Satan and Lucifer -- Are they the same person?

I've always found the topic of Satan and Lucifer interesting. Since my earlier years of studying the Bible I always thought the topic of Satan was grossly misunderstood. And then after reading writings from people like H. P. Blavatsky and Manly P. Hall it gave me a different way of looking at it that made sense.

I'm going to collect my thoughts and respond later with my thoughts on this topic, but I'd be curious to get your take on Satan and Lucifer. What do they mean to you? Are they the same? How are they different? Are they people? What are they and what do they mean? Are they evil? Are they good? These are important questions to discuss that I think too many Christians shy away from.

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wolfe: My view Quinton is they are

My view Quinton is they are different state's of the same being. Lucifer Morningstar was an angle Satan is the name given him as a Fallen. Some people think Demons and Fallen are two separate form's of beings, my personal experiences tell me otherwise. Are they evil, yes and they have no love for us. The Fallen tend to mislead us, cater to our weaknesses and deceive us. I think they are simply an aspect of balance, and my personal beliefs are that there is balance in everything. Light and dark, fire and water, sweet and salty. We find balance in every aspect of nature and the world around us. How could we judge what we think is "good" if we had nothing to compare it with? Are they people? Define people *laughs*, are they material form human beings, no they are without true material form as far as I have seen. Are they spiritually akin to us, yes I think they were at one time. they to me in ways represent a primal force that has to exist so that their opposite has a balance for comparison. Just my take on things.

Truth And Knowledge: Duality...

I am also quite keen on the concept of dualities all throughout nature and this concept has also been noticed by many others but the two first concepts that come to mind for me is the yin-yang and also karma. You are spot on to mention the inability for one concept to exist without the other. One must always remember that for every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. Without this law any given concept cannot exist for it is not anything but rather nothing. It would be a status quo and nothing more (sure is a hard concept to verbalize) to gauge any given concept you must have the equal opposite to compare it to. Darkness truly doesn't exist, it is just the absence of light, cold does not truly exist, it is just the absence of heat...what I began to wonder is this...does evil exist? or is it just the absence of good? Just actions taken by an individual who has no concern for anyone but himself. Does this mean evil and selfishness go hand in hand? Or rather does this mean that "good" can be defined by a level of altruistic behaviors one is able to harbor? Is caring for one's fellow man without any concern for one's self the true path to a higher spiritual level? Sorry, didn't mean to high jack the thread. If one were to look at the origin of Jesus being of the sun as is mentioned in Zeitgeist then is seems interesting to say the least the Lucifer is mentioned as "The Morning Star" (Lucifer = Sunrise, Jesus = Sunset?), also being "The Light Bearer" (also a tribute to sunrise?). I am aware of Isaiah saying it is a reference to Venus but obviously, I, personally, do not take the Bible literally and am willing to acknowledge possible errors. I am leaning toward the idea that God and Satan, Jesus and Lucifer, Good and Evil are all one in the same as that of conceptual ideas rather than physical entities. I, as always, retain the right to change my opinion, upon any valid information obtained on this or any subject, in the future. Truly I believe any real "Bible" would have been "written" or maybe better yet "inscribed" in one's soul and is ready for any and all to read who chooses to take a look inside.

BenjaminFalkenrath: The Fall

I personally believe based on my own experiences and remembrances of the even. That the fall it self, an the fall of Lucifer an his angels; were an occurrence that happened in order to balance the light & the dark. One must go back way back prior in time which there had previously been a balance. What had occurred is that during the development on earth a shift happened.
This shift happened because a particular individual (Jehovah) had the grand idea to introduce a higher percentage of discomfort by means of a level of darkness not to exceed 2%. This experiment got out of hand. An Jehovah refused to see that it was spiraling out of control an refused to accept help!
This caused an imbalance an the dark/light was like a switch going on an off. As the light was on, everything in the non-physical realms was subjected to this force. Light on would cause an up-force light off would cause falling.
Connect the dots, an you see the darkness caused the fall. Lucifer was a high profile being in which was affected by it. He had to fall along with those who fell with him. An he has to be where he is, because if not there would not be a balance. An he has to be perceived as being EVIL in order to maintain this balance.

TriThorntheReaper: Lucifer and Satan

Lucifer look nothing like a demon. It said that he so beautiful that he can make gods jealous of his beauty. So if he so beautiful and a angle why would he turn in to a demon. Aren't angles and Demons enemy's?Most people don't know but he loved human. He was originally banish to earth how he ended up in hell beyond me. Not everything in hell a demon or evil. The bible never once said Lucifer was evil he just did not follow God's orders and was banish from heaven.

Satan is a goat man. He beleave in free will and that everyone should learn Magic.
The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth

Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.

Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.

When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.

If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.

Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.

Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.

Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.

Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
Do not harm little children.

Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.

When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

Maziek: The seven (7) golden rules of satan on earth

My beloved partner, I am very much enlightened on our elaborate analysis about the golden rules of satan here on earth. They are vivid to their points. My take on that is this, if the Satan has this full mindset on how to individually parry with neighbours and harmoniously co-exist with all, I think he is also a being with a genuine spirit. It is stated succinctly there that hurt no one who never do you any harm but why has he been destroying certain areas and things made by his creator? It is worth reading and knowing and I must also state categorically clear that the mission and ministry of satan and christ are in a wide contrast different just as stated in John 10v10. Thank you.

wolfe: When Lucifer Morningstar

When Lucifer Morningstar stood at god's side he was an Angle, when he and 1/3rd of the host of heaven were cast out they were striped of that form and became the Fallen.

Satan was of the highest rank of all angels created; greater in power and rank than Michael and Gabriel. But Satan’s pride caused his downfall and he managed to convince about 1/3 of the angels to rebel with him and these rebellious angels became Fallen. This is explained in Revelation where “…another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven, and threw them to the earth” (Rev. 12:3-4). They too are powerful but not as powerful as Satan or as Michael or Gabriel.

TriThorntheReaper: if the fallen lost there

if the fallen lost there beauty and power then why do the original fallen still have positive energy/magic. i met some of the fallen they love human and i feel that they still like humans. when i talk to them they did not try to steal my soul or offer me riches and love beyond my wildest dream we just talk. But throes who are born fallen have neutral energy and yet there not evil. the fallen and demon still don't like each other. yes the fallen have black wing and gold eyes i don't know why they did gold eye but they did. yes there sad they are banish from there home and love ones but they still keep there head up high and believe what they did was right and necessary. here on example you cant believe everything the Bible says the devil is a Druid god of nature. the Catholics and Christians made him look evil so that people would shun and be afraid of those who worship him and giving druids bad names. so explain how satin is a god and Lucifer a fallen ark angle if that true how are they the same person. Ark Angles can not be gods witch means Lucifer cant be a god. yes god ask lucifer and the other angles not to interact with human and yes he disobeyed a direct order.

here my question do you know why lucifer was doing to the humans when he was down here.

TriThorntheReaper: also the pope who when insane

also the pope who when insane and declared lucifer as the new god said lucifer not satin

wolfe: We have clearly had very

We have clearly had very different interactions with the Fallen. You have had your experiences and I have had my own. I have no intention of debating what we have each encountered.

Quinton: Let me start off by saying

Let me start off by saying that there are lots of ways to interpret the Bible. You can take it literally, you can take it allegorically, you can take it astrologically, you can take it interplanetary and lots of other ways. So I don't think there is one correct truth to the Bible. There are just lots of ways to look at it and hopefully get something useful out of it.

So the word Satan is never used in the Bible. The word serpent is used in the Bible, like in the Fall of Man story in Genesis, but serpent hardly means Satan. So we have to understand that the very word Satan isn't even Biblical. It is a word that is outside of the Bible. And according to Strong's serpent means snake: . There is no mention of Satan anywhere.

Manly P. Hall on the matter:

The serpent was chosen as the head of the reptilian family. Serpent worship in some form has permeated nearly all parts of the earth. The serpent mounds of the American Indian; the carved-stone snakes of Central and South America; the hooded cobras of India; Python, the great snake o the Greeks; the sacred serpents of the Druids; the Midgard snake of Scandinavia; the Nagas of Burma, Siam, and Cambodia; the brazen serpent of the Jews; the mystic serpent of Orpheus; the snakes at the oracle; of Delphi twining themselves around the tripod upon which the Pythian priestess sat, the tripod itself being in the form of twisted serpents; the sacred serpents preserved in the Egyptian temples; the Uræus coiled upon the foreheads of the Pharaohs and priests;--all these bear witness to the universal veneration in which the snake was held. In the ancient Mysteries the serpent entwining a staff was the symbol of the physician. The serpent-wound staff of Hermes remains the emblem of the medical profession. Among nearly all these ancient peoples the serpent was accepted as the symbol of wisdom or salvation. The antipathy which Christendom feels towards the snake is based upon the little-understood allegory of the Garden of Eden.

Blavatsky on the matter:

The appellation Satan, in Hebrew...belongs by right to the first and cruelest “Adversary” of all other Gods–Jehovah, not in the serpent which spoke only words of sympathy and wisdom.

This is the type of quote that really throws Christians for a loop. It is basically saying the opposite of what Christians believe (those that read the Bible anyway). It is talking about how this serpent, who Christians misinterpret as Satan, is actually representing wisdom. Now it gets a lot more esoteric than this. This is talking about an actual physical, matter, dualistic nature of a physical body with a mind that is able to see both good and evil. It is talking about something much deeper than a temptation. It is talking about the ability to have choice -- the ability to have polarity.

It brings to mind this quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.

Manly P. Hall:

The serpent is true to the principle of wisdom, for it tempts man to the knowledge of himself.

So this is a really esoteric and deep concept. One of the deepest concepts you can actually think about in this world. This is talking about the very foundation of understanding yourself. There is a lot to think about on this subject. But this sets the path for going deeper.

So what about Lucifer and Satan?

Well we are talking about human consciousness. We are talking about wisdom and self knowledge. We are talking about what these energies represent. This ties in with astrology.

Astrologically speaking Satan is Saturn and Lucifer is Mars and/or Venus. When we're talking about Astrology we are talking about the energy of these planets. Different planets represent energies.

David Icke:

The Saturn vibration has a much bigger impact on the Earth than is recognized. In astrology it is the planet of law and authority.

The symbols of the crescent and the curved sword, the scimitar, are identified with the Moon and Venus, the Morning Star, the term used for Lucifer.

Michael Tsarion:

Lucifer is, however, not the same thing as Satan. The word Satan simply meant "one who tempts" and it merely referred to any contradicting, skeptical, or accusatory agent and their argument. Within holy orders, like the Essenes and Gnostics, a "Satan" was any detractor or opposition party. There was nothing supernatural about a Satan.

The Bible talks about adversaries in this sense.

Saturn is associated with Law and rules. Saturn is the planet that holds you back. This is why Saturn represents law. And the law that we have in the world is Jewish. And Jews worship on Saturday -- Saturn's Day. The Star of David is the symbol for Saturn. Saturn even has a physical hexagon on the north pole of the planet: . Judges wear black robes to represent Saturn. The color of Saturn is black. So the whole legal system of law and much of Judaism at it's core is Saturnian -- Satan. This is why Jews wear Yamakas (and the Pope, wait what?) -- they are rings for their God, Saturn. This is why you have wedding rings and Lord of the Rings. And I'm not saying this in an evil way. I'm saying this in the true sense of the word and underlying dynamic way.

Let's move over to Lucifer.

Many P. Hall:

If Satan were to go out of the scheme, man would be burned up by the fiery passions of Mars and the angels of Lucifer. Without the chill, caution, and curbing of Saturn, his soul would speedily be lost in utter debauchery and licentiousness. If on the other hand, Lucifer should withdraw, man would soon be a stone again, incapable of incentive, of motion or emotion, and chained, like the sufferers of Dante's Inferno, by the icy fingers of death.

Mark Booth:

While the result of the influence of Satan is that life is often hard to bear, it is as a result of the influence of Venus that life is often hard to understand. The influence of Venus brought a paradoxical, tricky quality to the heart of the universe.

In other words, delusion entered the world. Lucifer endowed matter with a glamour that would dazzle humankind, and blind people to higher truths.

Both Lucifer and Venus/Aphrodite are bound up with animal desire and sexuality.

Okay, so Lucifer represents Mars/Venus which represents passion, emotion, sexuality, war and hate. Lucifer is very animalistic. From a spiritual evolutionary perspective Lucifer represents the animal nature of man. Lucifer is the part of man that we share with all the other non-human animals on the planet, and the part that plants and minerals lack. Lucifer is the animalistic evolution of spirit.

Manly P. Hall:

Lucifer, on the other hand, is the spirit of excess, the flaming son of rashness and the ruler of sense-gratification, over which he wields dominion with a scepter of serpents. [...]Lucifer is the light-bringer; he is transmuted by man into the fiery demon of war and hate. His power is used by man as the inspiration of lust and passion [...] He always is opposed to Satan, seeking to snatch the soul of man from the cold embrace of Saturn. He is the heat the incubates the soul, but man uses him as a flame to burn up reason.

Now let's talk about the planet Venus, which is represented by Friday. What day do Muslims worship? Friday. What is the symbol for Islam? Is it the moon or is it Venus? Do Muslims show signs of Venus? I'll let you decide. But there is something that is interesting to consider:

Muslims - worship on Friday: Venus Day
Jews - worship on Saturday: Saturn Day
Christians - worship on Sunday: Sun Day

There is an interesting story being told here. In all 3 of these religions you have Lucifer, Satan and Jesus in an astrological, symbolic way. The days of the week are named after these planets:

So this brings us back to the serpent.

Manly P Hall:

By another interpretation, equally significant, the serpent tempter represents the intellectual principle. This is evident from the words of Jesus in the New Testament, "be ye wise as serpents." The intellectual principle leads to the experience of conscious self-responsibility.

It is interesting how serpents/snakes are reptiles. It is interesting how we hear all this talk about Reptilians. It is interesting how Reptilians are very logical and rational. It is interesting how humans have a "Reptilian Brain". It is interesting how we have stories about Reptilians and genetic manipulation. It is interesting how there is a missing link where humans became smart out of nowhere. I think there is something to all of this.

But back to our story.

So spiritual man descends into matter and these various energies represented through Lucifer, Satan and others act on man in a way to where he must find his true self while going through a Prodigal Journey. And when this happens he ascends outside of matter in wisdom and understanding.

Manly P Hall:

It is only after the unhappy experience of worldliness that man desires to return again to his father's house to begin the long and difficult evolutionary process which leads him back to God. At last, after numerous trials, he comes again to his father, who receives him with great joy and gives him preferment above his righteous brother who never having been tempted had never risen above temptation.

Being Satanic isn't evil. Being a Lucifarian isn't evil. These are energies that contain polarity of both sides in them. You can use anything in a good or evil way. You can use light to reveal or you can use light to blind. You can use knowledge to help or hurt people. You can use the Bible to free or enslave people. It depends on the application at hand. This starts to tie in the Illuminati and these secret societies that use polarity against us.

So this is a primer on this topic. I'm not an expert but I think there is something much deeper to all of this. I think so many people get stuck at a very surface level on these types of topics which keeps them from truly grasping the entirety of it. People will hear a world like Satanic or Luciferian and then immediately think evil and oppose it. And that is part of the journey :)

Tarheel: There is much wisdom

There is much wisdom about but there are way too many layers of deceit. It is a VERY interesting story, or I should say stories (plural).
I must back away and focus on self, as there are too many diversions and the heart tells me it's the thing to do. Back to my tunnel-vision that is self/soul development.

Truth And Knowledge: Hey Quintin, your thought's on these lyrics? - The video for "Invisible Light"

I felt like this song may have a little piece to the puzzle. I found it while investigating the "accidental" death of Elisa Lam.

"Invisible Light" by "Scissor Sisters"

At the doors of Babylon, You are my Zion,
Pacing Tiger, The keeper's cage,
Invisible light shoots from your eyes,
A sign I can see from my high rise,

Another castle crumbles, another monkey falls,
Just open up your joy and let the sailors climb the walls,
I thought I saw you laughing 10 feet in the air,
It doesn't matter if they touch you where because you can give me...

An Invisible light, An invisible light uh-oh,
An Invisible light, An invisible light uh-oh,
An Invisible light, An invisible light uh-oh,
An Invisible light, An invisible light to keep me alive oh,
looking for the tension
I can feel it with the fingers in my mind...

Opiate Utopia is hotter by the hour,
I found you a flower in a field,
My invention, among the tired, among the poor,
Among the broken, the huddled masses,
Its your time...

You answer to a new name that changes all the time,
I'll call you anything you want if I can say it's mine.
This story's never ending.
My footprint's been erased.
Here you are, kiss of Evil,
I see your mouth, Or is it really...

An Invisible light, An invisible light uh-oh,
An Invisible light, An invisible light uh-oh,
An Invisible light, An invisible light uh-oh,
An Invisible light, An invisible light to keep me alive oh,
Something really gets dimension,
Can't you feel it bend your sense of time...

Where bricks of mortared diamonds tower,
Sailor's lust and swagger lazing in moon's beams,
Whose laser gaze penetrates this sparkling theater of excess and strobed lights,
Painted whores, sexual gladiators, fiercely old party children,
All wake from their slumber to debut the Bacchanal.
Come to the light! Into the light! The invisible light.

Terran resistance: has anyone here actually opened a bible?

the bible clearly states that jesus is the bright morningstar i.e the sun

Revelation 22:13
"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star."

Isaiah 14:12
How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!

jesus is the son of the dawn he is NOT the dawn.

Revelation 22:13
I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

satan is a god of beginnings in freemasonry hence why he is a god of the dawn hence why the confussion.

The dawn is the beginning of a day!

wolfe: Hey Quinton, isn't Jordan

Hey Quinton, isn't Jordan Maxwell considered by a lot of people a shill for the Illuminati ? Just curious because I honestly don't know, just some of the stuff I have seen on the net which of course we all know makes it true *laughs*

Quinton: Yeah, he is considered a

Yeah, he is considered a shill by a lot of people. These are usually the same people that say Manly P. Hall was evil because he was a high ranking Freemason. If Jordan Maxwell is a shill they should attack his arguments instead of just labeling him a shill. Of course, everyone should make up their own mind on his info. I personally love his info and think he's a great guy.

I will say though, I probably know his work better than 99% of people who research him and his stuff. I have all of his DVDs and a lot of unreleased audio interviews he has done. I also met with him like 8 years or so ago in person for 3 days. So I'm very familiar with the guy. I think people rip on him way too much.

wolfe: Cool, thanks for the info,

Cool, thanks for the info, like I said honestly curious.

wolfe: 14: 12 How art thou fallen

14: 12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

This is what suck's when you look to the bible, there are so many different versions of it. Just so people know, im not a bible thumper, I see it as a book that has been rewritten by men and only fragments of truth can be found in it. I don't have any faith in organized religions of any denomination. but its funny to me that some places you can take this verse to be about Jesus, but elsewhere it clearly states it's about Lucifer.

Truth And Knowledge: Careful, careful

Grabbed this off a page with a quick google search.

The first reference to the morning star as an individual is in Isaiah 14:12: “How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” (NIV). The KJV and NKJV both translate “morning star” as “Lucifer, son of the morning.” It is clear from the rest of the passage that Isaiah is referring to Satan’s fall from heaven (Luke 10:18). So in this case, the morning star refers to Satan. In Revelation 22:16, Jesus unmistakably identifies Himself as the morning star. Why are both Jesus and Satan described as the “morning star”?

It is interesting to note that the concept of the “morning star” is not the only concept that is applied to both Jesus and Satan. In Revelation 5:5, Jesus is referred to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. In 1 Peter 5:8, Satan is compared to a lion, seeking someone to devour. The point is this, both Jesus and Satan, to a certain extent, have similarities to lions. Jesus is similar to a lion in that He is the King, He is royal and majestic. Satan is similar to a lion in that he seeks to devour other creatures. That is where the similarities between Jesus, Satan, and lions end, however. Jesus and Satan are like lions in very different ways.

Terran resistance: jesus lucifer

" In Revelation 22:16, Jesus unmistakably identifies Himself as the morning star"

when it looks like a tomato, tastes like a tomato, feels like a tomato... you know the drill. Why morningstar not sun? Because there is no stars out at day time...

TriThorntheReaper: If Jesus and lucifer are the

If Jesus and lucifer are the same why is lucifer still in hell because Jesus when back to heaven?

Terran resistance: well its simple

show me a bible quote where it ever said that lucifer is in hell.

TriThorntheReaper: Would you beleave I astral

Would you beleave I astral traveled to hell and meet him in lady hel throne room

Terran resistance: -

i hope you took pictures

TriThorntheReaper: Sorry left my cellphones

Sorry left my cellphones in my other pajamas. Also don't think pictures would transfer to the physical plane even if I had it on me. I can try. :P

Terran resistance: lol

lol, ill pay you good money if you do XD

TriThorntheReaper: who would you like me to take

who would you like me to take a picture of lady hel, lucifer, lady Lilith, death or some random person

TriThorntheReaper: also for some strange reason

also for some strange reason every time I'm in her throne room lucifer all was seams to appear before or after in get there

Terran resistance: in freemasonry

in freemasonry different parts of the body represent different gods.

Satan is the left eye of god and the left hand. Two different realms represented by body parts.
biblically speaking moses is considered to be the devil and had one hand and one eye (theres a difference between the right eye of god and left eye of god). Moses had one left eye.

its worth looking up the difference between different body parts in the bible by the way and what they represent.

the two eyes are found in hittite and ancient egyptian mythology even sumerian. its what inspired the watchers from the book of enoch, one represented life another death for example.

in sumerian mythology the left eye of god was that of a slit for a pupil. Sound familiar?

wolfe: heya TR, how do you think the

heya TR, how do you think the eye may tie into the mythology of Odin ? Any thought's on that? I do see your correlation.

Terran resistance: odin

here is the link to the two eyes of god, one eye with a slit another with just an ordinary pupil.

odin seems to be the left eye of god from ancient parchments.

dont forget balor, polyphemus, hera, horus-seth, ra, the graeae etc. The hittites defintely distinguish between left and right eye as does the sumerians and ancient egyptians.

luxangelquebec: any news of the pleiadians ..

i would like to know.. we are in a difficult period now.. did someone came to help us or it is us we need to go find us..they are starseed here .. did our soul family will help us... a twin flame something...and last thing.. where did our family and friend who died where..because my boyfriend kill himself last year... he was like a soulmate to me.. where he is now... thx.... Lucie from canada xxx

TriThorntheReaper: i mite be able to help you

i mite be able to help you but i need more info
1. who are you looking for?
2 .why do you need to contact them?
3. who was there god/goddess?
4. what going on you make no sense?

if you don't want everyone to know you can message me

Chris: Times

Yeah we are in changeing times many races are alien and fae are talking there people back to there home civilizations that why we are seeing so many commit suicide or die from nautral causes it time for many to go home also major earth changes are coming soon and there will an aliem war out in the ooen many spirit familys are helping there incarnates to leave here.

Terran resistance: i wouldnt be surprised

i wouldnt be surprised if that were true you know, kill in order for people to live.

Terran resistance: double headed eagle meaning

if you looked into the meaning behind the 33 degree and 32nd degree masonic doube headed eagle then you would know that jesus says that:

John 10:30
"I and the father are one"

Chrstians believe this is the idea of the trinity, freemsons believe that this is evidence that Jesus and satan can combine or were combined. Its to do with the great flood myth the double headed eagle.

John 8:44
..your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

LoliApolys: lucifer

Lucifer is in hell. no he is not there to be punished he just lives there. many non human beings of a higher density left earth after the veil was put up for this batch of humans realy. it forces the eitharal and astral realms to separate making it hard to use, also it brings any being on this planets density down to a more solid one takes special abilities and devices to counter. that is why tara born non human souls are having a hard time linking with there bodies. if it was down you would look different. its part of the accending and protection of this planet

Glynnis: I


Glynnis: Ok humans eye brin it to u

Ok humans eye brin it to u Live and Uncut if one Read (HOSEA 13-4) Yet I'am The Lord Thy GOD from the Land of (EGYPT) my Melanin Ancestors and Thy shalt Know NO! other GOD but ME. there is (NO SAVIOUR) besides (ME) NETER/GOD Symbolized by (SUN) which is were My Black Melanin Skin comes from. The SUN is BLACKNESS. it has My MELIANIN D N A. (REVALATION 3-14) The things SAITH the AMEN. AMEN AMMON AMMUN which is my Black God. when u say AMEN UR saying it to AMMUN. AAMON AMEN the (FAITHFUL) and (TRUE WITNESS). GOD OF EGYPT. (AMEN RA) the First Refference to Morning Star as an Individual is in (ISAIAH 14-12) how You have Fallen from Heaven o Morning Star Son of the Dawn You have been Cast Down to the Earth You who Once Laid Low the Nations the (K J V) and the (N K J V) BOTH Translate Morning Star as Lucifer. Son of the Morning it is CLEAR from the Rest of the PASSAGE that ISAIAH is REFFERING to SATAN'S FALL. from Heaven. (Luke 10-18) and so in (REVELATION 22-16) Jesus Unmistakably Identifies Himself as the Morning Star. Why? Both JESUS and Satan Describe as the Morning Star? because Morning Star is (SATURN) A K A the (OMEN) a Portent of GOD. EVIL SATURN a k a the (7thCHARKA) (360degree Rightenous Knowledge) (720 degree Wisdom of Self) (1080degree Knowledge of Universe. UNIVERSIAL) o by the way the Universe is also Blackness that has My d n a. THA y we Creates Nations and not Ine Race of PPL. (Wisdom Supreme Intutive logic. Solar Cult Reverses SUN. and SUN-DAYS say AMEN. Lunar Cult Reverse the MOON. MON-DAYS says IMIN. STELLAR CULT. Reverse SATAN AND SATURN-DAYS. says OMEN. LUCIFER REEDEMER HE LEAD MY PPL OUT BONDAGE FROM EGYPT. IT WAS NOT MOSES. NO SUCH THING. LUCIFER BOUGHT LIGHT FIRE TO THE EARTH. U NO WHEN WE HAVE LEADER. GODS AND GODDESS WITH POWER MENTALLY. SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSCIALLY. certain humans. Want to give them a name to ruin there lives. So others can think negative and don't want Truth to come out. Ex. Like they done bill Cosby. MALCOM X. MARCUS GRAVEY. And the list goes Infinity. As u see. They don't mention any if my GODDESS AND GODS. MY BLACK MELANIN ANCESTORS. NO WERE IN THE BIBLE. SHIT WE CLEARLY AINT HAD MO NAMES LIKE MATTHEW. MARK. LIKE AND JOHN. WE HAD NAMES WITH MEANING OF THE UNIVERSE. THEY CHANGE OUR ENTIRE HISTORY SO NO ONE WUD NO THAT WE OR THE IAM. WE OR TBE GODDESS AND GODS. MY ANCESTORS FID NOT LIVE PROOF SND EDVIDENCE ON NO DAM PAPER. BOOKS. BECAUSE THEY CLEARLY KNEW. THAT CERTAIN PPL. NEED EYE SAY. WUD REWRITE OUR ENTIRE HISTORY PUT THEY NAME AND FACES ON IT AND MAKE IT THEIR'S THEY CLEARLY KNOW WHO WE OR. BETTER THEN MOST KNOW THEMSELVES. THEY STOLE OUR LAND. SYMBOLS GOLD DIAMONDS. RUBIES. CROPS. CHANGE OUR NAMES AND GAVE US A FUCKING BIBLE AND SAY THY SHALL NOT KILL TAKE THIS HAVE FAITH SND WAIT ON JESUS. MY ANCESTORS OR GODS GODDESS. THEY DONT USE PAPER. THEY OR BUILDER OF NATIONS. THEY LEFT EVIDENCE IN CARVE ON WALLS. CAGES. THEY BULID TBE FUCKING PYRMIDAS THA STILL STANDS TODAY. ALL A DAM ILLUSION FOR TBE CONCULSION. YEA THEY DAY B C MEANS BEFORE CHRIST. MO LIKE BEFORE THE CHOAS. THEY SAY A D MEANS AFTER DEAF. MO LIME AFTER THE DELUSION. THERE U HAVE IT LIVE AND UNCUT. WREATHER U WANT TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT. BECAUSE THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. UPPS! I mean in the MELIANIN Every time they go digging up shit to find out were they asses come from. Need I say who. THE BLACKER IT GETS. DON'T HATE THE MESSENGER. JUST HAVE A COKE AND A SMILE. BECAUSE THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST. AND THE LAST. SHALL BE FIRST. THEY TRIES TO BURY US. BUT WHAT THE INHUMAN. BLOOD SUCK THE VIBRATION VAMPIRE REPTILIANS PIGS DINT NO IS WE OR SEEDS. WE DONT DIE WE MULTIPLY.

harrison orono: My view is from the URANTIA

My view is from the URANTIA BOOOK. That Satan and Lucifer are not the same.they are all lanonandek sons of Nebadon,Lucifer being of the primary lanonandek order and satan of secondary lanonandek order.In authority Lucifer was the system sovereign of satania and Satan was his leutnant. (quote from the Urantia Book p67:1:1-2 ; For three hundred thousand years caligastia had been incharge of urantia(earth),when Satan,Lucifer's assistant,made one of his periodic inspection calls.And when Satan arrived on the planet,his appearance in no way resembled your caricatures of his nefarious majesty.He was and still is,a lanonandek son of great brilliance."and no marvel,for Satan himself is a brilliant creature of light." In the cause of this inspection Satan informed Caligastia of Lucifer's then proposed "declaration of liberty", and as we know,the prince agreed to betray the planet upon the announcement of the rebellion.... End quote ). Welcome to the fifth epochal revelation

killaj22: AGREED

I have been reading, listening to Urantia Book for the past couple months. Blown me away. I agree with what you stated above. Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Abbadon, and the Devil ( Caligastia ) are different beings indeed. Caligastia was also a Lanonadek Son of Secondary order.

Quinton: Yeah that's a pretty cool

Yeah that's a pretty cool book. I've gone through a lot of parts on that book. I think the whole Adam and Eve stuff it talks about is pretty interesting.

killaj22: Adam an Eve

Indeed! The Adam and Eve section is actually what I listened to last night. It spoke of there being 2 gardens. The 1st was destroyed when Adam and Eve defaulted. They then tried to build a 2nd garden. Which if I remember correctly was at the location of Mesopotamia. 37,000 years ago is when Adam and Eve 1st arrived on earth as biological up lifters. They were too impatient though, and the young minds could not handle the swift changes in their beliefs and traditions. They were swayed into following Caligastia's short cutted plans and thus defaulted. They were not held in contempt of Rebellion because they honestly thought they were doing good.

But back to Lucifer and Satan. Apparently they have both been apprehended by universe authorities, because they knowingly rebelled ( sin ) and are on a prison planet of the father , waiting for a decision to be made by the Ancients of Days. Caligastia , however , is still on the planet. He can not directly influence people's minds, but it seems like he can use other tools to sway inferior or feeble minds.

It says once this decision is made, we will no longer be isolated from the universal circuits of the father.

killaj22: Adam and Eve cont

The bible tries to erase the Pre- Adam and Eve history. It makes it seem like Adam and Eve were the beginning of man. For example, once Adam and Eve were in the 2nd garden, Eve gave birth to Cain and Able. After Cain slays Able, they encourage him to flee the group/tribe , because they are ashamed of him. He flees to the land of Nod, or the land of the Nodites.

If Cain and Able were the 1st 2 sons of Adam and Eve, how could Cain have traveled to a land already populated by many Nodites?

Nodites were the descendants of Nod - who was part of a group called "Caligastia's 100." The 100 were 50 males and 50 females, and were basically the life plasm from higher life fused with the life plasm of 100 of the top mortals on Urantia. They were not allowed to mate with each other, but they discovered a technique that created a being that was visible to them, but not the mortals of Urantia. Called midway creatures. This technique was not sexual, but somehow combined both sets of life plasm ( the plasm from higher forms & the plasm from the 100 mortal bodies in which they inhabited ). They didn't fully understand the technique though. 50,000 were created. 1,000 per pair. After the 1,000th they could not longer create these midwayers, and they did not understand why it stopped working on the 1,000th.

Beelzebub is the leader of the disloyal midway creatures.

Nod was 1 of 10, out of the 100, who were superior to the other 90. The 10 superior were teachers of different ideas/subjects, for example animal husbandry, farming, hygiene, arts( pottery ), education( alphabet, symbols) etc. These 10 teachers, with the help of the other 90 taught primitive people for 300,000 years.

When Caligastia betrayed Urantia, some of those 10 teachers sided with him. 60 of the 100 in total sided with Caligastia and started mating. This is how the land of Nod came about, if I understood correctly.

Sorry for oozing all this info out, I've been dying to talk about this book to someone, but when I talk to my wife about it, her eyes just glaze over and she tunes me out. So when I rediscovered this post asking about Satan and Lucifer, I thought it was a great time to discuss.

harrison orono: @quinton

Thanks Quinton. Indeed God gave man this fifth epochal revelation (URANTIA BOOK) to enlighten man on how the universe works.The book was released from the super universe level from the seventh super universe (OVONTON) whose capital is UVERSA

BenjaminFalkenrath: Most definitely each are

Most definitely each are completely different entities. All sharing a similar attribute. Which I'll explain later.

An yet the most misunderstood. The most infamous.....

Lucifer! He was a very high ranking official. If you think in terms with the hierarchy of the sanction he was classified.
His position prior to Yeshua's arrival was just below a "Lord". In FACT he was in line to becoming one!

Granted a Lord is NOT a God. Though many would argue otherwise.

I would define a Lord as a being over a sanction of beins. While a GOD is a mass scale group of sanctions and Lord's; working as a collective in conjunction to carry out the orders and representation of a higher level of authority. In short. There's more than one Lord. An more than one God. An more than one Prime Creator. Because there's more than one Universe. An it all ties into source which is connected to the great Void, which is just as conscious as you or I but won't go into the extensiveness of this in detail as that could be it's own discussion.

So! Ah yes Lucifer...
Putting aside religion, as it paints his being as dark an sinister however. The fact is, all have neglected to tell the entire story. Some knowing full well yet covering due to the need for control. Others simply not knowing an going with all they knew.

All they say is he wished to be higher than God an was sent to hell. That's not exactly what went down. Lucifer whom was Jehovahs right hand guy. Realized the threat of the dark energy from a dying neighboring universe. Attempting to warn Jehovah, however by the time the message was conveyed it was too damned late.

Here's what I'll say on it. Take it or leave it. I stand by my memories. As Earth's documentation is Missing more than it's fair share of info.

An the Bible says Deuteronomy 33:12 " And of Benjamin.—It is generally agreed that this blessing points to the site of the place which Jehovah chose out of all the tribes of Israel, Jerusalem, in the tribe of Benjamin. The Hebrew is divided thus:—
“Unto Benjamin he said. Beloved of Jehovah!

He (Jehovah) will dwell in security upon him, Covering him over all the day.
And between his shoulders (mountain slopes) He hath taken up His abode.”

As so in heaven as on earth. And yes... The Tribe of Benjamin though the smallest was the most fiercest.

However, the Bible only speaking of what happened on earth. I will tell you what I remember of this time, Jehovah, Lucifer and myself.

A watcher reports an abnormality. It's a mass. It would look small to the eye but was damn large in scale. Numerous times the earth and moving beyond the speeds which were calculable. This black energy mass. It is escalated. It gets all the way up to Lucifer. He gives Jehovah the information. There's little which could be done. Jehovah who while conducting other business was made aware did put I Benjamin upon his shoulders to see what they could see. It wasn't enough. No time. Lord Jehovah took shelter shielding Benjamin an all of the members in his sanction. By using energy deflection by means of creating a negative dark Aura was the shield used by Jehovah an his subjects.

Lucifer in this instance using Jehovah's "Throne" which was a electromagnetic energy transport device. He disagrees with Jehovah an decided to get a better look. Going higher in authority (Authority being the level in which your able to access) He did supercede his superior. An the 1/3 sanction who followed him. As they being beings of light with their celestial bodies Lucifer's being the brightest when the dark matter came. It overtook them! It started in Lucifer's heel an took him over then consumed his followers. An by Order of simple science the dark was attracted to the light. Until there was only the dark which was the shield vs the new dark energies consuming Lucifer an his group. Which then caused repulsion like magnets. An Lucifer an his "fell" they're contaminated. An which is why he couldn't return. An now there has to be a balance or everything would turn upside-down as it did before....

Lucifer wasn't a bad evil shit... But he now has a function. An he's an equalizer. A counter weight.

There's so much more I could go into but trust me... It's still a game of Chess.
I'm Benjamin yes... But I'm also a Falkenrath. An I'm done hiding who I am.

BenjaminFalkenrath: The one thing they all have

The one thing they all have in common is they're all in their respective place for the function of their duties and they're all misunderstood in some for or another. I'm not saying they don't use fear as a Tool I'm saying there's a damn good reason an at least for our world it's so we can lead a normal life. You don't remember the chaos' of whenever the light an dark were so off balance the dimensions fell an some compounded and others went about like a switch with a light going off and on their inhabitants falling in darkness then ascending in intense light it was horrible!

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