There will never be true social equality

What do I mean by there will neve be true social equality. What I mean is if you don't follow the social norms for your gender your look down on. We come a long way to giving women equally. Women before in society could never dress like men they could only wear dresses. Now women can dress like men or dress very sexual and people don't care as much anymore.

Men have a very strict social norms that we have to follow. We need to be big strong men that have to work hard, be the alpha male and never show how we really feel. There are a lot of men out there that hate this social norm. There are some men who would would love to walk around in dresses and skirts but people will see it as he gay or he makings fun of women. Yes there are girly men in this world.

When will society be ready for true equality where men and women have the same social rights like a male should be allowed to walk around in a sun dress if women can walk around in men jeans and shirts. I don't think we ever will get to that point. We are set it our was and if we don't band to getter as one equal group with the same views and understanding of true equality it will never happen.

Let me know what you think down below. What do you

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Quinton: Great topic!

Great topic!

I agree with you. I think we have a long way to go before people can let other people act how they want without first judging them for the decisions they make. I think it is interesting how we all pretend to be spiritual but then as soon something like gender is brought in we immediately focus on the physical and not the genderless spirit.

TriThorntheReaper: I think it be fun every once

I think it be fun every once in a while to run around town dress or skirt on a hot day. We got to keep our private area cool to. But I don't want to be look down at in society. Why do we create this view where we must act a certain way and i know in the back of many people's minds they don't like it either. I'm a guy but there a some day that I feel like a girl. I'm not afraid to admit that.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I guess until that day comes,

I guess until that day comes, the only work around would be a kilt huh? lol
I mean I've never felt inclined to want to wear a dress but I mean. Its a garment it doesn't define someone.
Shoot If that is the case then Halloween which kids an adults dress up, that makes me qualified to be a DR as I've dressed as that before haha.
Although it would be really nice if we could jump into experiences more easily

western_yogi: I dont think this experience is about changing the external

I think there is two groups here in the matrix, one group here for experience, so they playing the game trying to change or homogenize others or he external playing board. This is impossible, because everyone is playing a game and has a right to experience what they desire in the game.

The other group is one that wake up realize they playing a game. And they stop playing looking for a way out of the game. So they stop playing the game, cuz they realize how repetitive it is or how messed up it is.

If ya looking at it from inside the game, you will view it through that lens, in your case male female, right wrong, looks external characteristics and circumstances you wish to control or change, pursuing the illusion of control.

If ya look it from outside the game when you realize what it is, you realize there is no male female. Out of this illusion of external physicality in the 3d matrix, you are just energy of consciousness. You have no gender, sexual orientation, race, or physical attributes.

Instead of seeing yourself as the person in the clothes, you identifying with the external like your socks or underwear you are wearing. From an energy perspective you are identifying with the body. both just vessels for experience.

as for social justice homogenizing the world, it would require a massive awareness and evolution in consciousness with most people are not even aware of. The reason being in this world you experience pain and suffering. And for most processing this pain, they project it externally into the world or on others. Very few evolved consciousnesses on this planet that while processing pain and suffering, they do not propagate it externally. It is why the world is the way it is. And for instance your wanting to homogenize your view or belief on someone else or the world would cause them pain and suffering and anger. For in a sense you are wanting to limit their experiences and free will. Wanting to control or make everyone the same violates free will and limit experience for you to grow in a sense, but also for you to reach a point where you wake up and look for a way out of the Matrix. In this world you only control yourself. And when you wake up you can only save yourself. You cant do it for anyone else cuz you dont control them, nor have a right to.

There is this myth also going around about some monkey experiment where some monkeys were washing root before eating em on an island. I think scientist observe 5 monkeys washing roots and eating em and rest just eating em dirty. Once 5 started doing it, it was like some collective consciousness kicked in and all of em were doing it. They say when a threshold or percentage was reached the collective consciousness was able to inform the other monkeys where they all did it.

Some apply this rule to humans, but this is not the case. Humans are not like animals, they got free willl or choice. So even though 3 percent of the planet may meditate, you wont see everyone else doing it all of a sudden. Cuz the human consciousness experiment is an individual one and not a team game. Animal consciousness although it exist, its tied to earths consciousness, where the human consciousness is not. Cuz your energy of consciousness is not bound on earth.

Quinton: Well outside of this physical

Well outside of this physical body we are neither male nor female. We are taking on roles in this physical experience here, but there isn't a right and wrong way to experience life. And there are an infinite number of combinations for us to explore.

LoliApolys: dress history

some of us do have gender in our souls esence. as having many past lives my soul is female but this did not compleaty make my life hard as being a man in some of my past lives. i was loving and understanding. the human brain though has both male and female sides. some people take more on one side then the other and threw our lives it can change. going from a priences to a tom boy and back again it a thing. but our souls do have some mind of our body. for a female soul to be born in a male they may act differently the heart of witch our souls emotions truly come from and make up the second thought of ones being vs your brain if opposite gender can be a challenge . i hate waking up in a body i do not recognize compared to what my soul relay looks like. :( so those who have this are not alone. it is a draw of straws of what body you get put into....sort of. i plea the 5th on that. but we should all be accepting of others choices of how they dress or act as long as its not hurting anyone. no offence but if some one who can be 400 pounds can walk out of there house in a bikini guys should be able to dress the way they want and not be judged. i mean come on everything a woman has worn in history a guy wore first! remember that everyone! that's right even the high heals and tights.

bluesbaby5050: woman still do NOT have equal rights as men do....

Woman do not get equal pay for the same jobs both men and woman do with the same hours put on. As for cooling down private body areas, wear shorts. Woman have to wear dresses because in the early 20th century, woman had to wear dresses , and be fully covered to the neck. And desses below the ankles in the summer months even over hot cooking stoves on hot summer days. In the 1960s school girls were never allowed to wear slacks to school. Only dresses just below the knees. Woman Still have a long ways to go in many areas to become fully equal to men.

LoliApolys: times have changed

trithorn is spicily speaking of dressing to ones soul and emotions and not being judged by society so much. yes we girls do get a lot of crap at the work place and for some reason the ditsy or beautiful girls get all the jobs. no one wants a intelligent girl making your coffee. but as for just us dressing in what we want and jaunting down the street our society has no problem with what females were. and for some reason the less the better -.- no mater what you look like. you stick a female and a guy in a dress and who do you think will get a bad rep? hell even girls have male underwear out now with the open front flap that has no use to us for the real reason it exists! not that it would not come in handy i gues for other things XD but that not the point. but guys in girls underwear and the world ends . though to be honest any guy who looks better in a dress can help me shop any day XD

Quinton: Men and women do get equal

Men and women do get equal pay for the same work. If women were paid less for the same output as men then it would be really easy for a company to hire all women and undercut their competition who pays their men more. I would gladly hire all women to work for me because they are cheaper than men. But it's not the case.

LoliApolys: that depends

on which state you live in actual for a womans pay vs mens .

bluesbaby5050: I know of two woman....

That do the exact same auto body work that the men do in their shop, and they do get paid less.Now they refuse to work when they found this out. One of the woman started dating a man that worked in a auto body shop in the next city over the river in a auto body shop that also had a female worker in her boyfriends shop, and they got together to compare pay stubs, and when they found this out they decided to open a case for equal rights in their work place. This took place just a year ago, and it was settled with equal pay for the exact quality of work, and hours. So you see it is s slow process. But it does work if more people stood united to make the changes that require change for the people everywhere.

Quinton: And some women make more than

And some women make more than men in certain industries. Women make a lot more in modeling than men. Men are doing the same work and same hours but make way less.

If people want to pay women less simply because they're a woman then they're making it that much harder for them to hold onto that woman as an employee. If women are underpaid then they will go work somewhere where they are not underpaid. The whole market isn't colluding to keep women underpaid. They have reasons for paying women what they pay them. Women have higher insurance costs, women take more time off, women have maternity leave and need time for that. There are lots of factors that contribute to how people pay and they all equal out when you take everything into account. Women are not at a disadvantage when it comes to work. If they make less then there is a good reason for it, just as if a man is making less there is a good reason for it.

bluesbaby5050: its still a mans world.....

That's why the less clothes the better. Any decent female that feels healthy about herself, would not dress in a vulgar manner. I once overheard a young child ask the mother why some woman have 2 bottoms, because the child could not understand why some woman have a bottom where the chest is, while some do not. I guess that said it all. I never forgot that day in the park.

TriThorntheReaper: True, but there will neve be

True, but there will neve be true equality. What I'm talking about is our social lives. Work political and social will not change till we can come together. Like I was saying if women can dress like a man but a man can not dress like a women that not equality. A girl can walk in to a store in pajama people dont care but if a guy does it people call him lazy. This is the society we live in. How can we have true equality if we don't agree on how we should live our lives. About women getting paid less at work it people who are sexiest that that happens. We can't stop sexism till we can all see eye to eye that we are all the same.

bluesbaby5050: Sorry to say this ....

But, I see both men and woman doing this in my city all the time. The clothes they wear in public areas are now called lounge apparel. Not my taste though. All countries should come together, but I guess another century will have to pass before this happens, and I hope it does.

TriThorntheReaper: For there to be true equally

For there to be true equally in every aspect for example if a man is not allowed to dress like a woman then women is not allowed to dress like a man. Equally is a two way street. I agree with your point women are treated unfairly. But we are making small step to close the gap. But racism and sexism run deep in human blood. I would love to see true equally but it won't happen in my time I feel.

bluesbaby5050: If anyone wants to....

Wear a dress and your a man, then just do your own thing. What's the big deal anyways? Go outside wearing a dress if you really feel your need to. Don't live in fear of what others think. That's all that holds you back. it's your fear of what people will think. No one really cares.

bluesbaby5050: In my city we have man that loves to wear........

An Elvis suit complete with the black wig and cape. He walks our streets, and walks our local beaches year round. People like it,and they talk and laugh with him.He is harmless, and says Elvis is his idol. No one is ever mean to him. He is elderly and gets around fine. He never sings though, he just enjoys doing his own thing, and it makes people happy. The police never Hassel him either. He s sane too.

TriThorntheReaper: i wish it was the easy

But i live in a small back woods town in the middle of know where. if my grandparents see me wearing a dress i never live it down. my grandma hate gays so yea there a reason why i follow the norm. i will wear a lolita dress when it appropriate to wear on like at convention where people get dressed up and cosplay or Halloween where people dress up. Those are like the only times in our society that the social norms are not there.

Terran resistance: i wear lipstick all the time

i wear lipstick all the time

so i can give my enemies the kiss of death.

its my trademark. like the batman..

TriThorntheReaper: where you at Walmart

where you at Walmart yesterday i had a friend the was cashiering and she saw a guy wearing lipstick XD

Tarheel: I just got a nasty visual.

Yikes! TR in drag......dude.
You had better stay outta N.C. They're having a field day with NC's latest anti-LGTB law.

Terran resistance: i would be more concerned

i would be more concerned that im leaving kisses on my victims.

TriThorntheReaper: As long as it not me if fine.

As long as it not me if fine. You do what you want

HebrianDaniel: yeah i approv it i dont like

yeah i approv it i dont like that girl want you to be strong alpha male and fund her from your money.
i just want to be myself the intelegent boy who just want somebody to listen to me and just love me
not just my money or expect me to be "man" or alpha male.
because im not interested to be a animal beings but something fruther than animalistic behavior.
i dont like people who have animalistic personality its make me disgust. mostly apply for females.
who think man need to be strong and wealthy. yack!

truthseeking_wolf: Why it is the way it is right now..

As you all know (i hope) the majority is always following the celebrities, tryig to walk on their footsteps, try to look like kardashians ... you name it...
Now the reason behind this is that the education system is fucked up, children are not taught to NOT Judge others by their decisions or look... I have seen this a lot.. people were bullied in my school because of their look.

not only that but also that they are being brainwashed by the media; in the movies "good-looking","attractive" actors are always the ones thay are small, fit, full of makeup, simply barbie dolls. You know men are fit and have abs... women have bit tits and ass.

Because of that most teenagers/people believe that being beautiful is about having big eyes, red lips, big tits and ass.

The reason why men are not "allowed" to wear woman clothes is because they are afraid of "others opinions", tthey dont wanna be called bitch or gay or anything woman-related. The men are "supposed" to look tough and women are "supposed" to look "cute" and physically weak...

Now there wont be any equality unless people are educated.
If you born in a nazi culture you will be a nazi and hate others.
if you are born in islam you willncall others "pig".

Religion, Media, Education, Culture- are the main reasons for this.

freedmftr88: Very interesting .

I definitely know what you mean about men who might not be the stereotypical macho man. According to MBTI , they would be F types. I have a friend who's an ISFP guy and he does get bullied from time to time , but he chooses to focus on what he loves out of life.

Plus also there's F type guys who have accomplished great things. Writers , poets , etc.

As a trans woman myself I'm familiar with some of the stuff you are saying. Although I never seen myself as a man because I always felt that I can relate to women and as life went on , it all made sense to me and my life path. I have trans men friends and I'm sure they go through a difficult situation there too.

Also just gender nonconformists , people who don't identify in the gender binary ( Genderqueer , Androgyne ) , or perhaps like you said men who want to wear dresses. There's women who activate toplessness in public because if men do it , why not them.

It's interesting because the big question is who are the people who created the so called norms of conformity ?
I think it's people who live in fear and are ignorant of where good and evil ( high vibrational energies and low vibrational energies ) come from so minorities seem to wind up on some sort of enemies list. That's a big reason why I'm an Anarchist because there's no government or hierarchical person who control people through fear. Here's a theory. Say if you lived in a small family and you didn't have many friends and neither did your parents , and say for many years you never seen someone that wasn't a cisgender white heterosexual. You ask your parents and your parents say something about them being evil because they are different. This sort of prejudice can be seen through out history. Me and my friend are huge animation fans and when we see the "Censored 11" ( aka racist cartoons from the Golden Age of Animation ) we are so surprised on what people used to think about darker skinned people. They would think they are cannibals , they are demons that work for the devil , they all eat watermelon and fried chicken , etc. And it all looks surreal to us today but sadly there's a whole larger darker story . There's even people who still believe that white people are more superior which of course is absolute racist fascist nonsense. But of course it's not as extreme as it was bad then but racism still exists. Same goes with LGBTQ+ people. Plus there's a whole thing with fundamentalist religions being against them. Westboro Baptist Church being one of many anti-LGBTQ+ protesters.
It's all fear. From time to time I like to take a perception of people acting like children when it comes to this.
Children could be afraid of monsters and the unknown , and there's adults who fear not so much the monster under the bed but definitely the unknown and what isn't normal in their perception.
I kind of laugh at the idea that there's people who say they are so religious , just imagining them in afterlife just screaming and panicking because they are so used to Earth world. lol So much for believing. lol
Fear leads to anger and hate , simple. I have no idea if these a pattern regarding personality type or what ? But it reminds me of something I heard somewhere where hate and fear is taught not a natural thing. At the same time I hear things regarding human nature vs altruism.
I think the solution to it all is ... people just want to be happy and free in life. Because that's the thing about politics too. When social justice warriors protest , there's going to be people who feel like they are being forced to care about people that has nothing to do with them. Worse there's people who think that they are a bunch of whiny special snowflakes whining about nothing.
I see it's in the matter of three things.

(1. Personality type science : Not only can people learn more about themselves , their strengths , their weaknesses but also to learn about the people around them. That was the goal of Isabell Briggs Myers.

(2. Law of Attraction : People don't need to keep being a victim of life. They can create their own life instead of fighting against this and that.

(3. Anarchy : No Gods / No Masters people will be free to do whatever they want. For the leftists who want to learn about people that differ from them , that's their choice. For those who just want to be left alone to do whatever they want to do without anyone telling them what to think or do because they ain't bothering anyone , they have their choice too.

People already have the freedom to create their own lives with Law of Attraction. They don't need to learn about personality science or even Anarchy. There's people who are rich and happy , many became philosophical speakers that inspire people positively.

And it reminds me of this part of The Secret about a guy named Robert who was gay and he was talking to his spiritual teacher about all the homophobic bullies that keeps abusing him in his life. But what he learned was if he used Law of Attraction and focused on what he does want instead of what he doesn't want , the problems will go away and they did. Plus he found strength in comedy to express himself. :)

So I'm really sure why prejudice exists. Perhaps if those people had a purpose in their life and their life was happier , then they would just do about their own business and enjoy their own life and be happy.

Gabev: I think there is two groups

I think there is two groups here in the matrix, one group here for experience, so they playing the game trying to change or homogenize others or he external playing board. This is impossible, because everyone is playing a game and has a right to experience what they desire in the game.

Geremias: Nunca haverá igualdade

Nunca haverá igualdade nenhuma.
Muito menos de gêneros.

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