Part I-Wendy & Aurora: We Strengthened The Positive Timeline By Placing Golden Rods In Earth's Axis with Alfred Webre/ video.

Part I- Wendy & Aurora: We Strengthened The Positive Timeline By Placing Golden Rods In Earth's Axis with Alfred Webre/ video. - PART 2- Wendy & Aurora: We strengthened the positive timeline by placing golden rods in Earth Axis -

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pasqualie: I dont think you can go in and change events in time

For one if it were so, everyone would be doing it because not everyone is going to like what has happened. As well it changes in part experiences one is meant to go through to gain wisdom through contrast. As well it in part violates the free will in this polarity matrix. It depolarizes the game. If this is true which i do not think it is, it means she is in part trying to make everyone sequential, and not simultaneous incarnates by eliminating the experiences the higher self can have to learn.

In this free will matrix, consciousness is individual and not on a planetary scale, where everyone thinks and raises consciousness at the same rate. The difference being one is given a choice, and based on that choice they do what they want to do.

So going into time in lucid dreams or astral and changing events and history, i think is disinformation. Everyone is evolving at the rate at which their consciousness level is at. And they have to work through things to move to the next one.

Its why on earth humans are simultaneous the the higher self has many incarnations in different timelines gaining experience. So personally i think its part of the game on what information she is giving to distract the simultaneous incarnations to slow down their advancement in getting out of the game.

She talks of benjamin netanyahu as negative, in part it is judgment. he is just doing what he is to gain experience also so he can raise his consciousness up. She is looking at it from a sequential incarnate. So aurora does not see everything just as experience. And she is looking at it from inside the matrix and not outside of it. She may be able to astral and have other abilities but she is still very much in polarity consciousness. I would say she is playing the light sider game.

bluesbaby5050: Wendy is of the Rothchild Clans, and even gives clues

Because she will not come right out and admit it, because of fear for her life. And the Elite families are now frantic that their magic can work anymore because of these events, and they also fear for their lives, because there are more humans on this planet now then there are of them, and they fear we will revolt, and hun them down, and then kill them for all the horrible crimes they have commited to humanity for thousands of years. And the reptilians are not simultanous, they are sequential as was already explained on this forum. Several of those Gigantic Golden Rods were already incerted into the north pole axis, and they go all the way down through the center of the earth out of the south pole axis by several people that have down this, and to help stablize this planet, and to hold the light energies, and to slow down, and to control the energies in Yellowstone Park, and in other areas of this planet so that they will not cause harm to many people. You must listen to all the videos, and they are over 2 hours long each one, because I did, and I even replayed certain parts of them with headphones to hear of these great events knowing that they would be done. It is very possble to change the engeries on this planet, because the dark side has been doing this all along, and you can not argue this point. There are thousands of people right now stationed all over this planet that are allowing our organic physical bodies to be used as conduits to receive these powerful light energies, and they are flowing through our organic physical bodies, and we are sending these energies into the grounds of this planet, and deep into the crystal core of earth to help stablize, and strengthen this planet, and we are holding these energies to help assist this planet, because I am one these people. I trust my gut, and I am not fooled by anyone. The OLD GRIDS ARE BEING BROUGHT DOWN, AND THE NEW GRIDS ARE BEING REARRANGED TO THE HIGHER FREQUENCIES ALONG WITH MANY OTHER FACTORS THAT COME INTO PLAY WITH THESE CHANGES. That's why the dark sides magic is not working anymore, and they KNOW THIS! WALL STREET WILL ALSO COME DOWN ALONG WITH THE DARKSIDES OTHER ESTABLISHMENTS ON THIS PLANET! YOU CAN ARGUE THIS ALL YOU WANT TO, IT DOES NOT CHANGE THESE FACTS, AND EVENTS AT ALL. There are also many DISINFORMATIONALISTS TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO BELIEVE OTHERWISE. 2012 CHANGED ALL THIS,AND THEIR ARE MANY CHANGES IN THIS GAMNE THAT ARE NOW BEING CHANGED BECAUSE THEIR IS NOW A NEW GAME, AND THIS IS NOW BEING REVEALED! There are also many Good ET's helping to bring these events into this NEW REALM and it has already changed hands since Dec. 21 of 2012, and now NOTHING CAN CHANGE THIS. It has already been over 2 years since the new energies have been grounding within this planet, and within this galaxy, and there is still alot more to come that will help to change this NEW GAME. EVERYONE IS SEEING , AND FEELING THESE CHANGES AS I TYPE THIS MESSAGE HERE. You can cut up the messages as many disinformation people get paid to do, but people are not fooled by this and they are very much awakened to this fact. I am one who knows because I am starseed, and I know the truth.

Tarheel: So, the controllers become the controlled.

I have said before, and so have so many before me, "They will be the architects of their own demise." The fear they created has come home to haunt them.
What they fear is very, very real. Karma is about and would like more than a word with them. It's time to pay the piper. "One of these days" is here.

bluesbaby5050: There are errors at the end of the above message.....

CORRECTIONS: - It has already been over 2 years since the new energies have been grounding within this planet, and within this galaxy, and there is still alot more to come that will help to change this INTO THE NEW GAME. EVERYONE IS SEEING, AND FEELING THESE NEW CHANGES AS I TYPE THIS MESSAGE HERE. You can cut up the messages as many disinformation people get paid to do, but people are not fooled by this and they are very much awakened to this fact. I am one who knows because I am starseed, and I know the truth.

bluesbaby5050: You see, the Reptilian, and their hybrids have been left

Behind long ago, and many have been saved because we starseed have made this possible, because we are doing the work that needs to be done within this NEW GAME. Some people like to call it the Matrix, but, not me, because the darkside created, and ruled this matrix for thousands of years, and I will not feed energies into their weaken state. I call it the" NEW GAME," because the new game has already been established in it's place! And people are now beginning to see many changes taking place right now, and they should NOT BECOME FEARFUL, BECAUSE THAT'S ALL THAT THE ELITES HAVE LEFT IN HOPES THAT MANY PEOPLE WILL DO THIS, AND THIS THEN GIVES AWAY THEIR POWER TO THE DARKSIDE THAT IS VERY MUCH IN A WEAKENED STATE RIGHT NOW. Some of them have turned sides, and that's the younger people that have been born, and they are now in their teen years and into their 20's and early 30's.They DO NOT want to continue on living the old ways of their parents, and their ancients. They wish now for a new, and better way of life, and they want to make amends for what their parents have done, and we must never forget what happened, but we now must allow them to help change things around so that this planet, and it's people's can live this' NEW GAME'. Hunting them down is NOT the answer to this, but showing compassion, and forgiveness is the ways of the Light! They must pay restitutions to this planet, and it's peoples, and to work along side humanity for the betterment of all if they do not want to be taken off this planet to other realms to be judged, because some of them have been already. So you see, there is alot more events that will happen, and people need to come together on this planet in their hearts, and their in minds to make this work peacefully. Or it will change without those that do not want this change to happen, and they will either die, or evolve. This is to happen anyways, and nothing can change the power of the commands of SOURCE/THE ONE!

pasqualie: Its polarity consciousness

call it what you will but polarity consciousness is lightsider darksider both working on the same team to keep you in sequential.

for one this is based on the vedic kali yugas and the 25000 year cycle. in this cycle people awaken and can raise their consciousness and leave the game. its what new age ascension drama is about but they add a twist saying those that dont will go to a bad place or die. using fear and polarity to sell their services and products.

you know its sequential game play when they use good vs evil, us vs them, lightsider vs darksider. reality is all aliens good and bad have their agendas in this matrix.

as far as new game is involved its not really new, its sequential incarnational path which all aliens good and bad want to set humans on. the polarity of lightsider or darksider is to just draw people into the polarities so they remain distracted. the new game is just drawing you into the galactic polarity, so you evolve along at the same rate as the aliens because they evolve on mass or planetary or species consciousness.

i am just drawing peoples attention the the subtleties of this polarity game so they are aware of it so they can see it and make a choice. there is no wrong or right choice. you can evolve individually or you can join the sequentials and evolve on a mass consciousness level like them, and hang around with the andromedans, pledians and greys and reptilians until they are ready to exit the polarity matrix as well. but it will be a long time before they leave the game.

some points touched on by wendy here that guides one to sequential is the points she discusses.

good vs evil which is polarity.

the idea you can go into time and change events which changes outcomes. this violates free will. you have choice but you go through experiences based on what your higher self as a simultaneous incarnate believes is best for you or you need to evolve. its why the need for controlling others, or wanting to change things, or wanting to save others by raising their consciousness is disinformation. your higher self knows best, and it determines what you will experience to evolve. and no one can interfere with that.

you have sequential or polarity consciousness also saying in part be like us, we will save you and help you. as well they imply unity consciousness is mass consciousness evolving together for the good of everyone. this plays into their agenda of you follow us so we can control you and get what we want. which is to turn earth into a sequential planet. you have NWO(darksiders) on one side promoting mass consciousness of their preference, and you have good et (lightsiders promoting) mass consciousness of their preference. They dont tell you you dont have to pick sides, or that picking sides keeps you in polarity consciousness and stuck in the game with them.

as well they all try to get you to identify with your body consciousness, to fear death, and use this polarity to lead people to one side or another. reality is you are eternal, and on this planet in this meat suit having experiences. the game on the universal level is not about light sider or dark sider, its about raising your consciousness up and getting out of the polarity matrix or Game.

sequentials are in the game to derail or distract you from the simultaneous path of evolving individually and out of the game.

they use as i stated above.

guilt, you have to save the world, you can change other peoples consciousness and raise it and overide their higher selves

sequentials say be like us, we are advanced you are primitive we know best.

sequentials say be like us, meaning evolve like us on a level of mass consciousness.

sequentials fear death, because they are in body consciousness

sequentials imply unity consciousness is evolving like them on a mass consciousness level in polarity.

sequentials tries to implement mass consciousness by implementing a one world one planet government. whether its the NWO on the darkside, or the lightsider version, its sequential mass consciousness path. both are in polarity. even if this planet was change to sequential light polarity, you would just evolve very slowly because the amount of experiences you have would be drastically cut down, and then you would be thrust into the galactic polarity drama of the good aliens vs the bad aliens in their galactic conflicts for domination. they will evolve eventually but over millions of years. and if you choose to go sequential as they would like, then you will be stuck along with em as they too slowly evolve out.

pasqualie: Control is Ego based and in polarity

The same with wanting to fix things or change things so they are to your preference including as we see on this world with some institutions, they want to change some peoples sexual preferences, or fashion or other things which they dont prefer.

Your higher self determines what experiences you have, and this applies to other peoples higher selves. To imply you know better than other peoples higher selves on what is best for them to experience in their evolution, implies ego based control and polarity consciousness.

Everyone has a choice and they make their own choices. And their higher self determines what they experience.

The game is about consciousness, not light sider, darksider. And therefore on a universal level its about sequential or simultaneous incarnational experiences of the higher self.

Its about getting out of polarity, not getting caught up in picking sides and dramas and getting drawn into polarity.

So if you realize you are not your body, and not caught up in body consciousness and polarity, then you just see things as experiences you learn from. If you dont, then you get drawn and stuck in polarity and stay in the game. Maybe someone likes the drama and polarity. There is nothing wrong with this, there is no right or wrong. Its just where they are at in this moment in time. Its just experience that they gather that allows them to eventually evolve and raise their consciousness up and out of the polarity matrix and out of the game.

As well they will use push button issues, save the world, or do it for the children. In one aspect its use of guilt, or unworthiness or defining your value so you can love or feel good based on actions. There is no right or wrong in this as well. But the path of seeking approval from others or doing things to feel worthy we see the traps in them each day on this planet from celebrities who define themselves by what others think, or even in horrible events where individuals think by doing acts of insanity and extreme violence, they will be worthy in the eyes of an external deity or feel significant finally by that action.

You have no abilty to raise or have a right to determine or raise their consciousness level. That is their higher selfs job. Similar to you have no right to go into another families life and tell them what they should teach their kids to believe or how to raise them. Human beings, adults or children operate on their higher selves, as well as the experiences the higher self chooses they have. So they operate on group dynamics of the people in the environment they are brought up in until they are old enough to start looking around and thinking on their own. So just as they take on the values and beliefs of the people culture and society they are around and grow up with, they also take on that consciousness level until they are old enough to think and decide on their own on what resonates with them.

That is group dynamics, people take on the values and beliefs of those around them, so they will fit in and feel like they belong, until they choose otherwise. Operates in kids and adults.

Its why often when you awaken its a lonely path, because you are on the path of individuality, raising your consciousness level far ahead of the mass consciousness. And that is why often you will experience things from others because they sense this change in your aura and consciousness. So they want you to stop it and pull you back into mass consciousness like them.

Wanting to be like everyone else and be accepted is a societal program. An attachment which you will have to eventually release. Because it defines yourself or value by someone elses perception of you, so in a way its seeking someone elses approval to feel good.

bluesbaby5050: If people bothered to read what I had posted yesterday......

Then they would have seen the words I used...... Compassion, Love, Forgiveness, and many more in my postings. I also explained for those people that didn't bother to sit through the 2 hrs. long per video, what was happening since 2011-2012, and what was being done to allow this planet to adjust to the new frequencies, and that the Earth has been stablized with several Golden Rods, and an idea of how they function to help this planet during the earth changes that she will experience within the next few years. This is a planet of polarity, I've done postings on this subject. We are being helped by many good ET's that are specialists in their fields of expertise. They are here dealing with the many problems humans, and animals, and all plant, and sea life have had to go through because of those that want to play god. Well this has now changed with great improvements in many ares that are needed. They are also helping this planet move through a process of shifting into 2 planet Earths, and this has already been done, and now many species are going through this shift and some are choosing to leave this sick planet, and the new Earth exists in the higher planes of realities, in a new universe, and those have have , and still are cleaning out their excess baggage, and have done their inner spiritual work all along then if they choose to go to this new Earth then they will be ready to make the move there, and for those that still want to go on living the 3D lifestyle a bit longer then they will go to a new 3D Earthlike planet to do so in peace, and for the reptilians, and their hybrid offspring that choose to experience the Wars, and the power trips of the ego, then they will stay on this planet in this dimension, and they will be among their own kind, and they will finally implod on the dying planet. We are now being assisted with all of this during this transition. Everyone will go where their throughs manifest for their own realities. This is what each of us will experience according to the information in the 2 video's posted yesterday. Others that are ready to leave the polarity game will, and of their own choosing. But.... while we are still in this new realm that arrived since Dec. 21, 2012, then all together we must get along, and I pointed out some things that the darkside has to do if they can't/won't make the changes, and the reason why was explained in the 2 videos. There really is a NEW GAME NOW,AND THIS IS HOW IT HAS BEEN EXPLAINED, AND SO MUCH MORE. Those that want to know more should sit through the videos. A reminder.....You must become aware of your thoughts daily, because to live in fear is to be defeated. Now that the Time lines have moved higher we will all experience what we wish for, keep praying to Source, and do your part by keeping a positive attitude. Patience is a virtue, and we all can do more than we think.

pasqualie: External Deity worship is a polarity trap.

To know something, you have to become it. That means to know Source, you have to become source. Or at least recognize the connection to source inside you, and yourself as a creator also.

External deity worship or external saviour is what was set up in religions to draw your attention and focus outwards as well as implement programs of victimization and unworthiness. Its what sequentials want for you to worship them as advanced with all their technology, and see them as superior when in reality they are spiritually impoverished. Its a means to implement servitude and control.

obsrvantlouie: This is twisted

The people on the video are full of shit....they may be speaking about some issues that are truth but their message is convoluted and full of sequential game play along with lightsider fallacy and traps.

If they really knew the significance of the golden energy emanating from earth they sure as hell wouldn't be talking about Bibi Netanyahoo 5 minutes later.

The Golden Energy can be explained by reading Matrix of the spirit.

YOU CANNOT ALTER TIME!!!!!! You can time travel on the astral plane but you CANNOT change time.

Replacing the negative timeline with the positive timeline.....should clue you in to falsehood.

Tarheel: I agree, it's HHS

But, they had to get a plug in for THE biggest war-mongering ass-clown of this planet, Nit-Wit-yahu. That guy's a joke, and a bad one at that. The fact he is empowered should tell you all you need to know about that place.
BUT, since I'm on it, the republicans blew themselves up by bringing him in to speak (and beat the war drum) and then they fueled their own funeral fire by trying to intimidate the Iranians with "that letter". Birds of a feather flock together. D'OH !

Tarheel: BTW....

...I'm not a democrat, either. I wouldn't commit to the stench of either comical party.

bluesbaby5050: In the 2 video's they NEVER MENTIONED they changed the TIME LINE

The time lines. They said.... The New Time Line that we all are in now SINCE DEC 21,2012 HAVE BEEN STABLIZED WITH SEVERAL NEEDED GOLDEN RODS THAT WERE INCERTED, BECAUSE OF THE INCREASED WOBBLING OF THIS PLANET, which most of the people ALREADY knows is really happening.. Some people like to TWIST THE WORDS AROUND I guess thinking other people will not bother to watch the video that are both over 2 hours long. Activities all around this planet are changing at a fast rate right now, and it is also increasing very rapidly, and this rapid motion is being kept at a slower rate, so that more people will survive the Earth Changes that we all are facing with the Earthquakes, the SinkHoles The floodings, ETC. The lists goes on and on.We are now in A POSITIVE TIME LINE because the INCOMING FREQUENCIES HAVE DONE THIS, and some of humanity has helped while holding the Higher Vibration as well. IT'S ALL ABOUT ENERGIES, AND FREQUENCIES/VIBRATIONS, and now we have REACHED OVER THE 10% OF RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS THAT ALEX COLLIER HAS SAID WAS NEEDED TO HAPPEN TO ACCOMPLISH THESE EVENTS. I DID NOT TWIST THINGS AROUND AS SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO TELL OTHERS TO MAKE THEM SEEM LIKE LIARS.

western_yogi: this is old thread but all i can say is

when i listen to this, there is something off about alfred, like he is traumatized or damaged. its not good to get messages from those types of people.

bluesbaby5050: Imentioned's that's Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The recent speech given by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was mentioned in one of the Videos, and what they said about him was that he would' Fazeout', and he would RETIRE, and not be in the public spotlight anymore. This "FAZEOUT" WILL ALSO HAPPEN TO MANY MORE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL CARRYING ON IN THE OLD PARADIME. This same thing will also happen to many people, and with their friends, and within families. Death will play a major factor in this, because some people will not be able to survive in the stronger/higher frequencies. Relationships, and the stations people have in life will change across this planet from politics right down through all establishments on all continents, and this will be seen ihappening n all areas.

pasqualie: The problem with timeline changing is

One it overides the higher self.

Although conceptually it may seem appealing to go back and change time, events. The problem with this is, if it is allowed, then history and the future would be constantly changing. Why you may ask. Because say Blue went back and changed time and events. It may not be something Chris likes so chris decides to go back and change the things that negatively impacted him from his perspective. And this can go on and on. If one can do it, others can also. And everyone will not have the same idea of the ideal future, or how things should be.

So that is why changing time would not be allowed, you may be able to observe it, but you would not be allowed to alter or influence or change it. The higher self would not allow it.



bluesbaby5050: There are many people that want humanity to think otherwise.....

Because they want people to think that they are HELPLESS, and that they can NOT make any real changes happen, and this is a LIE! Humanity has Great Power if they would only believe in themselves, and not buy into the lies being told to this forum, and to the people on this planet.

Phaminator: I'd rather not have a time

I'd rather not have a time paradox regarding to the course of this discussion; it's always a "bad ending", in my opinion.

bluesbaby5050: Many other enities are also RIDING THE TIME LINES VISITING EARTH

And this has been going on for some time now, as we know the DIMENTIONS ARE FLUID,and that wormholes are also traveled as well. THERE IS NO REAL TIME, BECAUSE HUMANS USE MEASURE TIME HERE ON EARTH,AND NOT IN THE OTHER REALMS. Most people have done their research, and they are well informed, WHILE OTHER PEOPLE ARE NOT, AND SO SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO PUT THEIR OWN SPIN ON THE MESSAGES BEING SENT TO THIS FORUM.

bluesbaby5050: The TITLE of thisTopic Explains what this subject is all about

The TITLE SAYS IT ALL, and the Truth was shown in the Title all along, and it was further explained withIN the 2 video I posted. The truth was visible all along, if only people would OPEN their eyes, and not listen to the lies being told to twist the contents of the video's around to the uninformed people.

obsrvantlouie: I never said you are twisted

For christ sake.......I said the video is bullshit. They are jumping on Matrix 5 material and acting like it's new news or something THEY did. Sorry.....Matrix 5 came out over ten years ago and this video does a poor job at trying to steal the Authors information.


Just because there are earth changes and frequency changes taking place doesn't mean two dolts who make a video and a bunch of random claims is true. Use your discernment people.

This video has nothing to do with humanity's potential.....the video is shit.

pasqualie: The message is in part disinformation

As well as people in the video being in part control freaks like the other side. Light side and dark side are both polarities, and they both want to control and impose their version of reality. The problem with this is, you only control yourself. The raising of energies does nothing other than empower the individual. It allows them to arrive at a point where they can make a choice based on their path. no one elses. You dont have a right to impose your views on anyone else just as they do not have a right to impose their views on you.

Its a message based on sequential disinformation in part because it implies the polarity will dissapear if the light siders take over. And this is a fallacy. Its a polarity matrix, and it doesnt matter who comes to power. Power corrupts because both sides use the same tactics to impose their control. And it assumes the good et's in 4d are not in polarity. They are in as much polarity or more than humans are. They have a greater dependence on technology even, and the mess on the planet is in part because they all have agendas. For the time being it just so happens both although are on opposing sides of polarity, they do have a common cause of turning humans and earth into a sequential path of incarnation. So everyone is limited and evolves at the same rate. Remember how they advocate external deity worship. You can only know something if you become it. Humans can still go inwards and connect to source, and raise their consciousness individually. As for the off worlders of both polarities, they may have cut themselves off from it by technology and externalization.

You can only know something by becoming it. And you can only know source by becoming source, by connecting inwards.

All aliens have agendas. So rather than pick sides of polarity use discernment, and pick your side, not to play the game. Raise up your own consciousness and get out of the game.

Benjamin netanyahu and others are external distraction. The reason lightsiders feel the need to gravitate to issues like that is because they have attachments. It can be other attachments as well in the world of polarizing topics. But at the basis its the program that was put into humans through conditioning that you need to change the world, save the planet, be the hero.

That to be worthy in the eyes of source, or to love yourself, or to feel good, or to feel worthy or significant, you need to do things, or show your worthiness through works.

This is the lie that you see propagated by the dark side even in this planet where they take broken individuals and convince them that if they commit some act of extreme violence and insanity, they will be significant and worthy in the eyes of their external deity.

do you see the similarity in using the same tactics by both sides. all to keep you distracted and fighting each other and focusing on the external.

pick your own side, raise your own consciousness and energy, and get out of the game.

light side, dark side they all have agendas, and its better you get out of the game, than listen to promises of what they have waiting for you and what their intentions for you are in 4d for you. And they exist in 4d, its where they have always resided.

The game on this planet and in the universe in 3d and 4d is about consciousness. If light siders have more influence on earth, it doesnt mean polarity dissapears, it still exists. And polarity exists in 4d also probably to a greater degree since its where the good and bad aliens exist primarily with their technology.

Higher selves determine what happens and how far one advances. The problem with the lightsider story is they try to add a twist of fear into this time period, using body consciousness to hook those low and mid level incarnates who have waken up. Using their idenfication with body with death and finality if you dont follow us, or the use of guilt that it is their job or right to raise anyone elses consciousness up. As if anyone has that ability, and they have a right to overide other peoples higher selves.

so they use these loops and traps of fear and guilt, to keep you focused externally, so you dont go inwards and raise your consciousness up in this time period of raising earths energy as told in the kali yugas. So you keep your focus externally till the time period passes in 2017 or 2023.

if you want to find out the truth and arrive at a point where you need no gurus or aliens telling you stories on what is true.

go inwards, connect to your higher self, raise your consciousness. when you do that, you need not books or teachers or aliens telling you what is going to happen. you will just know the truth.

because those aliens good and bad in 4d, they are cut off from source. its why they are in 4d and not in the 5th dimension.

so dont buy into the fear, the guilt and victimization programming, or the body identification and consciousness they push. dont buy into the appocalypse or doomsday scenarios of fire and brimstone and hell and death and punishment of the old religions, to program obedience and servitude.

go inwards, raise your consciousness, connect to your higher self. your higher self never deceives you. but the same cannot be said from getting information from external sources. it requires alot of discernment. but that in itself is an experience for people who wake up trying to figure out who is telling the truth or not.

never give away your power.

and definitely never follow anyone who uses fear, or says if you dont follow what i say , you will die or bad things will happen to you. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes form. Your spirit is immortal, so for a supposed higher being or 4th density being to use body consciousness or identification to try to control you or distract you, means they themselves are on a low frequency.

You are sovereign, and you are a creator.

bluesbaby5050: I already know it's all about polarities, and you keep REpeating

Yourself in every thread like the people on this forum are clueless, and that you have all the correct answers to every topic posted. And you do this repeatedly with the same information on most of my postings as if we can not remember what we read. You do this on every thread like the people are clueless, and that you have all the correct answers to every topic posted. People have a right to decide for themself. It's all about freedom of choices, and I think that by now the people are very aware of the polarity game, it's all over the internet in many forms. It's been posted, and discussed at great lengths on TC, and we do not need to be told eveyday how it works by you. Most people are not retarded, and I think for the most part that they can figure out by now what to do, and how to go about raising their own vibrations etc. Truth Control has provided enough tools on this topic, along with a great many other topics as well. You can call it dis-infomation all you want to, people can trust their gut, and it's called intuition.

obsrvantlouie: Sorry

Most people are retarded....

bluesbaby5050: It's pretty strange that you Pasq. Never post any topics of your

Your own some of us noticed. All you do when you show up on TC is tear apart topics as if everyone is always wrong, and that your right, or you resort to Repeating yourself on this forum. I would call this a SHILL.

obsrvantlouie: Baseless accusation

Why don't you try to provide evidence in any of Pasq's commentary that back up your claim he is trying to mislead people or as you say a troll.

MANY MANY members of TC do not post forum and far fewer take time to comment.

If you didn't post so much horeshit maybe some of us wouldn't take the time to point out the fact that it is....horseshit.

Tarheel: Huh?

On the first part of your reply, I give you your free will but have to question why you would ask for evidence. He routinely makes his own evidence and subsequent conviction that he is a shill, promoting corporate+govt=fascism remarks.

obsrvantlouie: I have not seen

the types of remarks that you mention. Perhaps I need to pay closer attention. Can you reference anything showing what you mean or point me in the direction of these comments? I have seen you and Pasq disagree on economic policies in the past but I wouldn't go as far to say he promotes fascism and the psychopaths running the world.

I see no evidence he is a shill.

bluesbaby5050: Another name besides shill would be troll on web sites such

As Truth Control. Trolls and shills do the same things as I stated above. Only shills are a bit more advanced in their methods, because they appear on sites like this one with more knowledge, and this fools SOME people.

pasqualie: i just emphasize on this thread

Because some people may just listen to it and swallow it hook line and sinker, and not realize the plethora of disinformation in this.

Especially since you vehemently back this lady up even saying she is a rothschild and she is in danger for her life. Especially since some people just listen to material and just emphasize the polarity of the shift and good aliens coming to save us, which is giving away your own power and buying into the victimization programming.

And if you dont like the aspects i identify in the video of what they advocate of giving away your power, using fear and identifying with your body so you are controlled, as well as the disinformation in the video where the lady says she went astrally back in time and influenced history and changed it. Why is it you dont like someone pointing this out.

As for posting my own links, i dont feel i need to. Because although they may have some kernels of truth, most of it in my opinion is disinformation or drama games meant to mislead people, and for people to remain in fear and give away their power to someone or some group.

As well I state it for various articles so people can look at the material and see where they are misleading people. Its the same pattern in this new age stuff, externalization and body consciousness, and victimization, as well as resonance of structures used in various established religious institutions to control people, and make them do what they want.

If you like it Blue though there is no right or wrong, more power to ya if you wanna follow material like this lady is saying and swear by the starseed and forces of light what she is saying is the way to go. As for myself i personally choose empowerment and individuality of consciousness raising, and hedging my hopes on some alien group coming down to save us, and hoping they have humanities best interest in mind, which i highly doubt. We are just all immortal spirits just having experiences in 3D. When you realize that, there is no need to get pulled into dramas or polarity games, or stories someone else is telling you to believe because they are here to save you, and they will do wonderful things for a primitive humans if we follow them when you get to 4D.

Its just external deification, from christianity, islam and other relgions to this New Age religions where people worship aliens of good and light who will come and save them, and do wonderful things for us in the 4d heaven, once we make the shift by doing what they say. If you dont like religious constructs of old, then why buy into the same thing with different icons introduced in New Age which disempowers you, and keeps you in victimization.

pasqualie: What would have me say Blue

Give your power away, stay in victimization programming and fear, and believe the good aliens will come down and save us , and keep your focus on the external is a good thing that will lead to your raising of consciousness? That if you dont do what these light siders say to do, that source will destroy kill and slaughter everyone who doesnt follow the light siders?

Instead of actually addressing what i pointed out and trying to counter it if you can by saying what i say is wrong in regards to the points i made. Your best response seems to be trying to label me a troll or a shill or something like that, thinking it will actually have some effect on me.

if you want to believe in these drama stories of wendy and others more power to you. by the starseeds and forces of light wendy will save us all.

pasqualie: As well

Use of terms such as I am a starseed or ancient soul, its all based in polarity, in part ego gratification, and 3rd and 4th density contruct of setting up hierarchy and status or values on people or beings. In 5th dimension everyone is equal, even if you just got to 5d. No one goes around saying they are a starseed or ancient learned soul.

Its new age attempt to implement hierarchy and value and status based in ego gratification and polarity. If you think hierarchy is a good thing, look at all the alien races that have implemented it, and ask yourself is it good. And the influence they have had on different civilizations on earth and ask if it was positive, where class and caste systems were implemented.

Everyone is just energy, and immortal spirit, and we are all equal. Just having experiences in this 3d matrix. Regardless of the roles or actions and experiences we have, its just all experience from a higher self perspective, once you get out of body consciousness programming.

If you went to 5d in astral and said to the beings there I am a starseed, they probably say " good for you" with a smirk.

bluesbaby5050: No One is coming to save anyone, and I know better

That is also misleading, and personally I don't buy into that either. What I do believe is a person is responsible only to themself, and to rise up out of ignorance though knowledge. The woman in the video made that statement, and maybe she wasn't aware of saying this in her explanation, because it was over looked with no feedback. But people do time travel. People have gone back in time, and have come back, and it's no secret anymore. Many people have stepped forward to make those claims, and some have lost their lives because of it. That woman spoke of her bloodlines, and she gave away a lot of clues such as the Red Dragon coat of Arms, the family shield, and many other clues. I also know of the Golden Rods, and why that was done. This ties in with what's happening all over this planet with the geophysical actions within this planet, and with the many Earth changes happening, and more to come. There is no denying that humanity is having some help in regards to the events taking place on this planet. But, it should be understood that it is not to SAVE ANYONE. If people want to be saved then it's up to each person to do their INNER WORKS. It's not about taking sides either. It's about doing what is right for YOURSELF. Your higher self knows what your soul needs to advance, and how to go about doing it. Your intuition is best for your guidence. That's where all your answers will be found, and that's what needs to be made clear here. Each person is on their OWN LEVEL of soul experiences, and no one can know that better then your higher self. Your highest consciousness = your godhead. This takes many lives to gain knowledge, and wisdom for the soul, and when that point is reached then one will be able to do the balancing of the chakras, and then finally the rising of the Kundilini all the way to the top of the crown, and then the third eye needs to be opened, and then your consciousness will reach an even higher level, and then you will be able to make contact with your higherself. [ I know this to be true, I have done this back in the 1990's, and it took 15 years for myself. I just went about my life, and I studied.] You will be able to mind travel in to the other higher levels that reach into the cosmos, the universal consciousness. The akashic records can be read to gain even more knowledge. Some people can already do this, because they have lived thousands of lives, and gained the knowledge, and the wisdom, and the many experiences needed, and applied, and when they are spiritual ready then it will be possible to do this. It can not be rushed, when a person ready then it WILL be possible to do all these things. I know what is truth, and what is not.

bluesbaby5050: I know of some of my past lives, and this is not polarity

I have moved past the ego, and the material things, and I live a very simple life. No drama playing either. I have no need to involve myself in such things, as this has setbacks. I am very ready to leave this planet, but I have work to take care of first, and then I will decide that later, because I am in no rush. I don't need to explain myself to you, or for that matter to anyone. I post articles to get people to think outside the box. Take what you will, and just leave the rest. NO ONE HAS TO BELIEVE ANYTHING HERE. Trust your inner guidence always, and if it does not feel right, then you will know the difference, and if it does then that's ok too.

pasqualie: The only thing the aliens want blue

on both sides of polarity is to keep humans distracted so they dont advance and raise their consciousness to the point they can get out of the game. their goal is to keep as many people distracted and caught in polarity as possible, and stuck in the game, till they are ready themselves to leave the game.

the ones that dont get out of the game, well they will use humans in their agenda as pawns, for what ever purpose they please.

in the polarity matrix, you just exchanging one tyrant for another. the game board doesnt change, the the players do.

So if the new age tells you aliens are here to help humanity raise their consciousness, well to a large degree its a crock, because all that new age drama is designed to keep people distracted, focused on the external, to replace old religious dogma with new age religious dogma. The controls in religion reflect those use in new age. Granted most of em in new age just out to make money and become like priests and priestesses, but the the result is the same, distraction, external saviour or god, victimization programming. And with people who are unaware, one foot in one foot out, you dont get out of polarity. It keeps you stuck in low to mid level consciousness, which is what all this alien distraction and drama is about.

obsrvantlouie: Matrix V The Journey

Google Image "Matrix V the Journey" will see golden energy emanating from earth to the 5th density where the higherselfs reside. If you were to open the book you would see a depiction of golden spirals of energy forming would could be interpreted as 'energy rods' coming through the middle of the earth at about a 45 degree angle heading toward the 5th density.

Again....this video is absolute horseshit; sequential idiots trying to TWIST truth with their lies.

The real purpose and meaning behind the energy can be explained by reading the matrix series, specifically Matrix V The Journey.

pasqualie: The reality is

I lump new age polarity with the 3d polarity of relgious institutions and governments. Its just an old trick given a new paint job with same constructs. its why i say dont pick sides of lightsiders and darksiders, cuz its in a way the same as picking sides in christianity against islam. its all polarity designed to keep you distracted and trapped in the game, and engaging in conflict.

They should not call it new age, but new age religion, because that is what it is with externalization of alien saviours, or the new age christianity hybrids with arch angel michael and ascended masters who came down to earth so they could help us and humanity could be saved. Its all victimization programming, fear, separation, and externalization of deities and saviours. All with the goal of distracting and disempowering the masses and controlling them, as well as mixing kernels of truth in there with alot of disinformation. The polarity matrix doesnt change so it doesnt matter who gets in power. There will always be corruption and methods to control.

Its just light siders dont look at what i means when they will put us in mass consciousness or planetary consciousness. Just look at simon parkes, they put an implant in him to connect him with the hive mind of the mantids. What this means is you lose your free will and thought. So light siders or good aliens may eliminate violence and war, which is a good thing, but it will be at the expense of your individuality and free will. its why sequentials evolve so slowly, they cant go beyond mass consciousness unless its programmed in one very slow step at a time.

its also what the darkside wants as well, to create a hive mind and mass consciousness of humanity. Its why zuckerberg is developing nano powder through google, so he can implement his vision of hooking up 7 billion minds on this planet like a world wide web of consciousness.

Just stating it for what it is.

pasqualie: I am not disrespecting Simon parkes also

I think he does a good job of telling people whats going on from his perspective. But you have to see him for what he is saing also. He is a sequential, and his goal is to keep humans or as many of them as he can on that sequential path. Most people listen to his stories which is informative and entertaining, but dont pay attention to the details. That implant he got when he was a kid from the mantids hooked him up to the mantid hive mind through technology. And in his recent question and answer and few recent interviews, he discusses the hive mind as not a bad thing. He says its like how much did you pay for the paint bob, i need to paint the house. And he says someone else will say oh there is a special down at walmart on it. But hive mind is more complex and has more serious implications and limitations on you than talking about the price of paint. As well he discusses what is happening, and one person asked about leaving through portals to higher dimensions, but he kind of went around the issues by saying well you can if you want or are able, but what we really need is people to stay and help with the planet.

Do you think if the good aliens take over, they will allow you to keep your individuality. most likely not. Individuality is a double edged sword, it allows you to think for yourself and go your own way. But it can also cause disagreements and conflict, like we see on this planet. But if they link everyone up to mass consciousness through technology, it means you lose your individuality , free will, and abilty to think for yourself and act through the limitations imposed.

As well in mass consciousness, you will lose your ability to evolve and raise yourself out of the matrix on your own at your own pace. Which means you stuck with the good and bad aliens, until which ever mass consciousness you are in, gets programmed incrementally and slowly till they too are ready to evolve out of the polarity matrix. Looking at a very very long time.

bluesbaby5050: People that hang out with aliens get

Many Implants. There's no way around this. That's how aliens find people. Some people have internal implants that are embedded deep into the body, and mostly into the head area. All aliens that visit people do it for their own agendas. The best advice is to not go aboard any spaceships.

bluesbaby5050: Some of these events are

Some of these events are happening right now in the present reality. Check the date on this topic. Time lines are fluid.

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