Jewish communism?

by HebrianDaniel on February 6th, 2015

I have wondered about the jewish communism and who talked about it
the October revolution was lad by the Bolshevik movement
in the October revolution there was 23600 members of them there was 964
and then 2k jewish Bolshevik came to join

hitler himself hated the jewish and and mostly he hated jewish Bolshevik
there was tries of the jewish Bolshevik to spreads its communism to Germany
hitler stopped the spreading of communism by taking them to camps and prison.

the jewish Bolshevik also toke part in controlling china.

after 1945. when many jewish people tried to find a land the America refused to let them in.
because they feared there were communist jewish amoung them.
before the independence of Israel. many jewish from the tsarist Russian empire
came to settle in Israel and when the October revolution came
there became the pre Israel communism such called as Kibbutz.
Israel was very very socialistic state and even today we have shards of the jewish communism influence.

I really wondered about it.
that karl marx himself is a jewish
and grandfather of lenin is a jewish.
about stalin I don't think so.

what I came to conclusion there are 2 mainpart of jewish branches..

the socialists jewish and the banker jewish.

karl marx himself hated the bankers and many jewish back then hated ruthschild family
because of ruthschild its influenced heavily as elder of zion story that jewish want to take control on the world

the communist jewish in my opinion wanted to separate themselves from the banker jewish
who their job is to make people poor

while the communist jewish is equality amoung all the middle class workers so the bankers cant influence over the communist Bolshevik jewish

just don't get my wrong its my theories.
even when I go to kibbutz today people still says the kibbutz hated wealthy people like the ruthschild family.
the kibbutz was a great ideal of living where everyone worked together everyone was exactly equal yet most kibbutz got private today since 80s and its losses its influence
yet the communism socialism still has some of it influence in Israel.

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Quinton: From my understanding Jews

From my understanding Jews are one of the main groups of people used by the NWO to further the plan. Jewish history is almost pure manipulation on every angle you look at it. The whole set up of the State of Israel was to make Jews look like a persecuted group of people when they were really the people financing Hitler and Nazis. Most people who call themselves Jewish in Israel aren't the same types of Jews as the Rothschilds, and the Rothschilds know this. The whole thing is just a bunch of bullshit to separate people and further control them. Israel is not Jews. Jews are not better or worse than any other race. And focusing on race, creed, location, gender or anything else is just a manipulation to keep people from being themselves and fulfilling their spiritual journeys.

Moreover, Communism and Nazism aren't that different. They are both systems of extreme government control created by the same people. Karl Marx was put in place by the Illuminati. The Illuminati was heavily behind Nazism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism and all the other political systems put in place to control people. They're all the same with different minor details.

Tarheel: Communism, Socialism, Fascism-ALL are Corporatism

Q-dog....waxing ideological !
dig it

Tim Lovell: exactly Quinton, Enlil `is`

exactly Quinton, Enlil `is` Yahweh he setup all those religons with same background `gods` etc but differing/opposing theologies and the same `holy` lands and sat back and waited for the wars to then go harvest the human spiritual energies wars give of when people die, its as simple as that as you say we are ALL one human family, and in the end universally there is only one being all is one you ARE your enemy :)

HebrianDaniel: its sad to see the jewish

its sad to see the jewish people are being lied to and misleaded and separated and influenced by the media hate I know many isrealies are good people and they hate the government
I knew in Israel there was 2 branches of rulers
the JudeoRussian communists (kibbutz)
and the JudeoPolish govermential.
and both of them did problems.
I hate to live in this reality that you are born being used by the elites

Quinton: Welcome to the club. Every

Welcome to the club. Every group of people is being divided and used against one another. That's how the PTB have done it for years.

At the end of the day though they really have no power over you as an individual unless you give it to them. Connect to yourself and build your own reality as you see fit. After all, that is all they are really doing. They are exercising their free will while most people don't exercise their own. Exercise your own free will :)

Tarheel: Ditto !

Q-dog nailed that response. I'm on board with that.

HebrianDaniel: now that I understand that

now that I understand that the hidden socities and goverments are so genious and intelegent
that even for normal person whouldent realise them
I do realise they exist today yet I know my powers and positions and I find myself not enough influential to do something they control the money I have the food the media
almost everything im still glad they don't control the air.
oi no I forgot chemtrails so they control the air also sadly.

and I ask a question myself what a single person like me can do against these soulless beasts who seek to destroy anything in humanity and enslave them and make this prison planet for the few people who will stay alive by the NWO choices.

maybe one day I will find a courage inside myself and stop being a gamer but a real person with caring heart and will fight everything for freedom even if it will make me arrested or even death

yet im not ready to change myself fully.
but i do made new hairstyle last week and it Mohican i bealive i can change myself
people like me more the day passing in the job i have .
i try best to build a positive reality and ignore the true bad reality that i am living in.
i try to make money and save it for future
i am still hoping to have a girlfriend/lover.
i have yet so many things to change before i move to the next levels.

yet whatever happens i will always try to bealive in good reality that i want to
which is why i am gamer i play in virtual world.
which make me forget the real life and focus on the virtual life.
i say to myself here is a better world that i can live even if i die there i can respawn i cant die.
nobody can harm me there physically i feel more free there to say my opinions.

my wishes to the future is united world with no borders and shared language between all nation a based resource economy will replace the current monateric system
people wont need to work they will use special robots to it and make sure they wont have artificial intelegent people will seek more time for themselves for creativity or adventuring in the world people will have more time together more time with family that the day we will reach true level in our human being our emotion will be strongest ever
we wont fear anymore of sexuality and will be free to speech it

yet i doubt its will happen the next 500 years the way how humen think today.

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