KING ANU the Reptilian God in 2012 ...(Free Downloads)

This is a continuation and expansion of the Series "History of Mankind".

Walking the History of Mankind -- this time, a being from each Race will share their story of how they existed before the manifestation of Earth and the creation of Mankind, together-with the role/part they played in the consequences as sequences of events that played-out and eventually lead-to the manifestation of Earth and the creation of Mankind.

In this First interview, Anu from the Reptilian Race stars sharing the History of Himself and his Race -- starting with his experience of oneness with emerging as birthing from within existence and how, as a young being within existence -- he already started questioning the beliefs the races held of where it is they came from, who they really are...]

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bluesbaby5050: RE-Post of King ANU and the Reptilians, and Atlanteans Plus More

RE-Post of King ANU and the Reptilians, and Atlanteans Plus More.

bluesbaby5050: KING ANU the Reptilian God in 2012

KING ANU the Reptilian God in 2012 ...(...] More - THE FREE DOWNLOADS HAVE BEEN DISABLED-Sorry :(

Tim Lovell: hmm im sure Anu was a sirian

hmm im sure Anu was a sirian/lyrian human like Enlil?....

just older and fatter lol

bluesbaby5050: No this is wrong.......

King ANU was also cloned as this was the NORMAL process of birthing. He is of the Reptilian clans. Enki was also Cloned by King ANU himself. Please read the AGES OF URAS. This history starts at the beginning of when the great, great grandparents of the king ANU Clans was murdered, and that's when the clans fell into darkness, and became DISCONNECTED from the "GOD SOURCE, and it explains who did the murders, and what happened after. This history is hard to find, and it is not found on Youtube." I recieved it from a private source. I had posted all this before a couple of years back, and here it is again for the new members. Please have a look at this huge amount of information, because it is the truth. Bluesbaby5050.

Tim Lovell: hmm strange as I have

hmm strange as I have memories of anu on the throne as a human when the appa beast was brought in to show him and they all were afraid it might go wild etc , enlil was there also and enki who was a reptoid , but enlil and anu as I remember were not , neither were the annunaki or the elohim or the nephlim all were lyrian human , but meh I may be wrong ...

bluesbaby5050: THE AGES OF URAS


Vols. I and It's available in many different languages. [Sorry I forgot to add the link.]

Tim Lovell: still I remember differently

still I remember differently to your article , just because its in print dosent make it so BB... I think sometimes you forget this by some of your posts ....

bluesbaby5050: Tim........

You need to clear the blinders from your eyes. Try to feel your internal antenna, instead of blocking out what could serve you instead.

Tim Lovell: dinosaur skeltons on mars for

dinosaur skeltons on mars for example ...

bluesbaby5050: Remember that some foolish members here think.....

That the ANU Clan look like dogs lol! No true either. Cloning offspring is common amount the ET Races. In the future of mankind, birthing as is done now will not happen in this way anymore. It will no longer take it's told on the female body as it does today. It will be alot different, and a CHOICE will be made between both partners, and it will not involve intercourse.

Tim Lovell: yes I was wondering about the

yes I was wondering about the dog thing BB lol.. hmm but intercourse is so fun :( , :) hehe

bluesbaby5050: Remember Tim that Niberu is a Battle ship, it moves thoughout

This galaxy, and this universe, and it has a commander, and a crew with others that live on it from time to time. It serves a purpose. Niberu can move anywhere. When it is stationary Niberu has it's own small solar system, and this is where the SOME of the Annunaki live, while others live on SIRIUS B, and Sirius B is where the Black race originates from, and Sirius is called the Dogstar by the Dogone race in Africa. Sirius B is ruled by the many different Annunaki races. And this is where ENLIL rules as well. The Annunaki are from Sirius B, and from the small Niberu system. The Niberu system has many asteroids, and many comets , and rock debri that is in it's magnetic field, and it is soread out in that system, and we have been getting many objects from there for a while with many names to them, and we will for many years into the future. This comes along with the many Earth changes that we ARE IN RIGHT NOW!

Tim Lovell: BB I know Nibiru is a flying

BB I know Nibiru is a flying planet and I know how it moves, with `wings of energy that move to propel it, also it is hollow and inhabited within , also it is huge so many races live in it some are enemies also.,.,. its atmosphere is inbuded with mono atomic gold particles , the inside atmosphere , it wasn't really shielded by it ...

bluesbaby5050: Your correct Tim......

I didn't bother to repeak all this info again. Because it can be found thoughout this web site in many places if the people would only bother to look. This site is so easy to use, and to do research now. Improved alot from the old site.

Tim Lovell: hey guys I thought to post

hey guys I thought to post this song as soon it is Christmas (whatever you all think lol) but this song is cool I think :)

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