Adam Weishaupt Died Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

by Quinton on July 31st, 2017

I just came across this on Wikipedia and found it interesting.

We're all familiar with Adam Weishaupt, the notorious Jesuit priest who founded the Bavarian Illuminati which has been behind many subversive movements.

We're also familiar with the House of Windsor who happen to be one of the more powerful families in the world and who have strong connections behind many political movements in Europe and the United States as well as other places. The Queen of England, or more accurately the people behind her, represent a powerful group of people who are well connected and hold much influence.

Anyhow, the Queen of England is from the House of Windsor which is really the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Wikipedia explains it very simply:

The name was changed from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor in 1917 because of anti-German sentiment in the British Empire during World War I.

The Windsors aren't British, they're German like Adam Weishaupt. This is all interesting considering what Wikipedia says about Adam Weishaupt:

I find it fascinating that Wikipedia straight up says:

Died 18 November 1830 (aged 82)
Gotha, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Not that any of this matters of course. It's not possible any of this stuff is connected. What would the Queen of England possibly have to do with the Illuminati?

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BenjaminFalkenrath: Oh the Queen

At a whopping 91 years old, being the longest of any to sit on the throne. She has been at it for 65 years!
I'm sure she has a few more years in her. Evil can sure outlive the non. But she will not live forever. At least not in that body or in that blood line. She might come back into that but it'll take a while an even if she happened into a new body into the royal blood she'd have to wait her turn. Ha!
Facts I found intriguing:

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning living monarch in the world and is also the longest reigning monarch in British history. As of September 2015 when she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.


Her son Prince Charles is the heir apparent and will become king the instant that his mother passes away.

Prince William is second-in-line to the throne and is followed by his children Prince George and then Princess Charlotte.

There has not been a KING since 1952, when the Queen's father died.

I found another article that stuck out. Check this out... In the 1st paragraph it states.

According to the guardian.

What is the Queen's role?
"Elizabeth II is a constitutional monarch: that is, she is Britain's head of state, but her executive powers are limited by constitutional rules."

THEN it goes onto state....

What powers does the Queen have?

"The Queen has the right to rule: the people of Britain are not citizens, but subjects of the monarch. Most public servants must swear an oath of loyalty, or make an affirmation of their loyalty, to the crown."

NICE! So She is "Limited" but she isn't? An you are not a Citizen you are a SUBJECT! Hmmm.

You know.... The USA May be screwed up as all hell! But By God we're Citizens. Yeah the government will do whatever they can to control us. But at least we have rights? Or do we!?!

If we really sit back an THINK about it! We're so far the course from what we CAME & FOUGHT to be AWAY FROM! We're 2 skips away from being back in the same place we fought so hard to move away from.
An still we're a planet sectioned off from all else, because we still can't learn to get along with each other.

moonchild: 'British Subject'

One of six types of British nationality :

And an interesting article relating the powers of the Monarch :

I am uncertain as to the extents of the rights of US citizens, I would not feel at all safe in the U.S. It's the people as much as the PsTB (anywhere!) that one needs to be cautious about. And most certainly I would feel safer in the custody of UK rather than US law inforcement officers. On one level of existence, whatever the powers may be and whoever might wield those powers - ultimately, one is at the mercy of those in power - always. The sick are subject to the power of corporate pharmeceutical companies just as the pupil (student) is subject to his/her primary and secondary caretakers. In all walks of life and all parts of our political spectrum (and when we get down to it, everything is political in this system of being) there is much complicity shown by the simple lack of objection to the injustices that ravage so very many in so many ways, throughout the system. There are such simple but powerful ways to stand against the system and to act on behalf of justice and equality for all but so few can actually be bothered...I do see a spark within the younger generation, but then, I have seen sparks ignite and fail within past generations, so best not fall folly to hope as it is only certainty that might prevail against these dark forces that attempt to seduce and control for the sake of their own agendas...

ozTruthSeeker: Crown = Crown Corporation

The Crown is the Crown Corporation located in the City of London a private nation state not bound by the laws of the United Kingdom and is presently superior in power to the UK. For instance, the Queen must request permission to enter the city.

The Vatican reptilian psychopaths along with their Synagogue of Satan crpto-Jew lackys run the world for the Orion-Draco empire. But their time is coming to a close. Prime Creator has stepped in and they cannot proceed without full disclosure in accordance with Universal Law as humanity desires freedom and is the pawn in an ET chess game. Enough is enough.

The 3 power centers are: City of London, Vatican City and Washington DC.

obsrvantlouie: "Churchill's Deception"

Wolf in Sheep's clothing / Problem - Action - Solution

Insert Operation Paperclip

Review Albert Pikes plan for WW3.....which seems to be in full motion...

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the 'agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World.

The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…

"We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil."

Sometimes I forgot just how Mind Kontrolled the masses are......Cathy O'brien's story is a good reminder

Read Matrix V Quest of the Spirit Gold edition if you can get your hands on is the most prophetic and accurate book on the planet - bar none.

"May you live in interesting times"

obsrvantlouie: The Deep State Recording

Quinton - if you haven't heard this one you may find something you are searching for in this recording. More than likely, you are already aware of this....still a fabulous recording.

Quinton: Love this video! A classic :)

Love this video! A classic :)

moonchild: It will be interesting

The passing of Elizabeth II that is. I am not at all sure that Charles wants to be King! I am not at all sure that the British public wants the monarchy to continue, either. Shhh...

western_yogi: Q look at the Emerald Tablets they reveal alot

Basically Enlil - Lord of the Sky and Air- Eagle banner created the religions of Christianity, islam and Hebrews. He was the God of many cultures. In rome and Greece known as Zeus. In Christianity Yahweh, as well as Lucifer in Satanism. Enki had a son named Allah even. As for the Hebrew god, its marduk son of enki who changed sides to join Enlil. He is also known as pharaoh ahmenhotep, and also molloch. Look up the star of molloch and see what it looks like. Who is jesus, well based on emerald tablets and the victor writing the history. Constantine at the council of Mycenae turned everything backwards and wrote the books he included in the bible as he wanted and deleted and edited stuff. Enki being the geneticist and healer, is represented by the dna or double helix, or serpent. So enki for genetically modifying humans to have higher consciousness and even higher potential than the annunaki, he was branded a traitor by Enlil who was in line to rule so he is demonized as the serpent in Christianity. How did he do this well he invited 1600 bible scholars and told them what he wanted to do, 1400 rejected it, he kicked them out, and the remaining 200 he bribed and gave high positions to rewrite the bible. They made mistakes, its why in genesis you still see the reference we made man in our image (plural).

In addition to religions, mainly in Europe with help of the catholic church (byzantine eagle) Enlil had nations follow his Eagle banner to enslave , wage war and kill. From romans to germans, Russians and americans, they all bear the Eagle banner, they are there to polarize, and have people wage war based on nationalism.

The royal families, my guess is they are the descendants of the early collaborators who agree to rule and have wealth in exchange for having the people of the earth they were in charge of wage war and fight, as well as mine gold. Its why they value blood lines and are inbred, cuz they want to keep their lines pure. Assumption being they are more of annunaki hybrid than most. We are all annunaki cuz enki put their genetics into humans. Its why Enlil was enraged and wants humans exterminated. Being annunaki partly we have their traits also, meaning there are psychopaths and sociopaths among us as there are among the annunaki.

Any bird insignia or eagle banner is Enlil's legions. Queen Elizabeth coming from the German royal line, germany has an eagle banner, as does the americans, Russians, and the catholic church (byzantine eagle)

So Enlil created the religions to wage war, enslave and keep humanity in a low state of consciousness.

Tarheel: Your story.... seems a bit twisted to me but I subscribe to most of it from my own research and what I've gleaned from this site.
However, I'm not sure where you find an accurate take on the real Emerald tablets.
By the way, from what I've read, the 1300-1400 biblical scholars who did NOT support Constantine's Bible were terminated. I read from several sources they never were seen or heard from again.

western_yogi: I dont think Sitchins stuff was far off.

Was Sitchin perfect no, but the 1800 translation of the Sumerian tablets is simiar to sitchins stuff and reads the same. So if there is inaccuracies its very minor. I think the trolls on sitchin came out cuz eh was gaining some popularity and they wanted to suppress the information, and keep it as myth as they world brushes it off as. Also if people read them, they realize the 3 main religions basically just copied the stories and teachings in it with Christianity, islam and the Hebrew religion. If you read through them a few times and then look at the book of enoch, the atrahesis, and the inuma ilish, you see in the bible, they basically plagiarized the stories and changed the names. Like noah is atrahesis, half annunaki son of enki. moses is king gudea. you have the story of the garden of eden with adam and eve as different names, cain and abel, even the nuclear destruction of the Sodom and Gomorrah, is told in the bible, koran and the torah and hindu religions, which is first found in the emerald tablets.

alternative source is oxford university online where you can translate your own or read translated versions of the tablets.

western_yogi: reading it with the atrahesis, enuma ilish and book of enoch

You get an overview of what is happening. The annunaki planet was dying cuz their atmosphere was being damaged. So the facked up their planet and came to earth and facked up ours also. So one annunaki who wanted to be king and was banished found earth when he ran away and told them of the gold. And they sent Enki with a group of workers to mine the gold to send it back to nibiru ( the place of crossing or cross). Enki first tried to mine it from the sea using tech, but it was not enough. Anu sent Enlil who was in line to rule to help. Enki found there was places with gold in the earth in Africa. So the set up their workers the igigi to mine the gold. It was heavy labour and after 200000 years or so they revolted. Lead by Enlil's son Allah (known by other names also in areas around there. This interrupted gold production and got the attention of anu. Enlil suggested he kill one to force them back to work but anu and enki said they had legitimate reason to be upset after mining for so long. So enki was set to genetically modify a early man likely Neanderthal and make them suitable for slave labor to mine gold. Enlil who was angry to be embarrassed by his son allah in front of his father by the igigi workers who surrounded his house, well he went to the city where allah was in charge of Ur and nuked it.
So enki with thoth and his daughter the set about to genetically modify Neanderthal man who had a life span of 30 years and low intelligence. They increased the life span and raised the intelligence so they could mine gold. They found though they were sterile and could not reproduce like a donkey mating with a horse a mule born is sterile. So enki secretly mixed annunaki dna with humans so they could reproduce. This made them compatible with annunaki and igigi in reproduction so enki started banging human females he found attractive and started having demi gods like noah also known as atrahesis. He banged two females and they had his kids adam and eve. Later the igigi or giants did the same, as well as marduk.
Enlil when he found out was angry, Enki had crossed a line. He made the humans with the potential to be the same or even greater than annunaki. But in essence because we have annunaki dna, we are the same as the annunaki in many ways, in that there are socio paths, psycho paths, and horn balls and ever spectrum of personality the annunaki have. The humans bred like rabbits, and Enlil hated them cuz of what enki did, and because they kept him up at night cuz he heard them moaning as they mated all night long. So Enlil said he had enough and created the flood to destroy them. Enki didn't want this but was bound by oath so he indirectly told his half human son noah that there was going to be a flood so build an ark.

moonchild: Neanderthal

In point of fact, Neanderthal were more intelligent than previously thought and were also spiritual in nature...

western_yogi: enlil wanted mindless slaves

enki gave them intelligence, and was more compassionate but used humans as sex slaves.

The annunaki are not gods or more evolved, they have more technology, but spiritually less than humans even because of their dependence on technology and they are as bad or word and have been around a lot longer.

Having a hierarchy as kings or gods, and setting up the economic system of slavery tells you their real motives. They are the ones that introduced these religions and economic systems to keep humans enslaved. They do not have higher consciousness, they are the fallen that many cultures speak of when they were cast out of the higher dimensions into one of duality and corruption.

Thoth does speak of the reptilians though. Atlantis was destroyed when bad men or black magicians open doorways into lower dimensions and allowed the snake headed beings into this dimension. My guess they were opening worm holes into other dimensions with portals. These beings were drawn in with blood sacrifice he said and sought out men of power and took them over. They had snake heads (reptilians). Thoth says his father enki went to the cycle masters and cause a tilt or wobble in the earth so the portals would be flooded, but in the process atlantis was destroyed. The use of beings as slaves for labour tells you how consciously evolved the annunaki are. Enki is not as bad as Enlil, enki is more compassionate being a geneticist, but humans are still his slaves. I see Enlil as the kkk , who sees humans as disgusting and needs to be exterminated if they were not useful as slaves. Enki isn't as bad a task master but he is a horn ball that bones his slaves that he finds attractive, when they not working.

western_yogi: they found neanderthal lived no longer than 30 years.

enki with thoth and his daughter genetically modified them to have higher intelligence to work the mines, later grow food and gather other resources for anu on nibiru. He extended their life span also. Mixed them with annunaki dna so they could reproduce more slaves. Enki boned a few he found attractive and was surprised they got pregnant with his kids, he kept this secret for a long time, until he had no choice but to reveal what he had done. After that annunaki were mating with humans making demi-gods in various cultures. Also the igigi slaves or giants well they decided human chicks were hot and they wanted to bone them also and had kids with them. Abraham found a few of these giants around Jericho, where he wanted to pass but the king would not allow it. So with marduks help he destroyed the city. Likely with nukes. Abraham only had about 300 men, so for him to take a walled city was unlikely

western_yogi: But you gotta look at the big picture after studying it

The annunaki that came to earth ruled as a council of 12. They switched who was in charge every 20000 years or so. There was 6 female annunaki and 6 male annunaki on this council of the enki and Enlil clans. They had long lives. The annunaki who ruled the humans told them they were their gods. And each ruled over cities and regions. Abraham or abram as he is known in the tablets he was Sumerian and from Ur. He was cannanite and founded what became known as the Israelites. But he was a priest of Ur. Ur was ruled by marduk (ram or bull). Marduk is also Molloch. Notice the star of molloch also known as the star of david on israels flag. Ur was going to be nuked so Marduk told Abraham or abram to leave so he did.

After the flood basically there was a lot of in fighting among the annunaki. But they still had the council of 12 to rule, its why in various cultures and religions under different names in history they still ruled. Romans Greeks, Jupiter, zeus, yahweh = Enlil, enki = Neptune, poseiden. I believe based on the tablets being written by thoth and they way he talks about raising consciousness, he is yeshua or jesus. who is also hermes and various other figures in history. Marduk enki's son, he is amen rah, or the sun god, where monotheism began where he wanted to be the only god of worship. Marduk, molloch dominated at one point in war with Enlil. If you don't know who molloch is, he is the god of child sacrifice, the statue of the owl god found at bohemian grove the elites have there. Currently and Enlilite rules in the cycle of the 12 council, it is ending and likely it is marduk who comes to power after, also the kali yuga cycle. So if you are looking forward to marduk ruling in the next cycle good luck to ya.

In the new age I believe all the various alien groups are just representations of the 12 ruling council of the annunaki council. Just an extension of the gods of religion with different names. But still annunaki. If you read book of enoch as noah also known as atrahesis is born, he has white skin and has light coming out of their eyes. Also the annunaki were known as being very tall. So they may be tall whites that are reported on, as well as depending on which council member different alien groups that come through channelings. Just as marduk is known as the bull and ram and molloch, enki known as ea, enki, ptah and the fish form.

western_yogi: I found an error in my comment

It is Enlil who had a son named Allah not enki.

As for which countries are following who, you just gotta look at if they are part of the 3 main religions Enlil created, or if they are represented by the eagle banner. America- eagle, Germany double eagle, Russia double eagle. And those countries that are allied with them to propagate war, polarity , enslavement and low level consciousness by distraction of nationalism religion, patriotism etc etc etc. To keep humanity divided and distracted and enslaved and in low level consciousness on all levels. Just good cop bad cop keeping everyone fighting, when in reality they on the same team.

moonchild: Abrahamic religions?

Are you speaking of Judaism, Christianity & Islam, western_yogi?

I can resonate with your sentiments above, regarding the ways through which many people are controlled and the framework by which this operates.

western_yogi: yes they all copied from the emerald tablets and others

those religions were formed and books created at least 3000-4000 years after these tablets and others and have the same stories under different names. garden of eden, adam and eve, cain and abel, noah, moses (king gudea) are just a few stories found there that those religions have in their books under different names.

Abraham is known as abram or general abram in the tablets. he was Sumerian lived in ur but was told to leave by marduk cuz it was going to be nuked by Enlil. Marduk is the ram, possibly the bull but the bull might be Enlil. its why when Abrahams brother made a golden bull to worship cuz cannanites worshipped enil the annuaki god who is the bull, he destroyed it. Abraham followed marduk cuz he saved him. Marduk is the ram, also molloch.

Tarheel: There has been an OL sighting !

He's been off-planet, conspiring with the Dracos (not really).
Good to see you out & about OL.

UN.i1-PHI: hi tx ol,btw if u ggl some inurl:" .pdf"

then you can download them for free as it seems that site just gives em all away..poor author tough seems like he need the donations but if you ain't gonna donate any way, or even if you do and you are interested in reading some of those,
and want to avoid the donate/buy ads on that site that you linked
a quick search led me to these interesting links full of those pdfs,
so here they are to be found so you can add them to your pdf collection, they should include enough or atleast some adam weishaupt related stuff if u know what i mean
the second one page is not that distinct for as much as i saw it had the same links to the books

LouVega: Saxe

Just wondering, is it their majestic castle in France?

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