Quoting from Wikipedia - "The Mandela Effect is a concept associated with Fiona Broome. It describes the situation where a number of people have memories that are different to available evidence. Broome says the name comes from several people having memories of Nelson Mandela dying in 1980s, rather than in 2013."

Have any of you heard of this? Have any of you researched this? The limited amount of research I have put into this shows most people are tying this in with CERN.

I for one vividly remember Berenstain Bears being spelled Berenstein/Berenstien....definitely not STAIN!!

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Terran resistance: My favourite topic - Mandella effect - religious scripture

From my research into the topic, my memories are that the hadiths books oustide of the Qu'ran used to say that Jesus looked like a man that just came out of a sauna and had a red complexion, upon reviewing the quote again on I found that the bit about the sauna had entirely been removed, also a quote from the bible which states a lion and a lamb has changed to a wolf and a lamb, i cant remember which way around but its something like that. Upon reviewing an aztec ball court picture i found online, i found that the north and south arrows had changed because they used to represent north and south with a dot ( a bit like the ying and yang symbol, polar opposite) to only find that the picture had been changed and no longer had the dots. This was my initial reserach into the origins of the letter H. This last bit happened within a month of each other, so my logical conclusion that what ever is affecting our timeline is still on going.

Terran resistance: Previous Mandella Effects in the past???
Jean Leon Gerome's painting of Napoleon in front of the Sphinx of Giza , 1867.
Notice the picture has no pyramid in the background.
Photograph of Sphinx of Giza by Henri Bechard, 1887, notice the pyramid in the background.

spacey: The pics have been taken from

The pics have been taken from different angles, one is closer than the other. Also they are not taken from the exact same angle. I haven't been there so I can't say for the absolute gospel truth, but imo its clear that in the top picture the pyramid would have been sat behind it, its like a 'near/far' thing. Perspective.
Father Ted explains the whole idea on an episode of Father Ted involving horses.

Terran resistance: the incoming solar system

according to contactee alex collier a new solar system is coming into ours which would explain the time displacements because a new sun would bring with it, it's own timeline.

Quinton: This is really interesting. I

This is really interesting. I've never heard of it but I've thought of stuff like this before.

It's also funny you bring up the Berenstain Bears. When I first saw your spelling I thought you misspelled it because I remember it as Berenstein Bears as well. Strange.

Truth And Knowledge: Hey Terran

I noticed you mentioned an alteration in a bible passage in a post. Don't you think that maybe, just maybe, you and EVERYONE else should stop relying on a bible that has been written by man who then in turn clearly has altered it which aside from your post, is evident for, and if for no other reason (but most likely to further certain agendas as well which in all likelihood have no benefit to those who are not in the know) then at least the odds of alterations occurring due to poor translations or even just flat out incorrect translations over sooo many years which in turn most likely would give way to a bible that is pretty damn inaccurate. Although, there IS a bible that is untouched, unadulterated, un-manipulated, and locked up tighter than Fort Knox and yet we all have access. We are made in his image, would this not tell us all that then to understand or God we should attempt to understand ourselves. If we are made in his image, and he put this moral code in our soul, and we in turn make no attempt to look and attempt to understand his magnificent creation that is mankind are we not telling God, with our actions (Remember now, actions speak louder than words), that we have no interest in looking at the 'Bible' he has inscribed for us into our very souls. Are we not telling him that we have no interest in his creation? Are we not telling him that because we do not have an interest in his creation and his creation was made in his own likeness, that we really have no interest in him. I am sure he is not so insecure to actually need constant worship and praise but a quick, "howdy do" would most likely be warranted. Would not mankind's greatest sin be that of telling God that we are not interested in getting to know him? Sorry, just had to mention it for some food for thought for all since I have recently been piece together much on religion through the accounts of so many others. I have used Hollywood's portrayal, music artists' accounts, history, my strong backround in psychology, and most importantly of all source...My logic which is slowly becoming bulletproof in this matter with every piece of the puzzle I find. From what I can tell, the Illuminati (whom of which is not the REAL Illuminati rather some knockoff that decided to use the Illuminati's good name and turn it to trash) is using major religion to stage false flag attacks between countries as a catalyst to put their 'war machine' into action. There is nothing in this world that comes close to killing anywhere near the same amount of people as organized religion. A great man once said, "Thou shall not kill" and yet it is in his name so much killing is done? That doesn't make much sense,,,Conservatives generally tend to be a majority of the Christian faith and yet they are some of the biggest supporters of gun ownership (I am not personally against gun ownership, just pointing all this in the same dirrection...hint hint, it ain't no godly direction either) and some of the biggest supporters of war (maybe some would like to exchange 'war' with 'troops' but if you as me it is the motive, intent, and conclusion that matter and 'war' or 'troops' it doesn't make a difference support one or another and you put your personal stamp of approval on the murder of countless innocent people not to even mention such atrocities such as the Clinton Administration killing 500,000 children all in the name of maintaining the Petro-Dollar status). Here's the run down : Illuminati (wants to keep control over the public in place of Government) ----> Religion (A means to maintain control over the masses and incite violence (I mean, really, who wants to disobey "The lord". Laws are a way to dictate behaviors within a large group of people...Is the bible pretty much just a large book of moral laced stories, general law, and the ultimate threat)) Violence gets incited ----> War Machine goes into motion ----> Many die...The manipulated bible even tells us that Satan’s most effective trick is to make people believe that Satan the accuser is God the chooser. I think maybe we may all want to start rethinking the types of behaviors that we support...lest some of us prefer cleaning the innocent blood from our hands while enduring the evil tormentor's punishment since I am sure he will be happy to pull all under who continue to support and in many cases even assist HIS cause. Time to stop thinking that this three ring circus that we call life is more important than trying to extend love toward our fellow man WHO WERE ALL MADE IN GOD'S IMAGE!

Terran resistance: actually

im not a bible basher, im merely pointing out that biblical passages have changed THEREFORE it isnt the word of god. There are inaccurate translations, i have read the gospel of judas which flys in the face of the four gospels in the bible. I have read parts of the gospel of thomas as well, the book enoch and phillip im still getting around to. Theres the literal translation of the bible that you can find online anyway. which says that judas is the son of man not jesus for example. To mere people the "gods" talk to people in parables to gnostics it tells of hiden truth. Like for example the usage of the word foot is a reference to the magnetc poles which rotate. the tongue is a reference to the hyades cluster in the night sky etc. UNDERTSTANDING RELIGION is the first step into understanding where it came from and who is manipulating us i.e aliens. "WE created you in OUR image".

Truth And Knowledge: Sorry, meant to write this earlier but I got sidetracked

a.) I would like to clarify for those who are seething since we are all supposed to 'blindly' support the troops no matter what. To me it is VERY easy to say, "Fuck the troops"...wha?!?!Before you start grabbing programs to get my IP address and gather a lynch mob to defend "the troops" from my slanderous, un-patriotic, un-grateful, etcetera, etcetera, words..hear me out. As human beings, they brothers and sisters to me and I have nothing but love for them BUT once you start removing the morality, the empathy, the good-will and genuine nature of the being by re-labeling them as military and putting them through the brain-washing process then it is not anything that "I" did that removed all of the traits from these specific individuals that made me once consider them my Brothers and Sisters. Rather it is our ever persistent 'blind' promotional words and behaviors coupled with Television glorification and empty promises that draw them into the Military and end up taking the Human out of the being. Public opinion has more pull then Television and so this is the only thing that still allows us to have more power than this 'war machine' that is responsible for killing so many of our fellow Brothers and Sisters. We have been tricked by another force (whatever or whoever, I have some suspicion, but ultimately I can not say for sure), one that sees 'us' as nothing more than expendable animals but if you ask me, because of their narcissistic attitudes, their apathetic behavior toward OUR people, and their continued use of force both on home soil and all over the world, I think they are less than that of an animal since I can say I am 100% sure I would choose to keep my dog on the planet before I chose to allow them to stay. We do not need to take to the streets, we do not need to get guns, all we need to do is get people to stop promoting murder and just show disapproval for the Military then it topples eventually. We must start planting seeds, I don't wish to hear about drove of Children, Children of THIS Earth one's that I would gladly give my life for if it were to come down to it. I could not imagine being 8 years old again only to get hit by a stray bullet, or surviving a bomb blast at the cost of a limb, or any other atrocious act of violence which would put these children in more pain the the vast majority of grown men ever even receive at any given point in their lives. We must stop acting as singular units who feel powerless. We are all of this earth. I personally see her as my 'God' but regardless, all major religion says this very thing, that we are all made from the same material, cut from the same cloth, and so if you ask me that means that we should stand in opposition as a whole to anyone or anything who wish to bring destruction to either, any of 'us' or our planet. We all need to start waking the fuck up. I am not sure if disaster is anywhere near or not, I am not fortune teller but we have already made all of ourselves accessories to crimes against ourselves, or if you want to less abstract, crimes against Humanity. People none of us ever met, people that have similar forms of control, telling similar lies to their people and using similar forms of control. We must break this 'tribe' mentality and see ourselves as a whole. I am not recommending to be asshole to the Military but rather just explain the reason for the disappointment. Fucking hell if any of you think that I don't realize that this just sounds like a looney's rant but keep in mind that it is decades worth of conditioning that has created this portrayal. Hold my ideas and concept up to the light of 'Love', put in through logical thought, if you ignore the ego that says you are better than me cause you don't go on crazy rants or that your too smart to buy into conspiracy, what the fuck ever kind of stupid excuse your egos can come up with to validate cold blooded murder, fuck ALL of our egos, they are an illusion, it is what dis-empowers. When we all realize that each and every one of us is significant and capable of greatness, the ability for this ego to thrive and create our insecurities, our inequalities, our apathy...the ego dies if we look through the eyes of Love instead of the eyes of Hate or Fear. Kill the egos, destroy the 'war machine', and forgive your Brothers and Sisters of this world. We have all been FOOLED!

Truth And Knowledge: Also...

If anyone would like to know the secret belief system of these global elites. The WHOLE reason why they are a "Secret Society" in the first place. They most certainly do have powers that none of us have. They have hid it from us and this, not the Federal Reserve, is how we are enslaved. I will give everyone the information, it is up to each person to choose whether or not to believe and break the invisible shackles that have them tethered while the so-called elite happily take their power, energy, and life from them. I have gathered this information from multiple sources but am going to use a simplistic explanation for the sake of universal understanding. We are ALL 'ONE' before we are 'MANY'. This 'WHOLE' organism is the very one that gave us life, it is our host, it is 'LOVE'...she is everyones' Mother, 'MOTHER NATURE'...

I know for the so-called 'True' metal guys, they would consider Slipknot to a poser type metal of sorts, maybe 'corny', or too soft? Whatever. Again, if you ask me anyway, more ego based bullshit. "My metal is harder than your metal..."Your metal is fake"...blah blah blah. Ignorance if one considers the message. And while Cory Taylor played their games for a bit and helped them continue to sap our lives from us, he did have a few moments of genuine concern for his fellow man. Let me share it in his words since they were straight to the point and based in logic. If anyone would like to challenge any of this, please, have at it. All of my conclusions have been based in fact and logic that has been collected over the past 6 months. I took this on as the most important study I have ever done in my lifetime and put an extreme amount of time and energy into this. It is a fairly decent part of the reason I quit my job (making damn good money for letting robots do my hard work for me every night while I played video games on my phone all night, it was nice :-) BUT I felt that personal power, my afterlife, and general truth were more important, only I had NO IDEA that it was THIS important.

Corey's Lyrics :

"I am the 'WORLD' before I am a man"
"I was a creature before I could stand"
"I will remember before I could forget"
"Before I forget THAT!"

- Lyrics taken from "Before I Forget" by "Slipknot"

This song jumps around on this subject and has a little more information on some of it but those first two lines are the most important. I implore ALL of you to at least take a peak at this site, pretty please! :

I truly hope you all start seeing through the illusions, there are a number of them and I damn near lost my mind trying to decode fact from fiction over the past 6 months.

Tarheel: Those of us...

Those of us who are able to see beyond the lies of our culture will rarely be believed or understood by the ignorant masses. When I use ignorant, I don't mean incapable-I mean they ignore what they are capable of seeing.That doesn't mean I will ever stop trying to get people to wtfu and see what's actually going on.
It's cool to have help. You employ different methods than I do but that's okay. I applaud your efforts.

obsrvantlouie: I CHALLENGE

That you are a troll. Your message is scattered. Your intent is obvious. Your strategies are very clear to me. This thread was posted with a couple paragraphs and how much have you wrote? Clearly, you've wrote a book of your horseshit on this thread and intentionally failed to address the TOPIC.

No coincidence the bird clan joined in.......troll.

Truth And Knowledge: Unfortunate...

You may challenge me all you like, you may call me a troll or any other name, it makes no matter. I am not offended nor do I wish to offend, only I find it unfortunate that you let your ego block your ability to find any kind of use in my words. Yes, I was off topic, I was going through a transition of sorts where I suddenly became flooded with truth that I have found. When it is that a treasure seeker finds his treasure he often shouts for joy and so it is that I let my excitement take hold a bit much. So challenge away and call me what you will but you will find no battle here.

Truth And Knowledge: I am curious...

What did you THINK my intent was/is?

Truth And Knowledge: P.S.





NO ONE MAY TAKE THESE 'RIGHTS' FROM ME FOR AS LONG AS I AM OF THIS EARTH, FOR I EITHER HAVE TO WILLING (even if it is unknowingly) GIVE THEM UP OR OUR PLANET WOULD NEED TO BE DESTROYED. THESE ARE THEY ONLY WAYS TO STRIP US OF THESE POWERS (I was wrong to quote the Bible with "Be part of this world and not of it" when were spoke Quinton...we ARE 'OF' THIS EARTH. Just another clever power stealing trick to detach us from the 'LOVE' she has for us all and the 'POWERS' she lends.)

A passage from the bible

"Is it not written in you law that I said, "Ye ARE gods" - Jesus

Fear, hatred, anger, sadness, etc. are all methods that the global elite use to create vibrational dissonance. Just more pitfalls to strip power from the masses.

Love, empathy, analyticity, happiness, etc. These are the channels for which she lends ALL OF US her power!


Annunaki77: The Ancient Ones are here to

The Ancient Ones are here to clean up the New World Disorder. They are finished as well as their Draco Masters.
Believe in these Words of Ultimate Truth & Divine Power .

Truth And Knowledge: How do you know this? I

How do you know this? I assume you speak of the same people as in your name? If you have further information for me then I am always eager to learn if you are willing to teach or direct.

Bdogb75: Who are the acient ones ?

Who are the acient ones ?

HebrianDaniel: maybe he refer to the people

maybe he refer to the people of atlantis and lemuria who seek refuge now in agharta?

Truth And Knowledge: Thank you...

It is always nice to know that 'you' are not the only one who sees through the lies and so it is in this knowledge that one finds the strength to push forward in their purpose. I do recognize my methods are quite a bit different than most anyone I have met in that I prefer to be brutally honest. 'They' are apathetic toward human life and so it is 'I' as their opposition who choose to be apathetic toward their creations...this does not make me much friends. The public, in their ignorance, always are quick to use anyone who goes against the grain as a prime target to feed their own egos and almost always makes an enemy of said person.

To everyone else I am sorry for high-jacking this thread. Lost my patience for a moment there.

Truth And Knowledge: Did not do the @ symbol

Did not do the @ symbol proper by hitting reply. That comment was directed at Tarheel. ^

lucky_charm: Do you think Mandela Effect

Do you think Mandela Effect means jumping from one universe to another? what if it's just our memories that are unreliable? research shows that same memories tend to change over time if you recollect them and actually change our brains. I do like the idea of timeline travel;) just not sure that's what is happening.

Truth And Knowledge: Not sure if it is time travel per se

I questioned the memory aspect of it as well but I think that can be ruled out by the sheer number of people who have very specific memories that have changed into other very specific memories that consistently coincide with each others. If it was a memory issue then you would get more variance in the way that others are remembering them unless one were to assume that the power of suggestion is coming into play as well but I feel that the more one continues to stack certain human conditions in an attempt to explain a certain phenomena, the more your start straying into an area of wild speculation that derives its explanation on human weakness as opposed to some scientific explanation that is derived external from the human mind. I question some of the things that they are doing over at CERN and possible interactions with parallel universes. We only experience a small portion of what reality truly is in that we are only capable of experiencing what our senses have been wired to experience but this does not imply or in any other way implicate the notion that there is not some other aspects that we are not capable of experiencing do to our limitations.

BamfOttO: Mandella effect

This has been the scourge of my internet searches for weeks. My biggest problem is who and what is reliable. CERN openly said they are trying to open other dimensions. They explain the dimensions as pages in books and they are trying to rip the page open and look at the page beneath it, they do not think it would be an option (yet) to leap on to the next page. The guess is that since these rips have been happening that stuff from the other side is leaking in. This is crazy stuff, but CERN does not openly deny it. Other interesting Mandella Effect topics is the China tank boy you tube video were most thought he died and now the video shows he lived, and a few others. Although I can read tons of books and endlessly sarch the web how do you know you get real info, and what is real anyways?

Tarheel: Who & What is reliable is right.

MSM puts out lies/stories to confuse the masses. That's part of the "effect".
Put on your BS goggles.
Only 6 seconds long>

obsrvantlouie: Berenstain Dammit

Great reporting by Truthstream Media....see link below.

Searchingforanswers: Mandela effect

I too know that it was bearinstein bears not stain

Mia Martinez: wow what an interesting

wow what an interesting concept

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