I cannot verify this and I am operating under assumption.

A person I knew....only as 'Starperson' is no longer with us. What exactly he is doing and where he has gone....I can only imagine, but I hope that he is enjoying it and I feel comfort in my hope that he is smiling.

I am proud to have been fortunate enough to discover this site, to learn from this man and to have called him friend.

In his honor....

Trust Is Overrated and I Am Liar. My Apology, if I am not Tolerant for I am still Learning From Plato about Sustainability and more. I try to recall Cherokee Wisdom at all times especially when I am Lucid and Controlled Dreaming. I strive to Live In The Moment and I Imagine that I can.

Arrogance does not blind my Humility to the prospect that Internal Human Parasites exist. I will Try anything Once and I Trust your Promise that It Won't Hurt. My Truth does Define my Path and I Deja Vu on occasion. Compassion Is Not A Weakness, of this I am not Letting Go. The Four Letter Word of Fear will not scare me from my Warrior Mentality or my Heart and Mind.

What Happens Next?

Ground Yourself.....no one knows The Date You Will Die.

I could share My Disturbing Observations but....right here and right now... all I really want to say is

It's Nice To Be Here

I hope one day his words will Go Out To My Son.


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Tarheel: WHAT?

What makes you think he's deceased?
He told me he wasn't coming back here but I didn't think it was for good.
But, deceased?

PLEASE, expand upon your assumption, email or in forum.
p.s. You are under no obligation to respond (had to get that jab in)
Thanks !

obsrvantlouie: I never said he is deceased

Maybe he is and maybe he isn't....regardless, he is not 'here'.

Tarheel: Sorry, I misinterpreted RIP

Typically I associate RIP with death.
Sorry for any ill-fated deduction on my part.

Tarheel: In case something happened....

...I will reverse it if it did. They are friends of mine. Whether they choose to exercise the friendship or not is their choice.

Something like this....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikQci_DeOjk

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