why human are so violent and aggressive?

Since 2950BC there always wars.
even in the cradle of civilisations where the sumer became great civilisation
the akkadians killed many of them and formed bable
and then the Assyrians won akkadians
and then persians came
and then greek
and then sasanids
arab chaliphate.
im trying to understand why human always seek to kill and conquer each other.

this video will show you that nothing changed in 5000years.

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thebrand23: HebrianDaniel: why human are so violent and aggressive?

In fact, people are innocent as little babies. The whole system has flaws programmed us from the day we came out of our mother's womb. We have become like ants all run into the same corner after the sugar ..... "Money system" !!!!!

HebrianDaniel: as i said people are violent

as i said people are violent since the cradle of civilzation.

Quinton: People are violent because it

People are violent because it still works. If people become wise enough to stop being used as pawns to enforce violent activity then violence will stop.

But you have to realize, this is a deep seated question. What many people see as non-violent really is violent. For example most people are okay supporting government and see that as a good way to protect innocent people against violent people. But government itself is violent. When you have government forcing people to do things and imprisoning them if they don't government (which many see as non-violent) is being violent. When people are forced to pay taxes and are violently pursued when they refuse to government is practicing violence. So do you really want a world without violence? I do but you'll have to remove government if you want it...

Chris: violence of humans

Hebrian there's nothing we can do about the world being violent people have freewill and will determine what is good by there personal nature also we don't have to stay in this civilzation we are all immortal spiritual multidementional beings we can incarnate into other races that don't have these problems when we die in are spirit form we think are selves any where in the multverse with a thought to any location and your there.

HebrianDaniel: i do understand what you say

i do understand what you say guys but its troubles me.
i see many people around cant live in peace with themselves and others.
its like they got out of control and they cant control their inner evil inside.
why its easier to choose doing bad things instead of doing good things to help people
instead of trying to help many people trying to harm
im trying to understand what causes this violence.
and if there is way to Cure the Human Violence

Quinton: Really sit quiet and meditate

Really sit quiet and look deep on this question HD...

Why do you care about the evil things other people do?

Tarheel: If I may interject...

....why shouldn't he care ? If we're human and we don't want evil eradicated, there is something amiss inside us. Of course it won't ever be fully stopped, but that shouldn't keep us from wanting it.

My initial response to your question if I asked myself would be-"Because I'm human and I care, and I'd like to help figure out a way to stop it." Please tell me where you are going with this.

Your post made me stop & stare. Peace, brother.

Quinton: In regards to your response I

In regards to your response I would ask you to be more specific. Why do you want to figure out a way to stop it? What about the evil do you not like? What about the evil is wrong to you? Why can't evil people be evil and why can't good people be good? Why do they have to be like you? How would you respond to this?

Tarheel: Okay

1) Because it's evil and there's more than enough darkness already.
2) I don't like anything about evil.
3) The entire concept is wrong to me.
4) They can, and they are and have been for forever.
5) They don't and they aren't and they can't ever be like me-but thanks for thinking I'm not evil.
6) These are my responses.

How can you justify evil ? Why do you even try ? It's counter-productive.
Why do you think it's okay ? That is kind of sick to me.
If everyone was the same, it would be an awfully boring world, but justifying evil & more darkness in a world saturated with it is NOT what this place needs.
Have you ever asked yourself why most of the evil & darkness disseminates from those in control & positions of power ? Most (NOT all) people can't handle power and they turn to darkness.
I give you your free will and scratch my head. I thought I "kinda" knew you but now I am sure I do not.
We are not anywhere alike in this measure. I do understand now why you don't particularly care for me though. We're on opposite ends of the spectrum. Tarheel love you just the same, though.

Quinton: The point I was getting at

The point I was getting at which I was hoping you would say is that the main reason you are concerned with evil is because they have power over you or the planet to some degree. If evil people didn't have power over this planet I doubt you would care about evil. I'm sure there is evil going on in distant galaxies but from our perspective it makes no difference on our day to day lives so we don't care. Why don't you care about evil millions of light years away? Why do you care about evil on planet earth? Because it affects you. But it doesn't have to.

The problem isn't evil, that's always going to exist. The problem is our response to evil. We have systems and beliefs which perpetuate evil. If we were to rid this entire planet of evil it would be back immediately because as a whole that is the vibration the people on earth are giving. After all, we attracted this main group of evil beings on the planet right now and because of the vibration we are at we sustained them.

If they messed with our DNA and did evil things to us we didn't have to let them do that to us. If we were dumbed down and tricked we didn't have to be, especially if we were connected to our higher awareness. So we either purposefully let this happen for the experience or we were not spiritual or connected enough to see through the manipulation.

I don't get super upset at evil because everything in the universe is exactly as it should be. Of course I'm not a fan of the evil things that go on, but I understand that everyone has free will to act in their own accord, and that is what most evil people do. Good people have free will to act in their own accord as well, but they often don't. Good people usually complain and point their finger at the evil people which only further expands the evil vortex of energy.

We don't know the full scope of why people do the things they do just as people don't know the full scope of why we do what we do. The evil somebody gets on them may be something they have created and brought on themselves. The person acting out the evil may be a tool to help another person learn a certain lesson. To a child a parent not letting them eat tons of candy is evil. I think a lot of the things we call evil are this, especially when we are non-specific about the evil itself. Just throwing a blanket term evil out there and then saying to get rid of it doesn't even make sense. Because many of the things we call evil aren't, they're just not what we want.

There are tons of ways to view the evil on this planet. You can see it as something that has to be eradicated or you can see it as a gym coach that is pushing you to change yourself and develop something new within yourself. You could see it as a disease that needs to be swept from the planet or you can see it as a disease that you need to build your immune system up against. One thing is for sure, evil or not, you can live exactly the life you want at any time.

Of course I always appreciate your thoughts Tarheel :)

Tarheel: I don't take your opposition personally.

I am tired of the evil and negativity. We are coming out of one of the darkest periods of Earth time. Light is coming through and I feel it is time for evil to subside and time for good to enjoy it's run.

pasqualie: There is a shift going on for those that can sense it since july

Things feel lighter, with a general contentedness.

you may also experience little aches along neck and upper back.

pasqualie: Hebrian its really simple why people are violent

In history, religions and many civilizations of the past they talk about the fall of man or the fall of consciousness.

for human beings this is really simple, their thinking use to be balanced but their original form of communication changed and they were shunted into their left brains with the formation of different languages. The left brain is where the ego lives, but the left brain is also where the analytical brain dominates.

The ego is the source of all negativity , fear, doubt, anger and separation.

So with human beings having different languages in different areas of the world, they were no longer in a conceptual terms one, but saw each other as different and separate. Add in the ego which is negative, and the system imposed in this world to keep everyone separate and fighting each other through various forms of ideology and religion to control the populations. Human beings lived lives, everyone does where on this planet during your lifetime you experience dissapointment, pain, trauma and suffering to varying degrees.

Naturally with the ego dominating each person because everyone has one and most dont even realize its there, they go around projecting their own pain on other people out of badly learned conditioning and defence mechanisms that people are taught or learn as they grow up.

So if you are an angry traumatized person you go around projecting your pain on others to varying degrees. In some cases to extreme violence as we see on the news.

In corporations and countries, the just paint it as us against them as they are taught in religions. its why religions say they are the only ones that will be saved and are favored by God. Everyone else is a sinner or a heathen way back from the early roots.

The consequence of this fall in consciousness is everyone grows up or is taught left brain dominance in schools. So the Ego dominates and controls most people and in a sense it controls this planet. As well being left brain dominant, human beings go along the path of being analytical and promoting technology which is why the planet is in the condition it is in. If its to make money or for progress or to make more destructive military weapons to destroy populations then its ok. The move or shift towards technology or left brain dominant is what caused humanities fall from consciousness in the first place.

And its the road humans are embarking on currently with the current leaders in charge.

The more technologically advanced a species is, the farther they go away from source. Because the fallen fell because they tried to use technology or left brain ego based mind to become greater than source. They were blind to the polarity they introduced into themselves which corrupts all things. Thats why for every good thing a certain technology has, it has 10 or more negative impacts it has on people or the planet environmentally. And because humanity is left brain dominant in thinking, this is considered acceptable.

All countries and leaders are corrupt so dont expect any of em to save us. Bottom line, the driving force for all leaders and countries is the drive for profits, technology and control.

Its why 1 percent of the worlds population controls 99 percent. That 1 percent which includes the families that own the wealth and the leaders that have power, they are all buddy buddy and related cuz they only inter-marry within the blood lines. Even putin he has german lineage. And most of the american presidents, they got connections back to english nobility and royalty in terms of blood line. Its why they go to the ivy league schools and join one secret society or another.

HebrianDaniel: then how do we make right

then how do we make right brain dominant?

edisonik: What is Real Power?.

What is Real Power?.

It is Respect for Human Life.

We the Elohim know this.

The Real Deal Elohim , the Ancient Ones.

The Ones that Value the Human Race.

Fear is not Power it is Weakness.

Courage & Love is Real Power.

When you Defend your Values of Love , Respect & Great Understanding of the Collective Good of all Adamu.

Now know we are one.


Tarheel: Power

Furthermore, the power I recognize doesn't come from an external source.

pasqualie: You have to quiet the mind

and dissolve or cleanse the ego by releasing any fear or negativity or judgement.

that way you become aware of the ego's mind chatter and when it is acting up.

and when you release all the programs coming up or impulses of fear negativity and judgement or anger, your ego quiets down, and you become the master of yourself, your thoughts and emotions, instead of the ego operating on automatic.

we are all programmed from society, people we grow up with, media, government, people we associate with.

you essentially have to deprogram yourself, and release any judgements and attachments.

as well you have to practice being in the present moment in your thoughts, not on the past, or the future. everything happens in the present moment.

doesnt happen over night. if you take energy work like chi gong, they say ego takes 10 years of work to cleanse. its becoming aware of and observing your thoughts and emotions. and when you feel negativity in yourself, you give yourself love, and release that emotion or negative thought or belief using the exhale of your breath till it is gone. its baby steps every day, and you realize over time, your mind is more quiet, and your ego becomes less and less active.

its why they say the ego controls the world. it is hiding in everyone controlling their thoughts and emotions, and most are unaware of it or think they are their egos.

its why most people on this planet and in groups as organizations, companies or even countries go around projecting their fears and pains on other people, and why this planet is the way it is.

its the greatest crime projecting your pain on others, and most go around doing it without realizing it. most see it as payback or a means of control, or an eye for an eye. and this belief self propagates itself.

pasqualie: there is alot of releasing materials out there hebrian

cameron days free stuff is good on his webpage

also you can search the internet and find stuff by larry crane on release technique, hale dwoskin on sedona method.

and the originator of release technique and sedona method, lester levinsons books. he is the founder of that stuff on releasing. its eastern philosphy which he made his own and taught in his own way in north america

HebrianDaniel: Then i will learn to manifest

Then i will learn to manifest the Alterego who are the higher self.
i am now trying to learn to forgive people for their behaviors and actions.
i understand that there is no bad child there only child that feel bad.
i understand that human doing bad things because many of them filled with big ego and dont understand how to be in their inner peace so i forgive them.
i am trying to learn positive thinking.

even now i eat less i consume more vegetables less carbons.
my body feel more calm and i sometimes feel good vibrations.

who knows where this path i choose will lead me.
i understand that human never supposed to be doing bad things or harming anyone.
i understand when you feel somebody as one you understand that its makes you really happy.
and that where i seek to go.
i stopped watching TV or listen to any media.i know all what the goverments in the worlds is lies.
i already know what doctors laywers car mechanic any1 who has profital job are liars because they make money of it.
and now people realise the reality much more.
i hope for the best future of us.



pasqualie: Hebrian its really about

Not practicing judgement. When you judge something, you focus your energy and awareness on it, and feed it energy, and give it a life of its own.

When you judge something you do not like, you are focusing your awareness and energy on it and therefore you are in a sense creating with your Godforce.

When you dislike or hate something, you make it equal to what you like. But you focus on it until as you have seen with some people they become the very thing they hate.

Its just a daily practice of releasing, loving yourself, and trying to not judge things. as well as being aware of how you feel and what you are thinking.

its difficult because many are running on automatic. and dont even realize they are. and some view releasing in a sense as removing their emotions. but the exercise in itself quiets the ego. and so you are experiencing both sides to know the truth of both. so once you have mastered both sides and know it, you can sit in the position of balance where you can focus on what you want to hold in mind, in a high vibrational and emotional state.

so you are in conscious control of what you think and feel.

and in this way you dont walk around in a negative state or energy as well, and dont propagate it by unknowingly going around projecting your pain on other people as most do in this world.

its also about being in the present moment as much as you can in a high vibration and energy, and allowing that to become your natural state of mind and general state of being.

but for that to happen, you have to release all attachments and aversions you have, and any programs and baggage you have subconsciously downloaded into your mind which does not serve you.

you have to realize then after all that, that you are a god that creates what you desire and focus your mind on, and everyone else is as well. and as you have a right to create what you desire, they have a right to create what they desire also. and thus by not judging (what you dislike or others) you are saying they have no affect on your journey and experience in where you are going with your desired destination. because judgement is polarity and separation. and it separates not only you from your true self, you from others, but also you from source.

this planet in a sense is a hologram, and people are prisoners in it, because they are prisoners of their own thoughts and beliefs and understanding. and each person can only free themselves from that. but also they are prisoners of this because they have allowed it and accepted it, or the programs would not have been put in their minds in the first place. so they have to become their own saviours by freeing themselves.

the game in this polarity universe, is about consciousness. energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes form. and consciousness is energy, so it can only go up in energy or down in energy. and that is determined by the quality of thoughts and emotions one has in their day and lifetime. where it becomes their general state of being consciously, or unconsciously.

There are many traps, like wanting to figure it out, wanting control, wanting to change or fix things, wanting love and approval from others, wanting to be safe or secure. But one has to realize that those wants are traps that have to be released. The feeling you get from a wanting thought, is created by focusing on that thought which creates the feeling or emotion in your body of low energy. And most spend far too much time in the low energy thoughts and emotions than they should, and not enough time in the higher energy thoughts and emotions.

In the end it stems from the original problem of knowing your true self, and that is unconditional self love. so thats where the wants come in, a form of externalization to try to fill that hole inside you that cannot be healed from the external, but has to be done internally by unconditionally accepting and loving yourself.

then you wont do things to feel good or feel significant or worthy, or to see the approval of others, or out of fear, or for some carrot or reward on a stick. you wont do things out of want or need, but but because you love to do it.

and through this releasing and deprogramming of yourself, and giving yourself unconditional love and acceptance, no one controls you, and you control yourself only.


even these polarity dramas going on in the world, and they have been going on since the begining of time in this matrix hologram.

just various spirits that came down into this matrix to gain experience and raise their consciousness faster.

somewhere along the way, they came to believe they were the meat suits they came into, to experience what it was like in this dense 3 dimensional matrix. And so they forgot they were eternal spirits that cannot be destroyed, because everyone is just energy.

And so it introduced another distraction and false belief in their identity that they are their body. So fear of death and wanting to control and various other wants come in to reinforce this body consciousness identification. And for some this has become the goal of their game, instead of playing the real game of this polarity universe. That game being about consciousness and only consciousness.

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