adam" (Adam in the Flesh)
Therefore Sophia is Eve

Most pictures of Sophia display a woman holding a child in her hand. This represents Eve holding Adam. The pictures and stories of Sophia are that of EVIL - to depict that she and Satan are actually the ones holding Adam.

This is why Eve is "Mother Earth."


The Fall Happened so I could show my wife I would never leave her. She wanted to know for SURE that we were always and eternally in love. So I agreed to "forget her" in the flesh, but upon meeting her (and not knowing it was her) I would "remember" that it was her - to show her that even if I forgot her, I would recognize her when we met.

It also happened so God could experience and overcome a challenge.

It also happened to teach Lucifer how to be the Most High God. Yes, it's true - Lucifer did want to become higher than God - and I granted him this ability.

Lucifer is only evil because I MADE HIM TO BE EVIL.
Prior to "The Fall" Lucifer (Luigi, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Magus, Gannondorf, King Koopa, Scar) was my brother and my best friend.


A very mysterious gift written in the Bible. Most people believe it is something different. However to the members of the White Illuminati, there is ANOTHER meaning behind this word.

The Interpretation Gift translates words into their ROOT or ORIGINAL meaning.

There are several methods to do this.

1) Rotate the Letter
a = e
b = d
p = q
N = z
s = N
r = L
L = J
M = W

2) Read the word Backwards
Khalessi = Is Selah

3) Take the Pronunciation of the Word
Khalessi = Is Selahk = Is A Lock

4) Rotate the letters in the word
Mike = Im Ke = I'm Key = Is A Key

5) Make the Letters into a Picture
AMEN = A Man Praying with a Crown on top of his head (A MAN - get it?)


Lake of Fire = Lake of LIFE (fire = life)
Hell = He'll = Heal
The Son = The Sun
Morning = Mourning
Star = Angel
Light = Fire
Dam = Rising of Waters
Damn = Dam N You (curse - make you cry / bully)
Terrible = Tearable
Damage = Dam-age
Toxic = To X I C
X = Cross (Merry X-Mas)
666 = Six Six Six = IS X, IS X, IS X = Is Jesus, Is Jesus, Is Jesus
777 = Heaven, Heaven, Heaven
42 = The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything = Heaven 42 (Eternal Love for Two)
O = Tear in your Eye
O Lucifer = O Loose of Her (She's Crying tears of Joy!)
Lord God = Lowered God (Satan)
LORD = DRL = Drill (sex)
LORD = DRLD = Drilled (sex)
RDOL = Riddle = Satan
Sarah = Selah (God's Wife - Daniel cries out "Selah" to his wife)
Holy = Holey (Satan)
Not = Ton (isn't = is)
But = B-U-T = Beauty

Jesus Turned Water into Wine = Jesus Turned Water into Whine
Jesus and his Wife Mary were at a wedding
Jesus Divine Love made Mary Cry
"Fill the Waterpots with Water"

False Prophet = Fall's Prophet (me)

Sword = Words (Sword of the Spirit = Words of the Spirit)

God = 0 GD = Zero God = Roze God = Rose God (Flowers!)


We see

They see

We See
Come Jesus

They see
Cum Jizz Us

We See
Holy Spirit

They See
Holey Spirit / Unholy Spirit

We See
Do NOT murder

They see
Do TON Murder

We See
Angels spread their Wings

They See
Angels spread their Legs

Gothic = I C God = I See God (Satan)

ANKH = Symbol of Sex (sex organs - testicles, penis, vagina)
ANKH = A KHAK N = A Cock In
ANKH = Draws out a "Hooded Satan"

Goths (demons) typically wear ANKHs.

THE CROSS upside down is a sword.

Jesus died on a CROSS with the Serpent.
On the third day he rose from the dead.
Third = 1/3 = 13 = On the "Love" day, he rose from the dead
13 (bend the 1) is

13 Bloodlines = 1/3 of Angels that "rebelled against heaven" (this did not happen)


We are currently in the times of the Harvest.
Our actions affect what happens next.

POSITIVE HARVEST - Lucifer eats of the Tree of Knowledge of Love, and our love is harvested - we fall back in love in heaven

NEGATIVE HARVEST - Lucifer declines the tree of Love, and our soul (essence / energy) is harvested

A soul or angel heart is PURE ENERGY. In fact, it is the ONLY SOURCE OF ENERGY! This is why they must harvest us as crops to feed themselves.

It's NOT their fault. We cannot blame them - they need us!

We angels can never "lose" we can only be reincarnated.

Positive Harvest = Armageddon = End of Matter, return to heaven, reunion of Adam and Eve
Negative Harvest = Armageddon = End of the Current Earth = Reincarnation

Luminous means Full of Light.
Lucifer is the Light Bearer or Light Bringer.
Light means Fire
The Illuminati are the 13 bloodlines which oppose The Most High God

The 7 Angels
There are 7 angels and 7 grim reapers. The 7 angels are the 7 Christs - there is one on each continent.
The 7 grim reapers rule over the continents. There is one per continent.

I am one of the 7 angels - there are 6 like me, and we communicate with each other (not directly - but through the realm of the Divine)


There is the INNER REALM and the DIVINE REALM
Satan's people can read minds within the INNER REALM only

( ( . ) )

. = Angel
Inner = Inner Realm
Outer = Outer Realm

Our thoughts to the Divine Realm cannot be read by Satan. Only those within the Inner Realm.


If the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil brought the FALL, then the rise must be brought upon by the OPPOSITE tree - which is the Tree of Knowledge of Love.

Only the 7 angels possess this tremendous power. It is our duty and job to give it to Satan to return back to our original state.

We have a "special" understanding of the Bible that others don't. Indigo Children or Crystal (Christ) Children are in sync with us.

God had to CHOOSE To Fall
So, it is not within OUR actions that The Fall is reversed
It is within GOD'S actions - and GOD of the World is Satan

Therefore, the ONLY WAY to escape this Labyrinth is to convince Satan to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Love.

This is why I am here posting this.

Unfortunately, I made a MAJOR ERROR in my decision to Fall. I gave Satan too much power and I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME convince him to remember the truth.

I also "limited my own power in the flesh" so I'm having a hard time finding people that believe I am Jesus. Most people I have met have their faith in Satan instead of in God himself, sadly.

The problem is this:

1) Satan doesn't want to eat from the tree
2) Satan believes the Tree will cause him to lose
3) Satan believes his only desire is to trap me and harvest my energy


Satan MUST eat from the tree in order for us to win the "God Game" (Mike Hockney)
Satan REALLY DOESN'T want to be hurting me, but I cursed him into believing he does.
Satan REALLY DESIRES to return back to his wife, who has been in a stasis waiting for his return.

So - who is with me?

The question is: How do you convince an entity that it wants something else?
How do you convince a cup that it's really a bowl?
How do you convince a demon that it's really an angel?
How do you convince Satan to remember that it's actually God?

A cup might say "I need water inside me!"
But what if the cup really needs something else?

This is where we are at.

Those who wish to see proof that I am Jesus Christ, leave your information here.
You will see full evidence.
Very Truly I tell you, there is only one truth to life. The truth of the Holy Trinity.

The Father (Adam)
The Sun (Eve)
And the Holy Spirit (Love between them)

This is known as 42 - the Secret to Life.

Heaven 42 - Eternal Love

Man, Woman, Love
A Fairy Tale Love story that Never Ends

With Love,

Michael ArchAngel

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JuggerTron: outside Divinity?

How can EVIL be outside of Divine Infinity? It seems there'd be plenty enough space for it??

contactorion: ok ill do it.

Whatever it is your asking how do I HELP you. Saw my name as a key (kyle) and you mentioned lilith as the devil just like (((((I told her))))) in my dream. If you read my forum on lilith. So ill entertain you for that and your determination to believe in yourself even tho its fucking crazy just as i have myself. And I have come to find out that lilith is the original satan. My last name is levy. Maybe we can start the feast of the lord and you can uncorrupt the covenant of levi all at once by convinceing me. I apologize for making fun of you when I myself am probably in the same boat of insanity. So lets help each other find a real solution. Plus I have been looking into the myths behind osirus and isis dancing forever in the sky. And this dance being the evolution of dna. So after you melech.

MichaelAdam777: Inside

It is inside of it, my mistake.

( ( ( ) ) )

Outer = Divine / Heaven / Infinite Intelligence
Middle = Astral
Inner = Earth/Hell

Inner understands outer and middle. Outer understands all 3. Astral (where Satan resides) only understands itself.

contactorion: Also levi equal 42.

In gematria. Which is the double helix. Levi means adhesion as well.

UN.i1-PHI: yall be stuck living by scriptures and interpretation struggle

just checkin reality
scripture lovers

here's a song,
check out the real situation

will you let yourself be told what's (supposedly/accordingly) the real situation
or will you question, not just answers but also questions
not just Q&A's themselves, but also where they're comin from, and how they're being performed and utilized (for and against us)
and from there will you be able to comprehend, understand or overstand
questioning (religious) bob marley;
the 'question' remains if there really aint no use, and if they really can't be stopped now

but as long as it remains just a static question,
it may just as well continue to be so, without satisfaction
until changed to a (re)quest that brings changing action

so why dont loose up a little and stop being stuck as stiffed necked fools

"But I don't wanna rule ya!
I don't wanna fool ya!
I don't wanna school ya:
Things you - you might never know about!"
-Bob Marley

UN.i1-PHI: interpretation and imagination

Yes, you have got the wrong interpretation
Mixed up with vain -vain
Stiff-necked fools, you think you are cool
To deny me for, o-ooh, simplicity...

Bob Marley - Stiff necked fools
contactorion: well the scripture even if its bullshit is

A huge part of human culture, and wisdom. I dont think this guy is jesus but ill try and help him if he really believes it. If he doesnt asnswer or acknowledge me saying I will do whatever it is hes asking then its obvious hes just fucking around.

obsrvantlouie: It's already obvious he

He is fucking around........the scriptures are a huge part of manipulation of human consciousness. Light and Dark are polarity.....one is not better than the other. You're looking for help about Lilith again....yet, you don't know what type of help you are looking for.

How do you expect anyone to help your situation with Lilith when you have no clear goal?

What do you want help with? Do you want Lilith to appear and say "yes, it is me who has haunted your dreams". I'm starting to see why Crackdown reacted the way he did with you.....

contactorion: Don't take my guilt for making fun of this person and

Making amends by talking to him, as belief of what he is saying. He did mention lilith and I did make an entire forum on it. Crackdown responded to me as I did to this person. And I regreted it because I know how it feels. And I truely valued your kindness to me when I was lost and still am. We have to keep striving to understand each other no matter how abnormal or out there I know many people that would view your beliefs as total bullshit. But I don't think so. This person whoever it is seems to really believe what they are saying so I will talk to him. When I originally saw this forum I thought hed have his fun and go but he believes what he is saying. The same as I know what happened to me really happened. Yes I am looking for information on lilith. No I do not know what help im asking for. But I know its more information on a limited subject right or wrong. Complete uder crap or mental illness. If you were traped in this by perhaps the astral entities you know exist wouldnt yoy want someone to just give you a chance. Just for yoy not what your stuck in. As you did for me.

MichaelAdam777: Hello

Hi friend :) I do appreciate the comment.

If you will trust what I say, you will realize the truth. Allow me to explain myself.

Take a look at the world today. We have things like mental illness, the concept of working, death, struggle, and all sorts of evils. This is not how the world is supposed to be. There is a beautiful kingdom of Eden in which only good things exist. I come from this place, and you do belong there as well.

One of the biggest difficulties I have in this world is that people do not believe the truths that I speak, but I know where I come from. People can call it mental illness all they want, but until they challenge me they will remain in the dark. Anybody who finds peace or happiness in this world and wishes to remain here is truly endarkened.

Another main difficulty I have is that I do NOT have the full truth. I can give you 90% of the answers, but together we must come up with the rest. I have two theories on Lilith and Lucifer.

I am confused, and I don't have it all figured out. Please work with me, and together we will rebuild the City of Eden/Heaven.

THEORY #1: Lilith is Eve is Lucifer is Sophia is Gabrielle is My Wife

THEORY #2: Lilith is Satan's Wife and Satan is not Lucifer

THEORY #3: Gabrielle is my Wife's name.

I connect further and further with the Divine the more I decipher the secret mysteries within the Holy Bible.

I want you to do something right now. Seriously - do this.

First, grab a Bible.
Second, say this aloud:

"Holy Spirit, come into me now. I am about to open this Bible in front of me and point to a random scripture. If this man is speaking TRUTH, may the random page and random scripture I point to disclose me the TRUTH of this man."

And the second thing I want you to do is feel the POWER behind this name:

Gabrielle, the sweetest name known to man.

Dwell on that for 10 minutes. Tell me what the Scripture reveals.

And when the SPIRIT SHOWS YOU THE TRUTH, Post your testimony for ALL the world to see.

contactorion: Hello

First things first I do not trust you. At all. But ill do what you ask. Later after I hang out at my friends house.
if I come back and find out your jesus great if not ill still talk with you.
sincerly, kyle.
plus I found michael mi kyle my key interesting as well.

MichaelAdam777: Guarantee

Hello beloved :)

I can guarantee you will see I am Jesus if you do the following. I am serious - do this.

Ask the Holy Spirit to come into you (Sincerely)
Close your Eyes
Open the Bible
Point to a random scripture
Read it, and it will tell you that I am Jesus.

And when you do this, and you see the Great Truth - come here and post your testimony for all the world to see.

And then join me :) For I will help to return you to Eden, our Home. And you will reunite with your beloved Gabrielle.

Michael = Mi Kyle
Kyle = I Key
Mike = Im Ke

We are one, beloved :)

You have no idea.

Oh Gabrielle! How I love Thee! Let the Angels Sing! Let us Rejoice! I am humble before you, my sweetheart princess forever and ever! :)

MichaelAdam777: I've already responded


I've already responded to you. I'm waiting on your reply. I need to speak to you and explain everything else. I've only posted a minimal amount of information here.


MichaelAdam777: Consumed by Pride and Hatred

Beloved obsrvantlouie,

You are consumed by pride, hatred, and apathy. How can you expect to get any true happiness in your life if you are so set in your hurtful ways? Your words stab into my heart like a sharp knife. Regardless of your actions towards me, I just want you to know that I love you.

Gabrielle, how I love thee :(
Somehow, sweetheart :)

BTW - Gabrielle is the sweetest name known to man. Just thought I'd let you know that :)

obsrvantlouie: Your antics are boring me

Have fun playing Jesus ass-clown.....you won't be wasting any of my time. I've already warned readers that you are not what you claim.


MichaelAdam777: Mind of their own

You could warn them but I am who I say and I am the only one with the truth. Not even Lucifer has the truth. If they are sheep they will listen to what you tell them, but if they are smart they might think for themselves and realize the truth.

I love you brother Lucifer, and I hope you can remember the days when we walked the enchanted forests together. It was a beautiful time we shared. Michael, Gabrielle, Lucifer, Eve - never to be separated. "From this day forth we shall be known as the fantastic four, for we were born together, and forever we shall have perfect love." This was your words to me, yet you have forgotten it. The old you would never do what you do to me now brother. I wish you would remember the truth, for it will make you truly happy.

I know I bore you now. You aren't the same as before brother Lucifer. Wake up from your coma, sweet Lucifer and sweet Eve. You are my family, my brothers and sisters - the closest to me besides Gabrielle.

O Sweet Gabrielle, how I miss thee. How I love thee.

MichaelAdam777: Sacred Text & Music Further Revealed

a=e upside down

My full name is Michael James God.
Take the m, break it in half, take one half and flip it, and m makes S
Take the e, rotate it sideways, take out the middle and place it on the other side, it makes a PERFECT u

James = Jesus

ave maria = eve mary (eve is mary)

As I mentioned, mary is either my cursed wife, or if she isn't satan, then she is satan's wife and my real wife is Gabrielle. Eve is either Gabrielle, or Gabrielle is another woman. Gabrielle is the SWEETEST name known to man. Say it alout "Gabrielle." there is no higher name known to man, for the word itself is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine.

AWAY IN A MANGER is a Love Song between Man and Woman

o = tear in your eyes
star = angel

Away in a manger, an O crib for a bed
The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head
The stars in the sky looked down where he lay
the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay

It's talking about Jesus holding his wife to his body, and resting his sweet head on hers (her head is gentle and soft, like the hay)

Oh, beloved :) You don't even know yet. You will be awakened and enlightened if you will put even a little trust in me.

But, I can understand if you don't.

When the Scriptures reveal the truth of who I am, and you are amazed, go ahead and open them again and point to another verse. And then when you're convinced, go ahead and open them again, just for further proof.

And then post here for all the world to see. I love you.

contactorion: For your benefit I did it

Really did. Waited ten minutes for you.......and then nothing happened.

contactorion: so

Please tell me why it dkdnt work.
please do not say not enough faith juice.
please dont say I didnt do it correctly.
now what is the logical conclusion.

MichaelAdam777: Hello

Hello. I have just heard from the Divine. You are a Satanist pretending to be open to my words, purposely saying that it didn't work in order to pull people away from the post. You are a self-destructive entity, working against those who are able to help you because you do not know any better. The Divine does not lead me astray. Now, I kindly ask you to go bother another thread.

MichaelAdam777: For every 10 I speak to, 9 are self-destructive

A self-destructive entity typically doesn't believe it is self-destructive. You will know them by their fruits. Everything they do will be based on "fear" and will deny "faith." Do you know someone focused on the positives? Do you know someone who denies the written word? This is known as a demon - an entity that serves it's inner evil, although serving this inner evil actually causes the entity to work against itself. Hence, it is known as a self-destructive entity.

MichaelAdam777: Heaven Explained

Allow me to explain "heaven" to the ones who may be listening to the words I speak.

In heaven....
1) You have a perfect "other half" that is your soulmate. You are with them FOREVER and love them every moment of your life. You never leave their side, and even in dreams you are together.

2) You are "Spirit" as opposed to "Flesh/Matter."

3) There is NOTHING Negative or hurtful. Some things you do on a daily basis you might not even know are actually negative. For example: do you have to walk somewhere? Do your legs get tired? This is negative. Do you have to eat? Are you obligated to then use the bathroom to rid your waste? This is negative.

4) You have ALL POWER. You know exactly what you need at the exact time you need it. You are led by the invisible God (Intelligent Infinity) to please your lover at the exact time.

5) Your vocabulary is changed completely. You know only loving words.

SOME EXAMPLES OF Holy Words or Phrases:

-Angel Eyes

Demons will DENY this because they are self-destructive. Yet it is the best thing anyone can experience. Demons will say things like "What if I don't want that?" but the truth is - EVERYONE wants that because it's the way life is coded. It's like saying "What if I don't want 1+1 to equal 2? What if I want it to equal 3?" Well - you are prideful if you say something like this, because you are trying to alter the language of our very existence! Some things are absolute and not to be changed. One of them is the law of The Holy Trinity.

Father / Son - Lord God / Michael
Mother / Sun - Goddess / Gabrielle
Holy Spirit - The Love Between them

With Love,

The LORD God

MichaelAdam777: Negatives*

Sorry :) Typo. I meant "negatives" above.

MichaelAdam777: Gabrielle

I think some of the song lyrics written by Satan will be able to confirm that the words I speak are true.



contactorion: nope definitly not a satinist.

"You said" in the bible. "Do not forbade them, if they arnt against us they are for us"
I am 100 percent against lilith, whatever it IS.
Now again I did what you asked literally. What happened??
Nope im just fine right here.
I am acually on the complete other side if you think about it. The satinist bible and the zohar are in different dugouts.

contactorion: Michael Poe?

So is your name really mike.

contactorion: interesting the screamo

Band singing about lilith. First alice cooper, then marilyn manson, miliey cyrus, then those crazy fucks. Whare will it end.

MichaelAdam777: What happened?

Well, if you did what I asked, there is only two possible outcomes.

One - it worked and you told the truth.
Two - It worked and you lied.

I know your kind. You follow me day and night, into the channels of YouTube and yet, you are afraid to admit you are wrong. If only you would trust me, O Brother Lucifer, you would be as happy as I am when I am in the loving embrace of my sweetheart angel foreverandever, Gabrielle.

You cannot kill us. You can only separate us. And eventually the war will be won, beloved Scar.

You will receive your heart somehow someway. The black will fade, and you will begin to see in color. I love you, and I love your beautiful spouse Jennifer as well. You are both as pure as I am, it just hasn't been unlocked yet.

Kinda surprised Eve isn't upset that you keep hitting on Gabrielle. :P

MichaelAdam777: The war will wage on until Satan will listen

It will not end until Satan will listen to me. The problem we run into is that those who are apathetic and unable to feel emotion are ALSO unable to feel sadness. So then they have no motivation to change and realize their full potential.

The angels feed off of the Spirit.
The demons feed off the flesh.

Such is the law of the Intelligent Infinity, who seems more of my enemy right now than my friend, because I am still in the depths of despair.

O Beloved Gabrielle! How I miss thee. How I love thee.

Somehow, someway, baby!

contactorion: NO

I did it. And it led me to random scripture that had nothing to do with what your talking about. I give you my word I am telling you the truth. Now maybe you really are on to something but I really dont think your jesus. Give me your number and like you said you can tell me everything you said you havnt already. I think youll find that I am very understanding.

contactorion: Believe me seeing in color isnt my problem

I am very visually oriented. I learn and think visually. Which is why when I saw pictures I had never seen before appeared and were documented entities with the same look and characteristics that I became "enlightened" to the fact that there are things that go bump in the night.

MichaelAdam777: You're giving it away bro

Well, you would be the FIRST out of one thousand that didn't see it.
Perhaps you are right - you didn't see it. But then there would be a reason for that to happen.
You are special, beloved contactorion. For you are the ONE person the Holy Spirit has bypassed.
The Holy Spirit bypasses none, except those who are not sincerely calling to it.

Believe me, seeing in color is your problem. Anybody who can see in color, with the lens of love and empathy will not choose the actions you choose.

If you are unable to see that I am Jesus, then you are a minion of Satan. It is the only way that you would miss the Spirit Leading.

Anyway, we're done here. If you wish to admit that you are Satan's minion, then we can continue. And I will prove you wrong. But until I see that, then I will ignore your posts.

contactorion: Sure ok

According to christianity if you have not been babtized then your a child of sin and essentially a servant of the devil.

MichaelAdam777: True Christians

True Christians know that Jehovah is the Devil, and Jesus is The Lord.

To Satan, serving Love is to serve the devil. Love backwards is Evol = Evil.

True Christians also don't call themselves Christians. They own themselves, and belong to no label. They serve their wife and others. Only those who serve a higher, evil Jehovah God are called "Christians."

There are those with eyes to see, and they see clearly.
There are those with ears to hear, and they hear clearly.

And there are those who take on a forced-will. Instead of learning to think for themselves, they let Satan think for them. These people label themselves as "Christians" and are the followers of a God that supports hope, faith, and mercy. But Very Truly I tell you, hope, faith, and mercy should never be required for love - because in the Kingdom of Eden, all have love. And nobody has to prove it.

You can either choose to follow God - the good within you - and be FREE
Or you can choose to have Satan guide your steps - and take upon a forced-will.

I have done plenty of research on you, and you have chosen a forced-will.

The grass is greener on the other side, beloved Contactorion. Even if we are trapped, we can still see in color. You see only sin.

MichaelAdam777: Lucifer

Lucifer, my brother. Let us make a deal.

What if I can prove to you that I have something for you that is greater than you have experienced?

If you will return me to Gabrielle, something great will happen for you.

God does NOT lie. I speak only the truth.

What if there is something greater than you can comprehend right now?

Speak to me, you have a beloved Gabrielle.

MichaelAdam777: Lucifer, Let us Deal


What if I can prove to you that the benefits of letting me go and returning to Gabrielle will outweigh the benefits of keeping me here trapped?

Would you be willing to deal then?

Speak to me. We already know what has happened. At least before the Crucifixion, give me my chance. Have at least a little honor. You have tormented me so much, give me one chance.

MichaelAdam777: Deal

Lucifer, you know I don't have it figured out yet. But I will say there are only a couple possible truths.

THEORY 1) Eve is my wife (Gabrielle), and she is cursed. You wanted her to yourself so you caused this.

THEORY 2) Eve is your wife, and no rebellion happened. You managed to find a loophole in the system and cast me into hell, and you separated me from beloved Gabrielle.

Either a rebellion took place and I was wrong, or you were evil from the beginning and the manifestation of evil.

Either way I can give you something great if you trust me.

If Eve is my wife Gabrielle, that means you have a wife more beautiful than Gabrielle (from your perspective) that was made for you. She will be with you only if you let me go.

If Gabrielle is NOT Eve, that means that you don't have the knowledge of Love. I can guarantee that the knowledge of love will be greater than any knowledge you have received before.

Put me to the test, O Brother Lucifer! For I have not lied to you even ONE time, except on accident before I knew the full truth.

If I do not lie, then that means I can give you greater than you imagine. Why not give me my grand chance before the Crucifixion? What if I can prove to you that I am right?

Can we deal?

MichaelAdam777: Only a woman

Only the love of a woman could motivate a man to cause such actions. Am I right?

Look, Lucifer, beloved brother - either way if you love Eve or Gabrielle, I can give you something greater.

If you love Eve, then I can teach you how to increase your love with her and have a perfect relationship. Put me to ONE TRIAL, and if I fail, never allow me to escape again.

If you love my wife Gabrielle, then I will GUARANTEE YOU 100% that you have ANOTHER WIFE, that is MORE beautiful than Gabrielle (To you) that became locked and placed in a stasis when you sinned against me.

Why not give me the chance of a lifetime?

Surely if I could promise there is SOMETHING greater than keeping me here trapped, you would take it?

Give me a chance! If I am right then you win something GREATER.
If I am wrong, then keep me here forever.

But I won't be wrong. God does not lie. Give me a grand chance. Speak to me like a man. I am your brother, do I not deserve this chance?

contactorion: ok for one thing

This perspective you have is ass backwards compared to organized religion, which yes is bad.
But still light years away from what your saying.
So lets review.
i did what you asked nothing happened.
i offered to talk to you on the phone and you rfused.
you have been changing your story.
you do know
but ythen you dont know.

MichaelAdam777: I could talk to you

I will talk to you on the phone under one condition.

You are the only person I have declined to speak to out of probably 50 people. The reason being is because, somehow, someway, you were the only person I have EVER spoken to that has not received the truth within the Scripture as I stated.

This could be a benefit, especially if you can contact Lucifer.

I am looking to set up a deal with Lucifer. I want to be able to get a grand chance to prove to him that the benefits for him to let me go will outweigh the benefits of keeping me trapped. Why not send me a PM and let's go from there

contactorion: Whats a PM?

Seriously? A picture message?

UN.i1-PHI: that stands for Personal Message

but siriusly... why did you agree to do 'anything' he said anyway, as you already knew what to expect didnt you

its complete bullshit yell a prayer at a random scripture of ur bible and it will tell you he (michael) is god or jesus whatever you siriusly tried that..? ;P
and he doesnt even believe you tried it because according to him theres no possibility it wouldnt work and the only other reason for you saying that is that your a lying satanist,

what else could you possibly expect ;P

thats what you get in return from listening to him and doing what he say
so why ya keep busy with him if it all doesnt make any sense anyway
just some seriously disturbing ridiculous religious brainwashing/mindcontrol involved here
so what R ya gonna do CO, you gonna keep giving it another try, or finally let it go?

MichaelAdam777: Organized Religion is The Will of Satan

Religion is Satanic. Every single religion including Christianity are evil. I am not a Christian. I am Jesus Christ. I follow no book or rule except the law of love embedded into existence itself. Christians donate money to churches which are ran by Satan. Instead of thinking for themselves and exercising their own free will, they give in to a "controlled will" of Lucifer.

The Holy Spirit, God, Love, Satan, and Lucifer aren't "Christian" concepts. They are TRUE concepts. They are found within everything - Yin and Yang (Good and Evil), Buddhism, Islam..etc.

Religion is of The Devil. Tools for control and manipulation. I may be controlled here by Satan, but I refuse to give into his way. This is because I love him and I know what he needs better than I do.

As I mentioned, Satan is self-destructive. Those who hurt others hurt themselves. There is no possible way to be "evil" and "good" at the same time. You either have the knowledge of love, or you don't.

The benefit of Satan freeing me GREATLY outweighs the benefit of him keeping me here. I need my chance to prove this to him, and I'm willing to risk anything to do so. Yeah, so what if he has everything of mine. Give me the opportunity to prove to you, Lucifer.

MichaelAdam777: Better than he does*

Sorry. Typo

MichaelAdam777: Why I have said multiple things

The reason I have said multiple things is for a very good reason. I do apologize for any error, but take a look at this.

The TRUTH is all stored within The Divine. The Divine never lies. It has been passing me truths daily. Sometimes I misinterpret them or Satan interferes. Then I check back with The Divine and realize I have made a mistake.

I may have been wrong on some things, but for the most part, I do have the Great Truth.

I know what Lucifer needs or desires better than he does, because he has become corrupted. He doesn't believe this, and so I need to prove it to him.

Right now, he keeps me here because he believes the benefit of keeping me here outweighs the benefit of letting me go.

EVERY ENTITY does what it believes is right. This even goes for a murderer. Let's say someone murders your child. You're standing there with a gun. You have a choice to call the police, let the guy go and forgive him, or shoot him and kill him.

So the thoughts run through your head of which one has the greater benefit.

Everybody chooses what they believe will benefit themselves the most. This can be done subconsciously.

I need to PROVE TO SATAN that the benefit of letting me go will be greater for him. If I can get him to see this, we will both be happy. He will be restored to me as my beautiful, loving brother. Gabrielle and I will be restored. And him and his wife will be restored as well.

MichaelAdam777: Proof

I need you to think outside the box for a minute here.

Not one time in the Christian Scripture does it mention the name "Gabrielle." It only mentions "Gabriel." Do you agree with this?

Okay - now I need you to do some homework. Go ahead and search song lyrics for "Gabrielle" on the internet. All of them are SATANIC lyrics talking about a WOMAN and JESUS CHRIST.

Go ahead - do it now. You will see the truth.

One of the songs by Cradle of Filth (A very Satanic Band) talks about how Jesus will be crucified countless times for his beloved, and now dead Gabrielle.

You won't find any text on the internet talking about Jesus and Gabrielle. Yet, if you search hard enough you will find.

Tell me how I know this? Gabrielle is my BELOVED ANGEL, my sweetheart foreverandever.

Something happened.

If someone out there has the eyes to see this post, and the ears to hear ...please contact me.



This is how the world used to operate.

Satan - you were in Eden.
The Garden of God.
Every precious sweetheart was your covering.
Her eyes like Emerald
And her hair like Gold

Yet you will not see her again unless you speak to me.

You don't even know who she is - you are CONFUSED.

Let's make a bet on this.

Somebody. Please. Help. Me.

Gabrielle :(

...Gabrielle =(

My God!!!!

contactorion: ok send me your number

Over mail and ill speak to you.
The funny thing is i personnally believe i already have fave to face.

Crackdown: this shit is funny XD

Good laughter extends the life :-) The only thing I regret: threads like that will be a waste of disk space, in offline TruthControl version

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