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by Tim Lovell on April 29th, 2015

Well guys im back from my holiday in Cyprus and it was lovely the food was amazing , olives taramaslata humous (real stuff not the processed stuff in the supermarkets) we had a real greek meze night in a restaurant with plate smashing and the greek dancing that gets faster and faster lol they made me get up and do it lol , also I went to the monastery of Kykkos and there was loads of religious icons so much gold ive never seen omg in the church gold chandeliers omg and a religious icon called the virgin of kykkos which they say was painted by the apposel Luke like one woman kissed it for 5 mins I just walked past it but it apparently has healing qualities so if it cures my cancer then its true lol, also on the plane journey back we bumped into a celebrity , I didn't know who she was but her name was Alyesha Dixon , she a singer and rapper and a judge of stricktly come dancing and britains got talent , when I went to the toilet on the plane I was stood next to her for 5 mins waiting for the toilet , you never know who you might meet when you go on holiday hehe

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Tim Lovell: here is one of her songs she

here is one of her songs she is quite good and very beautiful :)

Tarheel: Where are the pictures of Cyprus, Tim ?

Dude. Share the Kodak moments.
You go to the land of the Kods and no pics for your home-bound pals ?
Fork them over for our viewing pleasure.

Good story/post.

Tim Lovell: don't worry I will upload

don't worry I will upload them once I finish getting my computer sorted out , but I saw baths of Aphrodite etc it was cool :)

Tim Lovell: here are 4 photos of Cyrus I

here are 4 photos of Cyrus I took , I will add more later the bottom 4 of photographs page 2 , enjoy :)

Tarheel: Cool

Send more.
Here's a retro treat.

Tim Lovell: OK I want to ask two

OK I want to ask two questions, 1, where whas the chat channel gone that has just got re introduced?! , and where IS everyone? the site seems very vacant , well since I came back anyway , mabey its just me but I sense an abensce ?.....

Tarheel: Q-dog & I noticed it too.

I guess peeps are busy.

sdk: Your holiday in Cyprus sounds

Your holiday in Cyprus sounds amazing….some day I would like to visit. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I've been to Turkey and Egypt. I fell in love with Turkey.

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