Anybody seen "Jupiter Ascending" ?

by Tarheel on February 6th, 2015

The trailer is compelling.
I guess nobody has seen it. It debuts today. If/when anyone sees it, please enlighten us.

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Tarheel: I heard mixed reviews on "Jupiter Acending".

Mainly people were disappointed, but mixed nonetheless. I do like Mila Kunis, more for her beauty than for her acting. She's young, so she will continue to develop.

Tim Lovell: yea that film piqued my

yea that film piqued my interest also I might go watch it

Tarheel: Im trying to decide which limb to sacrifice for a ticket....

...seeing as how they want an arm & a leg now for admission to a flick-good or bad.
After BB's review, I will probably wait for it to come out on DVD. Based on what she posted, it sounds like it won't be long before it's available. It's rather disappointing, seeing as how they used Jupiter name in the film's title. The name alone garnishes respect & immediate attention.


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JUPITER ASCENDING EXPOSES SOME OF THE UGLY TRUTH. I saw Jupiter Ascending in 3D yesterday. It was, ahem...interesting. It was on-the-nose writing and contrived. But, the Hollywood "scripters" know something - or they've been poking around sites like this one, finding out what's happening behind the scenes and behind the veil. And if that's the case, then that's great. But, I think these scriptwriters know more than meets the eye!

The movie plot was canned. The characters were bland. The acting was lame. But, the concept was based on truth. And the fact that it has been put on the big screen will allow this information to be brought to the masses - and hopefully wake them up to this "ugly" reality. Unfortunately, I'm being very optimistic here, and the masses will still remain undisturbed, unperturbed and unmoved.

Here are the concepts that the movie brings forth:

1) Reptilians

2) Grays

3) Overlords/demiurges/geneticists-creators

4) Ownership of Earth and other worlds

5) Birth place of Human race is elsewhere and not on Earth

5) Manipulation of time and matter

6) Harvesting planets

7) Humans as livestock

8) Reincarnation

9) Cloaked Ships and Cloaking devices

10) Life on this planet originated from elsewhere; and the copying, splicing/manipulation of the genes of certain Alien Species has created much of the life-forms that we see on this world.

Overall, the film is one gigantic overdose in special effects, explosions, fighting, spaceships and a cinematographic, roller coaster ride. It is dark - as this subject matter would be.

Is there a message in this movie? I didn't find one, like I would find in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But, it still manages to bring out to the surface the despicable truth that human beings are in a world that seems to be under the control of nefarious beings or forces that don't have humanity's best interest. Maybe the movie serves to plant the seed of awareness to the masses. And maybe, if they run into this information again - via a a site, a video or a family member - they will tend to not walk away or scoff.

There is much that is happening behind the veil and the timing of this film couldn't have been more precise! HERE'S THE TRAILER:

Other Reviews from: are not very positive either. But, based on the comments from reviewers in general, it seems they are pretty clueless when it comes to this type of off-world and Earth-history information.

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