What Do You Make of Brexit?

by Quinton on June 24th, 2016

What do you make of the UK voting to leave the EU? Is this a good thing? What will it mean for the future moving forward?

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wolfe: I hope it's a good thing for

I hope it's a good thing for them. I am not a fan of "globalization". I think this will help them get the ball back in their court as far as refuge intake is concerned. From what I see the EU was pushing refugees into most EU countries and it from what I can see isn't doing them a lot of good, The ramifications for Scotland and the Northern islands may turn out to be less then ideal. And it does not help them maintain their peace treaties in the north. I'm hoping to see at least they have more control over their own destiny. I also think this opens the door for some other countries who want to jump ship on the EU if they chose to go that route. I think the 8% drop in the pound if absolute proof that the banking system is going to try and make this look like a travesty for the UK to discourage other countries from making the same "mistake". On a good note for me, it caused gold to bounce up 60$ an ounce overnight, but that is a sign of global instability.

Tarheel: To reiterate

I cant tell if it will be good or bad. From what I've read, there appears to be equal sentiment both ways.
-I hope the election was fair.
-Time will reveal the true agenda behind this. I hope the people weren't fooled.

Quinton: It looks to my like this was

It looks to my like this was a big push for the people wanting less centralization and globalization. From what I saw in the media leading up to it it appears that they did not want the leave vote to happen. It looks like a great move to me and I'm surprised this actually happened. I never would have thought they would vote to leave the EU. Maybe there is a changing sentiment with people around the world for less centralized control.

Economically speaking I think it's a good move. It's interesting how Switzerland has never been part of the EU and the Swiss Franc has always been one of the strongest currencies. And of course the British Pound is one of the other strong European currencies.

I also think it's kind of telling how they try to scare everyone with the markets tanking immediately after the vote. The markets have sucked for a long time and a crash is inevitable in the near future, but this just looks like a knee-jerk reaction trade that everyone was going to do should this result happen.

I'm just surprised the UK actually had the balls to do something like this. Congrats guys! I think it was a great move and a step towards taking control into your own hands.

Terran resistance: we are free

we are free at last...

obsrvantlouie: Free to do what?

Not directed at anyone in particular but.....How are you any more free now than you were before? The voting system in UK is just a rigged as USA. This only happened because the PTB allowed it to happen. It's an excuse to fuck imports/exports, stocks and the economy world wide. Just another step towards one world currency or I should say one world digital currency.

Eugenics, transhumanism, cashless society, restricted speech, war on empathy....the agenda of NWO is in Full Swing. The signs and subliminals are so brazen you can hardly call them subliminal any more.

Of course all of this sounds horrible but only if you identify as your body only. Try to remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. However, that people actually believe "The people" had the power to make this decision in the UK is a farce.

Im observing two potentialities and I don't know which one will get here first. One, the real or fake alien invasion. I consider myself an expert on children's programming and the alien agenda or even just the word "alien" is being distributed at such a high rate it's astonishing. Just watch the first episode of the newly released Voltron on Netflix. Refer back to the first episode of X files mini series event. Secondly, earth/weather changes are moving and increasing at a dramatic event.

One of these is going to happen at a massive level.

The only way to change things here is to increase the vibrations of enough awakened spirits to lift this experience to a new level of awareness. No Euro Union, President, or any other peice related to the system is going to do a dam thing but expand the NWO agenda.

People pulling the strings are a million streps ahead in the game of life relating to the monetary and governmental systems that run our countries. This game is fixed and will never be unfixed via any mechanism within said game of life. However, the game of consciousness (more accurately described as awareness) is untapped and unlimited potentiality.

The PTB want you to think Brexit was a win for the people so you get wrapped up in politics. They want you to think Donald Trump is the real deal so you get wrapped up in thinking we can make America great again. The systems are rigged!!! Newsflash....the SYSTEM IS RIGGED! This shit was planned out 10 plus years ago probably 50 plus yeas ago. Most corporations have a 5 year plan.....do you think people who play world domination have a 5 year plan? They have a 50 year plan!

It's amazing how a little piece of hope will make people think the system can be changed. Hollywood paints hope as a tool for weak people's to rise up against the regime. Not true, hope is actually the systems best friend. The want you to waste your time hoping instead of actually 'doing'.


Terran resistance: on the topic of aliens

George Bush senior refered to the european union and the US working together as a thousands years of illumination. The media here was in full swing trying to scare people into thinking leaving the eu was a bad thing, the vote was a vote against the NWO. You are right that the system is rigged though because the US candidates are backed by the Hyadeans and the war carrier in the night sky the same groups that surported the nazis. while here we have the choice between sirians or the semitic aliens with a Maldekian monarchy. We dont want a thousand years of illumintaion which is just hyadean bull crap.

Tarheel: Where do I see this "war carrier in the night sky" ?

I've seen some things that I haven't seen before. Especially of late, I've noticed a reddish-tinted object (not Mars) in the southern sky.
But I would like to know where to look for the "war carrier". Thanks in advance for your help.

Terran resistance: the moon

the moon

Tarheel: Luna's visible during the day,too.

Gotcha. I thought you meant we have even more company.

Terran resistance: also explain

also explain why they are trying to break up the UK with scotland where our nukes are if the EU didnt have an agenda and also the BBC receives grants from the EU. This is more than one side playing out their cards on wht they want the populace to do.

Terran resistance: not once

not once during the whole eu debate did anyone compare the EU to the nazis, or ESPECIALLY say the EU was a fourth reich or that the EU was German run. WHY? Why do you think? Why is all the attention being diverted from minority parties like UKIP that supported out? It was a vote against the establishment and we won.

Tarheel: Good to have OL back....

...now, tell us how you REALLY feel.
That's why we love you, OL. Stick around, will ya?

LettersToCleo: This is actually interesting Louie

Most people think one world government is one world order by the Elite. Digital currency.

In reality it ties in with the 2045 transhumanism initiative in russia.

Extension of UN Agenda 21 which was extended to 2035 which continues with 2045 initiative of transhumanism to bring in the golden age of peace and prosperity for all by AI.

So new world order or the golden age of man and the new age is transhumanism and AI control.

The entire planet ruled by a artificial binary consciousness and a single language of binary code and the financial system controlled by binary code.

Its what they call the golden age of man, with no war or death and everyone thinks the same and is controlled so there is no more war. the dawn of a new age. similar to what new age says about ascension. makes ya wonder.

world peace by turning the masses into robots controlled by AI, through transhumanism by 2045


Tarheel: I'm callin bullshit on this post.

This is pure agenda-driven HHS.
You've exposed yourself, dark-side.

LettersToCleo: no tarheel you just in victimation programming

messiah or saviour programming where you want someone or the aliens to come down and save humanity, so you can take no personal responsibility and give away your power. thats what all of new age is, victimization programming, the aliens are going to save humanity and come down and help.

i think if this was true, they would have done it along time ago. its just an extension of 2012 where the new age groups said the aliens were gonna come down and save humanity then. but did it happen . no.

its why you have all these aliens groups who embrace and incorporate technology into themselves come down and tell you its gonna be the dawn of a new age, a new age for humanity of peace and harmony, made possible they dont tell you by transhumanism . 4th dimensional aliens are all fallen, they all embraced technology and are controlled by ai.

Tarheel: Dont pretend

Don't pretend you know me. You have absolutely idea about me. You have much larger issues to deal with so focus on the man in the mirror.

435: Well said.

Well said.

Tim Lovell: Quinton I live in the UK and

Quinton I live in the UK and I didn't even vote I personally think it means nothing

LettersToCleo: Look who won the nobel prize in chemistry 2016

guy who created and put into production molecular machines to be put into the body.


Zurke: I think Brexit is for the

I think Brexit is for the best. It will hurt some investment and will make it more difficult for Britians to move about. But when you have such economic differences between countries of the EU it is only logical that the more prosperous countries will see the influx of foreigners. These foreigners, for the most part are not well to do folks. They are coming from countries that have less income and more poverty. Who is negatively effected by these migrants? Not the people that are capitalizing on the open borders. Not the people/corporations getting cheaper labor and sending those cheaper made products through open borders. Certainly not the people investing in those corporations. The people that are badly affected are the poorer less educated people in the more prosperous country receiving the migrants. Fewer jobs, less housing because counsel housing/government housing, which is more wide spread than it is in the USA, is being taken by migrants who cant afford to buy their own. Healthcare is affected by the increased migration, the NHS is for people that dont want or cannot afford(the poorer) private heath insurance. The NHS has seen more costs and longer waiting times since this open borders thing had started. My guess is there are a lot of poorer people that voted for leaving the EU. I am happy they did not believe the propaganda/PR by the various media outlets touting it as something not good for them(the poorer) when it just isn't good for investers. My 2 cents.

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