Remorse Derek Johnson on Interuniversal Empire.


HebrianDaniel: some people told me its bad

some people told me its bad guys in disguise.
and says the ashtar guy is reptillian being.

ashtar is similar to star in persian
and to goddess ishtar
probably not his real name
he use ancient goddess name probably.
i myself wont trust so easily to people who claim to call themself light being and lover being
there can be disuiger.

this case need closer investigetion

Tarheel: Good to see you out & about, HD.

I wonder where our old friend Ecbra is.

pasqualie: I believe robert morningsky told us

He said Isis left with her group and she promised she would come back to earth to rule it.

Morningsky said Isis or Ashtar Command are the same. And Isis was not a benevolent being but wanted to take the rulership of earth, killed mardukes brother and framed marduke as well as other things. According to Morninsky Isis-ashtar is a nasty syrian daughter to enlil.

pasqualie: My Thoughts on Derek Johnson

He is just presenting the good cop bad cop story of the alien polarity. You got people and gurus's saying the repitilians are bad, this guy my guess affiliates himself with them. So he is saying the nordic pleidians are bad.

20 something year old kid in college, astral projecting about bar fights tells ya where he is at.

Chris: he said

these Nordic aliens are not pleadian he said these Nordic being came from another universe separate to ours and that they have conquered there own universe and have crossed into this universe to conquer it and the beings that inhabit it he aslo says the reptilians have been decimated by this race and they are exspaning interuniversal empire into this univsere and setting up control grids.

pasqualie: was just my thoughts on it

could be real for him, but no one else really talks about Galactic Federation as anything substantial, and like all of these groups they have made predictions as well and none of it came true about 2012. As well its just alien new age polarity of picking sides. Its all theory through people who channel. Who knows who they are channeling.

pasqualie: he is just kind of all over the place

first its we need to arm to the teeth and fight them off, but they are going to kick our butts.

then he says well we should cut a deal so we can be relocated on a desert planet, at least in that way we survive.

i think he is just in one sense seeking attention and approval from people or audience.

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