Guns Make Us Less Safe

by Quinton on April 1st, 2015
Guns Make Us Less Safe
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Tarheel: Try convincing the DoD of that.

I am not sure I agree or disagree, as you didnt elaborate your point enough. If it's about gun control, I disagree. If it's about the fact that they exist, I will go along.
Respectfully posted.

Quinton: The point is we are told we

The point is we are told we need gun control yet the government is still allowed to have guns. If we truly want a safe place without guns we would remove all guns from governments as well.

obsrvantlouie: It's the hypocrisy of it all

Do as I say and not as I do is the motto of the U.S. government.......the government doesn't want the people to have guns so events like Sandy Hook are staged, yet......the weaponry of the government is massive and we are told it is for our safety.

Yet, the same people who claim to need massive weapons systems for our safety say it is not safe for 'we the people' to have weaponry ourselves. Just let us have all the don't need them to protect yourselves.....we will protect long as you do exactly what we say....and what choice will you have when we (the Govt) hold the guns and you don't?

Tarheel: We see it the same.

I'm with you on that.
I didn't want to think you were backing gc.

obsrvantlouie: Classic

Do as I say....not as I do. Just like the thousands of government 'scientists and doctors' pushing vaccination yet they choose not to vaccinate their children or themselves.

HebrianDaniel: yes and no.

yes and no.
controlling the guns will make America nanny state and everyone will be unarmed
means the government can do anything they want on their citizans
on the other side. people can use guns for many bad purpose like mass killing (incase if not false flag) there need to be balance between both. but I don't think its can happen.

Pag13: I thought it was a website

I thought it was a website for seek the truth and to reveal who and how have control on masses and people. ..
Young americans, you can really change more than a bit of the world! However you seems (in my opinion) stuckminded or again under the common influence.
Do you really believe the point is to have or have not firearms home to feel safe? ...
Do you want to "fight" the system (governments, terrorism, single citizen got mad, ..) externally..??

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