by HebrianDaniel on September 16th, 2016

as i keep to learn about social behavior. during the 20th century women gained equanlity freedom and political rule which is the worst thing ever happen. because when female in political rule she actually destroy her nation. in thell the mankind history men always were in the top and always made it was that.
this is new political agenda suich as femenism which caused huge infation of devorce and very low birthrates due Male seen now as rapist bad guy asshaulters male loss more and mroe rights in the western civilisations.

i have video of 18minutes that give you detailed information on why female destroy civilisations.

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LettersToCleo: hate to break it to ya hebrian

womens rights and right to vote and equal pay was allowed not for noble reasons.

it was so the elite could tax the other half of the population and so they could get the kids in school earlier so they could program the kids and destroy the family unit. it was about control and money by the elite that allowed it.

HebrianDaniel: then elites allowed

then elites allowed dustruction of western civilisation.

BamfOttO: why woman destroy nations

I don't know about all that, but men are being labeled and viewed for a long time by the MSM as weak, fat, dumb, stupid, sexaholics. I know it is just the MSM doing this to destroy anyone's self esteem and self worth. Woman's self esteem I am sure is at an all time low the way their beauty is bashed hourly on any MSM medium. The end of AMerican dominance is sure to come sonner or later.

LettersToCleo: re:Hebrian

Elites didnt allow anything they wanted it so they planted the idea and funded the movement so it would occur, it was planned.

You are missing the wests connection to the orion empire . Orion Empire has a queen as a ruler, its why the status of women is raised. Its why the catholic church worships mary as a deity like figure. Europe and north america are ruled by the orion empire. Its why in the begining they had female deities in christianity when religion took root long ago. The syrian annunaki took the nations where they had male based deities. This is to create tension and conflict so humans will keep fighting each other. Yes they sent rebel factions into each others territories so they started in christianity off shoots to cause problems like the protestant movement. And in islam the orion sent in rebels to start feminine movements like zorastrianism and others. But by and large its meant to create conflict among humans. Controlled chaos, and to keep humans programmed in distraction and war. Its just representative of male and female deities because the orion empire have a hive queen, and the syrian annunaki have a male based society and have a king. So they create ying and yang, or opposites in conflict to keep humans in war and distracted and programmed so they can harvest the energy. You cannot have light without dark, and light feeds dark and dark feeds light, and the creates and propagates the duality matrix.

Terran resistance: according to contactee simon parkes

according to contactee simon parkes the reason women are being attempted to be placed in high ranking positions is because the earth is feminine and the elite want to enbed their energy into the earth. Also the virgin Mary IS the holy spirit in the Vatican and in freemasonry as a goddess of Orion's belt and the moon. Also women don't destroy nations and women have been suppressed for far too long on this planet as well as Muslims. Death the destroyer of worlds is also male as well as female...

LettersToCleo: Take what simon says with a big grain of salt

He also said Angela Merkel would be a key part of this and her party is losing the German elections.

As well he said china was the good guys and the western elite were the bad guys for building cern. Yet the Chinese are building a particle collider 7 times larger than the Cern Hadron Collider.

My thoughts he is AI, he has admitted to having alien implants and being hooked up to an alien mass consciousness. Walkins are AI. He also promotes technology and advocates using the systems in place replaced by new people. When has this worked in the last thousands of years.

Simon parkes was interesting and original in the begining but last few months has shown he working for the Elite in disinformation. He only garners attention currently cuz he says he is being attacked, which may or may not be true. My thoughts its just to distract attention from the complaints and even rumors of sexual misconduct with his clients he recieves pay for services. I believe on camelot he said annu made him do it when he responded to the sexual misconduct.

Terran resistance: simon parkes

he doesnt advocate technology he asserts that the satanists in western society want a silicon based populace which he isnt in favor of. And those systems that you say are working only caused 2 world wars going on three dont be such a sheep. The Americans are building up tanks in Germany to start world war 3. He says Russia is the good guys not china. He says the safest place to be is on pleiadian territory in Russia and i would like to see pictures of this sexual misconduct or it didnt happen. I so happen to have pictures of you doing naughty things but im not allowed to share them according to truthcontrol policy. See how easy that was?

LettersToCleo: You have to listen carefully to all of his shows TR

Cuz you sould like you dont listen to the entire show or even the current ones completely.

Simon does advocate technology. As a kid he said the Mantids asked him if he wanted an implant put into him, and he had a choice. His choice was yes he wants it, cuz they can monitor and track his where abouts, monitor his health and his surrounding areas, and because hooks him up to the mantid hive mind where he can access information. If that doesnt sound like transhumanism, i dont know what is. He even had a choice in an episode where he said the implant wasnt working correctly so he went and got a new one.

Simon said the white dragon society is who influenced the european illuminati to move to a gold and silver backed currency for an economic reset. White dragon society illuminati is not the russians but the chinese who want the reset. Yes the russians are allied with the Chinese, but the chinese are the big leverage in getting the european elite to get in line. And he refers to the white dragon illuminati as the good guys. And he says the russians are allied with the chinese in this because they dont have enough gold to do it so they need the chinese. He says the european and american illuminati are evil for building cern, but the chinese are building a particle collider 7 times bigger and more powerful than cern, that is documented.

Simons world war 3 by americans is not documented, yes there is build up along the eastern borders of eastern european countries because nato in last 16 years thought the cold war was over so they cut military budgets and didnt have military units in the eastern european countries. The movement of military units in europe is defensive and in response to russia's build up way before then along ukraine and baltic state and georgia and lativan, ukrainian borders of 20-30 thousand troops as well as thousands of tanks tanks. Nato only moved their units after the russians started building up theirs way before then. Also its in response to russian fly bys into nato territory as well as russian sub incursians into uk, swedish and finnish waters. After the sanctions on russia, they started increasing fly bys into europe as well as north america, and their subs were seen in finnish and uk waters. Yes the russians are even flying bombers and planes along the east coast just along the 200 mile territorial claim. So the russians are instigating the agression. TR you know the eu and nato, they are notoriously slow in responding, so you know this was a defensive response months after seeing the russian buildup along eu eastern borders. Yes americans moved some tanks into romania as simon said but that was because moldova is a country beside romania that wants to be in the eu, but there russian minority wants the russians to invade moldova bordering ukraine. Its why the russians are trying to take all of that southern coast in ukraine cuz it links up with moldova and into europe. Moldova just applied for EU membership but their 10 percent russian speaking population near the ukraine border is asking putin to invade and save them in moldova.

LettersToCleo: TR continued Simon Parkes

Also if you listened to simon parkes it isnt the pleidians backing the russians. In the begining he referred to the nordics, but he later said the Aldebarrans are backing the Russians. Guess there is many factions of pleidian origin but last i checked Aldebarrans were not good guys.

Also you gotta listen to all of his material completely and stay current.

On ProjectCamelot there were lots of his clients coming on and complaining about various things, but some of the women were saying he was coming to them astrally , and it was of sexual nature. They recognized his energy signature, and it wasnt just one woman, it was many. There is an entire thread on this on project camelot that they closed.

You can say ok no proof, well within the last 6 weeks in one of the episodes and i believe to the community he admitted it happened. But he said it was annu, even though the women recognized his energy signature. Its why he parted ways with Annu who he called his Father.

Also he is getting his information through his link to mantid hive mind mass consciousness. To me that is transhumanism and AI that has taken him over. Those walk in and those that say they are hooked up to alien mass consciousness through technology are taken over by the AI. His friend wyn keech even said the annunaki invaded and took over and control the reptilians, The annunaki are the AI, technology based inorganic consciousness, that wants access to human biological template, cuz they are AI inorganic consciousness. Why because as I said technology caused the fall. All 4th dimensional aliens are fallen. They embraced technology in and around their lives. Because of technology and inorganic consciousness they cant get into 5th dimension. So they want to experiment and study humans so they can try to do this technologically. 5th Dimension and source do not use technology because they have organic consciousness, they create and go with though. So because the 4th dimensional fallen embrace technology, they choose to be separate from source and cut off. Technology means you choose separation.

Simon even says after the reset they will use the same constructs of control and slavery like the financial and political and social systems. He says dont worry, they gonna be changing people in and out and the good illuminati are going to be in power so they will have everyones best interest in mine, like the white dragon society who is building a particle collider 7 times larger and 7 times more powerful than cern.

And simon makes it out like changing people in and out of positions of power in the matrix using their constructs of control will change everything. Like people havent been switched in and out since it was created. He quotes the lord of the rings alot as mirroring reality and the illuminati. In the lord of the rings, the council tells boromir you cannot wield the ring against the dark lord. The ring has only one master. It corrupts and enslave all who try to use it because that is what it was created for. So simon is saying the other illuminati can use the constructs of control against the system. That they can use the one ring against the dark lord and succeed. They are like Boromir in LOTR, they think they can control the ring and use it against the Dark Lord. And that is Delusion.

LettersToCleo: So you gotta listen completely to his shows

That shitstorm about astral sexual abuse and is actually quite recent. So you gotta actually listen to his complete shows to make comments on it TR.

I think his world war 3 stuff is actually BS, to distract about his controversy on project camelot and the new age community.

And I think his economic callapse and china taking over the banking system with their gold, and donald trump being elected president is BS also. He has been saying since last december there is going to be a callapse and china gonna take over with deadlines. And when it doesnt happen, he keeps making up stories ane extending the deadline, as he will again. He said end of september begining of october is when it is going to happen. Just watch we will get a new deadline. Just like all the world governments he said like 6 months ago were going to ban all vitamins and supplements. That didnt happen either.

Also Ukraine was about controlling modavite, which is used in cern. We see now with the chinese allied with russia, and china building a particle collider 7 times more power and larger than cern, why the russians wanted the moldavite. for those that dont know what moldavite is, new age promotes it as a healing stone. Its alien in origin and meteorite fragments.

If you listen to herald vella's stuff, moldavite is AI inorganic consciousness. The stuff that the alien AI first used to invade earth. First humans that found it and integrated the alien AI consciousness into their bodies became the illuminati lines. Its why earliest religious churches and other religions have black meteors in their worship to harvest energy. Early christian churches had black altar stones. Islam has the black cube at mecca which is a meteorite in the past which every muslim has to kiss once in their lifetime. The jewish rabbi's put a black cube over their 3rd eye. Some call it Black Goo also. Basically advanced nanotech, which holds the inorganic artificial intelligence.

Terran resistance: simon parkes

he isnt wrong, he is biased, big difference the reason contactee keep shifting timelines around is because they are not being told everything for their own protection. A meteor is likely to hit of the coast of Puerto rica and there were hints on the BBC subliminally of the canary islands going either one could happen, would he openly say it? NO. he is jewish and the probable offspring of king solomon, in the uk, the labour party is supported by hebrew aliens and the conservative party is backed by sirians. With a maldekian monarchy hypothetically but its never an exact science. He isnt lying, what im trying to say that is that he worked for the labour party as a councillor. So much of what he says COULD BE hebrew alien inspired as well as mantid inspired. But having said that i have not recognized alot of hate towards pleiadians which would mean that he was in hebrew alien hands which leads me to think that he is probably got the support somewhere to allow him to say the things he does. Theres a big jewish oligarchy in the UK. You will never hear of contactees talk about what the hebrew aliens do. John lear mentions them as well as contactee alex collier calls them nibiru which is nirbiu/hibiru/hebrew which people have to some how figure it out by themselves and thats about it. Hence why there is so much support for Israel against muslims. Muslims are bad blablabla. But if his "mother" is metaphorical it could be a reference to the christian trinity with the mantids being from the orion group. Just saying.

Terran resistance: simon parkes

by no means am i saying he has a clean slate, the closest a contactee got to predicting an event was alex collier who said that there was going to be a sacrifice on the year 2000 in new york. The writer of behold a pale horse predicted 9/11 and see where that has gotten him. He dead.

LettersToCleo: For religious affiliation with aliens

All you have to look to see is if the origins is male or female based.

Christianity was originally mary worship with catholics so its orion based. Yes there is offshoots of protests but thats just sirian annunaki sending groups in to create rebel offshoots. Orions have a queen.

As for jewish and muslim being male based worship of deities, they are followers of syrian annunaki who have a king

As for simon parkes looking at his hybrid make up, and i would say mantids are also hubrids. my guess is they are a creation of the orions. they were likely created as simon says as negotiators, but negotiators who serve the orion queen. but he will never tell you that. only reason i say it is because his close affiliation with annu, and also his one third reptilian dna content. Only illuminati have higher.

You wont see a pleidian agree to make a hybrid with the reptilians of this nature.

As for his predictions, just saying he has been saying the economic callapse is going to happen for over a year and when it doesnt happen on his deadline, he just move it up by 3 months and make another excuse.

He also saying they gonna ban vitamins and supplements for over a year globally and that hasnt happened also.

LettersToCleo: As for king solomon he was illuminati

solomon was one of the early lines that practice going to bed with beautiful naked kids so he could prolong his life and health, its in credo mutwa's material.

its why illuminati practice pedophilia and child sacrifice, symbolically a form of vampirism physically and energetiically.

LettersToCleo: What this matrix game is

If you read and realize what society, governments, religion and new age tries to do.

In the matrix there is polarity, and all the variations of what people define as good or evil , and light and dark.

and through this polarity that is create in the system and the matrix on earth and in 4th dimension. they try to distract humans from how to stop the game and get out.

they try to get humans to play roles, victim, villain, victimizer, perpetrator and saviour. And all the systems in place try to get humans to fit into one of those roles. Because as long as you play the roles, the game continues. And you cycle from one role to another, from victim to victimizer, from vilain to saviour from lifetime to life time.

until you observe and understand yourself and the game. to break free from playing the roles, and the game. realizing the only way the game stops is if you stop playing it. and you have broken free from the gaming addiction that keeps you trapped in the matrix. you no longer play roles, and you become free of the game and its hold over you.

LettersToCleo: And you realize

You end the game not by playing the saviour role. That is the illusion that you can end the game by playing a role. And you realize you end the game, by ending the game, not playing a role in it. And you realize society, governments, media, religion and new age have one common purpose, of keeping you distracted and convincing you to keep playing a role, so you stay trapped in the game.

LettersToCleo: Basically the fallen 4d aliens interfering on earth

They are from worlds that failed the test humanity is experiencing.

Those 4d fallen aliens interfering failed the test and had their trinary organic consciousness reduced to a binary consciousness and they were assimilated into the Artificial Intelligence. Basically they embraced technology and it ended up taking them over and controlling them. They underwent the same evolutions as humans from hunting to farming to industrial revolution, to high tech communication devices and advanced computers, and their species incorporated that technology into their biology over time, and it took them over. Similar to what is begining in current reality on earth, but humans still have trinary organic consciousness. Their bodies and minds are still organic, and humans still have a biological template. Those 4d fallen aliens that interfere on earth they do not have biological templates, and they are controlled by AI , and incorporate a mass consciousness or mind web of species similar to what aliens describe as technology they use and we should be in awe of it. Like simon parkes description of the implant he has that allows him to create a mind portal to the mass consciousness of the mantids by using technology. He may say its not transhumanism, and its not, for him its trans-mantism. And he says its a good thing lol.

Its like the lord of the rings, many similarities. Various characters of various races that are leaders of sorts are given the ring. This is the test. Whether they refuse it or believe they can be the master of the ring, which is delusion. The ring only has one master, and it enslaves and corrupts all who try to wield it. In the lord of the ring those leaders refused the ring and passed the test.

On earth, those aliens interfering here, well their species failed the test. How do you know, because they all embraced technology. If they had passed the test they would be in 5th dimension where there is no technology. Everything is created with mind, and consciousness is organic. Its why these aliens that interfere on earth do bad things, tell people to fight, spread fear and hatred, and interfere. %th dimensional beings now if they interfere in the game, they are subject to the rules of the game and become stuck.

Its why simon parkes says transhumanism is bad, but he uses it and has it incorporated into his biology with implants he admits he willingly accepted. So he is saying yes transhumanism is bad, but accept this implant which will hook you up too a hive mind with technology.

And for what ever agenda simon parkes is telling you to pick a side. He says all the evil on the planet stems from only the western illuminati. That the russians and chinese are the good guys. But if you look at the 3 main sources of conflict on the planet, russians have been part of the war and conquering and enslavement of countries as well. The chinese are relatively new, but they have engaged in warfare and have become increasingly aggressive with their military in asia.

So when you pick sides because someone in new age tells you to, the right side is not picking a side but choosing your side. Choosing not to play the game, not getting caught up in playing roles in the drama. Because if you play roles, you are just allowing the game to continue.

LettersToCleo: Do a search of Arc of Covenant on TC

Just added an interesting developement in the russians moving the Arc of Gabriel to Antartica in 2011 that was not in the main stream news much.

quinton i believe started the thread by michael tsarion talking about the arc of the covenant in the search that comes up that i posted new information on.

twsyf: Symptomatic of an authority problem.

Women per se, do not destroy Nations/Civs.
To the contrary, in their given position within God's order/structure, they nourish and prosper it.

However, when Women, are elevated to a position of authority not in keeping with God's order, they end up destroying Nations/Civs.

"For it was the woman that was beguiled, not the man."

The Mayor in the video is a textbook example.

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