My life this 2years

as i keep work in factory in stress. and eating bad food my body start to sicken. and liver function less
cholesterol started to rise high to level 247 last year in may 2016 blood test. i toke simvastatin from time to to time and i still eat bad.
January 2017 i got the letter that i will be fired within 3months.
the depression of me and surroung me was heavy 3months of sadness and sorrow. in the end me and 60 people got fired due lack of interest of customer.
while i got fired i felt better i still felt arteries blocked that was painful.i decided to keep with statin and i gradually changed my diet. i have come to idea that all manufactured food are dangerous and decided to stop it forever. i changed my diet to natural diet form. i eat quinoa oats chia and vegetables of tomato cucumber green onion green papper corianger and lettuce. i added sumac which has great antidoxidant value
i added garlic for bacteria kill.
i have also listened to binural beats which help my mind recover slowly time by time.
i rest 8hours a day but im still sleepy and weak.
i decided to change my karma path and try help people and volunteer.
my adventure have yet to begun.
who know what future lead for me.
everyday my mind and sense sharpen and body slowly healing liver pancreas also.
its process but its worth in the end!

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HebrianDaniel: p.s my cholesterol is 134 now

p.s my cholesterol is 134 now

BenjaminFalkenrath: @HD

Everything is a process. Little at a time. You are doing much better than me :)
I am still trying just to cut out carbs and fried foods an stuff little by little an cut out sodas an stuff like that.
I switch to sparkling water, and trying to bake foods more. Little by little bro that is all we can do :)

HebrianDaniel: even tho the community is

even tho the community is still very harsh and not listening and non emotional.
its very hard feeling and give me sadness. even i have hard time with parents that they only scream at me.
i still wish for some love. even if it tiny bits.
its hard to be with people today. i feel their anger their madness their despairs. its make hard feeling to my heart. i hope our society will change.

Tarheel: Keep your chin up, HD !

You're loved here.
I'm not sure what community you believe is harsh/deaf/unemotional but it's not us.
Your last statements lends that you are an empath. Join the crowd.


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HebrianDaniel: Those Illuminati are being

Those Illuminati are being old and outdated group.
when corporations and humen destroy the planet they just sit and keep waging wars and looking for power and money and to controll the mass.
im looking for new future. a future where we can become Autonomic cities. where we can use automations for everyone benefit. where we can reach resource based economy. where we can become collective of humen beings. power and greed will only cause death not only of humen beings but also all species and the planet itself. in the end nobody will win. there is out of question. the only way we all can survive together is to cooperate and save the planet and save our self and change our old ways of the society. and create new model of society. the age of automation will set us free. men women will finally become free of labour and jobs. and can create better societies and develope in science health and ecology sustainability and evlove our species to further and beyond ourselves. so let stop the greed and power. if we keep to live by ourselves we all will die and the planet will die too. and this planet is beautiful its will be very sad to ruin it because we want money to fulfil our selfish desires.

Tarheel: What about.....

What about your Mom ? Package include a night w/ her too ?

bluesbaby5050: My new life

Your desperate. Your just trying to buy souls through bribery with material items just to join the illuminati. Nice try. No thanks.

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