The spiritual queen is real who is the wife of Jesus and ex wife of Micheal-

The queen is real. She is the queen of the shadows and the vampires. She is also Jesus wife and Micheal's ex-wife.

She seems to be on the dark side of god. But really she is god. And she is very powerful.

The devil is the sister of god and sister of jesus. But Jesus is married to them both and loves them the devil a little more.

The queen rules the jails and the court system and mostly the powerful people. She is everywhere. And there are people who believe. You just have to open your eyes.

Yes there is a spiritual war fare going on. But the pure cannot be touched and the royal family can not be touched. Although others may and can be touched. God is here and on earth.

The queen is here and jesus is here. I am telling you this to help you. Through these hard times. Not everything is how it looks. Nor are the people or the objects around you.

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Tarheel: Trippin

I agree with parts of the last 2 paragraphs but I don't see any way you could substantiate the rest of your message.
The dark side is losing at an ever-increasing rate. Any more attempts by them or on their behalf would be futile. It's over for them. Can't you feel it ?

BenjaminFalkenrath: Word to the wise. @ alexandriaizcool

Here is my advise. Stop while you are ahead. I've been on this site for over 2 years now an it has given me nothing but shit. I thought this was a place I could find like minded people an express my self, where I would have friends I could trust, I could write, I could be understood. No. I got negativity. I got liars who posed as friends, back stabbed, an tore me down. Who will delete your comments or posts, block you from content with no warning. Treat you like an outsider. This is no place for truth. This has become a house of trolls. All I can say is do not piss of one of the ADMINS ESPECIALY THE ONE THEY CALL bb5050. observantlouie is the resident asshole. Tarheel is the patsy he likes to make you feel good but he plays both sides, you can't trust any of these idiots on here. Find a better site. I gave it a second chance an I posted some good shit on here. I was wrong. I could of went else where an I should of kept my original ideas to my self. I wrote from the heart an no one gave a shit! What is the most they could do? Delete my an my work? ha I wish they would but I doubt it. They'll just keep it up, they're too lazy to do it. I kinda wish they would. Simply because they're not worthy of my words. But they won't their lazy. Do your self a favor an get out why you can.

Tarheel: Sorry you feel that way, BF

I thought you were a friend and always have a unique perspective.
Also, pardon my open-mindedness. I've worked on trying to allow for alternate realities. No.
Get out your polarity issues and express your right to free will.

BenjaminsLove: @Tarheel

Please do not take it to heart. Benjamin is going through a lot right now. Especially with his family. This site is (was) his only real outlet. First of all, I don't normally write/comment/post. In fact I think this is the first time since I joined, that I am even really on here. I only created a user name because Ben wanted me to see his writings an meet people like him, in an effort yo help me to understand him an people like him better. I've done a poor job at that in all honestly. I have a business. Our 2 kids. An my mother an my ext family to deal with. I don't know what is going on with Ben an this site honest, so I am sorry.
I know he really enjoyed coming on here up until a few months ago. An then he stopped.
I can't say he will be on here anymore I can not speak for him. All I can say is this. He came on here to find people to talk to. To understand him. To open up to. My brother is getting a divorce an him an his autistic kids are living with us. My mother an other brother are living with us also. We have a 3 bedroom with a guest house. An there's 10 of us living in this so. It is a damn mess!
This with now his father who is not doing to well, who is living with his sister in another state, an is trying to move back here. It is just not good for him. I should be the one he talks to. An he does. But for the Spiritual & beyond this world he has reached out to folks he's never met. In the hopes of finding someone with a more board understanding... An I've seen some of the Negative comments on some of his old posts. Not everyone has been nice. But he kept posting. An Q, Tarheel, and Bluebaby5050 are the only ones I see that had backed him back then. Why things have changed I do not know. He will not talk to me. He will not let me into this side of him. I try to talk to him, but he tells me, he does it to protect me. So I am sorry things have changed.... My husband really does keep to himself. He has few real friends he talks to outside of work or anyone really in a deep sense like he does here. I'm not asking you to forgive his little bout of anger. But as his wife. I would at least like to explain his side. Because from where I see him, I see him isolated an angry. An feeling alone. But Thank you Tarheel. For being his friend. Even if right now. He doesn't see it....

Tarheel: We're cool, BL.

He trusted someone else who mislead him. I believe he knows who his friend/s is/are.
I try not to get too excited when people vent on me but occasionally I bite back. I didn't this time and I try not to ever but sometimes it hits a person at the wrong time.
Good luck negotiating the household. We're all going though some trying times so hang tough.
Peace & Harmony, sis !

BenjaminsLove: I think things are coming to

I think things are coming to a better vibe now. My brother in law who was staying with us is moving out. Things are getting back to normal. An Benjamin is currently being groomed for a promotion. Though he is in competition with others for the spot. His supervisor is really doing a lot to help him, even conducting mock interviews & resume writing assistance. Pretty cool. Even if he doesn't get it this round, it will be good experience for him to interview and try for it. An who knows. Wish us luck. All is well right for now. Much love.

- House Falkenrath

Tarheel: Best of luck

,..,.BF & you and the BF fam.
When BF starts dragging down the BIG bucks, you gonna spot your palS @ TC ? (joking)

BenjaminFalkenrath: I got passed up. It's all

I got passed up. It's all good. Next time. Gives me more time to work on my interview skills. LOL
There was a lot of people who applied... People with more than just my 2 years seniority an over 8 yrs exp. Well

Tarheel: Their loss, Big Chief.

Something MUCH bigger is in store for BF.

BenjaminFalkenrath: Yup! It's all good... I

Yup! It's all good... I figured it's for a reason lol

BenjaminFalkenrath: @BenjaminsLove/My own wife

Thanks but don't apologise for me... You shouldn't be coming in here trying to fix things when you don't know what's up! I love you but please.... I have enough to deal with I don't wanna fight. I'm done fighting. I've fought so much on so many different levels I'm tired.......
If I can't even trust a friend screw it I fold. To much headache. I didn't sign up for this...

BenjaminFalkenrath: Tarheel

You aren't them. You are you. You try to remain more neutral an diplomatic. Í know this. I've always known it. An yeah shit may be going on in my life, an people hére have let me dówñ. But Í shouldn't be bitter an I shouldn't lash out because others are negative an have shut me out às they're pissed an can't express it...some people are just shitty like that. I shouldn't let them get to me.

I'm sorry I was rude.

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