The Rockefellers are Worth 500 Trillion Dollars, what about the Poor!!

I ain't no Rockerfeller or Fortune Teller but don't you think that 500 Trillion Dollars could help the Human Species with Mass Poverty and Mass Hunger.
Not Agenda21 but an Agenda of turning around this Global Mess Instigated by the Reptilians and Enlilites .

Can we please give Peace & Harmony a Chance folks.

The Rockerfellers are the Children of RA, so if that is true well then they better turn this Global Mess around, like Scrooge during Christmas.

Lets Stop War and Feed Humanity and Give Love instead of War.

Modern Talking - I´m No Rockefeller

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Chris: Kanesh ancient pleadian history and Lord Chrishek

hey knesh on the planets the pleades such as Attilius Erra Alderon Arian do they all honor and have statues of Lord Chrishek and his crew to honor there sacrafice of defending the pleades from the Draconians.

Annunaki77: There are Statues commemorating the Brave Star Fighters

There is a Fine Beautiful Pleadian called Commander Lord Chrishek who battled the Draco Star Fleets and destroyed many Draco in a Glorious Battle that will be remembered throughout the Ages.
Many Brave Pleadian Commanders and in this list is a Pleadian Commander called Lord Chrishek. The Commander who took on a Whole Draco Fleet with a small remaining Star Fleet , he died with Great Glory to his Name,

Many Honoured his Valor.

Lonny: Rockefellers Not Chidlren of RA

The Rockerfellers are the Children of RA... Who said that lie?!... Children of RA or Light are the Melanated Peoples of Afrukaans around the World...

Quinton: Can you substantiate this?

Can you substantiate this? Does this mean Ra was melanated?

Lonny: It's simple Science... Were

It's simple Science... Were not Afrukans here before everyone? Not only that, it is a Scientific fact that all Non-Afrukans are part Neanderthal. How can Neanderthals be the Children of RA?... If caucasians stay out in the Sun, moor than likely they get Skin Cancer. This is a gnown fact. So how can they be Children of RA? They lack Melanin or an abundance of Melanin. They have learned thru Spells, Magick, Mind Control why they are powerful. They learned from Black Oracles, Witches Hags, Whores, and Crones, etc.,... Everything comes from people of color. Everything... They were here first. Common sense, logic and reason. Research "Why Rocks Cry Out" by Horace Butler. People are bias to information that's kept from them. Research Khemit, Amere-TA, Muurs/Moors... Children of Light. All information was stolen from Melanated Men and women from Ages ago. Do your own research. Also, the first book of the bible is called "Genesis." Right? So what does Genesis mean? It means beginning and end. Yes?... Look at it again, as (Gene-Isis) it is coded. Meaning the DNA of the Black Woman the Womb of the Black Woman. Please research it... "The Isis Gene" Blacks been here for millions of years. Caucasians have not been here that long. Those Rothchilds and Bilderbergs are evil. So how are they Children of RA or Light?! Btw, RA comes from Amon-RA, as in God RA. ISRAEL... GOD-ISIS GOD-RA GOD-EL are Black Dieties. "IS" "RA" "EL" Stolen from the Afrukans. After a prayer, don't people say, Amen? As in Amon-RA. Sorry, Rothchilds are nowhere near Children of RA. It goes even deeper than that... I'll stop here. Enjoy your day...

Quinton: There is a lot packed into

There is a lot packed into your response, which I appreciate greatly BTW. I will try to hit on a few things.

Are you saying all Egyptians during the time of Ra were Black since Egypt is part of Africa?

What do you mean when you say everything comes from people of color? What color? What things? Just because somebody is here first does not mean everything anybody else does is done by the person who was here first. My father came before me but surely he doesn't get credit for everything I do.

Are you saying the Children of Ra are not evil?

Do you believe people from other planets have visited this planet?

Also, do you happen to be Black yourself?

Lonny: Btw, I mean no disrespect if

Btw, I mean no disrespect if I seemed arrogant or egotistical. I meant no harm as this is your website. And thankh you for allowing me to express my cellf. This is how I talk. Enjoy the rest of your day...

Quinton: None taken at all. I enjoy

None taken at all. I enjoy the straight talk and respect your view :) Cheers!

Lonny: People of color meaning those

People of color meaning those who are "black," witch name is considered politically incorrect. Black is not really a color. It is moor of an essence witch all other colors flow from. Egyptians is the wrong terminology. The word to use is Khemit or Kemet. Just like the word chemistry is spelled with a 'C.' It's spelled with a 'K.' Khemistry comes from the word, "Khem," The god of reproduction. Egypt in Greek mean black, fertile land or land of the blacks, people of color or dark people. Those so-called Egyptians in the land as we speak are are impostors. I get what you mean as far as your example about you and your father, but so many things have been hidden from you and others, it would seem like people as mycellf are reaching just to get attention or maybe hurt. That's not the case... We are in "The Age of Aquarius" and even a stranger can help open people's eyes to Truth. That's what Aquarius is about... Truth, Unconditional love, True Science, Metaphysics, True Astrology, Astronomy, and High intelligence, to name a few. The Children of RA are confused and trying to find theircellves right now because they have been under rulership so-to-speak for so long and tired of being manipulated, abused, killed because they are Children of RA and don't no it. Other entities may have visited this planet. I would think so. Nothing is really impossible. Again, only 'hidden' from the common people. And yes, I am so-called black.

Terran resistance: Egypt means black??

if Egypt means black then why do you get gypsum a reddish white mineral and gypsie from Egyptian?

Lonny: What does that have to do

What does that have to do with the word Egypt? The Greeks came up with that word. The Afrukans taught the Greeks. If you do your research, you will gnow where the term comes from. Egypt is in Afruka, is it not? Start there... Again, the correct word or term to use is Khemit, or kemet. It was a dark, fertile land before Europeans invaded it, especially Alexander the Great. Anything European touches, destroys or turn to decay. So eventually things dried up in the section of AfruKA. The Black Egyptians are the original settlers of Khemit. "The native Sudanese are one of the original pigmented Arabs in that region. They are members of the same ethnic family with the ancient Egyptians, the Ethiopians, the Southern Arabians, and the primitive inhabitants of Babylon. They are all founders and sustainers of the mighty Nilotic civilization we still admire today. They are very great nation of Blacks, who did rule almost over all Africa and Asia in a very remote
era, in fact beyond the reach of the Story of the dark melanated men and women of any of our records.

Terran resistance: yes

yes that is why they had red hair... sheesh you need to learn more history. Next you will be saying that the pyramids were built by black people which is laughable.

Terran resistance: look

look those black people sure look wealthy and in a position of power compaed to white people *sarcasm intended*

Lonny: Have you done any research or

Have you done any research or bias as usual?... Caucasians have position of power because of their savagery by, killing other nations, deceit, typical... and didn't build a damn thing. And lie about it. I gnew someone would eventually act immature. You're emotional and your pineal gland is calcified. Therefore you cannot see... as usual.

Lonny: "No sarcasm needed"

"No sarcasm needed"

Quinton: Egyptian history is a long

Egyptian history is a long time period. There were many dynasties that came and went and many Pharaohs that came and went. From my understanding, most of the Egyptian population was black while some of the Pharaohs were white. Just as it is today, the white people were usually the ones ruling.


"The land we now call Egypt was colonized...and was originally peopled by fair Celts from the shores of Britain. This was the Exodus of the Aryans, some of whom returned later to their primeval homes"Comyns Beaumont

"Most historians accept that Egypt was a cradle of civilization, and that many cultural idioms and traditions come from there. What has yet to be understood, however, is the manner in which Egypt inherited its cultural elements from the lands of the North-West."Michael Tsarion

"One of the most important finds within the land of Egypt occurred when the Egyptologist and archaeologist Professor Walter B. Emery (1903-1971) was excavating tombs at the necropolis of Saqqara, one of the oldest cities in the land. There Professor Emery discovered men with blond hair and fair complexions. These individuals were revered and honored by the Egyptians as specially endowed elite."Michael Tsarion

"Tutankhamen's title was 'The Living Face of the Sun.' He was an Atonist pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty. Lord Carnarvon, in charge of his tomb's excavation, was funded by the Rothschild dynasty to which he was personally related."Michael Tsarion

You mention that "Anything European touches, destroys or turn to decay". I find it fascinating you are able to make blanket statements like this. You do understand that Europe has brought us many of the innovations and systems of governments we have today. If it wasn't for Europe we wouldn't be talking on the Internet, travelling in airplanes or cars across the world and space or settling disputes with diplomacy rather than the sword. Yes I get it, Europe has also done a ton of shit in the world. But of course it has also advanced the world for the better, in arts, philosophy, government, technology, etc.

This begs an even bigger question though. Who are these white people and where did they come from? Where did the black people come from? Why is it that the rulers living in Europe this very day, like the Windsors, tie themselves to Egyptian Pharaohs through Egyptian symbolism and bloodlines? Why is Egypt such a big deal to the elites today? Why are the Rothschilds financing the excavation of Akhenaton's son's tomb? Why are the people in power today so concerned with Atonist Pharaohs? Because they're trying to hide something about blacks? Or is it something else?

Lonny: Bingo... hiding something

Bingo... hiding something about blacks. ...Melanin. The Bible is allegory to Metaphysics, Science, Astrology, Philosophy, Seasons, Numbers... and Mitochondrial DNA "Nature." In the bible 666 is not evil. It is the 6 Protons, 6 Neutrons, 6 Electrons witch makes up Carbon of Melanated "Blacks." The same elements that make up the black on the outside is in the inside where our organs are. This is why Caucasians kidnap and kill black children.

The information you posted above is exoteric... Learn esoteric gnowledge and gain wisdom. The Bible is not to be taken literal. You have to decode it.

Everything gnown to man today came from Afrukans, any spirituality, every religion, every concept gnown to the natural earth and its original people. As of today, it is a gnown fact that every religion on earth was Ether a plagiarized or stolen concept of the ancient black Afrukans and our mythologies included. Metaphysics or Spiritual Alchemy to our ancestors was just a common way of living and is gnown as the battery behind our cultures. Study and read into everything because of the recent diaspora of our people, not only did they steal us as a global entity but they also stole the cultures, sciences, and mythologies in witch things where placed into to teach Afrikans. Europeans giving the World old gnowledge of Egyptians/Khemetic Blacks from ages ago. So what you're talking about is old news. Europeans just now figured out what the Egyptians already gave the World. Europeans cannot access the pineal gland because of non-melaninated skin and its predisposition of crystallization in the womb.

Lonny: Is not the Universe dark or

Is not the Universe dark or black with an array of colors? Why are people of color called black?

Europeans or whites come from the Caucasians Mountains about moor than 3000 feet under the Earth. As Above So Below. You were taught so many lies in shool from "his-story" books. His story means European version of the lie fiction about the truth. All i will say is... "Do your own research." Seek the Truth for yourcellf.

Nothing but peace...

Quinton: Where did the Whites from the

Where did the Whites from the Caucasians Mountains come from? Where did the Blacks in Africa come from?

Lonny: Blacks comes from different

Blacks comes from different Stars Systems... ie, Orion, and Sirius to name a couple. Caucasians are like Reptilians but come from caves beneath the Earth, moor or less. I've even seen on recent videos, old/elder Caucasians even say this... but who gnows.

Lonny: Caucasians may have come from

Caucasians may have come from other Star Systems as well. Just got here way late.

Quinton: So then would this mean the

So then would this mean the Israelites in the Bible were black?

Lonny: Yes and no... Yes the Blacks

Yes and no... Yes the Blacks are so-called chosen but not Israelites. No, the Bible is fiction but coded. However lsrael is short for ISIS-RA-EL, those deities/gods represent Blacks, yes...

Quinton: I see what you're saying and

I see what you're saying and perhaps there is something to it. What evidence would you use to support your claim? Because a lot of the things I have researched shows quite the opposite. I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong. I'm just curious how you would support this or what are some of the pieces of information that brought you to this viewpoint?

iampeace: understanding

Rothchilds and Rockerfellas have been in the occult for centuries. They have the majority of all that is ancient including alien artifacts. They have the advance technology left from alien cash sites. If you google 50 thousand children sacrificed for satanic rituals. You will see a little of what Quinton was saying.
Yes they sponsor diggings in Egypt and every where else in the world seeking. Whatever they find, you can never, I repeat never take their words honestly. Which means, whatever they find, they will use the forked tongue analogy with the media. Confuse all and keep the truth to themselves and their circle.
Rothchild's, Rockerfella's, Queen of England, Dutch kings and Queens, Spanish kings and queens all have practiced and still practicing old Satanic rituals. These are old rituals, rituals that were written in stone, that is how old they are. They have gotten a way with murdering over 50 thousand indian children. Didn't stop there, add on another 50 thousand children of all other nationalities. Human trafficking are not just selling humans but gathering them up like cattle until its time for their rituals. Start with Queen Elizabeth found guilty of missing children. Although nothing will never happen to them. The truth is out.
We are all a mixed race. No one is 100% pure, except the Rothchilds and Rockerfellas who inter breed. 98% of all the presidents in the US come from a British bloodline. As far as a reptilian race. I would just say that they are not normal and their bloodline comes from far deep than you or I. We cannot say Caucasian and Africans are a separate race. The 1st humans were of color. That is true. Migration split them up, they migrated to what we call china. If you research their climate 1000's of years ago, it is a higher altitude and climate our human skin is adaptable. The extra layer over their eyes, their body formed to give more protection to their eyes from the sun in warmer weathers. Others migrated to colder climates and became lighter and lighter and their skin pigmentation changed with the environment. That is why Caucasians can adapt to the cold and Africans cannot. Caucasians can wear shorts in the snow and will not freeze. People of color will freeze and die. Caucasians cannot stand the sun too long, people of color can. The human body became adaptable. A dark skinned couple can make a light skin baby. But a Caucasian couple can only make a Caucasian baby. past history Caucasians were dominant, forceful, destructive, and conquers. We were into chemistry, science, astrology, etc. When the romans conquered Egypt, Sophocles and others stole the knowledge from the Egyptians and wrote books based on Egyptian mythology and science. They claim the libraries were burned, only books that had no importance were destroyed. You can google bits and pieces of what I am saying. In todays world, it is just chaos. But google 50 thousand indian children used for human sacrifices. which is still going on today. They believe eating hearts and drinking blood will increase their power. But when you or I drink blood, we will get sick. They have never gotten sick.

Lonny: I respect you... and yes! I

I respect you... and yes! I have many documents and info to support my claim. I could have put it out at the beginning. I didn't because so many others will deny or be bias towards information given to them based on their emotion. Some things you just have to keep to yourcellf. Honestly, people just can't take it. So many lies and illusions, you just don't really gnow what's true. Also, if I had the power to manipulate the masses of people and cultures for cellfish gain... why would I want to give you information? Because I want, "Control." Something to think about...

I'll see what I can do.

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