Why Do You Believe In Aliens/ETs? What Evidence Is There?

by Quinton on December 26th, 2015

I'm curious to know why or why not the members of Truth Control believe in the existence of ETs. There is ton of information about ETs but there isn't a lot of hard evidence that you can show an average person and have them believe in them. It seems as though it's a certain type of person who believes in aliens. Some may say gullible, others may say open-minded.

I have many of my own reasons for believing in them which I will outline shortly.

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Chris: i believe

Because of my ecsperienced with the orbs and seeing strange thing d

Quinton: So I'm a believer in ETs

So I'm a believer in ETs because it makes more sense than not believing in them. Not believing in them creates a lot of holes in other things I believe in. Believing in them fills the holes in very well and makes everything fit together. As somebody who has put a substantial amount of time into this subject I find that the existence of other world beings is the correct reality we live in. After looking at it from both sides and researching as many angles as possible this is what my gut tells me.

People in all parts of the world have experienced them and share stories of them. People in Africa talk about them and people high up in the government and military talk about them. You have many "whistleblowers" from all walks of life who have information to tell on this subject. You have things like Area 51 and other strange experiments and locations done where people deal with beings outside of just this planet. There are people all around the world in positions of power and otherwise who have detailed stories about them which make sense.

Then of course you have stories of people who have been abducted by aliens. Obviously like anything else not every story is true and there are lots of exaggerations, misinterpretations and lies. But I don't think they're all lies. And the similarities between many of the stories gives credence to me of their authenticity. I know people and have listened to people who have really, really interesting stories to tell when it comes to this topic. I don't think they're all full of crap.

History is replete with stories of ETs. We have interesting art and paintings with UFO type objects. We have history with various races and groups of people who were super smart and advanced. We have cultures who to this very day carry on traditions of these ancient gods and demi-gods.

This all fits in very well with esoteric history which is hidden. If you get into ancient Egyptian history and ancient Mesopotamian history you can't help but see the story of ETs all around it. And it makes sense that there is some type of ET connection going on with these stories because people became really, really smart out of nowhere. People don't just evolve super smart out of nowhere. It's not scientifically possible. There is some type of non-evolutionary thing that got people really smart, really fast. ETs answers this pretty well.

But of course there is much more to it than just this. When most people think of aliens they think of Greys with big eyes and small bodies. This is one type of alien. But of course there have to be lots of others as well. And I think most of our ancient history deals with human ETs more than non-human ETs. The ETs I mainly talk about are human ETs, not Greys. The human ETs are the ones who are more closely related to our past and ancient history. It's possible that there were some really smart humans in the past that were way more evolved spiritually and physically than indigenous people. But it makes more sense to me that these were people from other planets. That thesis makes more sense to me. And ancient writing corroborate this thesis.

I mean come on. At some point we will eventually go to another planet and seed it with people (if we don't blow ourselves up first). So why would anyone think that this hasn't already happened on other planets before us or even on this very planet? If that's where we're headed what makes us think we're the first ones to do this?

And then this all starts to fit in with spiritual topics. When you think about what a body is and what it is used for you start to understand how different forms are just different vehicles. You start to understand that we take on many different lives in many different bodies. And each body has different experiences and lessons. When you get super spiritual you start to work your way out of the body and you start to spiral out of the physical. So that's where you have this mixing of physical ETs and inter-dimensional beings. This is where you have a harder time determining if something is an alien or if something is spiritual or non-physical. This is where consciousness takes different forms and serves different purposes. The whole thing is really interesting to me.

So for me Just because there isn't hard evidence for something doesn't make it false. There wasn't hard evidence for electricity 300 years ago. But now there is. I think ETs is similar. I think eventually there will be evidence for ETs and we will have open relationships with them. I just think we're not there yet.

So these are some of the reasons why I believe in them. When looking at this from a spiritual, universal, big-picture perspective it makes the most sense to me.

Tarheel: Very well put. For me....

For me, my reasons are a mixture of what you stated and just the plain and simple fact that this universe would be a HUGE waste of space if we are the only civilization. The evidence is everywhere, IMHO.

Truth And Knowledge: I believe for much of the

I believe for much of the same reason as you Quinton but then I also ran across this which also strengthened my belief. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDuqZbjxB_E

Terran resistance: breaking point

The breaking point for me that aliens exist was the wandjina petroglyphs in Australia. The rest fell into place quite nicely.

Tim Lovell: I believe I nets because I

I believe I nets because I have personal memories of lifetimes on other worlds I have known since I was very young because I remembered, also now it's not really a matter of belief more I just know I also have had contacts in my adult life

obsrvantlouie: There is far more evidence

There is far more evidence supporting the existence of ET vs the non existence of them. If someone was to ask me "how can you prove aliens exist" it might be best for me to retort "how can you explain their non existence"?

As far as the cold hard evidence - it's more like fitting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. There isn't one piece of evidence or a book that proves ET exists, however. Research into the occult and esoteric fields of knowledge/historical events all act as puzzle pieces.

For me, comprehensive study of religious worship, ancient cultures, megalithic structures, ufo and history from 1900 forward all played a part. As has also been said about the moon, I thinks it's easier to explain the existence of ET vs explaining their non existence.

veron: As you all said, it is more

As you all said, it is more logical to suppose that we are not alone in the universe than that we are. I am not surprised that people believe in it. I am surprised that they don't. And if it is because they are afraid from them, they shouldn't be. If a civilisation is so advanced to travel through the universe, it certainly is not so primitive to kill other human beings.

edisonik: Hard Evidence ?

You have come to see the unseen & you have come to Open your eyes which have been closed since the day of your Birth.
You see but you cannot understand what is clearly seen.
You must find the truth deep inside you , Your Governments have the Hardware hidden within Secret Space programs but what good will it do for them when True Power is within Adamu.

This Ancient Machines which fly across Space and Planets run on Conscious Energy.
The Power of Mind & The Heart.

You see even if we showed you Hardware and Deceased Space Folks all this will do is cause confusion and Great Fear , you need to grow Spiritually in order to understand. This is not Hollywood for no Script can ever surpass Reality.

A Sacred Reality you simply do not understand.

Tarheel: We need to be more "CONSCIOUS"

It's a conscious party-the cause of the world.

edisonik: You see Child of Adam

This goes beyond physical self , this goes beyond your Earthly Identity.
Your Earthly Costume , you take it as a given that your form is the only way.
No it's not , As above so below , understand that Great Wisdom goes so much deeper that what you see or feel on a physical level.

Your only here for a few decades , so learn more before you pass on to your next levels of Awesome Reincarnations and Awesome Awareness.

These Reptilians have done for much wrong with Humanity. Karma will wash them away.

quintar3652: Why Do You Believe In Aliens/ETs? What Evidence Is There?

For me, aliens do exist. I feel this way because of experiences I have had since childhood.

I am an abductee although I cannot prove it, as most abductees cannot prove that what they share is true. I was taken by some type of beings and they were definitely not human in appearance or in their actions and demeanor and how they ambulated. When I was first taken I was almost 9 at the time. I was playing in my treefort I had built in the woods behind our family home. I was sitting in the treehouse reading a book and eating a sandwich and all of a sudden I looked out and there was vivid bright blinding light all around me. My treefort had no walls, was more of a platform wedged in the tree branches that was about nine feet off the ground. The light totally enveloped me and next thing I knew I was floating straight upward and was petrified beyond words to describe. I think I blacked out because I came conscious and was restrained on something that was very shiny, cold, and hard, and I was unable to move or speak or even scream. Totally immobilized. It was like my mind was coming out of a fog and my eyes darted around as best as I could see. Suddenly there were grey green "creatures" all around me. I would guess that they were about 3 1/2 to 4 ft tall. I was so afraid I peed myself and was totally mortified at that. I heard a sound in my head, almost but not quite sounded like a human voice that was telling my mind that there was nothing to fear and that "they" (whatever to hell they were), were not going to hurt me and to just relax and it would be over really soon. (not the exact wording but the meaning popped into my head) I did not relax, could not, was terrified completely. Then some solid shiny instruments came down, were lowered down to my body and I remember trying to scream but no sound came out. I must have passed out again because I could not remember anything after that, until I came to on the ground under the treehouse. My pants were ripped and on backwards and wet from urinating in them and bloody, my shirt was covered with blood. My nose was bleeding profusely and so were my private parts. I was very weak and had a hard time getting up off the ground, but practically crawled back home, it was after dark by then, but when I was taken it was about 4 PM. I knew the time because I had just looked at my watch because I was supposed to be home by 5 and had checked the time a little before I saw the blinding lights. About four hours had gone by and I was totally confused. When I got home it was 8 PM and my parents were frantic and very very angry that they could not find me anywhere. They were screaming at me, would not listen to me about what I was trying to tell them what had happened to me. They just kept saying "we checked the treehouse" and you were not there. They were really really mad, and I was really mad that they would not believe me. My nose would not stop bleeding so I had to go to the ER and they had to cauterize it. Also I had my first female exam as well due to problems there. I think my parents thought I had been raped or something and did not believe me that I was taken up into the air at all.

That was only the first time, but it happened more times for me. It would happen when I would be in my bed laying there at night. I would be taken and then put back in my room, usually I would come too on the floor, and would hurt all over, and was very ill to my stomach. I would have unexplained wounds and bloody places and I did not remember getting them.

I will do a post about many more of my experiences sometime, but for this post I will say that my belief in "aliens" is founded on my ongoing experiences. Not good experiences at all, very psychologically damaging. Hard to have people not believe you, even parents, relatives, friends. But that is the plight of abductees.

I have done a lot of reading over the years and it is possible that those "creatures" who kept taking me were false memories put in my head for some nefarious purposes, but in my heart I do feel that those I encountered were either "alien" or some kind of interdimensional entities. Either way they were totally alien to the human species. I have a lot to share for another time, but for now my mind and heart says that aliens are real, and that people should not assume that all offworld visitors are benevolent and here for the betterment of mankind, the ones that had taken me were anything but benevolent. They lied when they said that they would not hurt me. Some of the stuff that they did to me hurt like hell and left scars and lasting pain filled memories.
So for me, aliens are real and exist.

Quinton: Thanks for sharing your

Thanks for sharing your experiences. It's interesting how people can hear stories like this from many, many people who say they were abducted, and then somehow reach the conclusion that they are all making it up. It's crazy to me. People believe made up stories by the media without blinking an eye, and yet when thousands of people share stories very similar to yours they somehow do not believe them. It's stories of experiences like yours which provide more evidence to me as why there is some type of ET presence.

quintar3652: Thank you Quinton

Thank you Quinton. I am thankful that there are some logically minded people in the world that are willing to look beyond the surface and see what is really going on. So many people are quick to discount anything that does not fit neatly into their preconceived idea of what is real or unreal in life based only on what they have read and popular thought of the time. It has been a tough road for me and for countless other abductees. That is why I hope to live long enough that the truth will be known about how innocent people were sold out to the grays with no regard for our safety or the devastation it does to ones' life. We were treated like lab rats, our rights violated, all in the name of greed and desire for technology. It is not just the grays that are involved in this, there are cooperating humans involved too. I hope that the truth will some day be known to the public. Then there will be vindication for all the abductees who tried to tell what we knew and experienced, and we will finally be believed. Humanity is in deep trouble, and the majority have no idea at all. So sad a time in history.

Chris: hey

You read my new posts about aliens I have encountered

Annunaki77: The Humans on this planet get

The Humans on this planet get treated like property and unfortunately it is true.
Governments especially the USA gave in to the Greys and sold out Humanity for Technology.
In a Secret Agreement called the Greada Treaty signed by Dwight Eisenhower and the Military Industrial Complex.

But I am happy to tell you that the Reptilians are being Hunted down and removed from this planet by the Bird Clans. I amextremely happy that a Major Draconian Reptilian has been Captured and sent to the Abyss where there is no return.
His Legions are begging for Mercy and those Legions were sent with their Leader into the Abyss.

So Humanity has half the Battle Won because of THE GOOD GUYS helping out.
The Only Real Enemy Humanity has now is their own Fears & Ignorance , they must say no to War and Defend Freedom , Liberty & Independence.

You folks are the Solution , do not let your Leaders & Media decieve you into believing that there is a Race War , it is just another Tactic being Financed $$$ by the Jewish Bankers.

Annunaki77: Now you know you know my

Now you know you know my words how Incredible Power and no matter what the Rich try to do to stop Free Speech , know this , you are all Genetic Royalty.
In a Word full of Kings & Queens , who Rules?, No One , by using your Personal Responsibility and by taking personal Accountability for your Lives you will be Free.

The Global Pirates are working hard at trying to Collapse the Global Economy and they are having a hard time at do this. But be warned they will Collapse the Economy. But before they do this they will Blow something up and shoot up a whole bunch of Innocent Adamu.

When this do this you will know that they are Hungry for War & Chaos , do not give it to them.
Sing Melodies of Love & Harmony and I say unto you , you will inherit the Earth.

A World of Peace and Harmony. We cannot do this for you, you must do this yourselves.
You will learn how to Fish and you will become Independant a true Gift of Freedom & Independance.

And never say Yes to a Cashless Society which they can Control , Say Yes to Cash for now and with no Interest because it's wrong.

Say Yes to Peace & Harmony Always and you will be very Happy beyond your wildest dreams.

Chris: annu daughter of ashtar

I had an encounter with one of the daughters of ashtar anni I posted on here she is daughter of the Nordic commander ashtar

bluesbaby5050: Thanks for the needed warnings.......

Thanks for your warnings on what people can expect on humanity from a huge explosion before the crash of the economy from the global pirates, and the feeding frenzy that the news medias will feed on to help instill the lies of blame to the public. Most people on this planet are very awake, and they are wise now to the scare tactics that are being used to create terror attacks on the people of planet Earth. Thanks for the update.

Underthestars8: Saami Alien Humanoids

I read your posting about Saami people coming from the Barnard Star about 6 light years away, can you tell me any more info about this? Where did you get that info?

435: Know thySelf, and thou

Know thySelf, and thou knowest "God" !!

To me I don't "believe" in "Aliens" so-called. To me I "Know" there are "Aliens."

To know thySelf means that You know that the Self (who is One,Uni-Verse) is limitless.

To NOT know thySelf means to "think" that things are limited, because You have limited Your Self through illusion.

Self is limitless. If You think it, it is in existence. You can't "think" it unless it exists. Think about that!

Tarheel: Have no other Gods before ME.

Not me. Have no other Kods before YOU, yourself. Respect them all, but look within. "Don't outsource your salvation."~Tarheel


petey72: Aliens...

I think the biggest proof of Alien existence is us! We cannot even leave our known Galaxy let alone move about the stars. The Universe is absolutely too large for us to be the only "intelligent" life in it. To even start to say or think that shows an immense amount of denial and self-doubt for even the most educated. We have supposedly used only 10% of our human brains capacity. If we used 11% of it everyone would surely know that we are not alone!

Terran resistance: i hear you

I often wonder if we only use 10% of our brain on average because its a muscle and we never use one hundred percent of a muscle, but having said that i think there is credence to the idea that we only use a small fraction of our brain because OF aliens.

Cesar Uriel: I Believe that Ets are real.

I Believe that Ets are real. Its hard to look into the surface of the ocean and beleive that theres no life underneath. Like its hard to look into space and believe that there's no life out there. I know there's life in space but i don't really think much about it. For the same reason that you cant grab your cellphone and call one. And if there was an alien with a cellphone I'm sure the only one who would know is the alien and any other alien. To me being an alien is being a highly developed biological being. Like Quinton said, its hard to believe that we are the first to explore other planets, when we are already doing it. We have satellites in space. I think we should focus on our brain chemistry because our neurotransmitters determine our awareness and magnify our experience. This is why i love this site, I like communicating with people who realize that life is more than what society wants us to perceive.

Chris: yes

Ets are real i have seen some besides i am not human on a soul level we ae spirit beings can incarnate into any othet species we want in the multiverse i have orbs following where ever i go bu the alien races created humans we are a hybrid species thats why we have so many cultures and races they come from the stars we are aliens already.

Cesar Uriel: I think to see orbs you have

I think to see orbs you have to have some type of sense for reals. Because I've seen them in pictures, but i cant physically see them, yet. :D

NeedProof: I guess we've all seen 'things' flying around in the sky?

Just last month (I've the correct dates in my diary journal) my husband and I stood and watched flourescent, pale blue jelly like oval shapes shoot around above us at all directions, through the clouds. We also watched in horror as a blue blob was heading in the direction of a plane coming over from the nearby airport. Amazingly, we saw the blob make an abrupt stop which allowed the plane to continue on it's path, probably with no-one in the plane even noticing..........
Looking up to the sky I asked a question out loud of the blue oval blobs (no other lights were seen on these particular flying things) I asked: Are you friendly?
We had a huge surprise. The blue blobs came together, then shot out a short distance from each other and flashed a white light THREE times each at the same time! Then they shot off in different directions.

My heart nearly stopped and I had tremendous proof. Of being heard somehow, but by what? Who? Yes, I asked if they could come down and see us, but also stated I might be afraid of that. So, perhaps they were being kind and knew I was not ready for that? Of course I wondered if we were in danger of being abducted, but after their show of 'friendliness' I felt safer and very privileged they bothered to acknowledge us.

We stood and watched until the show was over and came out the same time for another two nights to find a few of them flying around. After that we didn't see them again.

I've seen what appeared to be space craft many times in the UK, with the same pattern of different coloured lights underneath them criss-crossing each other sometimes becoming as one, then separating to flying off all over the place and come back close to the others. I've also seen this a few other times, once they seemed to be chasing a car over hills. That's another story just as other supernatural experiences I've previously had.

I cannot understand why intelligent beings would want to do these aerobatics? I mean, it seems a waste of their time....How do they normally spend their time? Do they have social clubs? Are they entertainers? Do they go out for meals? Why are ET's depicted with similar clothes, almost like uniforms?

I've not even heard anyone talk about what type of furnishings they like around them. Do they even need to lie down and sleep? There are so many more questions I'd like answered ...............

jrtown: The ET character type.

Many if not most ET societies have become highly regimented and controlled. Most have their populations are under electronic mind control of some sort using programing and implant devices. Individual initiative and creativity does not exist. Their mental prosess is totally predictable. Highly intelligent but obedient to the collective. Sort of like the societies you find here on Earth in Japan, China and Korea. Very keen in the technology and sciences but not in humanities. They would find it very difficult to understand American individualism and free thought. Maybe thats part of the reason they are watching us. They probably are thinking "That's the way we used to be in our ancient past. Very strange."

Fire Dragon: No evidence is needed, ask your Self instead

No evidence is needed. We and ETs operate in many universes, many dimensions which criss-cross together, they can see/sense us and vice versa. Human scientific tools to measure this or that are too primitive yet and will not help to find any aliens or life out there, 'space programs' are a waste of $. The same applies if scientists stick to science only but won't consider spirituality, telepathy, the heart communication etc. Your own heart & DNA have enough of 'evidence' (hidden memories) and you can find it when you leave the dramatic scene of dualities (as it distracts from the truth) then listen to yourself, ask yourself questions about who you are, who is that alien being in you, what are your origins etc. It'll be revealed to you and you will be guided next via various synchronicities to discover much more about the truth, which in fact has a science-fiction plot :)

BenjaminFalkenrath: Anything which lives that

Anything which lives that like us have the ability to think an is conscious with a body be it physical, light, sound, or otherwise, anything outside of what we know here on this realm or earth is technically alien by definition. There are so many more universes than this one with infinite number of galaxies and stars with planets and suns and sentient beings on and around all of which we could consider alien. So, yes they're aliens all around! Here an everywhere. Some of us have experienced them first hand, or in our dreams or on the astral, or in our soul memories. There is no question. They just are there. As we are as well.

Amber: Something big is coming!

After 911 and the 2008 banking debacal I set out to see who was behind it all ( ref: "from Freedom to Fascism" and "Inside Job"). I had already obtained two degrees years ago, went to medical school, and had taken many of the advanced sciences however because America and the rest of the World were essential screwed in 2008 due to a recession I decided to go back to Uni and study law. Additionally, I was always curious about UFO's, Aliens races and reverse-engineering during my time at Uni. However, after my second law degree the pieces were finally starting to come together... but only when I refused to join a group of Zionist during a special invite to a NGO confernce in 2013 I was blasted me in the media, had my apartment robbed by police, and was subsquently followed for weeks by groups of two, or up to a dozen people at one time commuincating telepathically. At first I chalked it up to paranoi however when I saw a morhing transparent UFO with lights hovering over me one night, later meeting five more UFO's, I really knew that I was on to something big. Since then I have seen two more orbs, one vanishing just after five minutes on a clear day, 50 meters above me. I know now who the evil ones are, but I cannot say for certain that all our leaders are reptilians but the evidence seems to suggest that there is a vast conspiracy, and they may not even be human. All I know, is they are all genocidial manicas. Only two days ago a man approched me, and I observed his eye pupils go from slits to round; back and forth, so my point is, there is something really big is going on this year, and I know we were sold the Y2K and 2012 end times bs, but as soon as I opened up or woke up my kundalini with some crystals while decalcifying my Peneal gland, I opened up a whole can of worms. I want to try DMT but I am a bit scared because even though I have a good heart I do not want these dark aliens to come back. Any advice is considered, Cheers!

jrtown: Becoming untouchable

Hi Amber. I think I can help by pointing something out to you. The only thing that these beings are afraid of is that you begin to become free from their control of you. So long as you remain dependent on physical form in order to think, percieve, communicate and have an identity, they will be able to control you which is what they want. Physical beingness requires a low frequency emination. You actually are a being that can be defined as an non-dimentional point in space, vibrating between a located point or view-point and source "point" which has no location in time or space. The frequency of this vibration creates a field that eminates from the viewpoint and the field can extend out around you for miles. About as big as the field generated by your cell phone. So long as the frequency of this field is keep very low, they can control you. The vast majority of the human race has this low frequency. But you can increase the frequency dramatically if you know how to the point that they have no way of effecting any control over you. There have been many individuals here on earth who eminated higher frequency than that of homo sapiens. Such a person was Jesus Christ. I am not a Christian but I know that he really did exist. There were others such as the Budda. They had become homo novis and could exist intependent from their physical bodies. No one could touch them.

LoliApolys: all the speciest people

iam so sick of hearing nothing but negative things about certain et races...how can you judge a whole race just based on what the internet says and a experience. its no different than saying all people of any color are bad dew to one person doing something bad....you do not know all of them...not all of their race is in this quadrant of space nor are all the ets that are here the only ones out there...i have met some nice Draconian and some that needed a sword to the face. could say the same for some of the Nordic ets races and oh my god humans too. so please people blame that being not the whole race....its this kind of attitude that breads hate and fear. it hinders one ascending as well and blinds you from the truth!

Quinton: Agreed.


BenjaminFalkenrath: Most definitely. An the fact

Most definitely. An the fact is, we've always had different groups within whole races of beings. Different views. Factions etc.. Look at humans for a good exp. An as such containing both good and bad person(s)/people/beings if you will. Even before earth, we had beings/creatures/stars(beings) other planets, an universes' before this one, and source before this that made all we are now. An until we learn to pan out, an accept that we're not alone, we're not so different than these others, and that we do exactly like they do on some level or another. We'll never get along. I'm not saying we should go open handed to those who want to scalp our mind & bodies. But this doesn't mean all ET's wish to do this to us... If you can't go back & remember b4 you were a human your self then... You can't judge.... Actually either way you shouldn't judge! in fact one more than the other, if you do know & remember you really shouldn't judge. If you don't it's just you haven't broke free of the veil enough to see it. Either way, Loli has a point. It's been quiet around here because those of us who use to post alot. W e stopped. Because yeah we're focused on more important things. We've been working on things on the home front, the battlefront outside of earth. With countless others. WE do not feed into negative. An when all we see is that. We stop. I use to post positive things on here but I stopped when people who I thought were like me turned out not to be. But that's fine. Like she said. Not everyone should be judged by the action of others.

jrtown: Believing in ETs

Aside from having actually observed a UFO up close in 1974, I have also had been able to return to times in my past when I was a member of some ET group or activity. Most ETs know that the race of humanity on Earth, and every single being in it, did not originate on this planet. We have forgotten our true origines. We have all paricipated personally in various ET civilizations and galactic conflicts going back millions of millions of years. This I know from my own experience. Anyone can sit down with an experienced practitioner who knows how to return someone to times in his or her distant past can help others to know this for themselves.

Tarheel: Feel free to tell us how

I've traveled about but not gone back with much luck.

jrtown: Time travel

Time an space are connected. To travel in time you first need to travel in space ... the space of your own universe- not the space of the physical universe. You need to locate the condensed energy "ridges" in your own space. These ridges act as time portals that will return to times in your past thousands or millions of years ago. Once located you just put your attention on that one ridge and off you go. But be advised - the ridges are there because of they are facsimilies of traumatic events and the shock on contacting them can bounce you. Too much to soon. It takes time and practice and there are lighter techniques that you can do first to build your ability to confront these heavy ridges.

jrtown: How to locat a ridge.

You locate a ridge this way: Close your eyes and LOOK, not with your eyes but with your natural ability to see mentally or spiritually. Most poeple just see blackness or maybe some patches of grey in the blackness. While looking at the black field get the concept of a beingness such as that of a man, child, woman, enemy, friend, animal, etc. You choose. Then flow the feeling of beauty at that concept. Get how beautiful that being is even if you would not normally feel so. You may, after doing this for 10, 20 or 30 minutes begin to get the feeling that there IS something there. A ridge, which is usually black, should then begin to brighten in the darkness of the black field. Keep your attention on that ridge as it begins to go from dull grey to white. At some point that ridge will snap open lke an explosion and you will be instantly be back at some place and time in your past. Your body can convulse when this happens and you will feel the full force of emotional trauma that happend when the event originally took place. It is not pleasant but the end result is a return of spiritual awareness that has been lost for eons. You have millions and millions of ridges. You will normally contact the ones that are least traumtic first.

BenjaminFalkenrath: I've done enough of this

I've done enough of this conscious subconscious an otherwise to leave out the convulsions. An I'd like to keep my former epileptic status as such lol it took years of meditation an an focus to get my brain to work, in a capacity that I wouldn't seize during normal activities little alone strenuous ones. I am no expert, but I feel at least for my sake was damn lot easier finding them by watching looking an talking to the stars or writing/drawing while listening to music....
But more importantly. It's like. Not a straight line but curved... Different. With some points missing.
Like someone's took your reel to reel an poked holes in it but also cut one sometimes 5 or 12 or more frames out randomly at a time!

BenjaminFalkenrath: @JRtown

I remember more than I am able to humanly convey an it's frustrating.
Just having to sift through the memories from ages past. But time without time. Time spent in places without time. Dimensions an planets with real freedom, love, education, energy but it lacked the physical 3D body such sensory an perception as this...
This whole project was for us to bring our best nonphysical self into our best physical self an enjoy the feeling an being of it all. We forget that along the way an that's why we're stuck here an as humans being taken advantage of.

jrtown: BenjaminFalkenrath

The physical universe was designed as a field of play in which we, as players, create goals and barriers to overcome to achieve the goals. It was ment to be fun and having fun was the purpose of the game. Over time, the game has become a trap. We see the universe as a trap and the more we fight against being trapped by it, the deeper we find ourselves trapped by it. There is a thread we are holding onto, however. It is a long thread that leads us back home to the Creator. We call that thread Responsibility. We acknowledge responsibility for all the harmful effects we caused on others and we assume responsibility for all the harm that were caused by others upon ourselves. Christ demonstrated this in his crucifiction. This is the key: we must forgive and acknowledge all transgresions committed and received one at a time as they go back into eons past.

BenjaminFalkenrath: @jrtown

Sadly, they take Christ an make it into something it is not. Focus on the vessel that brought it here not what Christ actually means. Yeshua did not wish to be Christ but show what Christ was....

moonchild: The short answer is:

The short answer is:

After meticulous examination of all the variables - most of those being my own experiences - I can only come to one conclusion. Entities other than human are interacting with this planet and its species. I am not absolutely sure whether they are of extra-dimensional or extra-terrestrial origin. However, there are strong indicators that both types might be aware of the existence of Earth...

Tarheel: ET or ED ?


Chris: yeah i feelits both of those types

and many world goverments have made treaties with these different races for technology and resource exchanges for there secret space program.

Logical Chaos: Aliens are real

Ive done a lot of research on the subject, and I have found a ton of bits and pieces of information that tells me that aliens are real. All the famous UFO sightings and crashes like the Roswell crash, Kecksburg crash, Barney and Betty Abductions, The Phoenix Lights and Lynne D. Kitei, The Rendlesham UK incident, Bob Lazar, Dan Burish, Phil Schneider his story and his death, Sgt Clifford Stone, General Robert Salas, The Disclosure Project, and that "alien superstructure" around that star. Ancient cultures is a great example. I believe Jesus might have had an alien connection somehow, especially with the "Mary's virgin birth". She could have been abducted. Also, the Mayans and Aztecs obsession with time and space and stars, sounds like ET contact or ET influence.

Theres even a "UFO Fact Sheet" at the CIA reading room website where the US Air Force made a category called "Unidentified" and says "A sighting is considered unidentified or unexplained when a report apparently contains all the pertinent data necessary to normally suggest at least one valid hypothesis on the cause or explanation of the sighting but when the description of the object and its maneuvers cannot be correlated with any known object or phenomenon.". Sound a lot like an advanced alien space craft to me. The alien explanation fits too well. Theres also Project Sun Streak also called Project Stargate at the CIA website that when u search "energy Project Sun StreaK", theres remote viewers that draw UFOs and other strange technology. Even one on Dulce base. Really interesting.

I recently realize something interesting about Bob Lazar: If he was lying, like many critics believe, why does he know the exact location of Area 51, a top-secret military base in the desert? That alone is proof enough. He has insider knowledge.

More proof comes from DMT, mushrooms, and LSD. The experiences can be other-worldly, like theres a "hidden dimension" only accessible by certain drugs. Very mysterious, but I believe we can contact aliens with high-doses of psychedelics.

Ive also had several UFO sightings, starting this year. Im now obsessed. I used to just love sci fi since a young boy, now I wanna see the real sci fi out there.

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