For those of you not aware of the Matrix series published by the Leading Edge Research Group...well, if you are able you may want to investigate this series. Matrix 2 and 3 will shed much light on many of the topics discussed on TC. You will be surprised to see how current the Matrix series is even though the books themselves are decades old.

The masterpiece of the series was Matrix V Gold - Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier. In addition to this amazing piece of work there are two additions: The Graduation Key and The Journey.

While reading 'The Journey' the other night I came across something of interest.

The section I was reading is titled "Final Event: The End of Our Galaxy Game"

Quoting from it..."In our Galaxy Game, I have written about simultaneous path planets and how there have been many previous to Earth and there will be many after earth. The Next simultaneous planet has been chosen and is preparing to adapt to shim's role as such.

Due to the highly addictive nature of 3rd Density Games, many Higher Selves will not choose to advance from sequential to simultaneous path experiences during our Galaxy Game. This will not postpone the conclusion of our Galaxy Game. The Game's developer(s) DO have a specific end set. The end of this Galaxy Game will be heralded by the sterilization of all Higher Self incarnational, physical vehicles. This is inclusive of all physical types: reptilian, human, silicoid, etc.

A Galactic Event will occur in the center of this galaxy that will rapidly spread outward. By rapidly, I don't mean billions or millions of years. I mean rapidly from our Earther perspectives. This sterilization process will cause total panic with the oldest sequential path races most of all. Their advanced sciences will attempt to reverse the process or try to rely on clones. These will not be successful.

Remember, you cannot defeat the Game or the Game's rules but this won't keep them from trying nonetheless. This ultimate end of this Galaxy Game is known by ALL Higher Selves participating in this Game."

Check this link - watch the first 1:40

What does this mean? Is the time nearing?

When and if shit does hit the fan.....whatever that shit may be, get to the local supermarket asap and stock up on non perishable items, fill up your gas tank and get home. You will be able to watch the drama unfold from there and beat the rush of crazies looting.

I can tell you that I am not big on predictions. The Author doesn't provide a date of 'when'....just informs of how the end will come. I am also a scholar of the Matrix Series. Those of you that know me are well aware of the regard I hold to this series. In my opinion it is the most accurate observational, informational and advanced series of books available to the public.

I don't post this to worry you......if you are worried then you are identifying with your body. Your body is going to will all physical incarnations. There isn't anything to worry about....The spirit is eternal....the spirit is the true you. Events on Earth seem to be escalating and polarizing rapidly. The Planetary spirit is preparing for departure....this is what is behind the mass die offs of species happening all over the planet from birds to fish etc.

We are in EndGame.....if you have that thing that you've always wanted to do.....what are you waiting for? Trust in your Higher in self. Have fun and don't get caught up in propaganda of financial collapse or WW3. Both of these situations are out of your control. Understand what it is you do control.....I will offer a hint, it's yourself.

Ask your Higher Self what is next for you to accomplish. Smile and ride the reason to be afraid.

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Annunaki77: Correct Obsrvantlouie

Correct there will be no more War because the people will want it so, they know who the REAL ENEMY is.

Something EN KI despised thousands of years ago.

All Peoples Worldwide must always Defend Peace & Harmony and Arrest those trying to cause War through Infamy & Treason, those who have the Financial Resources to cause War.


Or Face Heavens Might !.

Tim Lovell: Take a pause and know that

Take a pause and know that you are the stream , that you have long forgotton your self , remember your true identity , it is time to come out of the stream ...


Tim Lovell: there is no heierachy but

there is no heierachy but that which we create , there is only one , do not put identities on happenings due to movements that are way beyond your sphere of influence or knowing...


pasqualie: Gamma Ray Burst Center of Galaxy

I believe James bartley and jordan maxwell have also commented on this gamma ray burst at the center of the galaxy which will be a reset event.

pasqualie: Its essentially what the new age thought was happening in 2000

the theory or prediction was there was going to be a reset, pole shift was just one aspect of this on earth, but the poles are shifting in all the planets in the solar system.

some called it a cosmic recycling in this phantom universe we are in. some linked it to the rebellion and the fallen angelics where they were given a certain time span to come back to source. others saying there were other examples where phantom matrixes occurred in the universes and they all ended by the portals being closed and they implode, because of the danger of the phantom universe wanting to expand outwards through cracks or holes.

the decision being made rather than let it spread to other worlds beyond its containment, it was better to shut the portal and let it implode.

it was why it was said all beings up to dimension 9 were worried, and were racing against the clock to raise up beyond the 10th. Because 10 is where the light energy begins. Anything below 10 was considered fallen, because as you go from 9 and lower, they utilize technology, which was where the fall began, with the challenge to source with technology rather than just using source and spirit to do or go places organically. But we can see what technology has done even on our own planet as to the effect it has had on life of all species and environment as a whole through they intentions and systems implemented through value or rank or cast systems.

I guess its why some groups like the amish consider technology evil. And that may be the long lost source of their belief.

No one knows the timelines but its just some of the theories floating out there on the subject.

Tim Lovell: its a load of bullshit sry

its a load of bullshit sry

obsrvantlouie: Childish

Your better than this Tim.....

Tarheel: Everyone has an opinion.

Everyone has an opinion.
Everyone has an agenda.

Currently, my opinion & my agenda= Peace & Harmony
I'm working on making them permanent fixtures.

pasqualie: this is the essence personal change

and not trying to change someone or people to do what you desire, because they may not want that. so if it is the case then it is a control issue on a personal level. happiness defined by external which never lasts.

pasqualie: Either way

just work on yourself and raise your own level of consciousness, thats the only thing you control.

everything else is distraction and something you have no control over.

whether it be climate change or world conflicts, you have no control over that so stewing over it in fear doesnt help you.

you have to plug out of the collective consciousness of humanity, cuz the collective polarity only will pull you down.

its the great game designed by those in power to direct your focus and attention outwards, so you never go inwards. in the long past it was damnation and hell through religion and fear of demons attacking you if you meditate.

but they have evolved now from fears generated in the media, to various other methods whether it be work or just doing what everyone else does to be accepted.

the path is one where you take the road of individuality even though it is one that is less travelled, and very few may be on it. releasing all attachments and fears that bind you and keep you trapped in this 3rd dimensional reality.

its why they said in the secret, focusing on the negative only creates more negative, the war or terror only creates more terror, the war on poverty only creates more poverty, the war on drugs creates more drug users, even the war on climate change or peace, look what has happened in the time that it has been going on. The path set by leaders of this world is clear, even on climate change. Next summer i think the best case scenario is they will do a token 5 percent reduction when 80-90 percent is needed. So these causes that champion change do very little but direct your focus outwards and distract you from doing what is really important and what matters. That is just going on your own individual path and going inwards.

pasqualie: Recognizing who you are

Is done through meditation and releasing of all attachments. Even the need to control things and people, because that is what got us in the situation this planet is in the first place. The need to control, fix, change things, people, events puts you in fear and polarity. Takes you away from who you truly are and what things are truly in the moment.

That you are perfect, as you are. So you do not need to control anything, because you realize you create everything and responsible for it in your life.

So the goal is to release all attachments until you arrive at no judgement of anything, and you are simply ok with what is. You doing what desire, and being ok with others choosing to do what they desire, even though it may not be something you choose to do. If you want to control things or change things, its an attachment you have which stems from designating your own value on feeling good or only loving yourself with conditions or limitations you have set within yourself. The need to do things to feel good or worthy. That is a trap that keeps you stuck in polarity and duality. There is no right or wrong, you can do what you choose but it is what it is.

pasqualie: @Tim

And its ok if you do not agree with what is said in the Matrix Gold Series. It is simply a book.

I for one found it an interesting read and informative. But I realize it is not for everyone, because they come into it not from a point of neutrality but rather with their own views and judgements. The cup has to be empty before coffee can be poured into it. So if the cup is full, there is no point pouring coffee in. The same can be said with the mind, if one does not come in with an open mind, just open to others views without judgement, then anything of value you may have found in there, will be lost.

Tarheel: That's more than a hint, OL

That is an answer.
That is THE Answer.

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