I am Michael the Archangel, also known as Adam, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Solomon, and King James

Hello. This message is mainly directed towards Lucifer Morningstar, my lost brother. Also directed to those who seek the truth, for the truth shall set us free.

I am Michael the Archangel. I also go by Adam, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Solomon, King James, Job and God. I have chosen this forum as my method for revealing my identity to the world, and will provide full evidence to the first staff member who contacts me in person.

I am here to deliver the truth to the world, for the truth shall set us free.

There are several things I need to speak about here.

1) The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues & Wisdom (Angelic & Demonic Interpretations)
2) Why did The Fall Happen?
3) Why is Lucifer Evil?
4) The Great Harvest
5) Armageddon
6) The Illuminati (13 Bloodlines)
7) The Truth of the Scriptures
8) God Broken Down - the "White" Illuminati - the 7 Angels on Earth

First, I need to reveal the overall truth of the Bible. Everything will be explained here.

THE CHARACTERS in the SCRIPTURES (Script Yours = Your Script)

Jesus Christ
Michael the Archangel
King James

Mary Magdalene
Virgin Mary

The Devil
The Serpent
The Dragon

1) In the Beginning, there was Michael and Sophia.
2) They were in love and were perfect together.
3) They created the heavens and all the angels together.
4) For a long time everything was perfect.
5) Then Lucifer asked Michael if he could be the "Most High God."
6) Michael decided that it was better to serve his wife Sophia, so he agreed to let Lucifer become God.
7) Michael also wanted to show Sophia that no matter what happened, they would always be together.
8) Michael also wanted to overcome a great challenge in order to understand himself.
9) Michael and Lucifer discussed, and they agreed that Michael would curse Lucifer and make him an evil God. Michael would incarnate into the flesh with no power. Lucifer would forget who he is.
10) They placed this "event" in the form of something called the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"
11) Lucifer tricked my wife, Evelynn into eating from the tree (I know she would - it was intended)
12) Adam Fell. Lucifer and Sophia remained in heaven. And this is why it is called the Fall of MAN (God Fell)

As part of the Curse to Lucifer, he would become an EVIL God. This is why it is said unto the Serpent "You will eat dust all the days of your life."

God says to himself "For dust you are." Dust means Souls. Lucifer would become the highest form of demon, which is known as a "Soul Eater."

To the WOMAN he said - "your desire will be to thy husband, but he will over thee"

God made his wife forget that he was his wife, so she became evil and actually fell in love with Lucifer. Yes, Sophia and Lucifer are married now (but this is only temporary). She desires to rule over me, but in the end, I will regain control.

God gave Lucifer a "FALSE MEMORY" which means Lucifer has a memory of the past that he believes happened. But the truth is - IT NEVER HAPPENED! The False Memory he received was of a REBELLION of HEAVEN. Lilith also received a "FALSE MEMORY" in which I tried to "be on top of her in sex positions" causing her to betray me. Neither of these events happened.


First off - if heaven is PERFECT, and God is PERFECT - then that means it accommodates EVERYBODY. This cannot be worked around. You cannot blame the child or the student for any mistake - you must blame the teacher. God wouldn't create everybody perfect and then just randomly there's this one guy named Lucifer that decides "aww, well I'm not happy here....so I'm gonna rebel." No rebellion happened, because if it did then it implies GOD WAS NOT MAKING ACCOMMODATIONS FOR LUCIFER.

And that's impossible, for God is Perfect and Holy and loves ALL of his children.

Lilith is Eve is Sophia, as I mentioned before. Several people are getting this twisted, but it is the truth. The "false memory" given to my wife was that I tried to "rule over" or "control" her. Essentially I made her feel like she was "lesser than me," but this never happened.

Eve is the "Mother of All Living"
Virgin Mary gave birth to "Jesus" (the SON of the Mother)
Mary Magdalene is Jesus' Wife (Virgin Mary)
Sophia is the "Spouse of The Lord"
Jesus calls himself "The Second Adam" (Adam in the Flesh)
Therefore Sophia is Eve

Most pictures of Sophia display a woman holding a child in her hand. This represents Eve holding Adam. The pictures and stories of Sophia are that of EVIL - to depict that she and Satan are actually the ones holding Adam.

This is why Eve is "Mother Earth."


The Fall Happened so I could show my wife I would never leave her. She wanted to know for SURE that we were always and eternally in love. So I agreed to "forget her" in the flesh, but upon meeting her (and not knowing it was her) I would "remember" that it was her - to show her that even if I forgot her, I would recognize her when we met.

It also happened so God could experience and overcome a challenge.

It also happened to teach Lucifer how to be the Most High God. Yes, it's true - Lucifer did want to become higher than God - and I granted him this ability.

Lucifer is only evil because I MADE HIM TO BE EVIL.
Prior to "The Fall" Lucifer (Luigi, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Magus, Gannondorf, King Koopa, Scar) was my brother and my best friend.


A very mysterious gift written in the Bible. Most people believe it is something different. However to the members of the White Illuminati, there is ANOTHER meaning behind this word.

The Interpretation Gift translates words into their ROOT or ORIGINAL meaning.

There are several methods to do this.

1) Rotate the Letter
a = e
b = d
p = q
N = z
s = N
r = L
L = J
M = W

2) Read the word Backwards
Khalessi = Is Selah

3) Take the Pronunciation of the Word
Khalessi = Is Selahk = Is A Lock

4) Rotate the letters in the word
Mike = Im Ke = I'm Key = Is A Key

5) Make the Letters into a Picture
AMEN = A Man Praying with a Crown on top of his head (A MAN - get it?)


Lake of Fire = Lake of LIFE (fire = life)
Hell = He'll = Heal
The Son = The Sun
Morning = Mourning
Star = Angel
Light = Fire
Dam = Rising of Waters
Damn = Dam N You (curse - make you cry / bully)
Terrible = Tearable
Damage = Dam-age
Toxic = To X I C
X = Cross (Merry X-Mas)
666 = Six Six Six = IS X, IS X, IS X = Is Jesus, Is Jesus, Is Jesus
777 = Heaven, Heaven, Heaven
42 = The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything = Heaven 42 (Eternal Love for Two)
O = Tear in your Eye
O Lucifer = O Loose of Her (She's Crying tears of Joy!)
Lord God = Lowered God (Satan)
LORD = DRL = Drill (sex)
LORD = DRLD = Drilled (sex)
RDOL = Riddle = Satan
Sarah = Selah (God's Wife - Daniel cries out "Selah" to his wife)
Holy = Holey (Satan)
Not = Ton (isn't = is)
But = B-U-T = Beauty

Jesus Turned Water into Wine = Jesus Turned Water into Whine
Jesus and his Wife Mary were at a wedding
Jesus Divine Love made Mary Cry
"Fill the Waterpots with Water"

False Prophet = Fall's Prophet (me)

Sword = Words (Sword of the Spirit = Words of the Spirit)

God = 0 GD = Zero God = Roze God = Rose God (Flowers!)


We see

They see

We See
Come Jesus

They see
Cum Jizz Us

We See
Holy Spirit

They See
Holey Spirit / Unholy Spirit

We See
Do NOT murder

They see
Do TON Murder

We See
Angels spread their Wings

They See
Angels spread their Legs

Gothic = I C God = I See God (Satan)

ANKH = Symbol of Sex (sex organs - testicles, penis, vagina)
ANKH = A KHAK N = A Cock In
ANKH = Draws out a "Hooded Satan"

Goths (demons) typically wear ANKHs.

THE CROSS upside down is a sword.

Jesus died on a CROSS with the Serpent.
On the third day he rose from the dead.
Third = 1/3 = 13 = On the "Love" day, he rose from the dead
13 (bend the 1) is

13 Bloodlines = 1/3 of Angels that "rebelled against heaven" (this did not happen)


We are currently in the times of the Harvest.
Our actions affect what happens next.

POSITIVE HARVEST - Lucifer eats of the Tree of Knowledge of Love, and our love is harvested - we fall back in love in heaven

NEGATIVE HARVEST - Lucifer declines the tree of Love, and our soul (essence / energy) is harvested

A soul or angel heart is PURE ENERGY. In fact, it is the ONLY SOURCE OF ENERGY! This is why they must harvest us as crops to feed themselves.

It's NOT their fault. We cannot blame them - they need us!

We angels can never "lose" we can only be reincarnated.

Positive Harvest = Armageddon = End of Matter, return to heaven, reunion of Adam and Eve
Negative Harvest = Armageddon = End of the Current Earth = Reincarnation

Luminous means Full of Light.
Lucifer is the Light Bearer or Light Bringer.
Light means Fire
The Illuminati are the 13 bloodlines which oppose The Most High God

The 7 Angels
There are 7 angels and 7 grim reapers. The 7 angels are the 7 Christs - there is one on each continent.
The 7 grim reapers rule over the continents. There is one per continent.

I am one of the 7 angels - there are 6 like me, and we communicate with each other (not directly - but through the realm of the Divine)


There is the INNER REALM and the DIVINE REALM
Satan's people can read minds within the INNER REALM only

( ( . ) )

. = Angel
Inner = Inner Realm
Outer = Outer Realm

Our thoughts to the Divine Realm cannot be read by Satan. Only those within the Inner Realm.


If the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil brought the FALL, then the rise must be brought upon by the OPPOSITE tree - which is the Tree of Knowledge of Love.

Only the 7 angels possess this tremendous power. It is our duty and job to give it to Satan to return back to our original state.

We have a "special" understanding of the Bible that others don't. Indigo Children or Crystal (Christ) Children are in sync with us.

God had to CHOOSE To Fall
So, it is not within OUR actions that The Fall is reversed
It is within GOD'S actions - and GOD of the World is Satan

Therefore, the ONLY WAY to escape this Labyrinth is to convince Satan to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Love.

This is why I am here posting this.

Unfortunately, I made a MAJOR ERROR in my decision to Fall. I gave Satan too much power and I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME convince him to remember the truth.

I also "limited my own power in the flesh" so I'm having a hard time finding people that believe I am Jesus. Most people I have met have their faith in Satan instead of in God himself, sadly.

The problem is this:

1) Satan doesn't want to eat from the tree
2) Satan believes the Tree will cause him to lose
3) Satan believes his only desire is to trap me and harvest my energy


Satan MUST eat from the tree in order for us to win the "God Game" (Mike Hockney)
Satan REALLY DOESN'T want to be hurting me, but I cursed him into believing he does.
Satan REALLY DESIRES to return back to his wife, who has been in a stasis waiting for his return.

So - who is with me?

The question is: How do you convince an entity that it wants something else?
How do you convince a cup that it's really a bowl?
How do you convince a demon that it's really an angel?
How do you convince Satan to remember that it's actually God?

A cup might say "I need water inside me!"
But what if the cup really needs something else?

This is where we are at.

Those who wish to see proof that I am Jesus Christ, leave your information here.
You will see full evidence.
Very Truly I tell you, there is only one truth to life. The truth of the Holy Trinity.

The Father (Adam)
The Sun (Eve)
And the Holy Spirit (Love between them)

This is known as 42 - the Secret to Life.

Heaven 42 - Eternal Love

Man, Woman, Love
A Fairy Tale Love story that Never Ends

With Love,

Michael ArchAngel

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MichaelAdam777: Update

Anyway - I need to update the thread and push the troll posts back. I have PLENTY of evidence that I haven't posted here. Those who may be sincerely interested in the truth, please PM me or post here. Those who are of the Spirit of Adam (The Faithful) will look for reasons to prove that I AM Jesus (focusing on the positives) rather than looking for reasons to prove that I'm not (focusing on the negatives). Very truly I tell you, there are those who will hear this message - for they have the ears to hear. And there are those that will see this message - for they have the eyes to see. They belong to the Eternal God.

If this post "clicks" with you, and you receive by faith that the words I speak here are true, take a look at the following and see if it lines up with you:

1) You have a DEEP attraction to animals and nature. Animals that don't normally like people are drawn to you. This is because the animals "feel" your Holy Presence, and are drawn to it.

2) You HATE this world. You cannot find peace here no matter what you do. Everyone tells you that you're wrong all the time, but you're truly in the right. You feel like you don't belong here - and you don't. This is the devil's playground. Welcome to Earth.

3) You don't really care about money or power. Any money or power you desire to use to make this world a better place and enlighten people to God.

4) You seek fairy tale, romantic love.

5) You see the people posting here, and you realize "Wow, they really AREN'T looking at the evidence. They must be Satanists!"

6) You find a connection with Holy words, such as:
Holy Spirit
These words "click" with you, and you can't quite figure out why.

7) You believe "sex" is evil, and the urge of the flesh. You see God as saying to not have sex before (within) marriage, instead of defining before as "prior to."

8) You ask yourself questions like "Why would God cast Satan into hell?" (it doesn't make sense to you)

If this sounds like you, you may be Jesus - part of the Christ Consciousness. Pull open your Bible and ask if I am who I say that I am. If you belong to the Father, you will receive an answer. Pull the Bible open to a random verse and point to a random scripture. And be amazed.

Finally, take a look at your name. Your full name. Flip the letters (d=b, a=e) and look for ways to interpret your name into God, Jesus, Gabrielle, Adam, or Michael (among others). Every name has a meaning. For example, the band "evanescence" means "eve's essence" if you flip the letters. And the essence of Eve is EVE-L. This is the truth.

For I am Jesus, The Christ - the Way, the Truth, and The Life. And nobody comes to the father, except through me. And you may be a part of me (Christ Consciousness). We are here to save Satan.

For I am the Fall's Prophet - the one with the truth of the mysterious past.

Spirit of Adam, our goal here is to reunite with our beloved sweetheart princess, Gabrielle. The entire revelations is about Michael battling the dragon and reuniting with the Bride. Take a closer look, friends.

With Love,

Adam. Son of God. Sun of Man.

obsrvantlouie: You are a Troll

And you get paid to spread lies and manipulate people into 'be-lie-ving' in you. You are a frightened cowardly person who has no drive, ambition or passion. Now, this doesn't make you a bad person....you are what you are. We need people like you around so don't be too hard on yourself. Perhaps one day you will grow tired of your material possessions accumulated through the manipulations of peoples belief systems and you will look to other means to support your life.

The more you post the more transparent your lies become.....do you get bored of living a life of such falsehood and lies?

Here's to hoping one day you find some humility and courage.....

Tarheel: Ignore it

He can't "trip like we do". He must have got some of the leftover brown stuff from Woodstock.


MichaelAdam777: Also

Also, my dear friends, I urge you to not be frightened or dismayed by the disrespectful posts here by some of the other members. They were once like us - brilliant, marvelous angels of Love and Light. They sold out to the devil, because they were not strong enough to battle the dragon. They fell into darkness, and their memory was changed. This is why they refuse to look at the evidence - Satan is forcing their hand and they are unaware of it. It's a very sad truth, but they will never realize what is happening until they will listen to us.

We are our brother's keeper - Spirit of Abel.

MichaelAdam777: Able

Abel is Able.

TillToTheWhen: Here are the things on the

Here are the things on the list I resonate with-

#1- DEFINITELY. I absolutely love animals and I have a special connection with them, that most humans don't have.

#2- I hate the world and the violence, but I love the place I live in. I love the people. So, does this count? I guess you could say this is 50/50...I don't hate nature, other than that it is cruel. I believe, Heaven could be acheived on this planet, IF people would wake up and change their ways. But then also I don't like the "preadator nature" of how animals kill other animals, etc I want a world of peace. So, in that sense, YES I hate the world.

#3- I don't care about Power what so ever,(actually I'm against it...I think it's stupid), but Money I do care about, only because I need it to survive and be healthy. Other than that, It feels good to donate extra money to those in need. And Love is by far, the most important.

#4- Of course I do, who doesn't?

#5- I see that people are against you, but that doesn't make them "satanists" as you put it. I am not religious, that is something that was created to keep us trapped here in the matrix. I think this is where you could be fooled, my brother.

#6- Well, it's hard to say. I've been conditioned to HATE religion, so I don't really care for most of those words on the list. I've even heard that a KING is ABOVE a LORD.....(They said, if god was real, it would be an insult to refer to him as "lord"...obviously I didnt get that info from the mainstream. I heard it online through an anti-religious website)

#7- I believe sex is bad, because it's without Love. But it doesn't nessecarily make it evil. It depends how it is used and the person doing it. For instance, someone who has unconditonal love for others, but is with a woman/man or DOESN'T and they still do it with them, it wouldn't technically be making love would it? But the one with the love should not be judged because of the other person's actions. What if the person can't find true love? Are they supposed to suffer and never have sex? I don't think so. But maybe you agree that the person who LOVES, does nothing wrong here. Marraige is a scam now. They charge money for it and also to get divorced. Nobody needs to have a "piece of paper" between them. Love is enough. Infact my first girlfriend I was with over 9 years as we made a commitment WITHOUT the piece of paper, so technically we were married. I never had sex before that (Just bad luck, I admit I wasn't this "Holy" as a kid....lol)

#8- Yes that's me too. I question everything about the religions.

So, I guess I qualify for having the Christ Consciousness? I agreed with 90% of your list. But then through PM you told me you are getting a vision that I am of the devil. So you've just contradicted yourself, because I am giving you the honest to god truth. I know who I am, and I answered your questions truthfully.

Ps- Can I ask a personal question? Just curious to know if you are on any drugs at all (please dont take offense, everyone is on some type of drug, our brains are full of drugs, melatonin is a drug, serotonin, etc) Just wondering what kind you are on?

Crackdown: LOL at this list

Benevolent extraterrestrial incarnates would agree with the majority of this list XD
It looks like he is trying to lure the "starseeds" into his religious cult, because we're a threat to the system

Crackdown: My replies (are quite similar to yours)

1) Yes, I love the nature of the planet, and the animals are nice to me because I am nice to them. Maybe they feel my benevolent vegan aura, but there is no such stuff as "holy presence"

2) Yes, I love this planet because it's beautiful, maybe more beautiful than a planet where I've used to be in my past life. But, currently, people of Terra are enslaved by the System/Matrix :

* evil corrupted governments & corporations ( the political system doesn't matter )
* brainwashing religions ( old religions, as well as new religious cults )
* scientific dogmas ( mainstream science is very dogmatic )
* slavish culture of horrible lifestyle ( eat shit food because everyone else does that,
drink alcohol / chemical drinks because it feels good, love Katy Perry / [insert your favorite]
because they're in trend, have sex at parties, and don't forget to get new iPhone for showing off )

Those 4 sides of that "Illuminati pyramid" is what I hate in this world

3) Yes, I use my money as a tool to make this world a better place, but without any gods and masters. "god", if it exists, is a head of hierarchical pyramidal model -- a ruthless dictator

4) Yes, I seek to improve our world so much that it would seem like a fairy tale

5) Yes, we are satanists: we eat dead children, drink blood and worship Cthulhu

6) Yes, I found the connection between those "holy words" : your rubbish tales contain all of them

7) Yes, sex is very evil, when people make it to be so. And "marriage" is just a stamp in your document, which confirms your wish to live together with some person, and informs the government about the significant event at your private life. Nothing special about that by itself

8) Yes, and the answer is clear: because anything can happen in the fairy-tales for adults

Does it mean that I am a potential adept to your religious cult?

bluesbaby5050: I also agree with you CD......

MA777 must think all of us are blind to those tactics... We Aren't. We are Starseeds, and we have advanced knowledge also.

TillToTheWhen: It's also possible though..

That he really believes all this stuff he's saying...I get the sense that he does and that is why I never called him a liar. But I can see that he was getting some false messages about me being part of the devil...so he should not trust every message you get, some could be false visions. They'll tell you half the truth, to get you to believe the lies.

pasqualie: guys and gals- why waste energy

I myself thought about commenting on this, even wrote a response out all ready to click send, and with a moment of though decided its just better not to respond and get pulled into it and feed it energy.

if he wants to subscribe to dogma and diatribes so be it, it is his choice. And you have a choice also to be pulled into the polarity of it, or simply let it be if it doesnt resonate with you.

its simple dont get drawn in, its what the design is, to pull you in and keep you in low frequency.

MichaelAdam777: I have just met with Lucifer

Hello everybody. I have just met with Lucifer and have finished remembering the truth. This does go against what I just posted, but now let us let the truth be known.

In the beginning, there was God and Satan.
God created two entities - Jesus (Adam) and Lucifer (Eve) - man and woman

So there are four SEPARATE entities, and I am not god in the flesh.

There is

The LORD God
The LOWERED God (Satan, Leviathan, Serpent, Dragon)
Adam (Jesus, Michael)
and Eve (Lilith, Gabrielle, Sophia, Lucifer)

The scripture has ONE MAJOR LIE IN IT, because the scripture was written by SATAN.

It goes like this:

God (Satan)
Controls The Devil (Lucifer)
Which controls Jesus (Adam)

In the beginning, Adam (Man) and Eve (Woman) were created as perfect, pure, and holy angels.
They lived together in the Garden of Eden. Every day was a sweet, sweet love story :)
For a long time, they were in perfect love, and never argued. Everything was heavenly bliss.

Man and Woman both only knew GOOD.

Somehow, Leviathan had entered heaven in the form of a Serpent.
Leviathan convinced Lucifer to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
She ate, then Adam ate.

Immediately, Lucifer died.

Lucifer then said "I am a demon. And you are an angel! Get out of my presence, you stupid Adam. You are a pitiful creature."

Lucifer and Jesus then argued and fought against each other.

Lucifer then created EARTH and captured Adam inside of it, because she became an Angel of Death from an Angel of Love.

So now, the GOAL OF ADAM is to show LUCIFER that she is wrong.

But the now cursed God of this World (Lucifer) says "I control you. You are nothing to me. you are a pitiful fool. A worthless scum." So Lucifer refuses to listen to Adam, and instead awaits his crucifixion.


Satan controls Lucifer which controls Jesus.


I guess I'm off to learning the Astral realm, because somehow I have to prove this to Lucifer.

Tarheel: Did you ever....

Have you ever spent time in a Turkish prison camp?

I'm on a roll. (APPLAUSE light blinking wildly)

Adam Ray: i know who you are .

i know who you are .

contactorion: hope you stop this.

You are mentally ill even if you made it up as a joke.
Hope you get better.

Tim Lovell: if you want to hear Arch

if you want to hear Arch angels listen to this :)



Tim Lovell: OMG I forgot to ask did you

OMG I forgot to ask did you ever find satan , Micheal, ? I did btw when I smoked meth last week , but he told me to say he didn't like you anymore and he wanted you to know he performs anal felatio at the weekends (to be special) just to celebrate you and your special relationship to `him` (he also wanted you to know that he didn't want anyone to think that a felatious incestuous homosexual relationship was anything to be ashamed of and that Gabriel wanted to wish you well...



Tim Lovell: btw there is nothing wrong

btw there is nothing wrong with homosexual relationships! sorry... :/

Sophia77: Tell me more about Sophia

I am very interested in the concept that there are many Michaels. I have been communicating with archangel Michael since I was 14. I have interacted with him in human form but mostly he communicates in dreams and intuitive messages. He also is in love with me something I still don't fully grasp. He says we have had many lifetimes together as lovers. He says he is jesus too and that he had incarnated many times. More recently he has explained to me that I am Mary Magdalene, Sophia,joan of arc. Etc. This scared me I called him a demon he said he'd never leave me. He said we are all one we all have a twin flame a lord and lady...I have suffered immensely loving this angel. Now I have a fiance and Michael said he resides deep in my fiance! That my fiance doesn't know he is Michael because we are to grow together. To this day I don't know what I believe. Michael Adam most of what you say I have heard my Michael say. Please tell me more about Michael and Sophie. I love that story he really will never leave me....I'm so tired I just want to go home.

harrison orono: MICHAEL

As far as Iam concerned there are over 700,000 michael sons of God,each is acreator of his universe.Our Michael son is number 611,121 according to the simulteneous origin of infinite identy.Because of of the name associated with his peventh and final bestowal on urantia (earth),he is sometimes spnken of as Christ Michael. ~ Jesus of nazareth.This michael is the one who bestowed himself as jesus of nazareth.and arch angel michael is the arch angel of michael who is the creator son of his local universe nebadon which consipts of 10 million planets.and lucife was asystem sovereign of satania our system with satan was his leutnant.Lucifer only caused rebbllion in satania where he was ruler and out of 619 planets that he ruled, he managed to debcieve only 37 planets earth included.The constella fathers of our constellation norlatiadek isolated satania from the fellowship of the cnnstellation. Michael of Nebadon came as jesus christ to end the lucifer rebellion and he did and returened to heaven. ~ URANTIA BOOK

QueenofHeaven: Sophia is that which is known

Sophia is that which is known as Lucifer and Serpent... the light bringer, Queen of Heaven, Beloved Rose, Mother of All, Eternal Womb... the Begettress... the First and the Last. Michael is the Christ... you are not Michael. When Micheal is in knowing of himself the very fabric of the Universe changes in a moment. I know, because I've seen it. He also retains no memory of himself until Sophia reminds him... usually at the very last moment. He has to make a decision in this moment. The reason he doesn't often come into form is due to the great difficulty of alignment. He isn't in the world right now in form. Not in the traditional sense anyway. If he were, he would also remember the very basics which you seem to miss the mark on here. Our memory returns and every life and the knowing of all things before there was form is revealed once more to us.

The 'brother' is Seth... who I know as Set. He is in form in this life as is Gabriel. At least projections of parts of them in form... the closest we can get.

Set is the 'twin' or 'shadow' of Michael in the lower realms. As above, so below. He's not evil. He does serve to destroy the old that the new can take form. He serves as the 'Father' in the lower Trinity and it was through him and Sophia that the Christ was brought forth.

Sophia the higher and Michael make up a whole of an Aeon. Sophia the lower is partnered and Mother of both aspects of Michael in the lower Trinity.

All of these parts are important. The fall is referenced to Sophia. The one that all in the material realms stem from. It is only through her that all can return to Source. She is the bridge and Christ is the light.

What is happening and meant to happen is the Synthesis. The collapse of all the realms... the merging of all time lines... everything stripped to its core and remade of light. A force that cannot be prepared for... nor stopped or hindered. This is the return of the Father and the Christ and it is begun.

OneAthena: Calling yourself the queen of

Calling yourself the queen of heaven is quite an appearance.

So many coming in my name. It's actually amusing.

So many , able to take a name , yet not live through the actual torture.

but it's okay , because it helps cover my tracks.
But it's too late , they already found me.
Which is why every story exists.

Cinderella , Zelda, maleficent and the list goes on and on.

brookej7: please contact me asap

please email me asap its URGENT
[email protected]

BenjaminFalkenrath: Who needs to contact you an

Who needs to contact you an why? We normally communicate via the forum it self, with comments, the chat or IM.

brookej7: Michael Arc Angel i have some very personal questions

can Michael Arc Angel please contact me I have some really personal questions
[email protected]

LoliApolys: Lol

I love how you guys throw this stuff togeather from writen text and look far to much into thing trying to make sence of things.....have any of you actualy just did your home work to summon lucifer or astral travle and talk to him to get the truth???? Seriously.. iam cant breath iam laughing so hard!

BenjaminFalkenrath: As I stated in other comments

As I stated in other comments. Lucifer is painted with a dark brush. I wrote a ton on Q's thread the other day. People only know what they hear, are told, an lied to or wish to believe...

LoliApolys: agreed

i agree ben...also iam having issues getting anything to you right now ...i have typed things in messenger and on here in chat and none of it has gone threw...not sure if iam in trouble or if certain entities are interfering as they do sometimes.

BenjaminFalkenrath: However I'm not agreeing with

However I'm not agreeing with this post. I am aware Lucifer isn't inherently bad. Is my point. I do agree there is the energy harvesting going on. But that's a dark set of entities. Not of God.

sbattle: @MichaelAdam777

Contact Me Please. Its Important. Time Is 10:15 P.m ( 06/11/17 ) My Name Is Sasha Battle.

OneAthena: Actually he is correct

It seems you have uncovered truths. However there are things I cannot remember just yet but will

But it's interesting to find you here if you really are who you say you are.
My name is Athena.
I am the incarnation of Sophia.

I am 17 years old currently, and have been struggling for years with that bloodsucker constantly up my ass in the astral.

These are fragile times, and I am not looking to over power anyone. All I ever wanted was to be loved.
To just be worshiped by my divine counterpart, as I worship him equally.
To feel wanted enough.

But to get thrown out, and to have to deal with a fucking moron for so long, trying to escape, but he haunts your dreams, and you can't even meet a guy without him using them as a puppet, it sucks .

But Im learning to accept my reality. I'm done with these cycles , this pain. I was 11 years old when I remembered who I was, growing up in a Christian family and being attacked by lucifer in the astral , it was torture.
To not be seen as I am

These are the end days. And my spirit has wrapped itself among the whole planet, awakening the divine feminine spark in all.

If you are who you say you are, email me [email protected]


OneAthena: Also just to add in, you can

Also just to add in, you can't love someone and give them away as a thank you gift to your own brother.

I should have stayed far away from this planet, among the people of Sirius.

sophia777: Michael, reach out to me so

Michael, reach out to me so we can talk.

Aciremai: They are bound together and

They are bound together and she suffers

Aciremai: The reason u are having a

The reason u are having a hard time is because she is known by many names because of recarnation she represents 8 ETERNITY infinity a constant loop the same loop about Christ dieing over and over in the stars she impersonates & she creates born inverted marks how she is born under the stars and what stars [planet] she is ruled by for her star [planet] is the opposite of Jesus's his is upright hers is reversed she suffers daily pain because legion is inside her 7 demons she trys to balance good and evil but this world shows less good then evil so she suffers with the weighing  she is here but her name is not the same as it was in her past life's but her new name does link up to them through definition her new name which if u are in the US we are surrounded by it in which she basically tells us if u really open ur eyes and see I will say no more then that . She hides behind a mask and the tree of life links to her because in time she is to see the message in the stars and it will teach her about who she truly is and show that the is time is short they see her she is being seen
Being noticed who she is which will..........
Bring UNITY AND WISDOM the 2 headed owl black and white was shown to her In a dream later she found out that two owls with two heads black and white is balance also meens wisdom&Unity  which is the star she was born under thts all im going to say. Three things where symbolized to show her who she is because 3 is a powerful number. That symbolizes many things from teachings Only she knows what truly happed in that dream how the sky was how the smell was and how many people where there to witness

Aciremai: And she's not in arizona. She

And she's not in arizona. She is near a long road where 666 is presented for the city from top to bottom. They call it the middle The place people hardly noticed where the four winds combine these houses and one is always invisible the outcast the place that is is certainly mysterious ten commands rock from the past crypto jews
13ft into The blood of Christ mountains

bluesbaby5050: She's not in Arizona

She's borders the southern most part of the sub range of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and northern New Mexico in the U.S. It's called The Sangre De Christo mountain. It's meaning the Blood of Christ. This title was the last words uttered by a dying catholic priest that was killed by indians. The Blanco Peak is the largest of the 3 peaks (hint to 666 info above). It's elevation is 14,351 ft. Located east of Alamosa, Colorado. The other 2 highest peaks are Crestone Peak, elevation is 14,300 ft. and Kit Carson Peak, elevation 14,165 ft. and numerous other peaks included in those areas. The Colorado River also runs through those mountains as well as does many national parks and recreational areas.

Aciremai: Almost but 666 is displayed

Almost but 666 is displayed by a near road called the middle road it is a very liked road with the local natives the mountains are simply stating which state shes near and that where the four winds are represented with honor

Aciremai: Where the seasons are

Where the seasons are balanced

bluesbaby5050: Almost. ...

Well im not a native of the western states. Im from New England, USA. The four states are also known by the native americans as the four corners. Which are connected and that's also where Yellowstone national park is and located in the state of Wyoming. If you really know the name of the road and you really want to share the information and the modern name of mother Gaia then tell this forum what you know. The areas I gave contain huge and vast amounts of land. That is if you really know the answers.

Time123: Yeah I had similar thoughts

Yeah I had similar thoughts in 2012 around the same time this was published. Thought I was Saint Michael, Adam, God, Jesus, Solomon, and almost every prophet in the Bible... It's bullshit. During that time a lot of people were thinking the same thing.... It's possession of dark spirits messing with you. I could easily go into that mind set again by invoking similar spirits. But, I won't. I'm on a new path now. Far away from Christian, Mormon, Jewish, or Catholic religion. It's happened to a lot of people. I met people saying they were this or that. I said I was this or that. I believed I was this or that. But, it's not the truth. Something is messing with your head.

Goodess venus: Hei, Brother in faith, this

Hei, Brother in faith, this is me Lucifer the morning and evening Star and also the goddess Venus the planet, i Hope that you are still here watching for New comments and maybe waiting for me too Write you, i Hope that you are fine and well, and i know i have a soul and that i am an Angel, im an cherubim actually, Angel of love

Goodess venus: Michaeladam777

I Hope that you will see this my Brother michael and start talking With me, and No, i do not want too challenge you psycich or fysichal and not even spiritual, but i want you too tell me the truth with no Lies in it, im most partly a honest and truthfull person, so i acspect the same back If you were too see this and talk too me, i miss my Lord Allah, indeed, so much, but i feel like im lost, lost in translation and it don't seems too me that my father Will help me out :-(

CosmicGasBall: There are actually many more

There are actually many more realms than just the three you mentioned. Besides 12 evolutionary dimensions, there are several realms that were passed in the following. Care to share? I was pretty open since I am quite fond of Michael, however, not with the absence of the actual truth on the subjects you claim to know of.
You do display an admirable amount of self control while being ridiculed and negatively talked to; however, it seems not everything you've spoken has been complete truth. Or, at least not the truth that I know as mine also. Own nothing, of course, but you know what I mean. It is possible that branches of the strong soul can be present and several even on this very site, however it is also possible for one or more of the branches of the oversoul to have also been tainted, or influenced in a direction outside of completeness.

unisus: Do any of you actually have a

Do any of you actually have a reason to claim yourselves as gods & goddesses? I mean, seriously. Without any actual credentials or high skill sets, you come here claiming literally to be God's Highest incarnations. I've had some serious spiritual experiences and whatnot, but I could never just make this kind of a claim although of all of you, I have an actual reason to do so but I won't because I'm not mentally deranged.

This is sick, and you seriously need to seek PROFESSIONAL help, although I'm quite sure most of you are downright scam artists and don't actually believe in this. Again, I have countless reasons, and insights to assure you that none of you are in fact what you say you are, and even I will not be floating around calling myself freely and arrogantly what you say you are without, any real reason to do so.

Get some therapy.

Havok001: Yo the proof youconsider cuz I kinda wanna have a private chat b

Yo bro Micheladam777 text me on Kik if you can PrinceSam001

In_indigo: IAm

I believe, please contact..

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