Are you a Super Genius?

by TillToTheWhen on September 11th, 2015

I thought this was interesting. How many people here fit all of these qualities?

And I love this website...because I was just thinking this is the only message board I've ever posted at, where I haven't been banned. Quinton is pretty cool!

Unfortunately, most people aren't cool. Most people hate the truth

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TillToTheWhen: This is WRONG what you are

This is WRONG what you are doing to me....and you know it.

TillToTheWhen: I just clicked on one of

I just clicked on one of those links...and it was for a completely different seller, was not my system and has nothing to do with me.. LOL you resorting now to posting false links. Lol

And the other one I clicked on was that SAME guy Pooper Scoopers.

I dont know why I even waste time and energy with you man. You're a serious loser.

You are the scammer, not me. You are the one trying to deceive people, not me. My 375 system didn't just bet the dozens, like the rip off report, falsely claimed. I had the zeros covered as well, with a unique progression, that I created myself. And it works long term, I know because I've tested and used it many times.

TillToTheWhen: But anyone with a brain can

But anyone with a brain can see the proof, here is the feedback link again,
look at how many people loved my systems-

Notice everyone how Pas is staying silent now...because he's been BUSTED

What a freakin loser. But what goes around comes around. What he is trying to do to me, is very wrong, and one day that karma will come back to smack him.

I'm done here. My feedback speaks for itself.

pasqualie: why i google myself

i dont get links popping up on ripoff reports and such sites.

when i google your name or your chat handles mgmprofits, mgmprofits2 with roulette, lotta things pop up. you can throw in fraud, scam, thief and various other search words in there.

the links are what they are. i didnt do anything, you denied it so i posted links with proof.

now you calling me the scammer, i am not the one that ripped off all those people where they were angry enough to post complaints about you.

i think you transitioning to smeagol now. before your alt golem was in play


Isn't that seriously lame though, that pas has absolutely no life at all that he resorts to posting false info about people on message boards.

And then when I post PROOF with my Feedback, he goes silent.

I suggest nobody on this site converse with this loser. He is the worst kind of person you can imagine.

pasqualie: everyone can judge for themselves now

just read the posts look at the links.

look at the responses of how it was one, but clearly it is not one person posting complaints over years and different times. now he is saying dont look at the complaints, look at his ebay site where he sold the stuff from lol

pasqualie: Its not my real name or chat handles

that people are calling thief, liar, crook, scammer in those links that pop up associated with you.

just google yourself and see what pops up all the way to 2015.

looks like you been working hard to get recommendations like that for a long time.

TillToTheWhen: Everyone know you are the

Everyone know you are the scammer pas. You've been busted. No turning back now, I posted my offical feedback so everyone can see you're a LIAR

YOu are deceiving people by posting false reports, (which I already explained why I have those...and some of those links aren't even for my system, they are for completely different people!! LOL!)

pasqualie: some how i am the liar here

and its my fault lol and i am a bad guy for calling him out on his lies.

the posts are a result of his actions, the link if you read down include his real name or his chat handle.

the negative comments are from you ripping off people. remember we use to talk about consequences and cause and effect and how you didnt process your thinking along those lines.

this is an example of cause and effect and consequences.

pasqualie: lol you use your ebay link

and ignore the pages and pages of negative complaints against you posted on the internet.

as i said there is a disconnect with you.

also this is not about me, this is about you, and why you have those links associated with you.

ask your inner truth why it is. i give you a clue, it has to do with your actions and consequences.

TillToTheWhen: When you google yourself?

When you google yourself? LMAO!

First of all, your real name is not Pasqualie Francisco. You have to HIDE behind an alias.

And also you're lame you do nothing but sit at home all day and meditate and use the internet, and walk your dog. Not sure why anything would come up on you. You never were smart enough to come up with your own system, so you just go around dogging other people.

But i still forgive you though. I wont hurt myself over an online loser.

Now please stop responding to me, if you can't address the proof I posted you making yourself look more and more like a liar as we go

TillToTheWhen: Pages and pages of false

Pages and pages of false complaints by the SAME PEOPLE you idiot.

And the ebay feedback is OFFICAL

Nice try on your comeback, but again you've been busted LIAR

You even posted false links, like I said some of those links aren't even regarding my system.

I feel very very sorry for people like you.

I'm done now. lol

I dont need to say another word because I've already exposed you

pasqualie: I am the scammer lol

you denied everything and so i had to expose the lie, by posting the links or else people could not judge for themselves.

those links are not about me. but most definitely are about you and what actions and decisions you have made.

however you view it, its not about me, those links spanning years is about you.

i merely posted em cuz you were telling a different story and denying it.

TillToTheWhen: If my official feedback isn't

If my official feedback isn't enough for your small brain to comprehend,

I'll even post one of my systems here on TC tomorrow, for free for everyone to see and test.

Then that will be 100% proof to anyone, when they test it and see that it wins over the long term....and then there will be absolutely nothing you can say.

TillToTheWhen: Be back tomorrow.

Be back tomorrow.

Hopefully Paz will leave this site, after he is exposed as a liar.

Who wants to converse with liars?

pasqualie: like i used the example with bill cosby

those rape accusations about bill cosby using date rape drugs to rape women over decades.

if it was only one, you might give him the benefit of the doubt.

now that its 30 and growing, you know something is definitely wrong with the picture.

however you choose to view all your negative complaints and comments is up to you. i merely posted em cuz you were denying it and saying you had integrity and character.

so people can look for themselves and see what kind of character and integrity you have now since you were denying it.

pasqualie: Lol look at your google search

they are not the ones calling me a thief, crook. scammer, fraud, liar, scum, belonging in jail.

so how is it you are calling me a liar.

all i did was post links with your name and chat handles for people to see and make up their own minds lol.

wasnt me that ripped off people.

i just posted links i found cuz you were denying and lying about things. cant hide from the truth or your history or the internet.

it says alot about your character and integrity and values in tha you are calling me the liar for just posting links associated with your name, chat handles and the roulette system you were selling people for years.

like i said it wasnt me that was ripping off people so dont ask my why there are so many complaints against you.

pasqualie: I think he transitioned back to his golem alt

he is acting very irrational in his remarks lol.

somehow this ends up being about me. when the links posted was to show what people thought about him and his actions, his character and his integrity.

pasqualie: Its why i said

in his case going on prescription meds would actually do him good.

TillToTheWhen: Also pas supporting TOXIC

Also pas supporting TOXIC PRESCRIPTION drugs, (in leiu of all the evidence against them) shows his true character

I rest my case

pasqualie: in your case it would be the exception

being as messed up as you are, it would do more good than harm for you to be on prozac and other prescription meds. would allow you to hold down a job and go to work actually instead of making excuses you cant because you cant get up every day at the same time. that way you would have to depend on your grandmother for support to live since you dont work.

pasqualie: as well

you would sit around all day doing drugs and sleeping all day and then go gamble away money on slots or the casino on the living expense and rent your grandmother sends you.

if you were on prescription meds you would be almost normal and could work and get up each day to go to work instead of getting high all day and gambling and sleeping your day away, when you not making monkey theories, and spreading your victimization programming.

also all your teeth wouldnt be rotting away from doing meth amphetamines so you wouldnt be getting abcesses all the time and bad breath from rotting teeth.

you would have more energy and be healthier. prozac for you would be healthier than your meth amphetamines and other narcotics you take to get high. and you could live a semi productive life by holding down a job instead of being high all day.

and you wouldnt go gamble 400 dollars of living expense for the month on slots at the casino while high. and you might actually stop to think if you lose that 400 dollars you are broke for the month. instead of saying the excuse, i thought i would win as your rationale for doing that.

pasqualie: done with this thread now

wont respond to triple t again from now on.

just judge for yourself. he has admitted its him in those link, and he sold that stuff to people.

TillToTheWhen: I didn't rip anyone off. You

I didn't rip anyone off. You'll see.

I explained why the guy posted the complaints. Also in the world of gambling, you're never going to make 100% of the people happy. It's because they need to manage their money and have the discipline to follow my methods.You're just a sore loser pas just as the people were who complained.

Fact of the matter is, I had 99% positive feedback, and it's expected to have some complaints when you've sold to 1,000 people.

Nobody can make everyone happy. You know this, you're just trying to create a false picture of me, by posting only the complaints you saw (and you even went as far to post OTHER Sellers complaints! Which is deception, it was no accident that you did that.)

Which if anyone does click the links, they will see that you did

The reason you're done with the thread now is because I stopped feeding you. I got some advice "STOP FEEDING THE TROLL"

Pas you're dumber than I thought if you think you're fooling anyone here. The only people you could fool, would be fools themselves.

Anyone with a brain can see through what you're doing. I posted my feedback for proof, and tomorrow I'm going to post one of my systems for the nail in the coffin.

I just feel really sorry for you, that's why I dont want to converse with you or even think about you anymore.

I have to stop feeding the troll everyone, I am sorry I did.

TillToTheWhen: Will give away my roulette secrets here

I figured out how to beat the game of Roulette, because of consistent long term patterns I've found on the wheels. I've found that NOTHING is truly random in this universe. There are proven patterns everywhere.

Some people think you can't use math to beat roulette because of the built in house edge by the casino. While this is technically TRUE, this only refers to if you were playing INFINITE SPINS. If you played INFINITE spins using math you would lose, guaranteed.

The good news is, nobody can play infinite spins. So that's why my professional systems, use certain techniques to make sure we do overcome the edge.

One technique is to use certain entry (And exit) points, according to the proven patterns I found. Doing this will often target the numbers down to your very first spin sometimes. So I can hit inside numbers more than once every 35 spins, gaining my a long term profit.

I also do not just use math, I use multiple other factors to overcome the house. The proof is in the pudding. Try my system, and you will see for yourself that it works. Of course I can't guarantee everyone will win with it. I never did guarantee that.

Paz judging me, but he never saw any of my advertisements. I explained right in my ad, if you do not follow my system exactly as it says, you will lose.

And then of course some people are not going to be able to have the discipline to follow a professional system. And that is why I received a few of those complaints. it's normal, I don't care. What i care about is paz purposely trying to deceive you people.

But I will let nature take its' course. PAz will judge himself when the time comes

TillToTheWhen: Wow...Pas ego was hurt so

Wow...Pas ego was hurt so much that he posted 17 fake reports about me on september 19th of this year. LOL all from Annoymous.

Every one of those complaints was made by the same person. It was paz that made them, because I've only sold my system to my repeat customers this year. And not single one of them asked me for a refund.

pasqualie: this is another attempt by

triple t to not take personal responsibility for his actions.

he ripped people off, they wrote complaints and negative things about him.

and he attempts to deflect the arguement by saying someone its my fault or i am a liar or scammer or it was me lol. there is how many posts from 2009 to 2015 of complaints that you are a con man, scammer, liar, dishonest, a thief lol.

he thinks by me calling him out and showing him how many posts there of him associated with his real name or his chat handle or email, that somehow i am to blame for this lol.

i didnt rip off people triple t, that was all you.

pasqualie: if you actually read the threads on you

you notice in each one down the page they call you or your chat handle mgmprofits or mgmprofits2 or your real name, and refer to you as a scammer who ripped them off.

you just gotta read down the thread if you dont see the chat handle or name mentioned because it is, or it mentions your email with your chat handle in it. so just read down the threads its there.

some even say triple t even though he didnt graduate grade 10 was telling people he was an advanced mathematician lol. from his responses in this thread you know how comedic that is.

even lying that he learned algebra and mastered it in grade1 reading grade 6 math books when its not even taught in those grades. which makes me wonder if you even went through grade 6 because everyone who had gone through elementary schools knows they just teach the basics.

and you thinking algebra is basic math skills instead of matrices. so you are called on that one as well in not telling the truth.

and in the end you try to turn it on me thinking that somehow those scammer links with your name and your chat handle is somehow me lol.

like i said integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking triple t, also you cant lie to yourself.

you got along way to go in basic life training in character and integrity. those are the basics you gotta have man or you dont have to worry about getting out of the matrix if you dont have that down.

i just posted the links, his name or his chat handle is mentioned if you read through the link posts, so ignore him saying its not him because it is.

just read the links, you will see his name mentioned in it or his email with his chat handle mgmprofits or mgmprofits2 or his other aliases

pasqualie: complaints are legitimate

those ebay comments you could have planted false compliments about yourself lol. i would not put it beyond you with your level of integrity and your bipolar state.

complaints you dont post about yourself.

that said you need to start taking personal responsibility because anyone reading this wont be fooled by you calling me a scammer lol. those posts are about you with your name and chat handle. i didnt rip off people for them to write stuff like that on the internet about you.

and before worrying about anyone else getting out of the matrix or yourself

you gotta work on the basics like your character and integrity.

last and final post here but this is what you should contemplate and work on.

lao tzu

watch your words

they become actions

watch your actions

they become habits

watch your habits

they become your character

watch your character

it becomes your destiny

gluck not wasting time anymore discussing this, anyone wanna find out for themselves just look at the threads and read it, instead of triple T's mad rantings and blaming everyone else for what he has done.

pasqualie: lastly being a pathological liar

you dont fool anyone triple t because your statements are absurd or have no substance and you get caught in it. like saying you were taught algebra in grade 1 or in grade 6 text book lol.

its something you only know by going through the experience, but most people will tell you they dont teach algebra in elementary school lol.

which makes me wonder if you finished grade 6 even.

if you ever had taken algebra and matrices in school you would know its not taught elementary school.

pasqualie: He doesnt use math because he doesnt know it lol

he knows his monkey math but we all know how absurd it is.

and yet in one of the links he said he was an advanced mathematician to con people into buying his system.

what does your inner truth and higher self say about that lie. you dont even need to read books to know that one or connect with your higher self.

as well the reason why he doesnt use math is because he doesnt know basic math, with his monkey math theories we read earlier on the size of a bacteria which he says you multiply by 10 so thats why its visible to the naked eye even though its in micrometers and not visible to the eye. I doubt you mastered long division even lol.

you gotta learn the basics in everything first. if you talk without substance, everyone knows you are lying because on simple stuff you make no sense.

now welcome to ignore triple t for good

pasqualie: so everyone can now know the real tripleT

ignore his ramblings.

just look at the links, that is objective.

look at the years they span, and how many there are.

and form your own conclusions.

pasqualie: I applogize also for those

that see it as cluttering the site.

as you can see its why i cut him off on email because of his responses were exactly like this every day. at some point you decide its a waste of time and just move on and let him be.

he is experiencing what he is meant to and what he wants to.

imagine getting responses like this every day in nonsense email from tripleT, at some point you would just block the emails also. cuz by reading his responses it actually lowers IQ

pasqualie: because

if he was not constantly telling you how drugs are good for you and like food and water thinking he can someone how by repetition get you to become an addict like him.

he was spewing his monkey theories or victimization programming.

or telling you to watch dark movies like he does when high. movies similar to his favorite called serbian film which is about pedophilia and necrophilia.

so that is why i blocked his emails

TillToTheWhen: thought you weren't gonna

thought you weren't gonna respond anymore sir? Well we all know now your ego has been so damaged that you couldn't resist.

I am just here defending myself. I'm already over your patheticness.

You will see one day son. You will see, how wrong you are.

But for now at least the GOOD people on this site can EASILY See through your lies and deception.


And you've never purchased any of my systems. I was nice enough to offer them to you free, when we were friends, but you said you didn't play roulette or have any casinos there to play.

And this is how you treat me? It's all because of my "Brain excersises" email isn't it.

Wow man, your ego is bigger than anyone I've ever met. So I guess meditation might actually be dangerous.

Glad I stopped. Meditation also causes bad luck.

I dont need meditation. I am the master of my own self, I dont need any technology to help me.

You've been exposed and the more you lie, the more I will expose you.

I posted PROOF of my ebay feedback. What did you post? Some ANNOYMOUS FALSE COMPLAINTS?


Go rot in hell where you belong, you soulless piece of flesh

TillToTheWhen: btw I am not reading any of

btw I am not reading any of your messages, so you're just talking to yourself now. NOBODY HERE CARES ABOUT YOUR HURT EGO

you've been exposed. The TRUTH Can never be proved wrong.

TillToTheWhen: You know you've been exposed

You know you've been exposed (you should of never tried to fuck with a genius)

I know you're desperate to try and cover up the PROOF by posting tons of BS but honestly, NOBODY CARES ANYWAY

nobody here likes you, you're an idiot.

Even bluesbaby knows it

pasqualie: i think you confuse the words

you are not a genius, your responses indicate a grade 9 level reading level and a lower basic math level. if you think you are a genius, i would say you are a genius retard if one must categorize you as genius in something.

TillToTheWhen: And blues baby is far smater

And blues baby is far smater than you'll ever be

(Only saying this cuz paz used to always email me about how bluesbaby was a shill and a fool)

But I respect blues baby because she actually has a soul and a HEART....unlike your pathetic sorry ass

Just go rot now loser. Please. You're cluttering Quinton's site.

pasqualie: He cant hide now

despite his attempts at lying and smearing me cuz he cant defend himself, cuz everything i have said is the truth.

including his taste for dark films like serbian movie which is about pedophilia and necrophilia which he was always raving about as his favorite film.

he cant defend himself or refute this so he is now trying to smear me thinking it changes the fact there are links associated with him of a negative nature which is irrefutable.

gluck triple t, may you get drug free and develop integrity and character one day.

you should be a comedian also, i got some good laughs in your responses, especially the one where college students said you were a genius, so you actually believe it lol

pasqualie: Instead of trying to change the topic

deflect the question or somehow blame me for this, or smear me

how about answering this question.

how is someone connected to inner truth as you say yourself.

how can your inner truth tell you to watch dark movies and have them as favorites as serbian movie. how can your inner truth tell you that those dark movies on necrophilia and pedophilia is good for you and the truth.

answer on topic. you already did a bad job of explaining why you ripped off those people and are somehow trying to deflect it, sweet it under the rug or blame someone else for those negative responses about you in those links.

he cant its why he wont answer, because its the truth.

he will resort to lying, deflecting the issue, changing the topic or blaming me or smearing me in response.

that said i will leave it at that for everyone to see his incoherent response if he can answer honestly how he can like alot dark movies on pedophilia and necrophilia if he is truly honest as he says.

pasqualie: The fact that you like those movies on pedophilia

and necrophilia and have serbian movie as your favorite movie.

Everyone will tell you that is messed up. Its likely why your room mate moved out cuz you were high on meth all the time and watching sick movies like that. If i had a room mate like that i would move out too.

If you are honest answer did you or did you not say serbian movie was your favorite movie, and you really enjoyed watching it while high, and you kept recommending me to watch it in the emails.

you cant defend the truth triple t.

it all started by you trying to lie, saying why dont you trust you that you were off drugs and that you were honest. its why i posted the links, so people can see how honest you really are.

pasqualie: so now that we got all that out of the way

and the truth is revealed.

I am moving on and will all all to judge what has been said here based on your comments and attempts to smear me instead of actually responding to all the things discussed.

i look forward to your answer on why your higher self thinks its good for you to watch movies about pedophilia and necrophilia also, and why its your favorite movie.

TillToTheWhen: I love a Serbian Film. It's a

I love a Serbian Film. It's a one of a kind movie...and that's why it blew me away. It's not my favorite movie, but it's one of the most intense movies I've ever seen. I love the hardcore music, and the intense drama of the movie. Many other normal people also like the movie.

But, my favorite movie is The Wizard, with Fred Savage, and that is a kids family movie.

Bottom line- Don't judge someone by the movies they like. Everyone has different taste in movies. THe most normal people in the world watch some crazy movies sometimes. I admit, serbian film is insane...but that's why I loved it. (The reason Paz is afraid to watch it, is because he lives his life under a false EGO and he lives in he cannot even watch a movie without judging it)

THEY'RE JUST MOVIES....they're not real.

I absolutely hate the real stuff like Traces of Death, (which I liked as a kid, but not anymore, it's depressing to see that stuff now, because it's real) but fake movies, such as Serbian Film don't affect me at all....(they can be a bit disturbing but in the end I know it's just a movie, with actors and none of it is real, so it doesn't affect me. Now pas on the other hand is very delusional and he isn't old enough yet to watch the grown up movies...he's still in kindergarden obviously he has yet to develop a soul)

There was no pedophilia at all in the movie. None what so ever. If there was, it certainly wouldnt of been released on DVD in america. And also if there was, I would of never watched it.

But you're delusional paz, so you think it's all real, when it's not.

But like I said I am not bothering to read your messages anymore, as I (and everyone else here) can clearly see what you're doing. So, I won't waste time with it.

But I may read them anyway just to expose your lies even more. Because I know what you're up to.

pasqualie: Ladies and Gentlemen aS you can see

There is no untruth in what i was saying about Triple T.

As you can see he says he loves Serbian Film. For those of you who do not know what this movie is about here is the IMDB description.

Note plot synopsis Aging porn star is drafted into making PEDOPHILIA and NECROPHILIA THEMED SNUFF FILM.

for those of you who do not know what a snuff film is. its movies sick people make of actual killings of people, and they sell it to sick people who get off watching it. so the plot is based on making pedophilia and necrophilia snuff films.

And Triple T loves the film, you heard it from the horses mouth and he enjoys it and see nothing wrong with it, and it doesnt affect him.

Now Triple T's conclusion that I didnt watch it is because i have a false ego and so i dont enjoy pedophilia and necrophilia plot snuff films of this dark nature so i am lost into the matrix and low consciousness. Triple T says i am delusional because i dont watch those kinds of movies and enjoy it and love it like him.

He doesnt realize this is sick subject matter, and the fact he loves this film says enough about him in that comment.

And his logic for watching it, they released it in america so its ok to watch that kind of movie and love it.

TillToTheWhen: Notice everyone has Paz

Notice everyone has Paz posted all these messages to try and cover up the TRUTH I posted about him. I will repost it as well, so people can see it again.

His ego is afraid now....I got him by the balls. He's a little pipsqueek who likes to start trouble.

The truth can NEVER be proved wrong. In the end, he will learn this, I hope. The more he posts, the more I will expose him.

He says I smear once again, he is projecting himself on me. He has NPD, (Narcissism Personality Disorder) so his ego protects him...and since I hurt his ego, he is hell bent on revenge now. But what he doesn't realize is that he is only hurting himself.

I posted 100% proof for anyone to see. I sold my system on EBAY and that's where you can view my feedback. Pasqualie posted his annonymous fake reports he made about me on september 19th.

The guy seriously has an IQ of 75....I can't even believe there are people in this world like him, with no intelligence. But that's part of the reason the world is the way it is...because of ignorant people who are terrified to face themselves, and the truth. And pasqualie is a soul less being at the current time.

I really wish that meditation would work for him, to help him develop his consciou and a soul. But it obviously does not. He is a deceptive liar, as I've shown here tonight.

He's been meditating for 6 years and look at him. He's a mess.

pasqualie: As you can see

Triple T thinks i tell untruths, everything i have said and posted is an untruth.

He believes i am the retarded one because i dont believe him, and i dont ignore those links of complaints posted on him by his past clients over a span of 6 years.

He believes I am ignorant and afraid to face the truth like him who likes to watch serbian film, which involve dark topics like pedophilia and necrophilia snuff films. I am lost because i refuse to watch this type of movie and because i dont enjoy it and love it like Triple T.

He believe meditation is bad because it allows one to have character and integrity, and because it leads to a consciousness where one will not regress to lower standards and enjoy pedophilia and necrophilia snuff films like him.

I am a liar because what i have posted about him is untruth as he percieves it.

And i am this mess because i have meditated. Meditation is evil to Triple T.

TillToTheWhen: Ok I just read one of your

Ok I just read one of your comments.

You said my roommate moved out because I was high on meth all the time?

LOL! I've only done meth a couple of times in my life and that before I met my roommate, you lying fuck.

And you're busted again, because you said you blocked my on google, yet if that was true, you wouldn't of had any idea my roommate moved out. Because I didn't email you about that, until AFTER You started ignoring me.

If anyone cares to know, (for entertainment purposes) I emailed paz to say thanks to him for recommending me the black tourmaline because it literally repelled my insane roommate to love out. She was always projecting negative energy at me. She also has NPD just as Paz does, and so when they are negative towards you, the tourmaline reflects their energy back to them.

I even read an article that if you live with a narcissist, and you get some tourmaline, the narcissist will probably move out of the house, because they can't handle that being reflected on them. They feed from your negativity and that's what gives them energy...but once it reflects back to them, it hurts them. So they get away from you.

And low and behold, once I got the stones, my roommate was gone in 2 weeks. lol they do indeed work

pasqualie: Triple T think his roomate is insane

He doesnt realize sitting at home not working, doing drugs with his spending money and gambling and sleeping in late, and watching movies like the serbian film were the cause of his room mate moving out. Not realizing how people act when high on drugs can be annoying on a daily basis for someone that has to live with it daily like his room mate.

So he like to think his room mate was insane and narcissistic and an energy vampire, and she left because Triple T doing his drugs to get high, and watching his pedophilia and necrophilia plotted snuff films raised his consciousness too high, where his room mate could not handle his enlightened high vibrational state.

To Triple T, his room mate was the messed up one for leaving.

TillToTheWhen: Also I quit doing all drugs,

Also I quit doing all drugs, before my roommate moved out, so once again Paz spreading BS about me

Paz= Zap

Paz gonna get Zapped by that lightning bolt....hahahahaha

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