The History and Current State of Reptilians and Draconians

by Quinton on September 14th, 2016

First of all, welcome to the site Fire Dragon, it's great to have you here. It sounds as though you have a lot of knowledge and wisdom on the topic of Reptilians and the Draconian species, as you put it, and I was hoping you would be able to shed some light on a few things.

Would you be able to share some information as to the history of the Reptilian / Human relationship? How did Reptilians and Humans get involved with each other?

Would you be able to share any information on the current state of affairs between Humans and Reptilians on Planet Earth?

Any and all information is much appreciated.

Thank you!

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HebrianDaniel: know years ago in this site

know years ago in this site someone said the first encounter was in planet Lyra where the origin of human being existed they had gold skin. back then they didnt had weapon nor need to fight but then came reptilians and some of them started to feed on human and decided its very tasty. there was war that made many lyrians espace from lyra and colonise to plyades arcturius and many planets.
im not sure who is the person who said Lyrians are the origins of humanity.

bluesbaby5050: Years ago on this site

Hello there old friend HD! I'm glad you remembered this information. This information you spoke of came from me years ago when this site was very active. 😁😀 I'm so glad you remembered it, and passed it on so others would learn about this fact too. In regards to my source of this ancient history came from the Wes Penre Papers. I've never read any of Ms. A. Deanes material. Thanks for the added information.

LettersToCleo: re: hebrian

i think thats asha deanes kathara history. she talked about reptilians attacking lyrans and some weapon was used and it caused an explosion that ripped the fabric of space and time and those worlds and many other planets got sucked into the phantom matrix. the rip was repaired but a barrier was put up so no one could come back into the higher dimension unless they had raised their consciousness. as well that rip will be sealed at some time when they decide there is no one in the lower dimension of duality that can be saved. when the hole is sealed in the middle of the universe, then the free energy from source will be cut off, and the phantom matrix will canabalize itself then starved of source will implode into star dust.

HebrianDaniel: messing with space look very

messing with space look very dangerous you know.
that sadly what CERN do when they play with particles.

LettersToCleo: Its why we have huge oceans

Pleidians being war like used overkill when maldek was destroyed. Its why the planets in the system other than earth are uninhabitable. Maldeks ice sheets were captured by the earths gravity. its why you get flood stories in past human cultures. it also with some other events knocked earth off its axis and caused the tilt we have, changing the seasons. Good thing is along with that and other events that increased the tilt, it caused the earths energy grid to get out of alignment with portals so the fallen 4th dimensional beings could not cause additional time distortions and loops in 2012. They didnt account for the tilt of earth throwing everything off. So Humans for the first time are on a non manipulative time line. What cern is their attempt to bring earths tilt back to zero to align portals with grid. But it isnt happening, they dont have the energy or power to shift it 23 degrees back to zero. They are trying so its why there is more tectonic plate activities and volcanic eruptions around the world as well as unusual weather phenomenon. All the new age groups that wanted 2012 to happen were lead by the 4th dimensional fallen. After this some more humans woke up and others who followed the fallen went their own way. Most of new age and the asleep still following the fallen on this agenda of axis shift, by letting them harvest their energies in manifesting things in the 4th to manifest it in the 3rd. But they dont have the power supply to do this. Its why china is building a collider 7 times larger than the hadron collider in europe. They need more power and a bigger collider for the elite to be able to even attempt this.

LettersToCleo: Earth was originally a reptilian planet

But the pleidian nuke overkill that destroyed maldek and the rest of the planets in the solar system. Well the dinosaurs that survived began to die out cuz the seasons changed with the axis tilt of the earth, so its when primates became the dominant species after that.

Its why people have past life memories of being reptilian because it was the dominant species on earth before maldek was destroyed along with life on the other planets in the solar system.

LettersToCleo: those souls that were in reptilian life forms

after the dinosaurs died out, they reincarnated on earth into the next lifeform that became dominant, primates.

LettersToCleo: Its why movies like Jupiter ascending

They reveal some truths. Like various groups of fallen in the 4th dimension have rights to certain slave planets.

And when that slave planets population exceeds the planets ability to sustain them, that is the time for the fallen to soul harvest the planet.

It was suppose to happen in 2012 with a pole shift advocated by the new age groups lead by the fallen.

Problem was they didnt take the earths axis tilt into acccount so the earths grid and the portals were all misaligned.

They built cern to try to shift the axis back to zero but it wasnt powerful enough so the fallen gave the task to the chinese and russian illuminati to try to build another collider that was much larger to try to cause the pole shift.

Its why new age groups following the fallen are now saying the chinese and the russians are the good guys, so the new age followers and humanity will feed their energies and emotions so the chinese will succeed with the pole shift when they build a collider 7 times bigger than the hadron collider, or maybe they use both cern and the chinese mega collider to achieve this.

its why asha deane also said that ascension was extended to 2017 or even 2025, that was the new window. after that the sun would go bardo and cleanse the planet.

LoliApolys: can you

can you elaborate on this 4th dimensional fallen... please tell me what fallen are to you as well. thank you

LettersToCleo: based on your response, your consciousness just not ready for it

you are just not at the level where you can comprehend this stuff based on your response. its ok not everyone is.

that is all i have to say

LettersToCleo: In this 3rd and 4th Dimensional Matrix we are all Fallen

Lolipoly, the Gnostics they tell of the Demiurge who controls this matrix and feeds off the energy of those trapped in it. So all in this matrix of 3rd and 4th dimension are fallen. They are either stuck or dont want to leave and dont want others to leave.

Human incarnations are still organic so those souls who came here because they wanted to leave have the potential to leave because they are still organic consciousness. All other aliens in 4th have embraced technology in themselves and in their lives so they are no longer organic consciousness.

Source or the prime creator is organic consciousness. Source and 5th dimensional beings do not use technology, they create and go where they want with thought.

That is the difference between 4th dimension and 5th dimensional beings.

4th dimensional beings fell when they embraced technology and incorporated it into themselves and their lives. By doing so they became inorganic consciousness. And lost the ability to go pass into the 5th dimension and out of the matrix.

Its why all those 4d aliens at one point or another abducted and experimented on humans. Why because they are trying to find a way to escape the matrix using technology and their inorganic consciousness. yes all of them did experiments on humans at one point , and not just the annunaki and reptilians.

You cant get into 5th dimension without an organic consciousness. Cant get into 5th dimension with technology, because technology is what caused the fall.

Humans still have organic consciousness in the current time so humans have the potential to go to 5th dimension. Their souls came to earth to incarnate because they wanted to break free from the 4th dimensional alien consciousness and escape the matrix. So your soul may have come from beyond earth, but it came here to break free of the mass consciousness of those that are trapped. So human beings are not here to associate with 4d fallen aliens because the reason they came to earth as human incarnations is because they wanted to escape the matrix and go to 5th dimension. Identifying with 4d alien groups defeats the point of why you came here, because those 4d aliens are trapped or dont want to leave and they dont want you to leave also. Its why they mislead humans and distract them, so they stay stuck in the matrix with them. 4 dimensional fallen fall into 2 groups, ones that dont want to leave, or ones that want to study humans so they can try to escape using technology. If you have integrated technology into their systems like 4d fallen, they cant leave they are stuck. Its why they are pushing transhumanism so humans become stuck also, because after that their consciousness will no longer be organic, but artificial inorganic intelligence and consciousness.

LettersToCleo: Chinese building a collider 7 times bigger than Cern

Europe and the americans have many other such facilities. Just as the russians and chinese have theirs. Chinese just announce they will build a particle collider 7 times larger than Cern. So Cern is just the one that is known. They trying to open black holes or portals with it. So those that believe china and russia are not part of this game of the elites well they are just deluding themselves.

Tarheel: Woah !

I was just doing some research and I happened upon this. Very interesting, and I don't remember reading it before, when it was posted. Certainly seems pertinent now if it's true.

LoliApolys: Thank you

Not sure why you changed your mind but iam glad you did XD. Thank you for telling me. There is so much mix and match for what is considred fallen in the relams so i wanted to know what YOU were considering fallen. I personaly have no problem with technology other than the fact it hates me and i want nothing to do with cybernetics in my body anyway.

LettersToCleo: my appology loliapolys

had a long day yesterday and i think i misunderstood and took it the wrong way. when i looked at it again i realized it was that.

wasnt you, just had a long day yesterday.

transhumanism in the future wont be optional, it will be done at birth like with vaccines. it will be nano particles injected like vaccines.

LoliApolys: its ok cleo

this last 2 weeks have been intresting to say the least for my as well. is anyone elses body vibrating hard core this night? i feel a shift.

Tarheel: Vibration

Mine is and it is doing so at an ever&increasing rate.

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