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I am blessed to have the time to devote to looking for info/articles I can share like this. CLN/Natl Geographic piece with a short article & video link.

Cars That Run on Air and Water? Audi Rolls Out Carbon-Neutral E-Diesel Fuel
Cars that run on a synthetic fuel, made from water and air, represent the cutting-edge of innovation now sweeping the auto industry. In a German factory, Audi is making “e-diesel” that uses— rather than emits—carbon dioxide.

The carbon-neutral fuel contains no sulfur or fossil oil. If it catches on and is produced for a mass market, it could make internal combustion engines much cleaner in the future.

“Synthetic diesel using CO2 is a huge success,” says Germany’s Federal Minister of Education and Research Johanna Wanka, who showed her support last week by putting the first five liters (1.3 gallons) into her work car, an Audi A8.

E-diesel is the latest in a slew of breakthroughs aimed at building cleaner cars via carbon-neutral fuels or extended-range batteries. Earlier this month, in research partly funded by Shell*, Virginia Tech unveiled a much more affordable way to produce hydrogen fuel by using discarded corn cobs, stalks and husks.

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Tim Lovell: Johanna Wanka?? LOL!

Johanna Wanka?? LOL!

Tarheel: Can't say I know her....

.....but if she's trying to help the environment in any fashion, I applaud her.

Tim Lovell: Tar it just in England

Tar it just in England `Wanker` means a rude word, so this why I was laughing at it :) sorry... :)

Tim Lovell: Wanker = Masterbater

Wanker = Masterbater

Tarheel: I did NOT know that.

Geez ! I guess you were laughing.

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